The security problem of robots.txt in the fall, how to make the 2 days of recovery

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the "operation of the local industry station do not ignore the website robots.txt security issues" was focused on the robots.txt website because of security issues in the fall, resulting in no flow, included as of today, your website has not recovered, all the key words all have been restored, traffic has returned to normal, normal decoration bidding information. I came from the three aspects that I was going to work today, mainly on these issues are the root of the.

website screenshot can easily see the site keywords basically has been restored, included is not fully restored, you might ask why just 2 days back this piece, so why do I will recover, I listen to the west to the west the following reasons.

: the first site is the old station, more than 3 years of site, strong stability, has been ranked in front, the content is updated regularly, no violation records in the eyes of the search engines, so search engines generally not wrong, so it is necessary to restore.

third: the mentality of the problem, as the operating personnel, the most important state of mind, whether it is out of position, flow out, are very angry things, but we have to keep a sober mind to identify the pathogens to do the rescue, the same site, if the site is not immediately K began to find the reasons, but the recovery is becoming a website difficult.


(pictured site query)

The author

from the Dazhou home network www.991youxi贵族宝贝 webmaster personally written around, please indicate, A5

second: quickly find the reasons for the cause of the site is illegal, it really fits an antidote against the disease, search engine friendly laws, so regardless of illegal websites, as long as do modifications, can make its recovery.

is described

(this is the ranking after the resumption of

)From the above 2



this is my website robots.txt security issues in the fall in its 2 day recovery ranking experience, such as man, want to let the others stand engage in what kind of person, always will not succeed, do your site is king.

Html and XML format and content navigation site map

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Xenu Link Sleuth is a link to check the site in the tool can check the results stored in Web documents. Most of the webmaster is making use of the software of the site map.

software is very simple to use, first open the Xenu program, and then click the menu bar of the "File Check URL" option, enter the address URL production site map, and then click "OK" button, the software will automatically start to detect the website links.

site map is an important part of a web site map, we usually see, just to play the role of navigation for visitors, this is the site map Html format. We will also introduce the site map to another format many webmaster will be ignored, that is the sitemap XML format. Here are two specific methods of website map generation.

XML format

No matter what kind of

Html site map




is the use of XML map generation software, the final result is the.Xml file suffix for the file, which contains the contents of the page address, "" priority "" /priority "" 1 "indicates that the importance of this.

site mapIn addition to the

if the site many documents, detection software requires a longer period of time, waiting for the test all the links after the report file can use the "File to Report" generating the site map. Then use the web editing software will generate the report of "edit, delete unwanted parts, only with the page title list of words, so the site map file is completed.

we can use the "noble baby SiteMap file generation tool" to create a web site map XML (love Shanghai crawl). The software is very simple to use, only need to first set the file directory, and web site address, and then click the scan button to start collecting station file, file after the export is the standard XML map file (Figure).


site map refers to the structure of the site, lists the columns and content information ", which in addition to play a guiding role of the content of the website, to help users to quickly find the corresponding column and can facilitate the search engine spiders to crawl the web page, it is very important for search engine optimization.

what is the site map

site map we usually see in Html format, and XML format map, the site map can let search engine to index web content, so as to effectively increase the site included, but also can set the weights to the importance of the statement ".

Personal website operation experience and BBS type website how to operate

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personal website operation experience,

the Internet more and more personal websites have emerged, all want to be second HAO123, easier said than done. HAO123 technology content is not high, but why is the flow so large, is a good site positioning? Or domain name good to remember some, this also accounts for a part, and another part is to rely on promotion. The flow of the website also is stationmaster most headache problem, how to raise the flow of individual website, I have a few opinions to consult for everybody.

website development is the basis of traffic sources, we must do a good job of basic work, that is, do a good job of website optimization. Overall website optimization is good, all search engines will bring you huge traffic, compared to pay rankings advertising more valuable. Often, many sites do not do the work of the early, and later on when the flow does not come to think of optimizing the site, this will have some impact on the number of sites, the pace of development will slow down. More technical experts want to increase the flow by cheating, that can only enjoy a moment of happiness, then face is the search engine seal your website. So I don’t agree to use this method.

website basic work done, and then the development of the site to do the corresponding adjustment. I mean mainly for search engines, BAIDU and GOOGLE are the webmaster’s first choice. I suggest that the first to make adjustments to the BAIDU, after the submission of BAIDU will soon be included the station, the number of pages included will continue to increase, the flow may soon increase, but remember to early to control the flow, otherwise the consequence is dangerous. I took a website to do experiments, released more than 2 months a day, independent IP reached more than 8000, the result is not a few days in the BAIDU can not find my station. Also do not overheat in the early keywords, will cause BAIDU stop station personnel attention. Later, the site experience one end of the time, traffic in the up will not be too conspicuous. Say that finish, BAIDU said GOOGLE, GOOGLE included slower than BAIDU, do not have to do too much for the GOOGLE adjustment, because it’s page included frequency is slower, the prophase will not bring too much traffic. Wait until the flow of BAIDU is relatively stable, you can consider GOOGLE, then remembered Hu Baojie teacher often said a word, "BAIDU is sweet, bitter", "GOOGLE" is the first bitter sweet.

How does

forum website operate


what do Chinese Internet users do online? Don’t look at CNNIC’s Internet Statistics report,


through the observation of Internet cafes, 16 words:

games, movies, men bubble altar; songs, friends, girls chat,

basically, you just grab 10 people, 8 people are doing these 16 words,


, this is the mainstream of China’s Internet, not what WEB2.0!



The site can also be dual core, you believe it

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everyone is called dual core, CPU dual core now, browser also double nucleus, I also played a name, be called website double nucleus. The site’s dual core means the web site prepares two sets of templates for Internet, Explorer browser and Firefox, and calls different templates based on the client browser.

now, in order to solve the IE browser and Firefox browser compatibility problems, there are many ways, generally speaking, as long as a set of templates, a CSS file, a JS script will be able to solve. So why dual core? What’s the advantage of dual core


I recently did the voting network as an example, I can only do the page in IE, so I invited a friend to let her help me to change the CSS file, so that it is compatible with the Firefox browser. It turned out to be compatible with Firefox, but also to change my template under IE, and after the change, found that although compatible with the Fifefox browser, but in the IE below the performance is not as good as before. Although both can be seen, but can not achieve the best performance. In order to solve this problem, I think of a way is to do two sets of two sets of templates, CSS files, a set of two sets of JS script below in the IE call, a below in the Firefox call, so that the compatibility of the two browsers are perfect! This is the reason why choose dual core.

The benefits of

dual core are also obvious. You can make different effects according to the characteristics of IE browser and Firefox browser. From the effect, you can reach the perfect state. Of course, the disadvantage is that the development cycle will be longer and the maintenance cost will be higher. But for the pursuit of the perfect site for dual core is a good choice, today your website binuclear yet? We can respectively use the IE browser and Firefox browser, open my website:, then the right mouse button to view the source code, we can find the subtle differences between two different links and website templates, call the CSS and JS are different, is the real core site! Suggest that you have the ability to have the conditions to do the duo, otherwise it may cost you some time


Are you playing micro-blog or playing micro-blog Dry sharing how to run a micro-blog

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first, talk about how micro-blog operates.

play with micro-blog, who will play. But the operation of micro-blog, but not everyone dares to say that he will. Are you running micro-blog or playing micro-blog or playing by micro-blog?

, for a few cases,

1. story marketing

"wild animal Florist" micro-blog account began operating in December 2012, the first eight months without Taobao stores, there is no official website, but only a micro-blog number, achieved sales of over one million, fans over 200 thousand. How do they do it? In fact it is very simple, is the flower photos plus 140 words with the customer about the story (marriage, birthday, health etc.) written into micro-blog, in addition to the day-to-day work of the team is also written into micro-blog and fans. The traditional flower shop sells flowers. It sells stories. This new approach has made micro-blog’s operations a great success, and the reputation of flower shops has gradually started. This success model is called story marketing,

2. emotional marketing

a bunch of flowers only send a beautiful woman for a lifetime. Have you ever seen such a wonderful flower shop? After the fire at the monster florist, there’s a "rose only" on the micro-blog. Buy flowers need to bind the phone number, but also a lifetime can only give a person, in order to show the sender’s heart. This bunch of flowers costs a lot of money. It costs one thousand yuan. But for the heart, the one thousand pieces of what? This creative way suddenly lit up in micro-blog, then continue to have a lot of celebrity big V also attracted forward praise, popularity rapidly, fans also increased dramatically. This micro-blog marketing model is called emotional marketing,

mode: seize the hot marketing occasion. This is one of the most common patterns and one of the most popular styles for scripts.

3. vertical depth

Huang Gang who is not contact with the logistics industry may not know, but now he has been called the field of logistics industry Lei Jun. As a grassroots figure, he has more than ten thousand fans in a year. How does he operate micro-blog? His model is called vertical depth". What is called vertical depth, in layman’s terms, is called an expert in a particular field. Just stick to the field of Logistics: yellow dry cargo in micro-blog, by taking advantage of the marketing mode, many will not related to the social hot spots and logistics related, such as the moon is to the courier "copy triggered crazy turn. The public is not familiar with the original logistics field can also be he made very interesting, so he not only with micro-blog diffusion influence has become the logistics field of Daniel, even many people are not in the field of logistics so as to attract his attention he.

4. event marketing


is a popular event marketing master, what hot spots can be linked with it.


5. about shelf hype


Zhou Xiaohui small and medium sized Internet operation strategy

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Zhou Xiaohui think 08 operators do, that time is the contact operations shortly before the crazy to find relevant learning materials, learning SEO, website promotion, network marketing and so on the books, and put into practice, the effect is there, but not too rigid, want to do Tai Chi 42 dial Jin, if the website promotion out, to create a mature product can continue to profit, said this task for Jack too, especially the novice like me a lot of pressure.

personally think the website operation is based on the location of the web site itself, a healthy website in order to have a better development, better to profit, to create value, web is like cars, one can only run 70 yards of motorcycle, he cannot run 100 yards, or will pull the cylinder, the target group positioning website in fact, in the design of products has been made about the website. With the continuous development of operation, the site is also in constant iteration upgrade, the site location in one stage of the corresponding operation positioning the positioning, or operation of the allocation of resources to guide the site, and finally there is the market and users (customers) to approve.

a new web site program is not the most important issue, an open source program can help you build a web site, you first need to solve is the construction of website, if you say I have a locomotive, I said, your website is not a website, you draft, I do not oppose the construction content with the locomotive or similar acquisition software, the beginning can indeed reduce a lot of manpower cost, but please don’t forget the original and speculation, gather user.

at the beginning of each general website operation mainly is SEO and SEM, the two way is to bring the maximum flow site, small and medium-sized Internet profit mainly depends on the flow, but how to flow? How to rely on the SEO flow and SEM SEO method, I will not say, is also a lot of work URL, writing light you have great doorways, you can download the file is DOC or PDF, to search by included are influential, but finally comes back to building up the content. Especially the original content and pseudo original content (pseudo original is not very popular).

general website positioning, or have profitability, or for other products to provide auxiliary operations. (except for public welfare)

The new

website better closely now your user groups positioning, creating value for users, a website created no value, living conditions is endless to burn, to tell the truth, this website is not the value of existence. Before the content of the website construction must make a feasibility analysis, based on the user groups do analysis, including age, sex ratio of user groups, their own use or use others, students or employees, income, value orientation, the distribution of the Internet time… Wait.

content construction, the best to find!

Venture Cheats how to earn 30 million

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how to earn 30 million years, believe that this is a lot of entrepreneurs are eager to know the secret of success in this business, in fact, every person entrepreneurship, need to keep the mentality is very important, we look at successful entrepreneurs how to maintain their good state of mind.

1, rely on a person to make money is not earned, to build a system of money, even after playing their own fun every day, this system is still insist on making money every day.

2, the money earned 1% guarantee system every day on the line, not the pursuit of profits, because whatever you can think of the project, there will be people do, to admit that you are not a genius, 100% of the profits were 100% risk, 1% per day is also very powerful, return a year is 300%

3, to make money every day, like printing money, as soon as possible, the beginning must be slow, also may even 1% do not, but this is a skilled work, repeated countless times will be faster and faster, since it is far more than 1%, must adhere to repeated money process. More and more skilled.

4, earn money and educational experience knowledge all does not matter, only the relationship with the accumulation of money, and then roll into the money, the greater the roll.

5, each industry as long as you can do the top five, or a classification market, a region of the top five, are still living moisture;

6, each industry successful enterprises basically follow the basic rules of a leap of five years, the first leap is the enterprise created five years, seize the opportunity of rapid development of the industry, grasp the certain resources, occupies a strategic position of the whole industry chain is relatively important. The second leap is the establishment of the enterprise for about ten years, was the capital phase, Yue Yue Longmen, into the capital market.

7, the owners of these enterprises do not necessarily experience than we have experienced knowledgeable diploma, he may have no other better choice, only when he started doing it, and then continue to additional investment, to expand.

8, first consider how to make money for others, if you can help others to earn a lot of money, then congratulations to you, you must be the most profitable.

summary slowly from practical experience exploration is needed for a long time, just now know the mentality, see entrepreneurs how to comprehend the true meaning.

This paper from the whole network (


What factors will affect the operation of the cake shop

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cake shop to meet the needs of everyone for dessert, and now more and more friends fell in love with the cake shop, then, if you want to open a cake shop, what factors will affect the operation of the cake shop? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope we can play a certain role.

first, the cake shop operators should be good at grasping the customer back, let them free publicity for you. How to operate the cake shop? Generally speaking, the cake shop often give back a little cheaper, so that they feel happy, next time if it is not one of their two people, but with a large group of people, this effect should be each cake store boss want to see.

second, cake shop to do takeaway marketing. Design, cake shop in the restaurant are printed and distributed to the quality, design, printing is not very good, the first impression to others is that you the cake shop or restaurant is not unique, the customer will think you are to do things carelessly. How to operate the cake shop? When issuing the takeout orders must choose the address and target groups, not for every passing a few people, so that you do not takeaway single meaning. In the delivery time, but also pay attention to the scope of your delivery, if your cake shop in the science and Technology Park, and call out the people in the window of the world, you can send it?

third, cake shop operators to rely on the network. How to operate the cake shop? The cake shop can put your store information, special products, cakes, cake sign culture, cake shop environment, and even the purchase of raw materials sources and invoice online, let your guests to supervise you, let them eat at ease, so as to gain their trust and credibility.


above is about some factors affecting cake shop business, I believe we have a certain understanding, only its detailed understanding, in order to open such a store, want to open their own brand of cake shop? Let’s get to know it!

Operating cabinet stores to pay attention to what

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wants to open a hot kitchen cabinet, you have to choose a good brand. When you choose a brand, you have to pay attention to the small details. In the end what should we pay attention to operating cabinets? The following Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the next. Let’s have a look!

brand cabinet stores in the store location, just entered the investors, more suitable for people in many places. These places are relatively large demand for brand cabinets. In the decoration of the store, as a professional brand cabinets sales, stores must be clean, goods placed in order, how the decoration is not related. Small costs can also make a very attractive layout.

brand cabinet stores in the beginning of the operation, you can enter some of the most commonly used local style. In principle, the variety is small and full, regular purchase. Order to local wholesale market or network. In terms of purchase, do not radical, put all the goods that can be felt in the sale of the. This will give you a lot of risk, the market is not stable, the purchase channel instability will affect your final sales. Dimension

brand cabinets stores good customer service service determines whether consumers decide whether your shop can go long, big and small are to be the same warmth. Consumers are satisfied with your service, you can form a good reputation, he will advertise for your shop. And these consumers will be long-term.

operating cabinet stores to pay attention to what? The above gives specific analysis. Want to shop to make money, you have to keep in mind these points. You want to know what you like, you can introduce them to buy such a good product. Operating such a store, you have to do a good job of propaganda, store popularity high, the shop to make money oh.

Entrepreneurs need to force the president of told you

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Chen Ou from the beginning of the TV ads, he said, I am Chen ou, I speak for myself, has burst brush circle of friends, is full of true energy embodied. Today, founder Chen ou will use their own entrepreneurial experience tell Entrepreneurs: entrepreneurs need three".

mentioned Chen gull and his, I believe many people are aware, because we recently from the TV series often watch a video about his inspirational, watch indeed gives a great touch. Then we have a comprehensive understanding of this handsome guy entrepreneurial path.

"alive is to change the world"

about the power of entrepreneurship, Chen Ou told reporters: "before the University in Standford, we have a business school ethos: Change  lives, Change  organization. ; Change  the  world. That is to change life, change the organization, change the world. This style has a profound impact on me, entrepreneurship is also in order to achieve this goal."

in fact earlier, Chen Ou entrepreneurship ideals have sprouted. "The third and fourth, when graduate soon, everyone is looking for a job, but I really don’t know what to do, I don’t want to continue reading, and then master and doctor after graduation to find work, so follow the prescribed order is not suitable for me. The story of the Internet inspired me, I also chose to venture."  , so when the fourth year of college, Chen Ou alone with a laptop, founded an online game platform Garena, the success of the accumulation of the first pot of gold.