How to do web site optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon racing together bridle to bridle

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Finally, The scarcity of

promotion channel:

2). The recommended

(1) QQ space. First you need to have a lot of friends, and continually updated industry technical articles in space or user needs, and then in this.

is followed by the title of the article, find the user search (index) and related long tail keywords and website content, take it as the core of content creation, where the title of the article is helpful to create "attract" "into" title,

2. content and the title of the article

1. "altruistic heart" really solve the problem for users of

5). Avoid keyword stuffing

The use of

1.) to guide customers

4. is attractive, the need of marketing transformation awareness

4). To avoid too much boilerplate text

The matching degree of


content creation should meet:

website promotion to promote their website, if you really want to put the website, we have to use other forms of promotion in the promotion role is not lower than the internal chain system construction, not by the public know before the promotion can shorten the cycle in the website keywords ranking. General new normal ranking cycle is more than 3 months, in the early promotion of the website ranking cycle can be shortened to 2 months. QQ group promotion includes promotion, promotion, promotion of soft information platform, WeChat micro-blog promotion, resource sharing circle etc..

9. is an important content of the submitted love Shanghai sources and processing of pseudo original?. Original。 The information collection in the content page also must pay attention to relevant information:


6. layout should be beautiful, can use text, table, screen increases the readability of

is the first page of the title (very important) "article writing in accordance with the general name + brand word" format,

3. content to maintain integrity, do not

8. (H H 1 H tag tag tag try a

QQ group promotion QQ group is gathering a large number of related people to the best place, and members of the QQ group than other active community forum. And all you need is a molecular group inside, it is best to group management or group, only with the authority of what you preach will be more effect. So the QQ group promotion to know how to deal with the relationship between people and how to establish such a link. You can establish authority through regular industry knowledge sharing method, can also establish authority by group of friends to answer the questions.


7. good pictures: photo size, ALT property

usersOptimization of eg

3). A reasonable increase in

Dry cargo effect analysis of main factors of ranking website optimization

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external links the site refers to the site into other industry related sites or partners of their website links, and set up the chain selection is very important for the website optimization. When the hair of the chain must pay strict attention to the quality of the chain, and the timely removal of link failure. Because the chain directly affects the user’s fluency and richness, the optimization of the chain of


keyword is an important media index of the content on the website, and optimize the key to become the important part of website optimization. The optimization of key words in many aspects, for example, to evaluate the correlation and website content, website orientation, competitor analysis and prediction of keywords ranking cycle.

fourth, keyword analysis

beyond doubt is that the site management must be clear, the user is the key part of the web site structure. Each part of the page, including navigation, indexing, page art, internal links and so on, is the first visual effect when customers visit the web site. Only to get the best user experience "for the purpose of construction, to the development of a website that can play its proper role.

article by easy hundred original news, links to 贵族宝贝yibaixun贵族宝贝/, please be sure to leave a link, thanks to respect copyright.

in site optimization, maintain a good attitude, has a very positive meaning. After all, the website optimization is not a very easy thing, may need to improve a part of repeatedly pondering, here we have to look at the impact of several factors ranking website optimization.

has the details determine success or failure, website optimization experience before the said for some factors today in the website optimization, summarize several important factors.

on a website, the importance of the domain name is equivalent to the importance of a person’s name. Personally, as simple as possible to remember the name. In fact, the domain name of the website is the same, for their own website to a simple easy to remember and representative of the domain name is very important.

Fifth, the chain has an important significance in website optimization


third, website structure

First, the domain name

above is a few points to note in the website optimization process, only a good grasp of every detail, the total improvement reflected in enhancing the user experience, in order to make real progress and development of the website.

want to do of course, need to have their own web space. The so-called web space actually refers to the website operators to store website data content. Therefore, the stability of the site space will directly affect the website download speed, will also affect the site in the search list keywords ranking. So, buy website space must not covet cheap, must find a reputable business space.

Site 301 reset search engine impact on domain name observation

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I originally registered a few domain names, respectively, CN domain name and COM domain name. The earliest time is to use CN domain name (hereinafter referred to as A domain name) to do an industry station, the site has done for 3 years, web pages included and traffic are relatively impressive. Also use COM domain name (hereinafter referred to as B domain name) as a leisure class web site, the site has done more than 1 years, the site included some, but the flow is not much, because there is no time maintenance, not maintenance. Later found that B domain name more in line with the name of the industry station, domain name better remember, decided to make A domain name 301 redirect to the B domain name. Do redirect 3 weeks later, search engine for A, B domain name to make a summary of the impact.

one, the impact of the site included

first look at the A domain name. Redirect before the A domain name is a snapshot of the next update, Baidu included 9000 pages or so, Google is included about 230 thousand pages; after the redirection, stop updating the snapshot, included within a few days, Baidu is more than 2000 pages, while Google is about 160 thousand pages; but 3 weeks later, it increased to 6000 about 150 thousand pages, Google. Judging from the fluctuations in the collection, Google does not feel Baidu big change. B domain name, redirection before, because it has not been maintained for a long time, the snapshot has not been updated for a long time, included are not ideal. Redirect, the snapshot reached the next day updates, Baidu’s collection gradually increased, 3 weeks later, the collection reached more than 2000 pages, Google reached more than 20 thousand pages.

two, site traffic impact

redirect, the site traffic rapidly decline, especially Baidu, within a few days, a IP is not coming, and Google is not the same, although the flow has decreased, but only about half. I think the difference between the two may lie in 301 reset, you can tell the search engine in Google’s website management center. The domain name has been redirected 301, and the search key has been successfully transferred to the B domain name. After 3 weeks or so, Baidu slowly to some traffic, Google basically little change.

three, the impact on the weight of the website

301 redirect on the website of the weight influence is great, the original A domain name in Baidu to the side of the weight of relatively high, most of the traffic on Baidu, but only after the redirection of 3 weeks, although there are more than 6000 pages included inside pages, but Baidu should have A domain name to K the first page. With some web site Baidu weight query tool to check, the original weight of 4 was only 1. Google’s PR value is the same, the original PR value is 4, but after redirection, immediately changed to 0. And B domain name, Baidu weight value rose some, but not very high, Google PR value or remain unchanged, after all, not the PR value of the update cycle.

four, other aspects of the impact of

which is also the most painful, because the website flow quickly, "

In the financial crisis, how to start a business to make money

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financial crisis has impact on the real economy, in the past one or two months, there have been a large number of business failures, facing bankruptcy, facing layoffs. The storm has deep influence of every one of us.

although the financial crisis has seriously affected the development of the global economy and caused the volatility of China’s economy, the financial crisis has not only brought challenges to the Chinese market, but also has enormous opportunities.

unemployed, difficult to find a job, we can start our own business, seize the opportunity, decisive shot.

said the self-employed, Yang recalled: "looking for work when I graduated from everywhere, resume, mostly no echo, there are also many times with confidence to participate in the recruitment and disappointed, really experienced the hard job. Later, I think it’s better to work for someone else than to work for myself. I want to try my own business and be my own boss."

use their expertise in Internet search, met Nick at the time of doing nothing nice to me, just want to have a personal website. Enthusiastic customer service staff said that there is a proxy sales model can cooperate. Experience the unemployment disappointment, I hold the attitude of doubt, joined the company agent. Because it nicenic zero cost, zero risk, high return. You can also get a completely free, powerful website, a comprehensive product line (domain name / virtual host / enterprise post office, etc.), and provide a technology leading, full-featured business operating system and management templates. Without capital and technology input, it can be said that without any input, you can get a complete set of domain name, host sales website and management platform immediately.

in accordance with the relevant guidelines: know that you can according to their first payment of consumer prepaid different, the minimum can enjoy 65% off of the agency price, it can be said that the profit is very large. And the platform is bound to independent domain name, that is, I can use my own domain name to carry out my business, to maximize the retention of my customer resources. For the first time, I joined a 4000 yuan deposit to become a diamond partner. Because I have full of enthusiasm for the Internet, with convenient operation, with nice agent Nick less than two months, my performance can be reached directly up the core partners, the monthly performance has significantly increased.

I understand that the development of Internet technology is endless, and the construction of the website should meet the needs of the enterprise and the market. At the same time, I believe that the Internet can create value, create new life, change my future!


Song Libin rural sell chrysanthemum monthly income of over a million

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is a very rare species of chrysanthemum tea, it is the ancient emperor to drink tea, so the name of chrysanthemum, tell you today is a rural tree cultivated in the rural areas through the sale of chrysanthemum and now the monthly income of millions of facts, it is really a good place in rural areas, there are a lot of business the success of the project is to start in the countryside.

"Huang Ju is a chrysanthemum, its growth habit and common chrysanthemum almost, but it is poor adaptability, love water, and I was very" thin "contracting range, is to ignore this point, almost lose lose." He said, because of the lack of management experience, the chrysanthemum seedlings planted in less than half a year have withered to death, although some of the remaining Imperial chrysanthemum was in bloom, but compared to the quantity and quality of the southern emperor sent a lot of chrysanthemum. For a good Huang Ju, he went to Wuyuan several times, to local agricultural experts and growers to consult. After 3 years of trial, the breeding success, area from more than and 10 acres to more than and 50 acres to expand today, for the first time this year ushered in the flowering stage.

36 flower can sell thousands of yuan />

Laosong specially for bubble reporter recommend

How to open jewelry store online

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as the impact of the Internet on our lives is increasing, more and more of our lives are on the network, entrepreneurship is also true! So how to open jewelry shop on the Internet? May wish to come together to understand. Online jewelry sales due to the addition of lease fees, renovation costs, and thus have the advantage of price, has been accepted by many people. For high value jewelry, with the appropriate means of payment, many people join the sale of such jewelry. Last year, Taobao in the Internet, there is a buyer bought by Alipay about 500000 jewelry.

product advantages

success factors;

online payment advantage

for jewelry, on the Internet to see good, then get hands found style does not love, the probability of events to be higher than other products. Miss Lee’s shop unconditional return. Before Alipay, changing the commodity and commodity prices are different, so it is very inconvenient. "

Give up the golden rice bowl to start their own green brand

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now people attach great importance to food safety, green food is everyone in the choice. Harbour Plaza Business District Changzhou southwest corner, a store two at the entrance of the cage has attracted the attention of reporters. Originally, this is the wild wild green food firm.

in May 3rd this year, has just signed a contract with a bank Wang Jian, there is no formal work, is a unilateral breach of contract. The reason is that he took place in a bank internship when he was responsible for the reception in the lobby, the results of the afternoon without a guest, he could not help but made a few remarks to his colleagues. "I don’t want to waste my time waiting for nothing." Wang Jian gave up the bank’s golden rice bowl, began to venture.

Starting from scratch four conditions can not be easily

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entrepreneurship is a difficult thing, but also great harvest. Generally speaking, the more you pay, the more you will be rewarded. That’s probably why many people today want to start their own business. But where should we start? Mainly from four to prepare.


if you have unique technology, and market demand, it is certainly the best. As long as the package, make a little convincing, the seed fund may be squeezed out. But this condition is, after all, a very small number of people. In fact, they do not have nothing to do, can also be found. One way everyone can do is to turn over the patent pool, are now on the Internet, there are a lot of lies in the development of the value of the patent, to see if you have patience and vision. If you like, you can also look at foreign patents, to see if there is any reference.


can find their own money money. If you work in a financial institution, probably know how much money in the market to find a good project. If you have a little financing channels of personal connections, and a little convincing, there is a good opportunity to start a business. Even if you can not start alone, you can also become a member of the entrepreneurial team. In addition, do not look down on the need to start small businesses, small businesses on the one hand, small businesses can exercise your ability, on the other hand, small businesses can quickly develop into large enterprises.


in a dry industry for a long time, there is naturally some industry experience. Do not underestimate this experience, do you think those things are common sense, not worth a penny, but gehangrugeshan, others may take great effort to understand, but not necessarily to your degree. Moreover, the experience of this kind of thing is to rely on a long time to come, quantitative changes lead to qualitative change, experience will hone your vision and creativity. So, even if you do not intend to do a lifetime you are currently engaged in the industry, but also should insist on doing a day of harvest, it is not a piece of cloud there will be rain.


finally should also add a: start empty-handed is in you basically without any help and entrepreneurial resources, so there must be a lot of difficulties and frustrations, so one is not afraid of hardship, not afraid of setbacks of the spirit is a must!

Krypton space program landed 20 cities nationwide

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in the new period of public entrepreneurship, the social entrepreneurship form has undergone great changes, some new social venture entrepreneurs appear in the sight of them, it will be better service to some entrepreneurs.

9 on Sept. 8, 36 krypton officially launched the "krypton space plan X20", before the end of 2016 krypton space mode expansion to 20 city nationwide, with business incubator public service business, helping local high-quality projects grow, go out for the future "unicorn" enterprises.

A total of 600 million   /

2014 years, in the popular business  , people’s innovation under the heat wave, China’s Internet venture market ushered in a full-blown. While carrying the burden of undertaking pioneering business incubator, but also continue to emerge. Public data show that as of the end of 2014, there are more than 1600 kinds of domestic incubators.

in attracting entrepreneurial ecosystem services of krypton space professional project incubation and 36 of the full range of krypton, many outstanding entrepreneurial companies to join and implement the project incubator krypton space. As of August this year, krypton space from the registration of more than 5 thousand entrepreneurial projects selected and successfully hatched in the 72, the project through the rate of as low as 1.4%, the industry’s argument is that the rate of admission is lower than harvard". Among them, the completion of the financing of the project has 70, the total financing of nearly 600 million yuan, the project financing rate of 97%, becoming the highest success rate of domestic financing incubator.

36 krypton expansion of the country is conform to the needs of entrepreneurs "ripe" move. As early as the first 36 projects in krypton space screening process, the discovery of krypton from Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other non entrepreneurial projects in the proportion of considerable. Subsequently, the results of the special survey shows that 96.32% of entrepreneurial projects around the country want to be able to enter the krypton space in the city.

According to the

Women’s underwear shop operating experience to share what taboo shop

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don’t watch a lot of lingerie store size is not large, but the daily amount of income is quite high, of course, there are many shopkeepers to worry about things. Sometimes always ignore some business details, the owners must always sum up experience, and resolutely put an end to those shops taboo.

don’t have religious

if personally, the owner must be clear without rebuke, but a little lingerie shop is a public place, rather than a personal private sector, to the lingerie store all sorts of consumers, each have their own beliefs, if you store it is full of religious color. May reject the belief of different customers, therefore, underwear shop is best not religious.

do not store personal items in the store


set of underwear shop investors, managers and decision makers and many other roles in a body, the owner has disposal underwear shop income power, but in actual operation, the lingerie store is by the owner of a financial management, how to deal with the underwear shop funds depends on the owner’s decision, so the owner, in the use of funds often will be household expenses and store their spending mix.