The site was K after the Enlightenment never give up

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followed by 8.25; 10.22…… Love Shanghai on a fact: no love in Shanghai, everything is impossible! Do you remember love Shanghai web search anti cheat team that the classic saying: soon after goodbye. This will be our 2012 lingering doom.


short, facing the sea in K station is not terrible, terrible is the self abandon, have the courage to stand up! Hefei decoration company, www.ahgyzs贵族宝贝, Admin5 first, please indicate the source, thank you.


in the face of such distress in the market, many people have experienced love jokes: Shanghai K station is not good webmaster! This is not, in 2012 October 23rd, with the Shanghai super love chain cheating voice, and I have been together many webmaster. After the incident, I feel at a loss and panic, after all, who has for the first time, plus a few months later, nausea, hematemesis! I find a reason, complaints website (think, read, injure) case asked master, had improved… But, hey, I can responsibly tell you that so far no response.

experienced a week at a loss, one day I have an epiphany. In fact, quite grateful for this K station. On the one hand, I realized that my own shortcomings, know that the chain resources do better, know love Shanghai products can not be too much; on the other hand, I also learned to improve the speed of the site of the coup, is to know how to face the user and Shanghai dragon. Although I do not know what time to restore the site, but I will always do so, and more and more professional.


What about

in our Shanghai dragon industry, for the love of Shanghai, update the site right down, the site was K, the absolute to turn degree. Every autumn sad lonely since ancient times, and in the all things withered winter? But in the Chinese Shanghai dragon Er 2012 the end of the cold heart, I am afraid to keep in heart! Even 6.22 sunny, love Shanghai let us see a "a world of ice and snow". Everyone wants to say June Piaoxue, comparable to "dou eyuan", but what if no sky master justice! Google go to the remotest corners of the globe 360 may be, can not afford to help Baiwenhang, soso, Sogou, Youdao are partly hidden and partly visible.

? Love Shanghai for customer service directly and I said, that the direct exchange of domain name; met online friends directly and I said, need to wait for the industry; the classic literature told me I should do some improvement; there are respectable instructions of the boss, you can restore the site… Okay, I admit that even dream about ranking recovery scene. In fact, at this stage, in addition to Baidu, no more than women what attracts me

The site was down the right love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is the key

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1. key if it is a small range of normal floating floating phenomenon as we can, as the site of the primary key in the original Shanghai love home, a day later fell to the second page we can think of is the pure floating phenomenon; but the sags or swells the phenomenon should be paid attention to, if your keywords one night from the first page down to 100 or from 100 to the first page, is not a nice thing. Probably before you unknowingly caused the search engine misjudgment caused by cheating you. Site investigation problems as soon as possible.

second, from the website included abnormal judgment

Judge ?

general site domain the website is the first home page, very few results there are second phenomena,

2. other

and site both grammar or syntax of domain, this is our reference, do not really accurate digital website quality, this method is independent of its value judgment.

Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng Xiaobian to tell me how to diagnose whether the site is down right.

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er sometimes suddenly meet your website ranking drop, website ranking drop suddenly is not to say that the site is down right? This is definitely not the only shows possible, if not know is not the right down to the blind operation, it is likely to harm the site. So how do we know our website is not to be loved in Shanghai down the right

Before 3. or

site domain name, the website is not in the first

query keywords if there is a change, if not that the search engine may only for this one of the words of punishment, then we must recall recently you have the keyword targeted operation.

search web page title has included the title of the article, there is no result or can not find the page can also be judged as right down.

If you

1, see your website is not abnormal and reduce or disappear, if changes in the number of Web sites included in small areas can be understood, but included reducing the number of 20%-50% are abnormal, need to start the investigation to reduce the reasons.

third, according to the website keywords ranking judge

The first to look at the The following

crawler access times than previously reduced, perhaps before every day to one or two times.

a well written article, caused by the weight is even higher than the website will be in the front row. Such things are generally in the high weight website.

2, if only included the home page, or included only one in a very short period of time, this phenomenon proves that the basic right of the site is down, and with the early warning function, mainly on the page with the content of.

fourth, according to the web log

Google search for domestic users to launch the search tips

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Google temporarily unable to access the situation in the process of using Google. I think a lot of people have encountered this problem. What is the reason? Google is not out of the domestic technology will not? I don’t think so. Recently Google Hongkong for domestic users to launch a relevant keyword review tool. At present is still in the testing phase. The function of the tool is when users use Google search relevant keywords, keywords in domestic sensitive words if it will prompt the user will not be able to use Google search. Specific as shown below.

Google search home or not I want to temporarily carefree experience. But I still hope that Google will try to return to the domestic market, so that the domestic market of search engine search engine will be more diversified, enhance the competition between search engines. I love this article 贵族宝贝52wz8贵族宝贝/ by the original, reproduced please keep the source.

If you have The powerful

users because they do not understand the relevant policies, resulting in the search results open, Google introduced the function of domestic users. The user display warning information search. The warning information of the translation is: "we found that Google used in Chinese domestic search" River "will lead to interruption of you and Google search link, this one interrupt is beyond the control of Google".

we observed that many trigger error messages are some simple Chinese daily character, but because some of these words have different meanings in different context words. For example, we search the "Yangtze River" in a common word in Google, the page can not be opened, and the reason is that "although the Yangtze River" in the river is a river, but at home can also be understood as a surname. Also, we search for "week", the week is a representative of a name, we use Google search or search results cannot be opened, "week" may be said "Jay Chou", "Stephen Chow" and so on, but may also include a sensitive person at present.


according to the Google report, they often receive reflected within the user’s use of Google search will appear "the" not available "or" link reset "phenomenon, followed by a minute or longer to use Google search service. Google says the problem is not in Google itself, at the same time, Google also said that it has led to find the causes of the problem is that some sensitive words caused by.

In order to avoid

explained in Google’s official blog:

entrepreneurship home market prospects, trillion market, you grab!A storm caused the quotes knowing

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we see, know Timeline from the original topic gradually transformed into people attention, SNS’s ambitions completely bared there and then. This may mean that you are aware of the fact that pure community development is not going to go on in the country, and that it can’t wait to plunge into the current social wave that everyone is rushing to.

home market prospects, trillion market waiting for you to grab,

by the end of 2015, the total annual output value of the decoration industry will reach 3 trillion and 800 billion yuan, and in 2016 it will reach 4 trillion and 300 billion yuan. At the same time, 18~35 year olds are increasingly buying new homes. This part of the crowd in the main part of Internet users, and more than a high degree of tertiary education based, online decoration market opportunities huge!

home experience address:

but the market is not as patient as we are, and we can not even be as calm as we are.

3, professional requirements more strengthened,

however, this may only happen in the current Chinese Internet environment. A quote using the standard argument eventually in the know caused bloody, many users have a strong rebound, many users including Yolfilm and eventually left almost know, more serious discussion of "know" the death of the topic.

? !

is currently in all walks of life to try O2O mode Home Furnishing O2O has also been hot talk for a long time, however Home Furnishing industry especially, generally only decoration when it purchased Home Furnishing product demand, the industry is different and the basic necessities of life, if you can give the following reasons you will say no? Below we look at

home furnishing industry wide solutions are here!


1, the country’s urbanization process accelerated,

! >

home decoration from meet the basic living needs, to reflect the owner’s personality and taste. Personalized and quality of the increasingly strong demand, so that people in the home is not only meet the aesthetic needs, and comprehensive Home Furnishing platform like Tuba rabbit like the appearance, not only to enhance the professional requirements, but also more in line with modern life goals.

as the birth of the Q & a community it needs traffic and users, but decreased therefore have to bear a large influx of users due to the quality of community consequences; effective method has not been found in the profit model of it, out of commercial considerations in the social direction and made his own attempt to boycott but this effort by the user.

see here is not a bit dizzy? What stage do what, so for enterprises, choose different modes of business is just the stage property and vision and the relative selection. Home O>



was born more than a year or more or less burdened with the pressure from the market, it has a reputation, a user, but until now there is no effective business model, in the environment of quick success in domestic investment, this alone is enough to put it into the deep abyss doomed eternally.

Jianghu home system features, features show, have you fallen in love with it?


With the rapid growth of China’s economy and the acceleration of urbanization, China’s real estate and construction industry continue to grow, and the building decoration industry has shown great potential for development.

but in China today’s Internet environment, just do a Q & a community, really promising? This is not only perhaps investors doubt, in the know the internal users and also exist in such confusion.

on the Internet to know about an immense number of books, we can understand it copied to Quora, although the profit pattern is not clear, we don’t want to give too much, or even to have been filled in the know of the pseudo elite atmosphere, all take a tolerant attitude in.

. From 2005 to 2012, the average annual growth rate of GDP in China was 9.93%, while the annual growth rate of the building decoration industry in the same period reached 12.92%.


= idea of reality, technology and eventually became a stumbling block of

2, decoration industry has a bright future,




uses the right angle quote "" " instead of" bend "" "


knows the ideal is to do the "high quality content Chinese community" on the Internet, but these years, experiencing so much rain, we found that in addition to increasing the size of the user, the impact of expanding the market, from the spectator’s point of view, it does not seem out of the desire of some of the more recent.

know almost once again caught in the storm, before it also experienced many turmoil, was caused by the revision section, the function of debate, some users also evacuated because of a decline in community atmosphere and level, different is, precisely the source of the storm is on its own, in a glance, but most ordinary the public editor specification:




A hollow village mobile Internet business how do people play in the village of WeChat group, micro d

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2 encourages clicking. For example, write "please click ad support" on this page".


answer: the most common and most likely to lead to an account closure, mainly the three:

4 violation of content several times. For example, in the case of copyright, children’s inappropriate and violation of the law on the web advertising, GG group will be given a warning for the first time, once again found K account.

account by K, also is the account was sealed, can no longer be landing shlf1314 Adsense background, can not enter the view revenue report etc.. At the same time, your mailbox will receive an email from the shlf1314 Adsense group, telling you that your account has been blocked. Since then, the ads on your website will show public service ads, and after more than a period of time, even public service ads can not be displayed.

2. causes the account to be blocked?

3 misleading clicks. For example, click ads to do other things, or click ads to get more benefits.

leisure Fu down two wood, wanted to join Jingdong appliances, but also want to do other projects, after a visit are no results. Until one day he was dragged into the village of WeChat, where he found a new world. Not only can "see" the holidays came back the neighbors, also talked about the more interesting topic, of course, more important is to grab a red envelope, which can be more than mere poker more interesting

sees individual netizen from time to time to say his account is sealed, below I talk about shlf1314 Adsense account safety problem.

4. occasionally advertising itself late, will it cause the account to be K

What are the most common reasons why

you for the country and the mobile Internet applications business and what is the concept? Still remain in the era of white paint? So you OUT.

3., can anyone frame up account blocked?

answer: if you are late occasionally, the shlf1314 Adsense content ads on the page, as long as the number of very small, such as a month overdue one or two times, this generally does not cause account security problems. shlf1314 ad>

1 hits by itself. For example, you’ve just logged into a GG on a computer and then clicked ad on the computer.

: it’s possible, but don’t worry too much about it. If others for a period of time, every day a large number of malicious click on a website advertising, there will be a large number of invalid clicks, this approach may lead to an account security problems. However, compared to the previous second, it is less likely, after all, Googl has a set of authentication methods.

at the same time, his publisher insisted every day to see the income report, the abnormal situation such as one day the number of clicks or click rate suddenly doubled several times, will report to the shlf1314 Adsense team in a timely manner, if malicious click continue, even need to temporarily stop displaying ads, or in the "allow" of the site delete malicious click advertisement domain not in the "allowed" list in the website, the display and clicks is not the calculation of income, will not affect the security account.

is still a month away from the new year, and Bi bought a new cell phone.

double wood, more than 30 years old, is one of the few male migrant workers in the village who has not been out of work. In addition to contracting dozens of acres of land in the village, but also with several friends opened a copper products chemical plant. Although not earn a bowl full, but it is also a small successful entrepreneurs. For most of 2015, he would arrive at the factory at 7 and return home at 19 in the evening. However, the regular schedule stops as the factory stops, and the partner has an accident,


group, every day will be held regularly "red dragon" activities, grab the size depends on luck. The original activities only 5, 6 people, with the increase in the number of members of the group, two wooden sensory mobile phones more and more slowly, often open a group of red packets, the system does not show, and finally opened, but prompted the red envelope has been robbed. He began to think that the problem is only speed, and even move the router to the bedside, but found that the problem remains. After consulting the professionals in the evening, the double horse drove to the county and bought a new mobile phone. And because of the need to grab red packets or add WeChat mobile phone has become

got when he got his cell phone was to install WeChat and start grabbing red packets. "It turned out to be too slow for a red envelope," he explained sheepishly.

but the Internet has given new opportunities to the villagers.

The first thing that

Abstract: the small village with only 240 people is a tourist characteristic village in Shandong province. 5 years ago, it was a village that became "isolated island" during the rainy and snowy weather. Today, because of the popularity of intelligent machines, the villagers have played a WeChat group, micro dealer and from the media, is also very high.



people change their cell phones to play with red packets,

, a small village with a population of only 240 people, won the tourism characteristic village of Shandong in December 2015. Because the village has a well-known and nearly a hundred years of technology, "drum system", the technology has been included in the Shandong provincial intangible cultural heritage list. Here, the new year still maintains the most traditional customs, and just 5 years ago, here is a rain and snow weather will become "isolated island" village, as if by the modern society has been forgotten.

1.shlf1314 Adsense account after K, what are the manifestations of "symptoms"?

WeMedia history of Entrepreneurship the story of four gold diamond partnersBusiness circles, depress

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According to the third party mobile

we are thinking, what’s wrong with this era? The times have changed, the market has changed, investors have changed, consumers have changed, as if everything has changed, but it seems that everything has not changed, entrepreneurship far was not so hot, the winter capital also reluctant to recede, entrepreneurial dividend once seemed could not find, do entrepreneurs, in confusion and anxiety for a long time, do not know how to take the next step.

then get to the bottom step, the mobile Internet is how to solve the information asymmetry, the wave of the Internet 2013-2014 O2O really struck, homeopathy, a large number of entrepreneurial companies and the rise of Beauty Group reviews, hungry, sh419 Nuomi began to truly enter into the mass consumer groups view, the mobile Internet Era is to cultivate a lot of unicorns, but behind the unicorn is through the sea tactical play down, that is to say, the unicorn to solve information asymmetry at the same time, but also exacerbated another contradiction, when the resource is the integration of the same time, companies no longer need so many people, labor costs increased sharply, once a Dajiangshan group that had to value marginalized.

as of press time, the number of WeChat users has exceeded 800 million, the number of public articles, the daily average of PV has exceeded 3 billion. This is a huge monster based on mobile internet. In January 21, 2011, when Tencent launched this free mobile product, I’m afraid nobody thought it would be as successful as it is today.

let traffic flow like lava,

recently had a voice that is closed as one falls, another rises, "entrepreneurs are shouting" winter winter winter!!! ", leading to the survival of enterprises has become the first factor, although the winter period enterprise valuation fall, limited to the profit model is not clear, still less money to finance, the concept of speculation time is really the end, investors looking for entrepreneurs to data, yiyanbuge will take CEO away, continues to deteriorate.

long lived in venture capital circles, people know that this year the capital market does not seem to be warming, the winter capital is far better than we imagined more long-term investment institutions, to find a good project, entrepreneurial projects can not find financing, the heart is very miserable, struggling, each came to self doubt, eventually many projects failed to survive this winter, ended in gloom.

, a young Li Yan who is leading the business, is still a blur in the public eye, compared to the widely known WeMedia.

When the

has been touted by the entrepreneurs of the mobile Internet began to be somewhat depressed, sh419 Robin Li believes that the mobile Internet can no longer train unicorn, the future opportunities in artificial intelligence". Yes, times have changed, the core reason is that: in the past, entrepreneurship is to solve information asymmetry, connecting people and goods, people and people, people and services, and after several years of development, the mobile Internet is largely solved the problem of asymmetric information, when the information is more symmetrical, so the dividend will naturally subside.

After In

is no exaggeration to say, as long as the use of smart phones, there is no one can get away from WeChat.

early into business, for Li Yan, the driving force is very simple, that is to make money, get rid of poverty.

"Rethinking the changes of the times"

December 1988, Li Yan was born in

December 13, 2016, this has attracted much attention and a lot of controversy about the content of start-up companies formally listed on the new board.

, the current capital environment, enterprises fail this year they do not count beyond count, there are a lot of closures, is normal, but also do not have to deliberately emphasize a stage closures, more in the future development, the more can be found, in fact, failure is a normal, can also be understood as following for a long time, do not stop closures.

mining and Analysis Agency iiMediaResearch AI media consulting released a research report, as of the end of October 2016, the number Chinese WeChat public number has more than 12 million, 52.3% of Internet users use WeChat number of public access to the latest information; at the end of December 2016, when people get each big media platform, WeChat public the way ahead of market share, accounting for 63.4%.

anyway, the entrepreneur, who often calls himself "grassroots", is ushering in a long and splendid change of identity.

since "media" this term since 2003 by the American Press Institute media center put forward, through the BBS, blog, micro-blog and other media changes, in the WeChat era was carried forward.

in August 23, 2012, WeChat launched the WeChat public platform". The first to settle in is a group of stars and media, in addition to a small number of skilled content operators, and constantly looking for new flow platform veteran players, no one smell the hidden huge opportunity.

the Qinglong old thief, domestic media alliance WeMedia’s most powerful partners, will lead the company to go?

WeChat public platform is officially launched, a 23 year old college graduate named Li Yan has just arrived in Beijing from Qingdao.

"no stopping at all"

after more than 4 years of life in Beijing, Li Yan was now in the whole universe the largest Internet Media Alliance WeMedia New Media Group Chairman and CEO. He was named in February 2016 by Forbes magazine, Asia’s 30 entrepreneur under 30 years of age. At present, he operated by the company, has more than 200 from the media account, signed nearly 500 from the media, reaching nearly 60 million users.

Curse out of millions of traffic

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last released a "small movie station in Admin5, a month to earn ten thousand", after the seemingly many webmaster very excited, that I mentioned in the article "188 free movie network is my own site. We regardless of this site is to me, I not worth mentioning, or not as the legend of the month to earn ten thousand, we now try to change an angle, standing on a "marketing guru" the angle of view.

also see China ten Internet years, how EBAY is famous for? When most of the advertising make many people angry and scold scold? EBAY is famous! Coincidentally, TAOBAO is taking the same route, you scold scold, fame has come, but also become one of the myths Chinese Internet


look at the beginning of the history of 3721 assistants, how to be famous, first killed thugs, and later is playing hooligans, like being scolded famous. Even if 9991 of the web site, then malicious settings home page, let it have today’s half of the country, the same is being called out.

then you might say that you’re still famous for not being scolded. How could it be? Ding Lei, still someone scolded, scolded him why so cattle break? HAO123, like, or curse more people, all said that the founder of what is going, what shit.

and so on, and so on, too numerous to mention.

So if you want to

on the Internet to do a career, we must first have the spirit of being scolded.

and then, why does Admin5’s editor check through my soft text?. That must be professional and experienced than any of our webmaster website can edit of Admin5, without the potential value of the article and how he will go to the audit? You know, it also represents the level of the one of Admin5! So he used my soft, is absolutely certain truth in the


comes back to the movie station, what to make money on the horse?? illegal and not for a long time, so the survival of the movie station in SP, since they have a natural flow, to make good use of the money. We go to the search engine to search, there are many so-called earn hundreds of thousands of items for you to pay the tuition fee, to finally let you do is nothing more than a simple SP page, then register a pile of rebill traffic flow alliance, alliance, and then make money. This is not rely on traffic to earn SP? But this still requires you to pay the cost! Come back, our own movie station you don’t need much cost, the article simply guide you how to use the movie station SP traffic to earn money for the article! But also put forward their own flow with Shun cycle theory in flow alliance. That’s the core.

The editor of

Admin5 sees this kernel very clearly, and I think we’re here to see Admin5

From micro mission, Sina, micro-blog platform future trends

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one, Sina, micro-blog, platform

Sina micro-blog micro-blog should be in the service in China is currently in the forefront, believe that sina micro-blog is also considering the future of how to carry out the platform of development at this stage, and it is also in a variety of


recently, Sina micro-blog launched two Sina based micro-blog products, one micro territory (, one micro group ( Personally think that the two is based on the application of sina micro-blog, micro groups value will be greater, the LBS service may be a need for a longer period of time can be a harvest service, LBS service more line, need time cost will be higher, and I think the similarity of LBS and the group purchase higher (all need strong line marketing ability).

Facebook has become a great platform for companies like Zynga. The game should be said to be the best choice for Facebook, and for Facebook, the best thing about a two-way relationship might be the game. In fact, also need to be able to achieve a based on it to grow at least tens of billions of dollars the company for Sina micro-blog, compared with Zynga in Facebook, for Sina micro-blog this platform, what kind of mode is fit is the highest? Think of e-commerce


two, the existing micro-blog based application

is currently based on Sina, micro-blog’s third party applications are a lot, I’m here to list a few possible future directions: recruitment, second-hand trading, marketing, and so on,


is the Sina micro-blog micro Bole recruitment information search and aggregation platform based on micro-blog music provides a platform can be aggregated into a recruitment information site on micro-blog, and the recruitment information according to the position, classification of geographical location, if able to further tap the demand on the job, will be a a valuable platform. (Via)


micro flea is based on a micro-blog Sina micro-blog third party application, its essence is the application of a Sina micro-blog rely on second-hand goods transactions, provide release, query, evaluation of information service for users of micro-blog. (Via)


has a dot com, which is a micro-blog based marketing platform. Social marketing is becoming more and more important at present

From the main character of advertising, how should the webmaster do the station

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a few days ago to buy my mother Ali advertising, suddenly got a little experience.

I released virtual items, so first I chose the Internet, and then I picked a Baidu station.

from my point of view to the Enlightenment of changmen.

first of all, when publishing ad positions, should correctly establish the positioning of their website. What kind of advertising do you fit yourself into?. Show or click?.

I’m the advertiser now. A and B are website owners,

first I’ll see who’s IP and PV first. Then click on his website to see if the style is suitable for the people I advertised. Then, when you look at the price, will the lion speak?. Remember someone in the home, mom released advertising position, 1001 weeks, day ip50.. Ask which advertisers will release


finally is to see his praise.

, the webmaster. Must learn the user experience, that is, empathy. To get what you want.

What is the hidden thing behind the failure of the night tour

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at the end of August, thousands of night tourism website announced that since September 1, 2014, the site will be fully out of service, including thousands of night travel, Chiba lamp and other services, the member center, call center, ticket business will all stop accepting.

Custom travel service

as of March 2013 officially launched, thousands of night tourism network in May of the same year that the Zhongguancun industrial investment 10 million financing, until the team disbanded, thousands of night travel book kept up to about 1000000 of the amount.

so why does the night travel network close down? After the collapse, it shows us the "unknown" side of the online travel service market.

customized classes, free travel popular, promising market may not be able to do

for entrepreneurs, is the most horrible obscenity. Travel thousands of night vice president Feng Yu once took the bubble analogy when you start, rent a car, opened a bottle of Lafite 82 years of going to the woman approached the girl, may have been in the bar directly approached "grass root beauty, are you free tonight" home. Plans are never going to change, and no matter how long you plan it, you may not be able to compare it with the most direct "do it" and "trial and error".

Millennium travel network was originally targeted at free travel and small package tours, and this market can be considered one of the last vacancies in the online travel market.

in the face of the online travel market is almost formed, starting a new tourism website only from the characteristics, personality, and details, users are increasingly on free travel demand, customized market has become the best piece of uncultivated land.

but tried to custom classes, free travel service 1000 night travel network said, when you spend half a day for the user to plan a customized travel strategy, then charge a percentage of the cost to him, the user is not acknowledged. The small package also has the same problem: low efficiency to lower earnings.

so, the night travel network began further trial and error.

constantly trial and error, there is technology, there is the cost is not playing deep

data is called big data, one is because the data only to reach a certain capacity to play a role, and the other reason is that it changes almost always exist. Based on the statistics on the big data and using, even the strong technology, all demand points, it is difficult to completely realize the user so refine the market, find out information needs, and then travel thousands of night is crush one by one, the purpose of the trial and error.

down a few thousand night travel market survey, found a new direction, it is difficult to do C2B, B2B, through to the stores, wholesalers, and even user loans, do some value-added services, specialized services gradually build their online travel industry in the market is large and scattered in the.