The site was down the right love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis is the key

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1. key if it is a small range of normal floating floating phenomenon as we can, as the site of the primary key in the original Shanghai love home, a day later fell to the second page we can think of is the pure floating phenomenon; but the sags or swells the phenomenon should be paid attention to, if your keywords one night from the first page down to 100 or from 100 to the first page, is not a nice thing. Probably before you unknowingly caused the search engine misjudgment caused by cheating you. Site investigation problems as soon as possible.

second, from the website included abnormal judgment

Judge ?

general site domain the website is the first home page, very few results there are second phenomena,

2. other

and site both grammar or syntax of domain, this is our reference, do not really accurate digital website quality, this method is independent of its value judgment.

Hai Yao Shanghai Longfeng Xiaobian to tell me how to diagnose whether the site is down right.

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er sometimes suddenly meet your website ranking drop, website ranking drop suddenly is not to say that the site is down right? This is definitely not the only shows possible, if not know is not the right down to the blind operation, it is likely to harm the site. So how do we know our website is not to be loved in Shanghai down the right

Before 3. or

site domain name, the website is not in the first

query keywords if there is a change, if not that the search engine may only for this one of the words of punishment, then we must recall recently you have the keyword targeted operation.

search web page title has included the title of the article, there is no result or can not find the page can also be judged as right down.

If you

1, see your website is not abnormal and reduce or disappear, if changes in the number of Web sites included in small areas can be understood, but included reducing the number of 20%-50% are abnormal, need to start the investigation to reduce the reasons.

third, according to the website keywords ranking judge

The first to look at the The following

crawler access times than previously reduced, perhaps before every day to one or two times.

a well written article, caused by the weight is even higher than the website will be in the front row. Such things are generally in the high weight website.

2, if only included the home page, or included only one in a very short period of time, this phenomenon proves that the basic right of the site is down, and with the early warning function, mainly on the page with the content of.

fourth, according to the web log

Two tell you how to improve trust website

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for a web site, do the user experience is the best method, I advocate is the site editor, even if you do not specifically do outside the chain, will still be strong. >

search engine trust

A, the content of the law is actually very good grasp. Our main quantitative timing to do is update, there are a lot of people recommend 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. update, this may be relatively good, in fact, I think it does not matter, I generally 8-10 pm update site, so this time if someone is looking for me to ask questions a bit sorry. The contents of the law must pay attention to regular quality, a lot of people on this point neglected today, get some high quality original copy, tomorrow a few, a few background pseudo original articles, hope it can do content is very difficult, my suggestion is that we adhere to the quality to do every day the high point of the pseudo original.

1, focusing on the regularity of the

trust in the search engine, the most important point is that we do regularity, of course this rule also if the search engine within the allowable range, avoid sudden hair, and suddenly the lot. Law should be smooth and flat, let search engine can take this as you eat, it is best to eat slowly, to eat, if you overeat, or no time to eat, the stomach will become increasingly uncomfortable. So how do the regularity? I think mainly from two parts: the content and the chain to do.

B, of the chain is difficult to grasp. Can we do every day is to insist, I recommend a website every day 50-100 is appropriate, if you can do more every day that is better. The law also should pay attention to, such as text links to how many do we need to do every day, how much do anchor text links every day, it must be planned. There are many blog forum links do, do, certain rules should be clear.

2, focusing on the content and guide users trust

Website Trust, I think mainly includes search engine trust and trust of users in these two aspects, and we need to improve web site credibility requires a breakthrough in this two aspects. The search engine trust to multiple considerations, and the trust of users will only need to be induced to enter and then do the content on the website on the line. From the following specific how to do a really trusted website to talk about these two aspects.

In fact, The so-called

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Recently very vexed, mainly to do many things, too many things, feeling more, did not have much time to do something you love doing, write an article, this is my most upset. To tell the truth, now write really become one of the most used life of their own, and habits are one of the best ways, it may be a way of life the most cruel. Etc.anyway, today to share with you recently some views about the website trust, hope that we can love.

Analysis of Shanghai dragon shop optimization station (a) station site optimization

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Shop No. 1 in the initial planning of the Shanghai Phoenix Station in each region are shown in page two level domain name form, will not achieve today’s results. Because the two level domain is a new domain name, inherited the weights from the top-level domain name no longer, and if the change into two categories, it will be from the top-level domain of inheritance in a part of the PR and the weight, a very good help for the late Shanghai dragon will.

Shop No. 1, as the first domestic online supermarket, officially launched in July 2008, was only 3 and a half years, with an average speed of 28% monthly performance surge in the rapid growth of the domestic leading B2C online shopping platform. So although the speed in the field of electricity providers to be not at all surprising, but these achievements are absolutely not accidental. The author in Shanghai electricity supplier Shanghai dragon has been nearly two years, the current "leisurely shopping network" Shanghai dragon chief analyst, leisure often Shanghai Longfeng analysis of some large electricity supplier website, recently mainly on the 1st shop of station analysis, including network access station optimization analysis and content optimization analysis. The main issue of the 1st shop station site optimization analysis.


at present, most of the electronic commerce website is the product details page links to end with ".Html" static pages, and this is before the Shanghai dragon has always respected the way. However, through the above analysis, the 1st shop did not do so, but the ".Html" at the end of these characters are omitted. This link cheat search engine to a certain extent, the mistaken classification page, which will give weight is relatively higher than the general page, one of which is worth learning.

Shop No. 1, due to the scope of business is relatively large, the opening of the area throughout the country 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, so that the shop No. 1 according to the needs of visitors in different regions show different home station. So the home link in different areas of shop No. 1 is used to constitute the "top-level domain name / regional ID/" form. For example, the Shanghai area is 1 ID, then a shop on the Shanghai home site as shown below:

in addition to commercial links and home page links, including links. A store is how to do the optimization of commodity classification links? We can open a shop on the "all commodity classification", we can see that the classification of goods almost all of the shop are the top-level domain name / /ctg/s2/ ID- classification "in the form of display, as shown in the following figure:


of course, shop No. 1 only on the area links page of the above, the real goods is not link with area ID two class, but to "top level domain /product/ commodity ID" form, as shown below:



Google search for domestic users to launch the search tips

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Google temporarily unable to access the situation in the process of using Google. I think a lot of people have encountered this problem. What is the reason? Google is not out of the domestic technology will not? I don’t think so. Recently Google Hongkong for domestic users to launch a relevant keyword review tool. At present is still in the testing phase. The function of the tool is when users use Google search relevant keywords, keywords in domestic sensitive words if it will prompt the user will not be able to use Google search. Specific as shown below.

Google search home or not I want to temporarily carefree experience. But I still hope that Google will try to return to the domestic market, so that the domestic market of search engine search engine will be more diversified, enhance the competition between search engines. I love this article 贵族宝贝52wz8贵族宝贝/ by the original, reproduced please keep the source.

If you have The powerful

users because they do not understand the relevant policies, resulting in the search results open, Google introduced the function of domestic users. The user display warning information search. The warning information of the translation is: "we found that Google used in Chinese domestic search" River "will lead to interruption of you and Google search link, this one interrupt is beyond the control of Google".

we observed that many trigger error messages are some simple Chinese daily character, but because some of these words have different meanings in different context words. For example, we search the "Yangtze River" in a common word in Google, the page can not be opened, and the reason is that "although the Yangtze River" in the river is a river, but at home can also be understood as a surname. Also, we search for "week", the week is a representative of a name, we use Google search or search results cannot be opened, "week" may be said "Jay Chou", "Stephen Chow" and so on, but may also include a sensitive person at present.


according to the Google report, they often receive reflected within the user’s use of Google search will appear "the" not available "or" link reset "phenomenon, followed by a minute or longer to use Google search service. Google says the problem is not in Google itself, at the same time, Google also said that it has led to find the causes of the problem is that some sensitive words caused by.

In order to avoid

explained in Google’s official blog:

How to use the Internet to do product promotion

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think, who love beautiful things, love Shanghai spider so oh. Compared to a vague, the quality is not high, not all the products of high quality, the spider love, the complete information of the images and products of course, such pictures and products will be included in a faster, not consciously can improve the weight of your product. Therefore, the optimization of the novices may remember

how to make good use of the network to promote the optimization of enterprise products, good wine network Xiaobian to share with you some personal opinions. Today to Chinese good wine merchants as an example, give you a simple introduction.

method for product promotionThe 1.



2. by Shanghai Post Bar love promotion skills

as long as the spider tasted the sweetness, can keep a good search engine spiders, spiders will regularly to grab your product content, in order to improve the products included and ranking. Small children will take leave of good wine to improve every product, to facilitate reading. A good wine get a lot of readers.


any enterprises with new products to products ranked first in Shanghai love ranking, this specialist is very important. Use the Internet to promote products is a compulsory course for website optimization specialist. But as everyone knows, love Shanghai in their products more preference in Shanghai love to search for product information, ranked in the top of the page is almost always love Shanghai products, one of the more common is the love of Shanghai, Shanghai library, Encyclopedia of love love Shanghai know, these three products can be described as love Shanghai in Shanghai love search engine is the champion, holds an unshakable dominance. For newcomers, use the Internet to do product promotion is not easy.

. Promotion of the premise to ensure the quality of products


love Shanghai

when you want to fall in love with the sea hunting interests, will give Shanghai a little sweetness to love. Before the promotion, you must determine the quality of your products is good, the picture is clear, this is perfect, whether by users welcome.


my personal summary, use love Shanghai know to do product promotion must satisfy a condition that is win-win cooperation, love Shanghai product promotion one operation, it is easy to be considered cheating, either delete titles, while an IP, so we must first register a few love Shanghai each account. The account every day to ask the 2-3 question, if only one account is very easy to be popularized in Shanghai know the sex control, so you may have to pay attention to this point. In answer to this point should not be ignored, when adopt the best answer should also pay attention to some of the details, do not answer directly after the adoption, it is easy to be removed, the next best is adopted.

Interpretation of the two changed JS application

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two: do do one thing under cover of another

: a cry up wine and sell vinegar



is like every thing that there are two sides, marijuana can use save patients in medical treatment, can make normal people into the abyss doomed eternally. Finally, I hope every webmaster can look to the future in the site hungry operation, get rid of all cheat users and search engine behavior, develop more benign development pattern. The system ht>

changed flavor is applied in order to hide our site in the text or links. We know that means Shanghai Longfeng irregular exchange chain or hang black chain is through the use of hidden links way. The search engine is still not very good recognition JS, these links can be very well hidden. But we in the Google Shanghai Longfeng guide by JS found hidden links this cheating will be punished Google, so I advise to use this means hidden links webmaster think twice. The specific application as shown in figure

cry up wine and sell vinegar is quite different, meaning: cunning deception. We can see some Adsense on the use of JS stem from this activity. As shown below.


This kind of

may directly see us not to understand the meaning, the author explain a little more, JS is a kind of fraud in this image, we can see that a page is divided into three parts, first of all we can see is the head with the JS call advertising pictures, this practice is very common, we usually use this method call. This area is oriented from the search engine in the user, let these users visually see our advertising. Then the middle part we can see is a blank area, why should the blank? The reason is that in order to give our visitors to create a false impression, that is has reached the bottom of the page. Visitors can see this area generally will not continue to turn to the following. Then come, we see the bottom is in fact the content hungry, content is provided specifically for search engine spam cluttered, this part can be used to deceive the search engine. We can see the JS application of this changed in many Taobao customers.

any web technology is in order to better serve the web designer or user. Some of this technology for the convenience of us, some people also began to use these techniques to deceive the search engine and web users. Such as we are familiar with the JS application, this technology makes our web elements more abundant, but some people have also started related features with this technology to do some change the taste of the application, make cheating cheating cheating users search engine. The author will briefly analyze two kinds of changed JS cheating application.

Before writing the Shanghai dragon soft everyone should want to understand several problems

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for this problem we may feel that no answer, it is not clear that the chain needs. Know what it means to send an article in stationmaster net, so it will be racking their brains to send articles, or who dues of the trouble. In fact, Webmaster Platform at first and not to let everyone outside the chain was established through the forum, 2009, 2010 article, we find that when the authors write something very simple, is also very easy, but the same will. But it’s not so simple, as for the reason, I feel in addition to the progress of the times, many owners now write mostly mechanical created, no nutrition. This article in addition to your web site keywords is the site, make a person dislike. This is the original intention will deviate from the A5 station. Remember that friend said, A5 is the exchange of information for the majority of owners place, is also just. So with all written ads idea webmaster will encounter in this rebuff.

many webmaster friends in the choice of an idea, often very hasty, always think this is a good thinking Flashpoint, write up will be very smoothly, and the editor friend on this manuscript will love, the rate would be much higher. In fact, this is not the case, of course, the problem is not in the editor, but in our own body. Because the article is written to be convenient, the degree of novelty of this article does not depend on the material, but the author himself for the control.



1 do not write to write the article, sincere will own combat experience to share out.

there is always some friends are miserable, do the rebate website is often pull hair, writing is always back, the hair of the chain are deleted, in their network construction in life is a cup. However, these friends will not we can think of, have a friend for three years, a Taobao passenger operation to the ideal position, the love of Shanghai order, ranking the vanishing Not the least trace was found. This sad day, the second day will settle down then, after all, still have a chance. But soft writing is not like this, today you pain, second days before the vote does not, there is no room for discussion, it can be said directly on the bar, some friends to direct crazy even to let yourself cry in the editor. The author is not a joke, just feel when you write some webmaster friends feel too good, so small in several questions in your writing before.


3 it is convenient to leave your contact information, so that we can feel your sincerity.


to express something, you really know

2 although you may not have advertising ideas, but if the article has too much words of your words, or will cause some of the suspects, so the article is to deliberately control.

why do you write

Experience sharing note the optimization of the railway station

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as a new station I believe we all understand that the early new foundation is very weak, so the optimization is particularly important. New optimization should avoid some mistakes, avoid excessive optimization. The attention of the optimization of the railway station.

the optimization of the railway station of the chain:

love Shanghai is a search engine, what he is doing is to bring the right people to the right page. Love Shanghai needs fresh blood to add vitality, then the new station is the best supplement. Just love Shanghai machine can not identify the page quality, so the new station will give good ranking. After a period of time according to the conditions of this page if customers want page. Such as updating efforts, web page quality, comprehensive evaluation of user experience. Then give a comprehensive ranking. This is what we called "the new sites effect".

update the content of the original is best, of course, should not be too rigid, the original is good but also should pay attention to the quality of the article, if you write the article even as the primary composition as well as direct reprint articles. You can use the pseudo original, but to the pseudo thoroughly, from the title to the content to be modified. If it is too difficult to put together the recommended form update web content.


is now the chain.

? Note

why love love Shanghai station

love Shanghai for the new station are given special attention, early will have a good ranking. But after a period of time ranking will suddenly drop, so many owners are very confused. Why is it

Efforts to update the

page – Layout Optimization of the railway station:


railway station is very important, early to update frequently, also must have the order, don’t today updated 5 update 3 articles tomorrow to the day after tomorrow only one content. This is very bad for the search engine. The specified or updated daily 2-3 article. Don’t interrupt, check 1 to three months. In order to lay a good foundation. The anchor text up to 1 to 2, the correlation is not big article can not do anchor text.

in Shanghai dragon in the pages of a web site layout is very important, the navigation part of common tree structure selection, it is not only beautiful and is more favorable for optimization. Keywords for navigation of no value given nofollow blocked, such as web page, news center, the successful case etc..

site will less flash as little as possible, flash Shanghai is not love spider climb. So don’t pay attention to the appearance of a web site and ignore the Shanghai dragon optimization. Flash put more will not necessarily increase the user experience, flash display requires a lot of speed, on the Internet bad situation is very difficult to open the flash. So instead of just the opposite.


website optimization of the railway station – update:

Duplicate content can also enhance the website weight

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duplicate content: duplicate content usually refers to the domain or between multiple domains, match with other content or similar content. This is Google’s explanation. Duplicate content was always search engine of men, many owners are aware of this point, in order to solve the problem and to update the website search engine is the most fresh original content, pseudo original technology have great development and use. As a result, the readability of a lot of false after the original is very poor, and some completely cannot read the.

2011 "ten things change the search engine Market:" a more strict duplicate content filtering out the search engine to repeat content attitude. But the duplicate content reproduced and copied to the really so bad? "Said really as duplicate content influence on site optimization and optimization strategy" in an article that influence weight and website ranking? In most cases, duplicate content does have an effect on the website, but the impact is not small, otherwise they will not there are so many networks such as web content optimization of how to avoid repeating the contents of this article.

everything is relative. Not every station reprint will be successful, otherwise it will not appear in so much to avoid the repetition of website content. The weight of the website, the website and reproduced the content correlation and other factors determine whether to make an article has been reprinted several times of the weight of the high for their own services, this needs the webmaster yourself. The heaven original, welcome to reprint.

I mentioned that in most cases, duplicate content is related to the website. Is there a few cases? This is to say content popularity this word, the word I fabricated, the concept of similar link popularity (from "link popularity and link analysis" can clearly understand the concept of link popularity), and can be simply interpreted as: the number of high weight website reproduced a article is. If an article is many high weight articles reprinted, this explains what is the problem? This article is very popular, is a high quality articles. A high quality articles on all aspects of the site are of great help, to enhance the user experience of reading, reduce bounce rate, increase user stickiness. If the site reproduced this article and was collected, can increase the friendly search engine on the web. Duplicate content can also enhance the weight of a successful case, as I saw in A5, but can not find the original link, keyword optimization case about the author an obscure industry, because do not understand technology, can’t create the website updated only reproduced keywords products official website news, finally still a success. The most typical case is that there are so many high weight website, only reprint A5 article can live.

Do three points will no longer be the search engine of K station

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first, want to have a good web site in the search engine, there must be a stable space. "Home to thrive", do stand is the same, a stable "home" for a website is very important. A good website, if space is often not open, or IP address often change, want to search engines where a good performance is simply not possible. If you are to catch up with the big update to love Shanghai, and your space is not open, it is likely that search engines will be on hand to die you. Furthermore the stability of the space is also a necessary condition to improve user friendliness, imagine a registered user when you visit your site, once open he can endure, but if recurrent in a wait state, even if you no matter how good the content you are "sticky" do not believe in him. So, at the beginning of the site, we must choose a good space, and do not tangle in the price of space, if just a little cheaper to buy a waste of space, we do work in the future may become meaningless. "Great oaks from little acorns grow., stable space is the foundation of our success.

again, home of < title> tag contents do not often change. The webmaster all know, we are working hard to find the main keywords are added on the front page of < title> < /title>, this is Shanghai dragon er a hotly contested spot, is also the place where the most valued love Shanghai. If we change the contents of which it will make search engines at a loss, it is not clear whether this is what ". When it is unclear.

second, change of template search engine is often not the love. In general, the completion of a new station was under a lot of effort, but the pursuit of beauty is everlasting. Too many owners in the process of the maintenance of the website, is fond of his original choice for CMS, but see the exquisite template other sites, but always changing. But often the change pattern is not changed, every time the template might provoke search engine K station, even if luck has not been K, it is a pen in the search engine punishment there, the search engine on the web is often composed of quantitative accumulation and make, every mistake operation we are to be punished in the Road near a step. So the right way is, at the beginning of the site will choose a template, and then never abandon the walk, sometimes really want to change, do some small changes, did not touch the punishment mechanism for the premise of the love of Shanghai.

station is the growth in the twists and turns ahead, in their continuous process of exploration, all may have been K off site experience. In the face of their own K off the site, some owners find some calm analysis, and webmaster laugh, all have a kind of search engine is helpless, after all, Shanghai dragon Er rely on search engine to eat, so we should find out what kind of website is easy to be K, and the enemy to battle not dangerous.