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everyone may have his own dream of starting a business, but there are so many entrepreneurs. Success again >

‘s failure to start a business is to look at income too much. Generally just starting entrepreneurs, will be too much income. Money is important, but the customer is the source of your money, if your product has a large number of users of resources, then the money will come easier! Therefore, companies want to accelerate the pace of profit so we should: customer first, profit second

One of the most important reasons for

1. professional skills stage

3. company phase

at the beginning of 2011 Wang Baochen officially entered the society, along with 2 friends venture to engage in an Internet company small, mainly to do the initial establishment and promotion, when I was not a partner, because of their own efforts, to migrant workers identity, state of mind of entrepreneurs involved, then point to the turnover in the second year, the partners retained me, then officially joined the company ranks of business, and my partner has a total of 3 people. This series of articles is mainly about my 3 years of network company entrepreneurship bit harvest and insights, because there are more topics, the follow-up will write second, or even third, little nonsense, began to enter the topic:

entrepreneurs play a crucial role in the company, if you are out of touch with society, keep up with market changes, then you only in a constantly changing market is slowly being eliminated! In addition to your decision to guide the development of the company, at the appropriate time to Dangdang third listen to the opinions of others!

three, improper use of

two, short of target,

professional skills, technical knowledge is professional skills, do a field instructor, practicing good eloquence and understanding of the industry, to do business, professional skills, good understanding and communication skills of products, users for their professional skills. Skills here are not skills, work skills for a particular area of the field.


after you master the professional skills, you need to have a certain management and communication and other aspects of the experience, Wang Baochen knew that many colleagues in Zhengzhou is the boss of the company, from some big companies first to do business, and later went out of business. To the clerk, then business manager, business manager stage will exercise the core skills of some human resource management deployment and customer communication and internal communication, is have a lot of things need to master the studio stage.

succeeds in living up to three stages of company survival:

! !

five, out of touch with society,

the failure of entrepreneurship is the only way for an entrepreneur, but if you don’t change your bad habits, the word "failure" will always follow you.

if your product positioning could only be used in small groups within, then you are even better, he could not go far! the cake was less, even if all you eat, also can not change what! if you want to be a company like BAT. First you have to have a long-term goal! Whether it is creative, or the product itself! If you have enough resources, you can also turn to foreign! If you’re crazy, think about the earth, not

many people want to start a business, especially when you are 20 or even 17.8 years old, with a cavity of blood, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Looking at other people’s business, determined, go to start a business. Entrepreneurship may be simple, and perhaps tough. I read an article in the national treasure before an agency related investigation report, said that the coastal area of a city, the year 2011 at the beginning of the year and registered companies, including 1 companies, when the end of the end of 5%, not to live without closing the door, close to 5%. 1 thousand%10=1000%5=500. In fact, later, the minister summed up a core law:


one, money is always more important than customers,

, a fledgling start-up company, has led its development to the early core employees. If the quality of this core team is not high, then the product will not go well. In addition the management characters, not all locked in their own familiar people! Acquaintances often lazy! Intern of entrepreneurial passion generally will be higher, if the conditions of mining personnel several friends can train themselves

four, the tempo is too slow,

development of a product can not be too slow you say you are the bean? Can you really get so much money to slow you down?, there is no perfect products in the world, our products must be as early as possible in line for the lack of user experience and feedback we modify a product! Block edge stone, only in the constant flow impact will become rounded and smooth! Don’t be afraid to hear criticism, if a product does not have any criticism, then there is only one answer: you don’t have any

, for most successful people, comes in the order of the 1, 2, and 3 stages. And the other part, the family, the rich two generations, >


when our expertise was mastered, studio skills were also available. Then basically ready to open the company, and many companies only take the formal company docking, and even some customers, first look at your qualifications, such as: 1 million of the registered capital started ah. Year of establishment, etc.. So if the studio is expanding, or you have good business or service, you have to set up a company that wants to grow higher.

2. studio phase

business hard

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