The trump card of social shopping guide — a comprehensive analysis of micro scouring

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[core tips] in the beta of micro Amoy is what kind of product? Why does the author think it is likely to subvert the beautiful and products,


editor’s note: the author of this article is from a small group of companies (not Taobao). In this article, "we" refers to the team under which the author belongs.

The new "

Taobao wireless micro Amoy recently in the online, affects countless sellers’ attention, perhaps many people are looking forward to, want to know this heavyweight products in the end is what? Well, in the observation, interview and use after a period of time, I want to say, it is very likely that a beautiful and comprehensive subversion products.


is not ", the reason why there is such a judgment, because:

out of the resources of the big company, we have invested a lot of effort in the industry visits and user research, and have a deeper understanding of the forms of "beauty" and "";

we also intend to do a micro Amoy very similar products, but in second DEMO out, we decided to give up, because the input is too large, not small team can move immediately; but for this product once successful, can produce energy, we have a very clear understanding.

beautiful says, analyzes


first analyzes the beauty and the – – after a lot of interviews and research, we’ve identified a few of their problems:

there are not many actual users,

live in the billions of dollars of Taobao and two cases, beautiful DAU total 8-900 million (interview income) in today’s Internet, the highly developed level, watercress and other sites are known as Nikkatsu million cases, this number of users is not much; and last year’s Alexa data and interview results in the end, two PC development basically stagnant.

drain more users,

found in a large number of user surveys, the basic female users are aware of the two sites, but many people no longer use, mainly due to two areas:

lack of integrity, for example, beautiful said that there are many products are 0 comments 0 transactions, and some people charge issued, users click into the loss of interest;

style does not like, waterfall flow requirements style is more onefold, more beautiful or more fashionable, some don’t like this style of girls do not like.

category limited

‘s success was confined to the clothing category, although they all wanted to develop cosmetics and other categories, but they were not very successful.

The market positioning and market segmentation of classified information websites are very important

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recently, I have done a list of web at the same time, the classification of information sites for some thinking, classification information, website publishing and query information, convenient and fast advantages are self-evident. Along with the rapid development of classified information websites, hidden risks, such as funds, teams, innovations and profits, are hidden. Since there are such and such hidden dangers, how can the classified information websites develop healthily?

from the angle of the life cycle of products, classified information website growth speed, consumers of online classified information demand trend is obvious, the classification of information website has a clear understanding of their competitors and technology, from the characteristics of various aspects of the market can be seen in the growth stage, from a marketing point of view it is still a can enter the market, just enter more difficult. Since there is still access, there must be a way to get in. Facing the present situation of classified information website II, in the capital is not sufficient, the advantage is not obvious, the list of network to enter the market only through good market positioning, find gaps in the market. Blindly imitate the now more successful classification of information websites, the consequences must be waiting to be eliminated.

is different from other classified information websites. Good market positioning and market segmentation are the foundation. In all the classified information website in the Internet to tell their website information and full today, "the authenticity of information" is a cater to users needs and become an independent school, classified information website can be the selling point as the positioning of the site. In all the classified information website users are located in the "netizens" today, "white-collar IT" is a market segment? Of course there are more different market segments, market positioning is more innovative, website planners can play creativity by giving unique positioning website and website, occupy a strong the position in the minds of users.

in addition to market positioning, market segmentation unique, classification information website operations also need constant innovation. For example, can take the "information + online and offline activities" in the form of the network to various virtual information through the line entity activities, not only increases the interest and make web site with higher viscosity. Another example is the combination of "online information + Physical Journal" in the field of authenticity. Of course, classified information website to get survival and development is not only the market positioning, segmentation, operation, including the relative competitive advantage in all aspects of the organization, such as the team execution ability, marketing ability, management ability etc..

These six aspects are not good, easy to scare visitors away

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The purpose of

‘s website is to attract visitors and retain visitors. A website that wants to win visitors has a certain advantage in appearance, content, loading speed, and so on. The following six factors, is to scare off visitors, the culprit is very detrimental to the user experience of the site, you need to pay more attention to the webmaster.

1, site appearance

sites can have a wide variety of styles, but there is no unreasonable appearance. The irrational appearance here refers mainly to improper color collocation and confusion of plate layout. Together, these two elements are the first impressions of a website, which can often affect the mood of a person visiting a web site. Everyone likes a clean, beautiful and themed website. On the contrary, a strange color collocation plate information 00 odd sites will be hated.

2, access speed

web browsing is not like reading, reading, usually to study hard or edify sentiment, while browsing the web is to obtain the most needed information at the fastest speed. When visitors are most eager to receive information, if you can not open the web page, it will seriously hit visitors browsing desire. Research shows that the average waiting time of web browsers is 3 seconds, and pages that load more than this time are usually turned off directly by visitors.

3, text typesetting,

whether people read or browse the web, people like pictures and text typesetting, and the most objectionable is the large paragraph of text. See page text originally light stimulation is big, easy to make eye fatigue, if there is a straightforward, no sense of the level of the page layout of text, visitors up to more difficult. Therefore, when writing a text, it is necessary to simplify the language, break down the large paragraph into smaller paragraphs, and then match the illustrations to achieve a pleasing effect.

4, site structure

The website structure

a complex and cumbersome to let visitors get lost you. Check your site is too deep, the lack of link level navigation direction and unable to return and so on, all these problems will make visitors when browsing the website like a maze, do not know where you don’t know where to go, this time only to close the page end. Above all, these criticisms are not good for visitors to understand and understand your website well.

5, ad type

today’s visitors’ attitude to advertising has grown from the initial disdain to disgust. Regular static ads can be accepted, and visitors can ignore them. However, full screen pop-up ads, tough screen tracking ads, and stubborn ads that can’t be blocked are intolerable. For the visitors and so on rogue advertising, although the untouchables, but hiding from. The way to avoid these ads is to turn off the page.

6, information quality

information quality >

Summary of eight months’ experience of new station

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himself is an electronic lover, in fact, has long wanted to be an electronic technology station, has not been practical action. Because the Spring Festival to be on duty, think of nothing to do, the station was opened. Up to now, just 8 months, while taking advantage of the National Day holiday, do a summary.


program selects

spent a few days on the Internet under several popular programs to try on this machine, with a round down, and finally chose to move easily, and just in time to open source, host selection is much easier.

host domain name

because the first time to do the station, to buy a virtual host without any experience, to search the site, which service is good, good speed and cheap, but basically impossible. No IDC there is no negative reports, from Beijing to M-net, individuals do have to inquire into the server, or did not dare to start again. Finally, think about their needs: stability is the first, the speed of the point does not matter, the number of concurrent little less (the new station is no traffic, if necessary, then change the space on the line). The final choice of the standard series 500M Oriental Century ASP space, is is the second regular host virtual hosting provider, the price can also, he had a primary agent, and a little discount, nothing on the Taobao hanging on to sell, sell a few space (money is not earned, just to put take out, prepayments are a little bit in the agency price to sell a). Domain name is also registered under their agents, but thought a lot, and finally selected the, just I am an electronic enthusiast, I still feel very consistent with their own theme, but also fairly concise.

web content

because it is a hobby station, I still know something about it, and I also have some information about books. At the beginning, according to the textbook plus content, are their own KEY, plus search related content. Later on the content according to their own interests, in the Internet when you see the relevant, the website can be used, first collection down, plus. Until now, more than 1900 of the articles, not their own KEY, but also modified, every day there are more than a few, less time, less on the point.

search included

perhaps because the original article (more than 100) own KEY, and later also have artificial modification, originality is better, search included can also, ranking is also good. Now 1900 of the articles, Baidu included 1000, Google included 1500. Station Name: electronic enthusiasts, Baidu ranked 2, home update 2-3 days, Google ranked 5. I will not SEO, and did not do anything special, keyword is the keyword of the article, the content has not been specially selected, see relevant, interested articles add up.

search traffic

, this is the least clear place. After the heavy volume by Baidu, there are several key points

The site can also be dual core, you believe it

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everyone is called dual core, CPU dual core now, browser also double nucleus, I also played a name, be called website double nucleus. The site’s dual core means the web site prepares two sets of templates for Internet, Explorer browser and Firefox, and calls different templates based on the client browser.

now, in order to solve the IE browser and Firefox browser compatibility problems, there are many ways, generally speaking, as long as a set of templates, a CSS file, a JS script will be able to solve. So why dual core? What’s the advantage of dual core


I recently did the voting network as an example, I can only do the page in IE, so I invited a friend to let her help me to change the CSS file, so that it is compatible with the Firefox browser. It turned out to be compatible with Firefox, but also to change my template under IE, and after the change, found that although compatible with the Fifefox browser, but in the IE below the performance is not as good as before. Although both can be seen, but can not achieve the best performance. In order to solve this problem, I think of a way is to do two sets of two sets of templates, CSS files, a set of two sets of JS script below in the IE call, a below in the Firefox call, so that the compatibility of the two browsers are perfect! This is the reason why choose dual core.

The benefits of

dual core are also obvious. You can make different effects according to the characteristics of IE browser and Firefox browser. From the effect, you can reach the perfect state. Of course, the disadvantage is that the development cycle will be longer and the maintenance cost will be higher. But for the pursuit of the perfect site for dual core is a good choice, today your website binuclear yet? We can respectively use the IE browser and Firefox browser, open my website:, then the right mouse button to view the source code, we can find the subtle differences between two different links and website templates, call the CSS and JS are different, is the real core site! Suggest that you have the ability to have the conditions to do the duo, otherwise it may cost you some time


Sell Meng + products + data, Internet nut three squirrels how to do

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Abstract: just 3 years, three squirrels from the establishment of the 5 people team, 1 million registered capital, development to now has 1700 employees, in 2014 the annual sales revenue of 1 billion 100 million yuan. Anyone who wants to dig in the Internet, the food industry, is asking how the three squirrels did it.


many people may not know, three squirrels Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "three squirrels"), the Internet nut brand, located in Anhui City, Wuhu province Yijiang district.

Internet shoppers is most familiar with, so as to shout "master" customer service are funny, waiting to receive orders, and orders nuts outside of a small surprise.

just 3 years, three squirrels from the establishment of the 5 people team, 1 million registered capital, development to now has 1700 employees, in 2014 the annual sales revenue of 1 billion 100 million yuan.

all who want to be in the Internet, the food industry, the Nuggets are asking how the three squirrels did it.

"either first or perish."." A line of slogans was engraved on the walls of the lobby of the first floor of the three Squirrel Inc.

founder Zhang Liaoyuan, who had 10 years of marketing experience in the traditional food industry, said in the electricity business, "squirrel Daddy – Zhang San crazy."". Zhang Liaoyuan was the first person in the three squirrels to call the owner of the customer.

February 2012, five team founded three squirrel brand in Anhui Wuhu DUBAO district.

early days, Zhang Liaoyuan himself when two months of service: "I was the first to call the master customer service, the first time is very disgusting, we ignore him, I want him to be happy about."

this is not tall, lean body "squirrel Diddy, wearing a red Pinstripe shirt, wearing half glasses, said:" I will give you the customer service mission is not to sell things in the chat, chat users cool can, no transactions for the purpose, which is one of the secret."

"every CEO should be the product manager, product manager is the first to understand the user, understand consumer packaging, brand name and product quality to meet the new generation groups feel the emotional sustenance."

Zhang Liaoyuan said that shopping is actually a very happy thing, customer service in the process of communication with customers, will be imagined as squirrels, dialogue is very happy.

and selling sprout come down with the three squirrels are related to the packaging and design of all factors.

selling Meng and brand is the first step, providing quality products for consumers is the key to victory. In addition to selecting suppliers, optimizing warehousing and logistics, three squirrels tried to make more accurate data analysis through technical means, thus becoming more close to consumers.


How long can the movie network last

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bxnlommq recently did the movie station to his deep feeling, if such a site does not search engine included, not to profit, for many webmaster may be ridiculous, so I’ll try a movie website virgin period how long can persist.

due to "Marx" free program, more and more rampant movie website on the Internet, most webmasters are very clear: the purpose of the search engines – Advertising – – profit – connected sale / vanish / garbage station. Almost no station will escape this cycle, this is also a lot of webmaster began to blind pursuit of Baidu included reasons.

but before Baidu not included? Every webmaster is how to do? Before the search engine included movie website links and ads are relatively small, most people love to watch movies online love the station, will often visit. Slowly, the station began to pick up a bit, advertising too much, slow, the small station also bid farewell to his maiden period. A mature film station (profit has become a webmaster tools) is a climacteric woman let users uncertain "speed is slow, the mouse gently move the omnipresent advertising, so as the station is mature, there will be fewer users.

movie network virgin period how long can persist? This is a difficult question to answer, have a profound internal force of the stationmaster weeks may complete all of the optimization, the longest time is not more than a month, if longer, then this small station user is already very lucky. For most of the webmaster (including me), the main purpose of doing such a small station, of course, is for profit, after all, we have to live. In the virgin period of our own website, in the past, it was not simply a movie station, but a means of profit.

for webmasters, the site of the virgin period is the most important, this time will continue to have users to join, search engines will slowly included. When the site after the maturity of the search engines don’t yo may change too much, some will even increase, but the user? Perhaps because the search engine’s sake, the people will be more and more, but the real use of how many people? A movie station virgin period in the past, it marks the extent of questioning the user will be more and more deep.

but the loss of the virgin period is not a bad thing for the stationmaster, but it is proof of his own profit after all. And every day the IP will continue to increase with its own promotion, which does not mean that the user is increasing, it may be new users are increasing, and those old users are day by day to go their own way. But the small station gradually began to saturation, there is nothing to attract the public eye, and its fate will begin to change. Some will be sold, some will change, and others may change to another template. The small station gradually moved toward his sunset.

though >

Analysis of the current format of weight loss websites

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now do slimming products, a lot of people, a conservative estimate of ten thousand people and more than 1000 teams to participate in the operation, and not many webmaster as can be imagined would like to, for Adsense reference, according to different types, as follows:


1, slimming products website. This kind of web interface is very clear, the main page is a weight loss product guide area (currently more common is Herbalife, Kang Meike, Sibutramine slimming products), product pictures, slimming effect pictures visible before the eyes who want to lose weight, the crowd was very tempting, accounting for all the weight loss website 45%. Profit model: selling weight loss products profits. Promotion methods: mainly advertising, search engine optimization as a supplement.

2, big health Web site, portal weight loss channel. There are 2 levels of directory, there are sub domain names. Because of the obvious advantages of resources, both the traffic and the search engine rankings are obviously better than the weight loss websites built by individual owners, accounting for 5% of all weight loss websites. Main profit model: weight loss website, cooperation fee and advertising fee. Promotion: very little initiative, publicity, promotion, generally rely on portal brings a lot of traffic, attract businesses to advertise.

3, personal weight loss information website. Most of the reproduced or pseudo original articles, introduces the method of weight loss (exercise, acupuncture, massage, diet, weight loss (liposuction), obesity, weight loss harm knowledge, misunderstanding) properly optimized, get traffic from search engines, accounting for 50% of all weight loss website. Profit model: advertising alliance click advertising fees, part of the weight loss products profit agent. Promotion methods: mainly search engine optimization, supplemented by a small amount of advertising.

first weight loss website advantages: good profits, shortcomings: high input, starting difficult. The second site is obviously not suitable for most personal Adsense, and that is more to build second kinds and third kinds of weight loss web site, third kinds of weight loss website advantages: less investment, simple maintenance, shortcomings: profit difficulties..

above is my weight loss industry of some basic analysis, there is no place, please forgive me,

!In this paper,

net weight feeds by Ai Feier, respect for copyright, welcome to reprint, please keep the links


From micro mission, Sina, micro-blog platform future trends

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one, Sina, micro-blog, platform

Sina micro-blog micro-blog should be in the service in China is currently in the forefront, believe that sina micro-blog is also considering the future of how to carry out the platform of development at this stage, and it is also in a variety of


recently, Sina micro-blog launched two Sina based micro-blog products, one micro territory (, one micro group ( Personally think that the two is based on the application of sina micro-blog, micro groups value will be greater, the LBS service may be a need for a longer period of time can be a harvest service, LBS service more line, need time cost will be higher, and I think the similarity of LBS and the group purchase higher (all need strong line marketing ability).

Facebook has become a great platform for companies like Zynga. The game should be said to be the best choice for Facebook, and for Facebook, the best thing about a two-way relationship might be the game. In fact, also need to be able to achieve a based on it to grow at least tens of billions of dollars the company for Sina micro-blog, compared with Zynga in Facebook, for Sina micro-blog this platform, what kind of mode is fit is the highest? Think of e-commerce


two, the existing micro-blog based application

is currently based on Sina, micro-blog’s third party applications are a lot, I’m here to list a few possible future directions: recruitment, second-hand trading, marketing, and so on,


is the Sina micro-blog micro Bole recruitment information search and aggregation platform based on micro-blog music provides a platform can be aggregated into a recruitment information site on micro-blog, and the recruitment information according to the position, classification of geographical location, if able to further tap the demand on the job, will be a a valuable platform. (Via)


micro flea is based on a micro-blog Sina micro-blog third party application, its essence is the application of a Sina micro-blog rely on second-hand goods transactions, provide release, query, evaluation of information service for users of micro-blog. (Via)


has a dot com, which is a micro-blog based marketing platform. Social marketing is becoming more and more important at present

Analysis arrogant everyone why become spectators

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upnjyqop, as a focus on youth social products, in the past few years is indeed ushered in its golden period, either the user viscosity or market appeal, Chen Yizhou everyone is the most representative of the product. Not only that, everyone, everyone group material derivative products also dominate in various fields. But the Internet products are always changing fast, this second you are king, but the next second you will become what kind of, no one can say. Along with other domestic social networking products, such as WeChat, easecredit, all rely on the client population began to shake, turn to the mobile platform is more fresh, content creation, resource depletion, decline in activity, the problem of profit leads to biased operation and so on, all the beautiful blueprint has been gradually away from.

now to see everyone, you will find that everything has changed an appearance, not just outside of the people no longer good, even for all official operation is indecisive, is to continue to China social science like micro-blog or Facebook arm to survive, the main core areas. But anyway, everyone’s decline is an indisputable reality. As for why defeat, I think the market and its own factors exist.


function was gradually faded out of the market, hit


says there is no specific website that competes with everyone, social tools such as WeChat and unfamiliar streets are directly dividing the market. After all, users tend to be convenient, everyone advocated by the circle of friends, WeChat can do the same, and share information more rapidly and efficiently, so the user should have towards WeChat ran. Moreover, with the emergence of various vertical products at this stage, the information integration advantages of everyone at the beginning are no longer exist. For example, if you are interested in a topic, then you can log on watercress. And if you are a learning tyrants, then you can log on to know, there are high-end learning tyrants group. And similar watercress know, and other sites are not in the minority. In general, the resources available to everyone are very rich, but the level of specialization needs to be further improved. Now, college students seem to be more interested in professionalism, and they are more willing to find their own ownership in like-minded groups. College students market, this is a very advantage of the market, many entrepreneurs want to dabble, so everyone faces competition is obvious. If you want to stand out, you may need to be more responsive to your needs. At least from the current situation, everyone in the product function of the weakening is already too obvious, unable to find their own advantages are often more formidable than the disadvantages of the visible.

brand innovation is insufficient, lose core operation power,

Lack of

innovation is to promote the rapid decline in arch-criminal everyone, now everyone has come to a crossroads, is to continue to friends and WeChat direct competition, or to the public information sharing, contest and micro-blog, I believe everyone himself in considering this issue, but whether it is the choice of the future.