How to do web site optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon racing together bridle to bridle

Finally, The scarcity of

promotion channel:

2). The recommended

(1) QQ space. First you need to have a lot of friends, and continually updated industry technical articles in space or user needs, and then in this.

is followed by the title of the article, find the user search (index) and related long tail keywords and website content, take it as the core of content creation, where the title of the article is helpful to create "attract" "into" title,

2. content and the title of the article

1. "altruistic heart" really solve the problem for users of

5). Avoid keyword stuffing

The use of

1.) to guide customers

4. is attractive, the need of marketing transformation awareness

4). To avoid too much boilerplate text

The matching degree of


content creation should meet:

website promotion to promote their website, if you really want to put the website, we have to use other forms of promotion in the promotion role is not lower than the internal chain system construction, not by the public know before the promotion can shorten the cycle in the website keywords ranking. General new normal ranking cycle is more than 3 months, in the early promotion of the website ranking cycle can be shortened to 2 months. QQ group promotion includes promotion, promotion, promotion of soft information platform, WeChat micro-blog promotion, resource sharing circle etc..

9. is an important content of the submitted love Shanghai sources and processing of pseudo original?. Original。 The information collection in the content page also must pay attention to relevant information:


6. layout should be beautiful, can use text, table, screen increases the readability of

is the first page of the title (very important) "article writing in accordance with the general name + brand word" format,

3. content to maintain integrity, do not

8. (H H 1 H tag tag tag try a

QQ group promotion QQ group is gathering a large number of related people to the best place, and members of the QQ group than other active community forum. And all you need is a molecular group inside, it is best to group management or group, only with the authority of what you preach will be more effect. So the QQ group promotion to know how to deal with the relationship between people and how to establish such a link. You can establish authority through regular industry knowledge sharing method, can also establish authority by group of friends to answer the questions.


7. good pictures: photo size, ALT property

usersOptimization of eg

3). A reasonable increase in

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