Shanghai dragon Er only the wings become hard to go on

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optimization personnel 2-3 months after the Shanghai dragon Er quit.

through a phenomenon:


quit? Why is 2-3 months? The reason is very simple, the website ranking optimization cycle is about 2 to 3 months, you do not give up the ranking optimization in the process, you quit is normal, but if you go through a formal white hat Shanghai dragon to bring up that. Sorry, you have to quit. The front said, now more and more people understand the Shanghai dragon, there are also many bosses even participated in the training, this is the problem, enterprise boss smart, he know a ranking cycle of Shanghai dragon, also know by white hat techniques is long-term stable characteristics, a short time will not be what problem, but your boss must know Shanghai Longfeng maintenance, accidents do not occur, the website should not have what problem, in order to save the cost to you to quit.

Many companies in the recruitment of Shanghai dragon

will be more extended form of

how to make wings hard

The phenomenon of

with the rise of the rapid development of Internet and e-commerce industry, more and more people begin to contact and understand the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to optimize the number of personnel gradually rise, Shanghai Longfeng optimization company, diagnosis industry, Shanghai dragon training and other services also include many enterprises now rash and too much in haste, the boss also deliberately change in understanding of the Internet, Shanghai dragon some will have some operation. This is the wood Shanghai dragon will say next, in the development of the Internet industry in the development of Shanghai, Phoenix, Shanghai dragon know more and more people, Shanghai dragon industry competition will be more and more, so only simple optimization of Shanghai dragon Er Road will be more difficult, but for too high, only the wings become hard to go on.



network ?The Below we look at

this now reflects the main problem? Not the boss smart, but you did not use value, you can do it all by the boss or other people, you have what use? This time you must have your own value, you do not have. Things have their own core technology, what is the core technology of enterprises? Is that many people do not even other optimization personnel will not, this is your advantage, this is the value you can not be replaced, only the wings harden Shanghai dragon Er to continue, enterprises have a space for one person you, so now Shanghai dragon, only a single simple Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not enough, we need more skills and other technologies in Shanghai dragon. Only in this way can we continue to walk the road, fly.

Shanghai dragon is only for a SEM marketing in the form of network marketing, although flow is very wide coverage >

2015 O2O market forecast 11 buy cold wave further intensified

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at the beginning of the year always can not avoid all sorts of forecast, what predict here is the field that I pay close attention to and concern — O2O market.

1, buy cold wave further intensified

In the 2014 project study,

found that group buying has several fatal weaknesses:

PC thinking – filtering out consumer demand through a variety of channels.

no scene – buy is the use of preferential pull demand, rather than according to the demand scene to solve the problem. Therefore, the group can solve the problem of business, not entirely user oriented problems.

lack big data gene: lack of big data accumulation after the release of demand.

so we found that the mobile terminal coupon +CRM system is exactly the winner of the group buy. If a businessman learns to use his member management system to accumulate the user information that buys a net to pull, buy as long as buy the service that does not exceed 3 months to buy, already built his data platform completely,


infer from this: 2015 group buying cold wave further intensified, the group headed by the U.S. group buying site is bound to transition to the O2O field.

2, 58 home town, 58 to become

so far, 58 home is simply an integration of service information, which has not changed the positioning of 58 as a classified information service. Adhere to the APP thinking, not good at using WeChat and other mobile Internet channels, has become a huge flaw in 58 – in the mobile Internet era, stressed that "your mine" meaningless. Under these conditions, the awareness of businesses awakened by mobile Internet and O2O is awakening, and the control of media services only released by information is becoming weaker and weaker.

the service quality of China’s service industry is also restricting the development of 58. For example, in the fields of nanny, moving and so on, cheater and underworld are overflowing, and the guarantee of information service for users is also extremely weak.

therefore, the 58 have only one choice: the use of data to transform themselves into a heavy company, such as 58 nanny, 58 moving, to directly control the offline resources.

3, fresh electricity supplier to see the dawn of

is now full of Internet thinking fruit shops in every city, and a group of pioneers have come out of their losses and failures a few years ago. We can not control whether they are the use of micro business or the use of community, in short, in 2015 to fruit, rice, eggs, oil, meat as the main content of the business format will continue to develop. The only problem is the volume of the problem, because the industry is still in a fragmented state, and want to appear a large fresh electricity supplier is really not easy.

4, fast food takeout,

2015 O2O price war who is the most fierce? Must be fast food take away!


domain >

What is the most profitable business in 2016

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2016 market downturn, the ups and downs of the industry trend led a lot of people’s success or failure. So, what are the major changes in this year’s popular entrepreneurial industry? What is the most profitable business in 2016? Therefore, the whole network Xiaobian entrepreneurs gather several projects in the industry, introduces the prospect of these projects. Hope to help you.

1, mobile phone repair: small investment big return

data show that China intelligent mobile phone shipments in 2014 will reach 4 billion 200 million, while the average mobile phone repair rate from 10% to 15%, only in 2014 the market has at least about 40000000 mobile phone repair said, this is a very big market. Plus the reason all replaced the second-hand mobile phone market capacity, the limitless. And now a lot of smart phones in the market and no after-sales service, resulting in mobile phone repair has become a concern of the gold mine.

according to industry sources, the current mobile phone repair market investment is very low, if you know some people who can only start the technology of twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan, the monthly profit levels are around $thirty thousand or forty thousand. In Shenzhen Huaqiang North is Asia’s largest mobile phone service technical training base, only need to invest thousands of dollars can learn a complete set of technology.

focus: invisible profits can not be ignored

do some invisible profits mobile phone repair can not be ignored, is a software maintenance, although the fee is not expensive, but the gross profit rate is very high; the two is the brush service, many apple mobile phone fans, they to try using the latest version of mobile phone, will have to go abroad to buy, home use must decode, brush for investors, to provide this service, because the brush is a technology live, it is difficult for the average consumer, but for the technical staff is very simple, 10 minutes can fix, but the fees between 100 yuan, gross profit space is quite amazing.

2, "Internet plus": become profitable trend

2015 what is the most profitable business? Survey shows that "Internet plus" franchise in the industry are used, 97% of the top 100 enterprises have started the development of the 020 business. 60% of companies choose to build their own network platform to carry out online business, nearly 25% of companies choose to build their own platform and people in the combination of the third party platform to carry out online business. At the same time, a Alipay or WeChat to support the payment of 40% of the enterprises.

focus: find a stable profit point

Chinese Chain Management Association Pei light secretary general said that although the "Internet plus" is quite popular, but the home wash service, 020 takeaway platform suffered close to crisis, provide a wake for investors, have good creative recommendation

What are the main factors that should be considered in the shop location

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to do business basically is to open the store, the shop to do business if the location is a top priority, matters needing attention in the location when there are many, there are many factors to consider the location of the shop, to know how the flow of people near the business district, how big, population density and consumer groups, but also have to know what is the geographical advantage and traffic advantage, to the correct location. In general, the following factors should be considered when choosing a shop.

passenger flow factor

shops must pay attention to the location of the surrounding traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units. Small businesses operating small shops, the size of the direct impact on the amount of income. Therefore, the choice of superior geographical location of higher investment income, but also means a lot of high prices, fierce competition. Relatively speaking, the community shops and street shops stable traffic, stable return on investment.

development factor

is not a good place to all have good money, sometimes encountered in municipal planning changes, busy location may also become deserted, and many are developing in the area has great investment space. Therefore, entrepreneurs in the site should be far sighted, more understanding of the future development of the region. Of course, in addition to the municipal planning, but also pay attention to the situation in the future competition in the industry.

different geographical location, surrounding environment, traffic conditions, the construction of the store, the price will be a lot of shops, and sometimes even more than ten times. For entrepreneurs, consideration should be given to the overall cost of the shop. The presence of Commercial Plaza entrepreneurs, shops rent price is important, but the entire mall management is more important, it will not be accomplished good business successful shops sell or lease, management, post guarantee investors have earned is a long running process, so entrepreneurs must take the business the post operation manipulation of attention.

business is not easy, so everyone in these hardware must not lose, need to pay more attention to the point location of the important factors, we must remind you that now the business is not easy, although many opportunities, to do business, but face competition and the risk is very big. As entrepreneurs, not only to know what to choose to do business, but also to know where the shop is better. In the site, we must bear in mind the above elements.

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Naked eye 3D TV market leader in the future

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now, the rapid development of science and technology, as entrepreneurs, business opportunities should be found as soon as possible. In the domestic and foreign brands of cloud technology to become the main push technology, spawned a variety of dazzling applications, naked eye 3D TV is also quietly coming.

2012 in November of the Shenzhen hi tech fair, Konka unveiled a new product naked eye 3D TV, although not yet listed, but has attracted many onlookers and consulting buyers and consumers. And want to have a place far more than Konka, in the joint efforts of Chinese and foreign enterprises, the original concern naked eye 3D once again become a hot topic. In the market has not yet reached maturity, some industry insiders believe that the current naked eye 3D TV is just a new selling point.

How much is the supermarket join fee

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is now starting to join the shop is nothing new, investment shops can easily open a shop of their own. But then choose to join the project project what is good? It is better to open their own small supermarket, the goods are complete, customers continue to make money is not a dream.

Wuhan city

Haidejiabang Trading Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999, the existing supermarkets, convenience stores nearly 100, of which nearly 100 stores, goods distribution center has nearly 5000 square meters, a total of more than 500 employees and has a younger, high-quality, innovative and professional management team.

adhering to the "responsibility, this is not an excuse, responsible for the results of my guidelines" business, rapid development of economy in the era of spring bathing, support and care by social all friends, after more than 10 years of entrepreneurial road of exploration, can only change today and feeling.

can adhere to the "high standards, high efficiency, the courage to assume responsibility," the spirit of excellence, advocating "customer first, fast action, honest and trustworthy, teamwork" business philosophy. Determined to "do your good neighbors" as their own responsibility, for the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and redouble their efforts. And always willing to work with industry and Commerce and the friends of the sincere cooperation, mutual win-win!

can be more supermarket join fee is how much?

join fee includes several aspects:

brand use fee: 10 thousand yuan

training fee: 30 thousand yuan

margin: 10 thousand yuan agency fee of $20 thousand

the first batch of 20 thousand yuan purchase brand use $10 thousand

equipment cost 10 thousand yuan

In addition,

can be more supermarket for every franchisee to join the store have certain requirements, join the store specific requirements:

1, unified decoration, replacement shop recruit, re layout of facilities and equipment, the installation of POS system, according to the provisions of the commodity structure with goods, standardized display.

2, new store:

(1) stores business area of over 20 square meters, the use of contract is not less than 3 years.

(2) in the vicinity of the store within the range of 100 meters (or units) population of not less than 3000 people, no large stores, no more than subordinate stores.



Pet shop named what skills

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a suitable name for the long-term development of a store will have a different role. For this reason, if you want to run a pet shop business is booming, it is also necessary to have a proper name. If you do not give the pet shop name, Xiao Bian will be able to introduce some tips for you. So, pet shop named what skills?

, a pet shop name should conform to

The name

shop in particular refers to three aspects, one is to actually consistent with your business projects, such as you are driving a clothing store, but others sounded like a barber shop; the two is to match your operating strength, now a lot of the boss in the shop name a little too domineering, and even some exaggeration.

two, pet shop name should be rich cultural connotation

a product name must be rich and profound cultural connotation, small shops are no exception, so as to reflect the level of the quality of the shop owner, the customer is also easy to accept. Now a lot of small shops, especially in the cultural aspects of the lack of comparison, appears to be more tacky.

three, pet shop name to avoid similar

as the industry in many shop owners of their own cultural level is limited, thus creating a lot of follower, not only in the business suit, if you see someone open Hot pot shop to make money, he would immediately open a fire disaster in the shop, and the shop name also imitate others, even some direct theft of someone else’s name, and is a lot of names on the street are similar to each other, similar to


four, the pet shop name catchy

Named after the

shop must be loud, catchy, easy to remember, easy to spread like this, to do this, not only to pay attention to the language charm and smooth, but also to seize the psychological needs and spiritual needs of consumers, who can resonate with customers psychological name, customers are generally easy to remember, and also can be spread. Especially some of the more humorous, with profound connotation.

five, pet shop name must adapt to local customs

Chinese but different vast territory and abundant resources, so the local customs and practices! Shop name must be careful to understand and take full account of local history and geography, customs and other factors, otherwise, your name, not only the slightest mistake can not stimulate customer demand, will have a negative impact on the contrary.

six, pet shop name should have consumer characteristics

small shop name can not be vague, not only to pay attention to these points straightaway, catchy >

What are the store pricing methods

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even if the price difference is not much, but if the price is unreasonable, resulting in customers do not buy it, which has a very big impact on the development of the store business. In short, the price is the most sensitive topic for customers to buy products. Generally speaking, people always want to spend the least money to do more things, many stores because of the unreasonable price of the product and lost a large number of customers. Making use of the psychology of people shopping is an effective way to avoid customers’ price and " color " change.

1, low penetration strategy

as a shopkeeper, no matter what kind of pricing strategy, the ultimate goal is to make money, which requires the formulation of the price must be based on the cost, it is impossible to sell below cost. So to maintain the competitive advantage of the price, we must start from the source, direct procurement of large quantities, reduce intermediate links, improve operational efficiency, for manufacturers and other measures to make profits, do everything possible to reduce costs.

2, in order to fill the gap

at low prices to attract customers to buy a large number of their own products, at the same time, to profit from the related products. At present, many beauty shops will lower the prices of some products in order to attract customers, while other products / services to make a profit.

3, flat tail method

just " " price; tail; falling slightly to a fall, give people a lot of feeling down. For example, the price of 1980 yuan and the price of $2000 often give people a sense of the level of two, in fact, only a difference of $20, accounting for only 1%.

4, illusion pricing

such as cleaning liquid 500g installed, priced at 93 yuan, and the introduction of a 450g loaded products, priced at $85, a good market, because consumers are sometimes sensitive to weight far below the price. Careful calculation will find that the price of the two units is almost the same, and the latter is slightly higher.

5, seasonal discount

according to the season and the owner of the product consumption time and demand, to decide whether to give discount, discount pricing strategy. Many beauty salons launched " seasonal service month belongs to this type of ". This pricing application properly can not only attract owners, but also can effectively regulate the flow of the off-season too little, common shop is full of customers.

6, psychological pricing strategy

for owners of consumer psychology, many beauty shop love leave a small tail in the price when setting prices, in the sale of the product, mantissa is integer >

Enterprise booth design creative style is very important

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is now a city to the success of some investment activities, accomplish the goal of "going out, you need to actively hold investment properties of a series of exhibition activities, at the same time, when organizing the exhibition booth design style is also very important to the whole.

1, the overall style of the booth design creativity, and corporate culture, brand image, the theme of the concept of the product must be a harmonious unity.

2, can directly reflect the quality of the product itself and style, store counters and other terminal display and other specific results.

if not extraordinary offbeat single product, or special sales channels, I suggest that the vast majority of enterprises, the booth must be able to try to product quality, product design, shop window, counter production display, customers are most concerned about things to show, and not let customers see concrete what.


as for the small and medium enterprises, the booth design and style. The booth area restrictions, this kind of enterprise, the product style prominent, can consider the creative design, a simple style of execution, will be very unique; product style popular, it would be very real, well, give a person with rich, a superb collection of beautiful things, recommended