2011 top ten list of the world’s top industry

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for every entrepreneur, the direction of choice is bound to be the most popular industry, so that not only to make money, but also to the future development of security. And this hot industry is only in the current market after careful analysis and summary to understand. Here, Xiao Bian will introduce one of the world’s top ten hottest industry in 2011.

3G game

list of reasons: in recent years, the major operators have launched 3G services, market demand continues to heat up. In view of the training of 3G of our country is relatively late, the talent training threshold is high, long cycle, causing such talent shortage. With the continuous improvement of the domestic game industry, especially the rise of online games, game developers, planners, and marketing aspects of marketing and other personnel are extremely sought after.

list of reasons: with the warming of the economy, hotel, tourism, entertainment and other services market active again, thus creating a large employment space, catering, entertainment, hotel, tourism and other industries demand has been entrenched top ten. With the fierce competition and the emergence of the crisis of public relations, enterprises to market brand building and maintenance of more and more attention, therefore, experienced planners will be in urgent need of talent.

list of reasons: investment analysts should always face a lot of information on the market of the securities market and arranged in a crisscross pattern, different levels of investment groups to provide valuable advice or investment strategy. With the emerging futures market continues to heat up, more investment analyst demand is constantly emerging. In the next few years, the gap will continue to increase investment analysts, relative to the high quality requirements. Certified public accountants have been the urgent lack of talent, especially by the internationally recognized certified public accountants are scarce.

Do not make kites in rural areas do not fly

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universal entrepreneurship, of course, not only refers to the urban residents, but also the majority of rural masses. At present, Jingdong, Alibaba have announced the presence of the rural market, many young people to this heart, to comply with the call of the government to choose to return home business, hoping to achieve success in the home business.



Give you a new feeling of fresh elements of entrepreneurship

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drinks to join the small series feel that this fresh fruit element drink is a brand that you can not miss. Although there are a lot of high-tech out of poverty, but also attracted a lot of entrepreneurs eyes. But in fact, many traditional projects also have great potential for development. Just like the fresh fruit we are introducing to you today. So if you have a fancy to this market, then do not worry about their own shops do not make money. Fresh fruit element drinks to join, make money good project!

fresh fruit drinks to join the headquarters of the use of the brand advantage, and constantly develop new products, new products to the market, to ensure that sales unpopular. At the same time, fresh fruit element headquarters to provide free brand operations management training courses, the headquarters is not regularly sent to the field of professional trainers on-site guidance, free of charge to provide business guidance. Would you like to open a drink store?.

fresh fruit element   give you a new sense of entrepreneurship

fresh fruit drinks in the face of consumer groups, mainly young fashion, rich personality of young people, in order to meet the needs of this part of the population. Moreover, fresh fruit drinks to join the brand elements very good prospects, also provides 10 series of delicacy for consumers, not only the unique taste, rich nutrition, and the names are special fashion, quality, easily won the young consumers.

through the introduction of the above, we are not difficult to find fresh elements of beverage market demand is very large, but also to meet young consumers now for a variety of different flavors of choice for drinks, drinks now want to do business friends, this is a very rare to make good project, do not hesitate, please action to the achievement of your wealth


Custom wallpaper to join the era of a gold mine

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now what is personalized, home decoration is particularly true. Owners prefer to use custom means to their own home with personal color. Open a custom wallpaper stores have unlimited business opportunities.

custom wallpaper industry has been rapid development. This market has also promoted the development of the investment market, custom wallpaper industry market is very large. In the open custom wallpaper stores, entrepreneurs want to get a good development, then in the actual shop should be able to grasp some of the shop skills. For these problems, there are some entrepreneurs do not quite understand, today Xiaobian for entrepreneurs to explain how to open the custom wallpaper store market winning operation.

custom wallpaper stores to choose to invest in operation before the place, also is to choose a good location is the most important step. Select the appreciation potential of the lot. If the site is not appropriate, there is a high level of empty decoration, good quality products, elegant atmosphere, still can not attract customers into the door, it is not used at all, if fewer guests, it is impossible to operate successfully. This is particularly critical.

custom wallpaper stores operation in addition, remember, the customer is always God, especially loyal customers, this is not only the subsequent consumption, more important is that they can bring word of mouth for you, the number of loyal customers to snowball, the market is more and more big.

custom wallpaper above stores business focus on both basic and unique, to win wealth market. Operators also need to join their own research, to find the right direction.

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College students kiss strangers

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city people have brought a new way of playing, college students kiss strangers, advocate the use of healthy behavior to get psychological satisfaction, but after reading a little small series shocked! What do you think, what do you think?


4 3, a college student kissing a stranger’s video on the social network of heat, warm the hearts of countless people. It is reported that college students to kiss a stranger to the activities initiated by a student at Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, the participants blindfolded and strangers kiss, build trust between people. In the activities of college students kiss strangers, there are boys kissed the girls, there are boys and boys, girls and girls kissing, participants said, hoping to always remember this beautiful moment.

The creators of the activities of the

he stressed, "this is just a kiss, just want to express the trust of strangers. Because there is no stranger to the life of the couple between the barrier of hate, no quarrel questioned the trouble, just a simple trust, there is a little look forward to, and strangers’ first kiss’."


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Community shops to follow the rules of investment

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relative to some of the bustling shops expensive prices, as well as fierce competition in the market, and now community shops began to be more and more people are sure. After all, the rapid development of the electricity supplier, the large market survival ability of traditional cliff style decline, and community shops because a stable customer base, rapid development and delivery service, became the new rapid development of commercial brands. The number of investment targets, the quality of community shops has always been the eyes of investors "xiangbobo", but how to choose a way of "money" shops in the community is very important, should follow some rules.

one, look at the brand, that is, the strength of developers. Only powerful developers to ensure that the community does not end the store project, while the late property services, operational management and other resources to integrate the ability to protect. The value of commercial real estate is raised, not simply bought.

two, see lot traffic. This applies to all real estate projects, community shops are so. Location is directly related to the flow of people and development potential.

three, see the number of residents. Free resources is the most fundamental purchasing power, large, high-grade residential because of the large population, the owners of strong consumer spending, the value of community shops more secure.

since it is an investment, after all, there is a considerable risk, therefore, we have to look for a more quality assurance shops, so that it can be regarded as a greater success in the protection of investment. So, if you decide to invest in community shops, the three rules introduced above, you will abide by it?

About 100 thousand of the small business venture to recommend money

      which included in the whole network of around 100 thousand economic projects, in a variety of clothing brands to join the project most entrepreneurs favor. The reasons for this, first of all, China’s consumer market demand for brand production in recent years showed an upward trend; brand apparel project profit is very high, the following example.

boys and girls clothing join address: http://www.shang360.com/item/1944/

Flexible marketing strategy analysis

entrepreneurship, investment, shop the most important is the marketing method, flexible marketing as a marketing strategy, how to do a good job of flexible marketing? Many private enterprises, the company hopes to enter the track, a few strategies, hoping to quickly open the market. Flexible marketing, quickly open the market.

The price elasticity of


this relatively high price elasticity of industry is usually two categories, one is belongs to the daily consumption of more products, such as our daily household consumption products such as rice, oil, egg, water, drinks and so on, these products are often used by the consumers, the frequency of use is very high, when the price changes that is very easy for consumers to have a very strong appeal, so we can see the supermarket egg, rice and so on are a few cents per kilogram cheaper, there will be a shopping queue queue appears.

marketing promotion elasticity

elastic service marketing

Familiar with

Yu Ting university graduates entrepreneurship charity

if you are a university graduate, you can find a stable job, or you can become a successful entrepreneur, then, you are willing to adopt a child at a young age? She is only 25 years old, not married, but has a child, the children are from the same place, Sichuan, Liangshan. Who is she, why are there so many children?

she is outstanding graduates, Wuchang Institute of Yu Shouyi Ting, general manager of Wuhan Zimo Arts Education Investment Co. ltd.. Last year, she from Sichuan Liangshan and 64 Yi orphans, learning, living in her charity school.

her, sophomore start business

Wuhan Hongshan South Eru Itabashi, stands an ordinary three storey building, inside the classroom with the classroom, dancing room and the TV room is like in the yard, student dormitory, self-contained, table tennis room by blowing. This is a special school, from Sichuan, Liangshan, 64 Yi orphans, 6 faculty members, will be here day after day, learn and live together.

from people in a special display busy woman, ponytail, black jacket, simple light air quality impacts. In the office, a simple table and sofa, the calligraphy and ink paintings eye-catching drill, there seems to be a master of ancient and new spirit of Ming long cherished ambition. She is the general manager of Wuhan Arts Education Investment Co. Ltd. Yu Ting introduction. In 2015 summer, 24 years young she set sail from here, to take care of a charity nursery.

2014 in June, Yu Ting from the Wuchang Institute of Visual Communication Arts graduate. During school, she soon joined the excellent in character and learning, the school outstanding cadres and three good student called folding body, is also quite prestigious professional skills. Sophomore year, she began to start a business for the Arts candidates for media, art, calligraphy education institutions.


earned a lot of money, but she found that many families of students is relatively difficult, she did not hesitate to launch the exemption policy. From that moment, I found that more than a good thing to make yourself happy. With the entrepreneurial performance snowball soaring, she sprouted a toss of a scale of charity upgrade. The summer of 2015, she registered "Zimo Yigao" education company, ready to make a big fight.

her back 64 orphans

last year, Yu Ting from the news has learned Sichuan Liangshan has a lot of Yi orphans, her heart as if spring rolls for a long time can not heal, always think of the mountains of water to those orphans, in that what kind of year.

Liangshan is an extremely difficult area to overcome poverty, poor natural environment, traffic is blocked. Among them, 5 counties scattered in the distribution of the 19 recommended

Fear of killing 10 elderly nanny just to get the wages in January

a lot of elderly people living alone, many children do not have time to take care of their parents, they asked a full-time nanny to take care of. Recently, a case of the old man with the murder of a terrorist nanny exposure, the murderer in the name of the nanny murdered 10 elderly people, their behavior is appalling.

where granny daughter-in-law Leung through a Nansha nanny agency, an aunt what day brought to Nansha District to take care of 70 year old how old, please take time what day said, "if a few days old man died, also want to pay the salary of a month." She did not think that this sentence has hidden dangers.

extraordinary, besides a single case, any day from June 2013 to December 2014 with a nurse during another 9 elderly people in her posts soon suddenly died. Repeated investigation of the public security organs, let the day with a 22 confession, he took the 21 time admitted the killing of the elderly in the 10. However, because the family did not find clues, the old man’s body has been cremated, prosecutors believe that the lack of critical evidence, so only one of the old granny filed a prosecution.

trial Watch


carry poison needle   "useful to me on their luggage in

yesterday on the court, where the day with suspicion of intentional homicide in the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court trial, she accused of the fact that there is no objection, but it was tight lipped about the motive. According to what the day with testimony in court, she came to Nansha from the South China Sea, in addition to the luggage and clothes, "syringe needle, a small bottle of sleeping pills, dichlorvos drops, a little bit of tetramine".