Graphic explanation love Shanghai space has lapsed in the blog in the chain wheel

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link into a pile of garbage

blog chain like a snake eating its own tail. This is a picture of the gospel for the author! As long as according to the picture mode, you can easily set up a blog chain wheel. The logic is good children vulnerable, because there is no memory, I often forget which chain which blog blog chain wheel chain into chaos. According to the picture mode, blog blog account established above (except the micro-blog and Google). Starting from the love of Shanghai space, according to a schematic diagram of the chain down. During the period, due to previous blog "chaos chain" attempt, resulting in my blog will claim the set limit, the master can not add links in the blog. Then, the author will replace the gold and gold in the original position, skip. Plus, the addition of a room number or blog, chouqi. Master Links will add all the blog, and then follow the order of love, Shanghai space Links blog, Sina blog and so on, finally again love chain space in Shanghai.

love Shanghai space link, either directly or in the form of this kind of adhesive with the link anchor text in the form. After saving, the picture is very strange.



points to open the link, into a page, rather than their original love Shanghai space page


domain name automatically jump to the





problem appeared in the last step. As everyone knows, the love of the Shanghai space link is very long, but can not apply for personalized domain name. At the beginning, I think even if, after all is love Shanghai love Shanghai friendly search space, it is the most important part of the. But when I want to try on the Sina blog link love Shanghai space is cheating……

blog chain for many novice Shanghai dragon is like a mystery, time-consuming, energy consuming, complicated process, rather more chain. But for the new owners, all is worth trying, to PR, to the chain, the chain wheel blog can be a trial. As for the effect, if the chain wheel is not successful, at least outside the chain of success. Do the promotion and optimization of domestic webmaster cannot do without love Shanghai, love Shanghai so often as space in the last round of the blog chain ring, is also one of the most important. When construction began on the site, the author also tried a blog round chain, but failed. Because do not know the blog wheel chain is going on, until I found this picture.



see here, the webmaster should understand, love Shanghai space has been isolated by means of chain wheel of our blog. If the chain wheel do blog if you are still in love in Shanghai, "

A few websites and search engines on the punishment measures

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strategies: now this requirement we pay attention to the quality of the site’s content, we have to work on quality, and constantly improve their quality of the site’s content, although the information is from the local collection over the other, but in the modifications we can add their own opinions, their views and suggestions on. So this article has something different with other articles, this article is useful to the user, because he can get advice from.

is mainly aimed at the content of the website, with the optimization progresses, is now on the site in the station to update the article is no longer let users see, the main purpose is to update the search engines to crawl your site, improve the amount collected, some owners have dozens of stations on the hand, it is impossible to write to a little bit, so I just find some information on the Internet, to piece together what made up, if only can crawl on the line, no substantive content, so in the search engine from the user’s point of view is completely different from! This kind of site will be severely hit, general medical site content is this, readability is not high, are not pieced together.

repeatedly said, after some sites found in the content, without any modification directly on your site, although this is a statement of good, but also to the Internet is undoubtedly an increase of spam, this site is also the final search engine will receive severe punishment.

! This

2, although the content readable, but most of the article is collected, copied from other websites, no original content itself.

strategy: as the saying goes, the world is a copy, see you will not copy copy of the original, we may not write so much, but we have to do the pseudo original, in the information collected after careful collation, at least in the statement to smooth, the content and title to meet


August 22nd, love Shanghai announced the latest algorithm to adjust the program on its official forum, pointed out the direction of adjustment of the search engine algorithm, after the announcement, attracted a flurry of optimization of industry, represents a new K station climax! Now the past two weeks, the affected the website is no longer a minority, especially in the medical industry, a greater impact, most website weight to 0 or 1, my hand on a medical station, the weight dropped to 1, ranking all the keywords off is on medical webmaster met this situation, according to the algorithm of the adjustment should we do a detailed interpretation? Us:

3, "with accumulation of key words or articles and Topics >

for the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, will be a severe blow to the following site, we are to interpret and respond to

1, random collection content, sentence impassability, readers cannot get the needed information from

This is the website of

SEO modification skills in the healthcare industry for Baidu’s big changes.

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all webmaster friends, everyone, in July, but I think there are many people like me, the impact of the June Baidu’s large-scale adjustment, as well as shadow.

my station and most of the owners did, but may I observe the cycle longer, I found the great changes from the beginning of June 8th, Baidu, originally IP suddenly dropped a lot, and then found that part of the long tail keywords dropped the case.

arguably these are relatively common things, but with Baidu every Wednesday, Thursday change, is likely to be a precursor to the medical station friends all know that this industry is relatively sensitive, most of the sites are there to buy Links and stack keywords situation, my station is no exception. In June 22nd, I stand and be right down, ranking plummeted, snapshot to June 17th, although this comes suddenly, but my heart has been ready to do the medical station before and after No. 22 colleagues may, more or less some changes, such as snapshot stagnation, ranking small decline, 6 stand our department, including 4 station ranking changes, small amplitude by reducing the number of articles, improve the quality of the article, but not before and in the article in contact with Type and advertising words are published purely in news and advisory terms, from 10 daily updates to 5, and the links in the article range from 3-5 to 1-2. One of the 3 stations in 2 days after the resumption of snapshots and included, also a station left, because the early site is not to be responsible for me, so the basic optimization is not ready, such as 301404, tag, keyword layout and so on, is such a station.

in June 27th, a small earthquake of the Internet, Google PR update to update from January to stop suddenly after a lapse of six months, and Baidu fell sharply included, rankings (part of the website promotion included, lower ranking), the optimization in the above mentioned poor stations have been planning to the earthquake area.. Let’s change it:

site all rankings are down, part of the rankings disappear, snapshot stopped in June 17th, site included from 2900 to 60, and every day update article, degree Niang not included. Encounter this, have to say bad, but as SEO optimization personnel, the calm and calm the mind must have (narcissism, under) said the following about how I treat this situation:

Part of the column page

to modify the site title, the title and content related column page links increase, and modify the part of the column page, the benefits of doing so is to enhance the weight of the column page, to prevent the home page weight high, column page basically no weight phenomenon.

each article manually add TAG tags, here should pay attention to, if the home page did cloud label, that must be reasonable to do nofollow, prevent a large number of duplicate pages generated, in case K.


What business to do online business

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online business, no experience how to do? Venture capital to find the most reliable project. For the novice online entrepreneurs, what are recommended to get rich good project? Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a number of very money online entrepreneurial projects.

online business what do good business: cosmetics

online business what do good business: clothing

online business what do good business: Children’s products

for the healthy growth of children, zaikuzailei investment again, parents would say that. In children’s products, can be considered from the children’s basic necessities, such as children’s clothes, baby clothes, children’s health food, children’s early education, children’s intellectual development, etc..

online business what do good business: maternal and infant supplies

  < / recommendation

Upstairs downstairs Hangzhou venture start a new business model

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now entrepreneurship is a hot topic, the traditional business model has been copied over and over again, how innovation is placed in front of a big problem. Yesterday, the Hangzhou Municipal Committee and Hangzhou Housing Authority in Jiang Village family of Xixi public rental site, held jointly build Jiang Cun Xixi people public rental service youth entrepreneurship demonstration zone signing ceremony, Secretary of the Municipal Youth League Committee Zhou Yang and city housing bureau director Zhou Xianmu signed a cooperation agreement.

Jiang Cun Xixi family public housing project is located in Xihu District Jiang Village unit, East Zhejiang University Zijingang District, South Xixi Greentown Cheng Park, west of Chongxin Road, north to Yuhang Road, a total construction area of about 96 thousand square meters, the total number of 1215 sets, the design of 40 square meters of single apartment, 50 square meters of one bedroom apartment layout and 60 square meters of the two bedroom apartment layout. From yesterday, more than 400 public rental housing will continue to apply for a home, Zhou Xianmu to the first family in the family issued a key.

to expand entrepreneurship demonstration area influence in the youth better, June 12th -25, Hangzhou municipal Party committee and City Housing Department within the city to carry out "Jiang Cun Xixi people business service youth demonstration area levy" contest, after selection, the final demonstration area named "live a 1215", yesterday in the field of zhengminghuodong site awards, and held a demonstration area of opening.

Start from scratch

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a lot of people want to start from scratch, in fact, from scratch is not a mouth on the one hand, which also need to explore the mystery of the.

recommended: French crispy cake seven join to support entrepreneurship security

Personal shop investment without corporate investment

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  personal business investment, the need for a person to bear all the things, whether it is profit or loss, only one person. Personal shop investment, small series mainly from several aspects to analyze, so that you do all the preparatory work in the early.

"residential" is for the housing, "commercial housing" (full name is the commercial service room) is engaged in business and the service life for the residents of housing, the change in at least three ways. From the perspective of land management "to the non home" has changed the land use, namely "residential land" to "commercial use"; from the planning point of view, its connotation has been changed to the "construction planning permits" the use of housing function; from the point of view, with the use of housing business function.

Starting from scratch on the selection of Miao Miao Wan Wan Hui


In the case of

Chinese start empty-handed too many to count, perhaps at the moment you have nothing, but as long as you dare to think and act that you do, maybe one day in the future you is a rich person.

select wonderful pill home pill sinks, a self-made can still create their own brilliant franchise, a bright future. Starting from scratch, Miao Zhen Wan Wan Hui Jin Bao tips. How to open a snack bar? Miao Miao Wan pills to write a song of wealth.

wonderful pill pill burning home exchange, is a leading Taiwan meatball burning brand, headquarters power company’s brand, wonderful pill family is the focus on the promotion of leisure snacks franchising project! Million project – home agent wonderful pill pill burning exchange good taste the way it is currently in Beijing, ride the wind and waves. Guangzhou, Tianjin and other places have stirred up a wonderful pill balls home burn whirlwind, let a

store wealth together!

start empty-handed, wonderful pill pill burning home business shop for many exchange investors. It is especially sensible choice of business, low investment cost, the development of a bright future, a wonderful pill sale product theme series, refined burning pill as the theme, to create a new era of fashion drinks and food series. Younger, fashion, theme. The refined pill burn shop to create the ultimate, the world will be delicious, so that more diners enjoy the ultimate taste effect.

wonderful pill pill home exchange launched the burning octopus ball series, once available will lead to a love pill boom, queuing, demand. A wonderful pill burning balls are rich in protein, minerals and other nutrients, and contains health factor anti fatigue, anti-aging, consumers in the taste its delicious but also get healthy. Wonderful pill home pill sinks, so diners healthy and delicious sharing, for investors to create a successful way to get rich, it is worth joining you.

long life road, for the future, we can not determine who, perhaps now you do nothing, everyone looked down on. However, the choice of the wonderful pill to burn the money to start a business, and strive for it, I believe in the near future, you can earn a wealth of wealth, to win a bright future. Wonderful pill home pill sinks, start from scratch good project, just pay a small fee, will be able to pick up the glorious future.

Jay Chou v. number one case won 80 thousand won public apology

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Jay Chou sued WeChat public number case results released, Jay Chou won and won 80 thousand yuan, the defendant will be an online public apology statement. In June last year, WeChat public number micro show life in WeChat, said Jay Chou as a traitor to Japan, was a protest and prosecution of the Party of Jay Chou.

concern to the public, WeChat star Jay Chou "micro life show" case after more than 8 months, finally results. Today morning, Legal Evening News "reporter learned from the Chaoyang Court, the court held that" micro life business show "in Beijing and the book constitutes infringement and libel, a trial for Jay Chou economic loss and mental solatium 80 thousand yuan.

2015 in June 4th, Jay Chou published an article found a WeChat public number in Beijing and founded the micro calligraphy show of life ", the article is filled with" Japanese traitor "and" traitor "and" shit "and" shifty-eyed "and a series of offensive words. Jay Chou said that the article in order to attract attention, but also by the Japanese traitors Jay Chou, he is a traitor, Jay Chou denied that he is Chinese this argument. Jay Chou believes that this is a flagrant fabrication of facts and malicious insults, vilify and trample their personality, to discredit its image, the fantastic and absurd.

the trial, the plaintiff Jay Chou did not appear in court, the court appointed two lawyers. According to the judge of the case, the court summoned, the defendant did not appear in court today, the court in accordance with the trial by default.

when the plaintiff asked the judge involved in the article, Jay Chou accepted the media interview reply is true, the plaintiffs attorney replied, are not true, "after we have done to clarify and reply, and serious warning, and require users not to reprint slander Jay Chou, if there is reproduced, so Jay Chou the judicial process to pursue their legal obligations, the results still have some websites in order to increase the site recommended

Visit customers ten

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visit the customer is often encountered in sales activities, but also to make a lot of sales problems. So how to effectively visit customers to achieve the original purpose? Xiao Bian coup, the following for you to visit customers ten do not want to help you!

Don’t belittle opponents

two not to point

to customers, not to sell their products to customers to purchase other manufacturers of equipment or personnel to react, comment.

three do not lack of preparation

four do not have

not indecisive when decision is neededAs mentioned above,

is not anxious, industrial products sales calls in the opposite, failing, procrastination is not decisive.

not anxious

seven not excessive commitment

in industrial product sales calls to customers as the purchase conditions may make you do or not in your authorization of the job, you must be cautious commitment, don’t promise you to do things.

eight do not object is not clear

not unexpected