A name is not the most important

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many people know, if to store a resounding name, perhaps can attract more customers, so that the business of the shop is more prosperous. However, in this small series that flashy names for the development of the shop is very important, but it is not the most important.

"this name is too talented!" Find a barbecue shop in the vicinity of Changchun Dongsheng Street and fair Road intersection, barbecue shop name called "drink lost a shoe".

is not difficult to see, this shop is located in a bungalow in the store, the scale is not large, but barbecue shop name is very interesting, some members of the public evaluation, "whoever in this drink much for a pair of shoes, so as not to throw shoes walking home frozen feet."

for this strange barbecue shop name, most people said that now the store competition pressure, so the love has an attractive name, but now people are very picky, barbecue shop name rang again, as do the delicious meal.

in the current fierce competition in the market, so that the name of the shop more loudly, which has become the common practice of countless investors. However, after a little attracted people, if the product can not satisfy the consumer, the store’s business can not get better development. So, the name is more important than loud is the product.

Film electricity supplier era this month reflects the spirit of Shenzhen electricity supplier

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in this era, who do not know the electricity supplier that can be too outdated. The electricity supplier has become the representative of a wealth of identity. A story about the story of the electricity supplier in Shenzhen electricity supplier era is about to release this month, about 80 entrepreneurial elite entrepreneurial story.

Held in downtown Shenzhen,

"fashion photography week" salon before the date of December. The salon invited Zhang Shilong story "made in Shenzhen" film "business times" produced by Yang Weiguang, Lei Zhenxiao, consultant of youth entrepreneurship, the movie "common era" business guest.

"movie producer Yang Weiguang" the era of electricity providers, filmmakers in Shenzhen, is responsible for the focus of the current, the film to reflect the spirit of the times of Shenzhen film. Electricity supplier era, the project originated from Yang Weiguang and young electricity supplier entrepreneurs a chance encounter with Zhang Shilong. Yang Weiguang was surprised when he learned that in 2006, when he started his own business, sold hundreds of billions of dollars on Taobao. And Zhang Shilong to tell the story of entrepreneurship, was deeply moved by him, he told the story of Yang Weiguang. "Zhang Shilong’s story of friendship betrayed opportunity threat competition also." Yang Weiguang said, such a wonderful story, I do not think it is a pity to shoot, so with the film."

"business times" will be released in December 11th. Due to Cape No. seven popular singer in Taiwan, Fan Yichen will play in the film youth electricity supplier entrepreneurs.

"is supported by the special fund film week" Shenzhen city propaganda and cultural development, Shenzhen Film Co., hosted by China CITIC Ka’s studios, deep shadow phoenix.

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Bubble network president Li Xiang to share the experience of successful entrepreneurship

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success is not accomplished overnight, successful entrepreneurs who are on this path? The following small series and we talk about the success of the bubble network president Li Xiang entrepreneurial experience.

1. direction. Direction is the first important indicator of entrepreneurship and development, is why you struggle. The direction is not the goal, the goal has the destination, but the direction forever does not have the end point. For young people and entrepreneurs, the direction is very important. It’s hard to say, even if we are very stupid, as long as we adhere to a correct direction, has always insisted that it will achieve good results. With the direction, the goal will be more clear, but also more effective management objectives.

2. target. When we have the direction, the most important thing is not to master the method, but first clear goals. I found that college graduates can be divided into two categories: one is the school had a clear goal, these people in the school for 4 years, in addition to the normal learning, will focus on their goals to learn and improve, so that students are particularly good, as long as the willingness to work is high enough, can quickly become a first-class employees; another type is the University finished without a goal, in order to go to school and go to school, when they came to the interview also don’t know what to do, just what the work will do what work, or simply sit, ask HR can you give me what work? We will not use second types of college students in, because the cost of training is too high. Therefore, I suggest that college students, as early as possible to find their own goals, after entering the community, you can enter the track at least two years earlier than others.

3. will. With the direction and the goal, the most important thing is not to find a way immediately, but to solve their own will, willingness is a person in order to achieve the goal and the determination to give action.

A duck neck shop why business failed

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in the many people’s eyes, the duck is a very popular snack, start a duck neck shop can basically realize the profit to make money. However, in the real operation process, we will find that a lot of duck neck shop are all ended in failure. Then, a duck neck shop why business failure? And let Xiaobian through a case for analysis.

I open duck neck shop is also a momentary brain fever, don’t want to work. I am open duck neck shop in Shanghai, and the most open Lucai shop friend almost all want to be a boss to do business to earn a lot of money. Look at the Internet to say that the shop to earn a few hundred days a day to earn a few thousand people is simply a lie, and now the intestines are green.

shop threw more than 50 thousand, eight thousand is the house transfer fee, rent for a year is ten thousand, just opened the winter day turnover is three hundred or four hundred yuan. Think about it is a warm winter so good, and now four more miserable turnover of only $fifty to $more than and 100.

The main reason why

is cooked too much to worry about, even a difficult process, Lucai too cumbersome, the beginning that is too fine diners taste spicy. Then how hot do not improve, Lucai knows a little spicy spicy duck neck is not delicious.


customers are tasteless is not good, so repeatedly improved in love to eat spicy customers also gradually lost, not love to eat spicy food has gradually gone, a lot of friends that can engage in two kinds of taste ah, the traffic here is not much, for example, there are nine people like a person does not love to eat spicy spicy food, do you order this one single business do not hot pot stewed soup? You can not afford the cost of ah!

there is another reason is that after the opening of the Shanghai found that many locals, foreigners less. Local recognition is not high on the local duck neck, people love to drink milk and eat fried chicken burger, next to the tea shop in Hamburg business fire out. Process and tea Hamburg is much simpler than meat, and easy to store, miserable ah.

I have duck taste is very good, but the traffic can not keep up, sell today tomorrow, tomorrow the day after tomorrow to sell, so good is not good, I turn or after working honestly, now calculate the loss of nearly one hundred thousand, now also open whimsical Lucai shop must be careful, I is a living example, do not impulse.

now there are a lot of people to start a shop is a behavior to follow the trend of the market is not enough to understand the consumer positioning is not clear, leading to the real shop will continue to open up a variety of problems. So, if we decided to shop business, if only to follow the trend to do for the future career development will have a very negative impact.

Good lighting intelligent lighting jasun green life

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environmental protection, has always been our goal in life. Choose environmentally friendly home, is a very green and healthy behavior. Shuangyang lighting? Join the choice, the advantage is obvious. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very has the advantage of choice. If you join the project of lighting is also very Shuang Yang heart, so hurry!

advocate environmental protection society to create a healthy green living, Shuangyang lighting, let you experience different feelings Home Furnishing. The distinguished and classic, art and fashion, the perfect fusion of technology and intelligence is "Yang lighting source" charming, Shuangyang lighting will "fashion lighting, green lighting, intelligent lighting" concept into the modern life, Home Furnishing, make life better for lighting!

double lamps follow the trend of the times, the timely introduction of "simple, fashion, green, health, energy saving, environmental protection" of high-tech lighting products, such as LED lamp, optical fiber lamp. Not only to save the cost of home lighting, but also make the room more comfortable and romantic lighting environment.

"Yang lighting" brand in 2009 registered trademark, the company is to meet the needs of China’s lighting market development, for the domestic consumer launch in Home Furnishing lighting lighting brand. Products with simple, stylish, green, energy-saving, health, environmental protection "as the design concept, set fashion, decorative, through different materials such as crystal, glass, metal, aluminum, silk, rattan, cloth and other produce 1000 series products, covering every corner Home Furnishing lighting. Living room, dining room, bedroom, children’s room, study, kitchen, bathroom and other lamps and lanterns. Product price high, medium and low coverage, to meet the needs of different levels of consumer demand, leading the trend of China’s lighting consumption.

a better life, the first step is the quality of life, to choose to join the Shuangyang lighting? For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Shuangyang lighting project, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice. So, what are you hesitating about?

Coffee shop note

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leisure time, into a coffee shop, a cup of coffee is how comfortable life. Therefore, people began to increase the number of coffee shop. Coffee shop should also pay attention to skills, not everyone can succeed! So, with the small series to see what should pay attention to the operation of the coffee shop!

2016 create a youth entrepreneurship contest mobilization

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innovation and entrepreneurship competition can better stimulate college students to wear all kinds of enthusiasm, in order to allow students to better understand the innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship Institute held in 2016, creating youth entrepreneurship contest mobilization.


3 23, business school in Yifu Building Global Innovation Entrepreneurship Lab in 2016 to carry out a youth national college entrepreneurship competition mobilization. The event invited the Shanghai Jiaotong University Science and Technology Park, Guo Chao, director of the introduction of the company, in 2014, creating a youth gold team on behalf of the team, such as Yang Hongkai, and so on, and so on, this year, the school enrollment team, such as the introduction of guidance, such as, Xie Mengzhu.

Guo Chao for team made "a youth" event guide "presentations, a comprehensive introduction to the" Youth "competition format, reviews the achievements and awards event in 2014 at all levels, various possible and encourage team events in the process to meet the challenge. And, from the business plan writing, business models, common sense and other aspects of the team to give a series of counseling and suggestions, I hope to further improve the content of each project, highlights.


it is reported that "the creation of youth entrepreneurship competition national college is a college oriented entrepreneurial team high level entrepreneurship competition, held every two years. In 2014 the first year of Youth National College Entrepreneurship Competition finals, won 5 gold, 1 silver and 6 teams in our school ", the first group total outstanding achievement, and won the" 2014 Youth Cup National College entrepreneurship competition.



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Entrepreneurship is not easy to join the store more attention

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with the development of economic downturn, many people suffer from no promotion and salary raise Wangdu to join our business team, to become entrepreneurs most easily, the highest success rate of entrepreneurship, but also has joined many other considerations, the following Xiaobian list:

1, look at the size of the headquarters scale

2, the brand trademark is a registered trademark.

3, joined the main is 1 corporate bodies.

4, joined the contract rigorous, comprehensive, fair.

5, the brand has more than 3 mature stores, and after many years of good operating efficiency.

6, the leader has to support the franchisee’s full support manual.

7, leader of a comprehensive follow-up support for the franchisee (such as training, supervision, etc.).

8, its existing franchisees to conduct research and analysis (such as, business district, location, sea, profit estimates, etc.).

9, look at headquarters history   according to the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the average life expectancy of Chinese enterprises is only 2.5 years

six Alert:

1, low threshold (the uniqueness of the product is poor, only a small amount of money to operate the project.)

2, wary of immature technology (the concept of selling businesses, fight hype, rather than substantive technical upgrading

3, the company’s new project (on a common class is a false start is to really get money, ring to a group of jiamengfei evaporates, and then change the company name to repeat the stock tricks)

4, the new company alert (there is a class of offbeat hit new strange, its intention is not to get money, about a project but his capital is not enough, so playing karate, by recruiting franchisees, first ring to a penny)

5, watch out for high profits (when you ask for a profit, the computer buzz up a bunch of numbers, and finally tell you how much you can make in a year)

6, vigilance contract scam (to join the signing of the franchise contract. The terms of the contract to join the language barrier, before and after the conflict, can not stand the scrutiny of the company (


Play interactive intelligent camera system market development space

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now, in our living standards continue to improve today, we gradually improve the quality of life needs. Play interactive intelligent shooting system was, undoubtedly, is to meet our quality of life. Play interactive intelligent camera system? Not only has the very high popularity, and to play interactive intelligent camera system, is our best choice.

don’t look perfect interactive smart camera system shooting out of the effect is surprising, but it is not the shooting program. With independent image matting technique is the successful implementation of the MV dynamic scenes and gift accessories, all kinds of crafts such as static images play a perfect graft interactive intelligent shooting system, the fusion of many advanced imaging technology, the operation is very simple, no one does not understand photography people can shoot the movie master.

play interactive intelligent camera system to make money?

investment play interactive intelligent camera system to make money? The huge market demand, high profit margins, investment play interactive smart camera system can certainly make easy money. Choose to play interactive intelligent camera system to join, according to customer demand, the recording scene dynamic video image through in-depth, late high value-added products, to provide customers with high quality, smooth screen video works.

play interactive intelligent camera system, always with the strength to speak, has always been to join the project selection in proven brand. To play interactive intelligent camera system? Worthy of our attention and choice of joining the project! So, what are you hesitating about?

Friday West Restaurant

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Friday restaurant mainly fast-food products R & D and production of derivatives research and development since the establishment of Friday’s break the traditional concept of focusing on the consumer experience, is the domestic and foreign markets to overturn the traditional products, Friday’s R & D, production and marketing in one restaurant, Friday to join, join the Friday restaurant in various provinces and cities in Taiwan, the company will be a solid backing service our franchisees. So how to join it?

west restaurant on Friday to join

join conditions:

1, with entrepreneurial passion

2, the culture of recognized enterprise

3, with a certain amount of funds

4, have certain management ability

join support:

one, decoration advocacy support

Friday to restaurant franchisees selected shops, the company will provide a unified decoration scheme, and complimentary unified shop signs, shop and the publicity charts etc..

two, district protection support

Friday restaurant for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the franchisee, company to implement business protection principles, the franchisee has exclusive brand management and agency headquarters in cities and counties within the scope of authorization, limited development, allow you to dominate the local market with huge losses to the rights and interests of the franchisee must not blindly spread development.

three, training technical support

Friday restaurant complete business solutions, business knowledge or other what basis anyway given by zero comprehensive support, free of charge to join technical staff, chefs, the franchisee to accept headquarters strict professional training, the training plan according to the specific circumstances, learning time is not restricted, until he learns.

four, technical support support

on Friday western restaurant company headquarters has a large number of senior technical staff, a full range of technical guidance and equipment installation and commissioning, equipment warranty services. The company’s R & D team continues to expand and technology continues to improve and update for the franchisee to provide strong support and protection. With strong scientific and technological development, in terms of product equipment technology, and always maintain a strong advantage in the peer.

five, shop training support