On the future development of e-commerce in small and medium sized cities in Jiaxing

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Jiaxing is located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province, in the domestic economic development in Yangtze River Delta Hangjiahu Plain active hinterland areas. In recent years, with the rapid popularization of the Internet, the huge business opportunities in Jiaxing City, Nanhu District government is aware of e-commerce behind this emerging industry which, through the establishment of the Jiaxing international cultural and Creative Industry Park, formulate relevant preferential policies and other measures to support local economic development, let Jiaxing quickly accumulate a number of elite electronic commerce enterprise.

held in the days before the second session of China · Nanhu on hero e-commerce forum and sent on behalf of P18 summit, South Lake district government and the relevant leaders, leaders of Zhejiang province and the city of Jiaxing Electronic Commerce Association, attended the summit and the country’s top 18 e-commerce company executives, CEO. Participants on the rapid growth of e-commerce industry in Jiaxing and its trajectory of the development of small and medium-sized cities in China are discussed.

disadvantages become advantages to achieve cluster development

Convenient and low cost advantages of

e-commerce industry itself is destined to the development trend of the industry, but when online shopping has become a common consumer habits in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, the big city, the development of small and medium-sized city of e-commerce is undoubtedly the lag in the state. Analysis of the reason there are several points: first, small and medium-sized city computer penetration rate is not high, ingrained traditional consumption concept, the consumer does not have basic planning of electronic commerce; secondly, the supporting system to support the development of e-commerce is not perfect; there is another important reason is the lack of professional talents in electronic commerce, and to attract talent the use of the mechanism is not perfect.

after the detailed interpretation of the drawbacks of small and medium-sized city e-commerce development, Jiaxing municipal government held a meeting to discuss the comprehensive analysis of the local characteristics of the economic development, through repeated research, they found that although the small city of Jiaxing, but also has the unique advantage of a series of development of electronic commerce.

first, Jiaxing location, logistics industry developed, WAL-MART, SF express, STO, Cisco, speed logistics Baoyin warehousing logistics and many other JETCO logistics giants are here to build a logistics distribution center, which is the basis for the development of electronic commerce. With the Shanghai Hangzhou high-speed rail traffic, Jiaxing gradually realize the city and the development of Shanghai, Hangzhou. Secondly, like most small and medium-sized cities, Jiaxing has obvious cost advantages compared with big cities. Commercial land, warehouse rent, labor costs are relatively low. In addition, Jiaxing also has a large number of colleges and universities for the development of local enterprises to provide adequate talent pool.

in the comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the local economy, the local government has developed a series of targeted support policies. Taking South Lake area as an example, the district government issued the first "Jiaxing International Creative Cultural Industry Park industrial enterprises" from two into three "implementation plan", to "retreat into the principle of complete transformation to the original East Gate Industrial area. And the introduction of the "Jiaxing international cultural and creative industrial park off"

Vip.com is also selling fake Moutai liquor companies began to part of business platform boundaries.

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liquor business and electronic business platform has always existed, the frequent burst of electricity supplier channels are making and selling some of the liquor business and the latter boundaries.

source: Vision China

selling electricity supplier controversy, vip.com was selling fake Moutai explosion.

has recently posted in the Katie forum broke the news, pointed out that in December 7th to December 11th, vip.com launched a large wine promotional activities, its well-known brand activity special sale of fake wine involving Moutai.

is selling a report after the morning of December 16th 11, vip.com issued a statement, 903 consumers from 16 days "initiative to contact to buy the special related goods in advance refunds, and the commodity storage survey returned". And said that if the results of the survey found that quality problems, consumers will be compensated.

interface news reporter learned from the Moutai group insiders, as of now, Moutai did not have any business cooperation with vip.com. As a supplement of real circulation sales channels, the official Moutai licensing business platform has 13, including Jingdong, suning.com, Gome online mall, shop No. 1. But the proportion is very small, online sales of less than 10% of total sales."

business platform selling occurredfrequently with sales of counterfeit goods were found after the risk is not relevant.

, a supplier of wine vertical electric responsible person on the interface of news reporters, big business platform, the sale of fake transaction risk is not high, because cooperation is the arrival, once generated complaints platform would not be with suppliers and checkout, the promotion service fee has been settled. In other words, the only product of the refund of the consumer’s money, in fact, has not yet settled the payment to suppliers. "

There are three main types of

vip.com to purchase luxury goods channels: one is the electricity supplier get official authorization; the two is the electricity supplier through overseas purchasing such as factories, Oteri J and other channels, the channel "shopping spree" product quality is guaranteed, but the price is relatively high; the three is the "parallel products", namely the authorized distributors and agents to take the goods through, which is currently the mainland electricity supplier usually adopts the way. Since Moutai is not authorized to vip.com, Moutai into the vip.com channel, it should be third ways.

a dealer pointed out that vip.com selling fake Moutai, is likely to be a problem in the choice of suppliers. Some Moutai dealers, although you can get the real Moutai, but know that the lack of non professional wine professional electricity supplier’s ability to identify the true wine, with luck, and the platform is also possible cooperation. For vip.com, when the supplier gives favorable conditions, but also want to push back through the big efforts, it triggered the accident."

in fact, the game between large wine prices and electricity providers never stop. On the one hand in response to national policy, information construction, wine prices hope to use electricity supplier channels in the industry to adjust the sales performance during the adjustment period, on the other hand, electricity supplier >

How to protect your domain name is not registered (two)

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protect your domain name will not be registered

One of the main responsibilities of the

Internet assigned name and number company (ICANN) is domain name system management. In accordance with the policy of ICANN, the domain name registrar may not transfer or cancel any of the disputed domain names when a complaint is filed against a domain name for a trademark or service mark. The Registrar must wait for instructions from the court, arbitrator or other neutral body to resolve the dispute.

but, if a domain name was registered in order to obtain benefits from trademark or service mark of others, that is usually said cybersquatting complaints can carry out ICANN special arbitration proceedings. Four ICANN designated domain name dispute arbitration institutions can also help resolve the domain name dispute, the arbitration is based on the unified domain name dispute resolution ICANN (ICANN Uniform Domain Name Dispute Policy). The four companies are: CPR, eResolution, national dispute resolution Arbitration Forum and the World Intellectual Property Organization (CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution, eResolution the, National Arbitration Forum, the World and Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)). Some well-known domain name disputes related to the world famous brands, such as IKEA and Rolex. For more details, please visit www.domainmagistrate.com.

you reduce the likelihood of domain name disputes to a minimum:

One of the most powerful protections of

* is to register your logo in the local patent and trademark agencies. This allows you to be protected by law and to inform others that they are prohibited from using a logo that may cause confusion among consumers.

Although the

* copyright law by automatic content on your website protection, you should still be behind these online content plus "?" logo, or even ‘have all rights’, to emphasize your ownership.

* after you sign up, be alert to people around you who think this is a good sign. This is called ‘monitoring’ of your logo, which prevents it from becoming a generic, "public domain name" that cannot be protected. In order to improve the effectiveness of supervision, once the infringement occurs, immediate action should be taken.

* from time to time to conduct trademark search to see if there is a potential misuse of your trademark situation. The complete search includes a registered trademark, pending registration, and unregistered identification.

* understand the laws that will help you deal with the infringer. Trademark law will be different in different regions. Some prohibit the registration, transfer or use of a registered trademark

Taobao remediation cash back now Brush credibility phenomenon should be stopped

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August 24th news, recently, Taobao official said, will be on the Taobao platform for a high proportion of the phenomenon of remediation. The product description will be banned in the full return now, a high proportion of cash back and other key words, once the discovery of such a phenomenon, the product will be directly removed or removed. But how much is now back to a high proportion of cash back, Taobao official did not give accurate provisions. In fact, there are many shops on the Taobao platform will back cash, the most common is to give praise back now some cash. Under normal circumstances is a few dollars, or more than ten yuan.

shop back to the purpose is to brush single

In fact,

shop owner is to return to the way to brush their own praise, as long as the quality of the product is no big problem, buyers also confirmed receipt. Then give a good back can be a few dollars, the vast majority of users are expected to be willing to. This quietly brush praise, but very effective, safer than a single brush, malicious brush praise. In fact, now Taobao online scalping phenomenon still exists, this pattern is like a back cash rebate network. But in the long run, eventually pay by consumers, the same is true of Taobao shop. Brush praise, brush sales are cheating, the more important is to mislead the majority of consumers.

will directly affect the desire to buy

for frequent online shopping friends, whether it is to Taobao, Tmall, or Jingdong, amazon. Online shopping, consumers will always look at the product sales, as well as other buyers of the product evaluation. Mainly divided into poor reviews, comments, praise, the average consumer will look bad reviews and praise, and then compare the quality of the product. There is no doubt that more praise, the sales volume is higher, so the product ranking will be in front, the same buyers are more willing to believe that, high sales of baby. But these figures are often a lot of water, in fact, to deceive consumers.

how to thoroughly brush brush phenomenon

cash back now is only a way to induce sellers brush praise, but more is a professional brush team, a chain of interests between the store seller and brush team formed. Brush the team will be assigned to the task of many network part-time staff, so that the brush is not easy to close account. It is difficult to find the brush from the single account, a single can be a few dollars to more than a dozen dollars, but the demand is very large brush. So a single brush team can still continue to do so, renovation brush praise phenomenon, must be cut off from the source of interests behind the chain. The most effective way is to severely punish those who brush the shop, some of the evaluation of the contents of a look at the brush is to know.

brush is not only to deceive consumers, but also undermine the fair market order, so that some of the good quality of the Taobao platform products flooded. Damage to the interests of consumers and other sellers, so this phenomenon must be severely punished.

original text from Shijingshan Jie office software training http://www.93ps.com/ reprint >

On the choice of home improvement industry electricity supplier (two)

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Two days before

, the small series and share some small to some views and opinions on the road electricity supplier choice decoration decoration and building materials industry, here today, we continue to discuss how we should look at and decoration decoration and building materials industry business development.

home decoration and building materials industry electricity supplier selection, more like an organizational change. We can not simply think that the electricity supplier is to set up a special department, and then recruit some people to sell things online for it. It should be the transformation of the entire enterprise, including the framework of our business, business structure, the interests of the layered mechanism, etc..

said bluntly that the home decoration and building materials industry, the electricity supplier, should be more specific image and create a integration of online and offline marketing mode. We all understand that in this environment, after 80 with 90 slowly become the main consumer, we rely on the network is getting stronger and stronger, especially for the mobile internet. At present, the world business is doing the best of America, the United States about 17% market share in 16%, followed by Japan, about 14% Chinese, only 3% to 5%, we have reason to believe that in the next five years we will achieve this volume, such a growth rate, so the user. So, in this context, how to seize this opportunity, we should consider the key.

used to find the owners to decoration, decoration company, and then find the building materials, and finally to choose the Home Furnishing and so on, he needs to run a series of various shops, this is a very complicated process, not only his personal consume a lot of energy, but also need to invest a lot of time he. Now, more and more owners began to accept the network looking for decoration company, they can be related to contrast the decoration on the network, and some Home Furnishing selection in the network, and then enter the line to determine the purchase intention.

we can be sure that the future of the owners will certainly be a very convenient way of decoration, from the selection of goods to single payment will be completed on the internet. With the owners of these changes, then we should be how to adjust the business processes or marketing tools to cater to this series of changes?

is actually selling things online, there are several popular practices, the most popular is the representative of the tuyere, an apple originally sold two now sell for four or six. In addition, the company represented by Alibaba. It is said that a great cause must be made before it is easy. This road has been a lot of companies trying.

scan the following two-dimensional code, concerned about the river science and technology, the arena home portal system, the arena wedding portal system, perhaps we can explore together, together, conspiracy".


original address: http://www.ijh.cc/gonggao-detail-107.html

Try to figure out the online consumer psychology

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this time most of the brothers in the forum Taobao shop this piece of research, it turns out that to run a Taobao shop is still quite difficult. At this stage, it seems that the problem has been basically solved within the shop. Including the credibility of the problem, ah, the decoration of shops and the like. After everything is ready, many brothers situation is gorgeous shop there, a few days without a single transaction. The increasingly fierce competition, the network competition means is a powerful and unconstrained style, break the bottom line.

nonsense not to say, I am also preparing to open a shop, so try to write on the side today to try to analyze the psychology of consumers shopping on the network, for our customers face a little judgment.

first, personalized. The age of this group of netizens itself is mostly young, can go shopping in the network of young people, I want to have some more or less individual psychological. An antique is not recognized online shopping. That we are targeting young people, it is related to the choice of our products, but also to the relative personality. Personality mention any aspect, such as personalized service, personalized brand, personalized cultural connotation, etc.. Taobao has seen before the sale of personalized custom design clothes, although sales are not large, but the business is very stable, the price is relatively high. Sell is a personality, each person’s clothes can not be the same, are unique. So the product was favored. Although according to the different products to achieve each have different attributes, we should try to reflect a personalized state, to meet the psychological needs of consumers.

second, interactivity. The most convenient place on the network is a communication, the transmission of a message. Every aspect of the product should be clearly expressed, the use of various functional effects, so perfect. The most important step is to communicate, communicate with the reality in the network is not the same. Can play more language skills, patience to answer each question of the customer, to form a good interaction. In fact, as long as someone in the use of communication tools in consultation with you, the customer’s intention is very strong, a good customer service will not let anyone take the initiative to consult. This interaction is reflected here, in reality, a lot of young people to buy things, simplested asked too much, but on the Internet, often can consult a lot of questions, because this is a choice of online shopping. So this step to be done in order to meet the requirements of consumers.

third, convenience. Today’s young people, most of them are at home, do not want to go out shopping so I chose online shopping. Then we need to place the reality of the lack of the best on the network, it is a convenient. Do not go too long to find their satisfaction. This is the main structure of the store to do in place, not a classification should be precise and meticulous, so that customers into the store can quickly find what you want baby. Then the baby should also be described below to do a shop navigation, the location of all the baby’s structure clearly displayed, >

Global plastics push the production and sale of clothing Lee attended the B2B Conference

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April 7th, according to the universal plasticizing new network industry chain "production purchase and sale service" four in one service, senior electricity providers believe that it is an open platform for collaborative plastic industry value chain, or further decomposition of each section of the B2B "in large material transactions, in order to ensure the smooth realization of the B2B transaction. If the move is successful, it may mean that China’s B2B e-commerce development will enter a new milestone.

global plastic network since 2010 on the line, the model uses C2B2B2S, has become a huge plastic industry access, data rich integrated service platform. At present, the main categories of products to plastic products, the vast majority of orders are more than 100 thousand of large orders.

compared with the original B2B model, a new platform for the biggest difference is no longer limited marketing platform, is no longer limited online services, it is no longer mandatory online trading platform, centralized industrial advantages channels and resources, to assist the plastic enterprise real information marketing. Plastic enterprises can choose on the platform of one or several services (such as SQC cloud strategy, customized marketing, procurement, product certification, safety and advantage of trading, warehousing and logistics, production technology, hosting etc.) can be assigned to the platform.


Analysis of

sources, the global network plasticized chose to launch the new platform at this point in time, in the past three years the global network has enough plastic accumulation in suppliers, technical ability, and service ability, and the demand for the development of large-scale manufacturing enterprises in recent years in B2B increasingly strong; another important reason it may be due to the Alibaba began fusion industrial B2B online trading.

now B2B platform mostly self-contained system. Global plasticizing network launched the open chain of chemical industry value chain, objectively speaking, to further reduce the threshold of plasticizing electricity supplier enterprises, is conducive to promoting the development of China’s plastics industry scale electricity supplier. The key point of success lies in whether the global plastic processing network platform, suppliers, buyers and service providers of these four effective docking and resource matching." A plastic giant enterprise electricity supplier responsible person said.

for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to solve the problem of information technology, the eighth SME e-commerce conference held in Ningbo in April 25th. The organizing committee Co Jingdong mall chairman Liu Qiangdong, vice president of Amazon, Fang Gan Li Shi, universal plasticizing network CEO HC CEO Guo Jiang, Dunhuang CEO Wang Shutong, my steel CEO Zhu Junhong, the Hongkong Trade Development Council Li line, Comtech core city executive vice president Zhu Jizhi and other big business platform, discusses the small and medium-sized enterprises in adversity the survival, industry upgrading and the production mode of circulation reconstruction and other hot topics. The global network has confirmed that Li Shi plasticizing attended the meeting and debate forum in B2B, and chairman of Netsun sun Deliang, global market net CEO District Naiguang, Lange steel.

Domain deletion list July 30, 2007

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in June

The cool days of menacing fear of suffering The climate does not suit one.

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19, officially launched by Baidu and Japan’s joint venture online shopping mall "cool" music at the same time, the launch of its domain name: www.lekutian.com, as a joint venture e-commerce website, Lotte in accordance with the contract, accounting for 51% of the shares of the company, Baidu holds the remaining 49% stake.

according to the product classification now on the site, main products are clothing, accessories, home appliances, digital, Home Furnishing, mother, audio books, cosmetics, jewelry, cars and accessories category.

according to the previous music cool days for investment policy. The cool days of the operation will draw Lotte in Japan 13 years of experience. In the quality of goods, through three links to control, the first is stationed in the audit, the legal requirements of the formal business owners. In actual operation, not only to submit business license and tax registration certificate for the sale of goods, the goods must also provide proof of registration, brand authorization, proxy authorization certificate store of goods sold to the regular channels.


is a genuine way, simple can be understood to enhance consumer trust, improve the integrity of online shopping. At the same time, this means that the face of another problem, genuine positioning for the online shopping group is also a consumer in Taobao. And stationed in music cool days of business, Taobao also has its own mall. As consumers, but also through the verification of the same business, why change the consumer, the means to pay for music cool days?

review the history, Baidu has ah state at that time, when looking at Taobao, pat business rave reviews, also want to be a share, the consumer does not appreciate, as well as the popularity of Taobao, the viscosity of pat, empty has a huge amount of useless search, finally got half-dead, such as the joint venture to B2B2C way, inevitable will encounter different difficulties, the use of Baidu search resources to improve the turnover is a problem.

another very important issue, has been placed in front of the new official music cool days – consumer experience.


, when, the cool days of the advantage that reference three Lotte Lotte experience: the seller needs to grasp; Lotte has sales and marketing tools mature; Lotte has to enhance user stickiness, rich operating experience. It must be clear, the global retail magnate in the Amazon to pay special attention to why, is China falls, foreign population can not fully achieve the "rome".

some of the music cool days of the network’s big sellers expressed concern about the music cool days of investment, the team and the localization of business in three areas. The business system of Lotte is global, and this system meets today China business processes, business meets the demand in today Chinese sellers online, witness to what is "local" demand.

to a cool day music and Taobao home page contrast



Electricity supplier era to counter the survival of traditional enterprises implied



since the rise of e-commerce, whether it is a stranger in Taobao’s Taobao store or an independent website of the online store temporarily popular among the world. With the rise of online shopping trend, shop for the store regardless of the outcome, the war triggered at any moment, the shop will inevitably impact on the store. In the era of e-commerce, how to deal with the impact of the traditional business, many traditional enterprises to consider the issue. Which can be said to be one of the media industry in the era of electricity providers hit.

it is understood that the online bookstore is much lower than the price of physical bookstores is an important cause of the physical bookstore hit. In the physical bookstore if you have 8 to 10 percent off of the membership card can enjoy preferential, and in the online bookstore without membership card generally can enjoy 8 to 10 percent off discount is lower than. Furthermore, the advantages of online shopping is to stay at home to browse thousands of kinds of commodities, and can safely wait for delivery of goods. What are the strengths of online bookstores. It is understood that the Amazon, such as Dangdang online shopping mall, shopping freight is usually relief. And they are all over the country have a point, buy a book in Guangzhou, as long as there is some goods, one day can be served. You can also use cash on delivery, eliminating the trouble and risk of online payment.

The advantages of

online bookstore is so obvious that the publishers have also "on the line" to take back tactics. According to reports, published by the Chinese Writers Publishing Group recently launched online writers and online bookstore. In fact, like the Chinese Writers Publishing Group, the publishing house has become a trend. It is understood that there are currently published online bookstore bookstore there are two modes: first, like Dangdang, excellent network, such as hypermarkets. Two is a large number of exotic features in Taobao shop.

According to industry insiders, the former is the traditional model,

and more, but do not have the online service function. The latter increases the online customer service, pay more attention to the communication between people, increased traffic, this model will be the latest direction of online bookstores. But there are relevant responsible person, the shop is not for the purpose of profit, but a part of the group’s industrial chain, is preparing for the future of digital publishing.

no matter what purpose, in the Internet era of traditional enterprise electricity supplier is imperative. At the beginning, when the Internet appeared as a new media, it was proposed that the newspaper demise". The impact of the new media on the old media is a matter of course, and the major newspapers in order to survive only one side have set up news sites while looking for the future development of the road. Similarly, the new business model is also bound to the traditional business model to form the impact of the advent of the era of traditional electricity supplier enterprises is an opportunity and a challenge, in case of inevitable choice to open up a new way of using this new business model.

well-known e-commerce experts in China Connaught network nuo.cn pointed out that the traditional enterprise business website, open Electronics >