What is the anchor text and hyperlinks and text links

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on the link anchor text and URL difference before, first say what is the anchor text.

anchor text belongs to a hyperlink, because whether it is clickable text or click on the link, are all hyperlinks. In a broad range, click on the picture, mail and so on are all hyperlinks, but in the chain of this range, only the clickable text or web site called hyperlinks. A hyperlink can use target= "_blank" strong, changes its appearance, color, open etc..

and hyperlink hyperlink to text links can improve the probability to attract spider crawling, will increase the weight of the target site, and retains the possibility of filtering small, not easy to be deleted the benefits of greater than the possibility of some text links.

anchor text, links, text links these three links, their role is to improve the site weight and ranking, but because of its different forms, or the effect is not the same, following the stainless steel pipe fitting for example, give details form a respective.

concluded: Although the effect of anchor text, hyperlinks and text links to three forms of the chain have differences, but here to remind a man, in the release process, three kinds of links as much as possible should be released, must not only release a, because the chain should pay attention to diversity, only in the Internet, many different sites (of course related industry best) and various different forms of praise you, your site will become a leader in the web site.

next, about the chain effect of the three links.

the text links to start, the main effect is the text links can improve the site’s weight in Shanghai Chinese love this link is called correlation domain (using the domain instruction, while the search) has proved as text links can attract the spider crawling, but the effect is far from the hyperlink and anchor text effect. Text links there is a benefit, is released on the website filtering may be low, relatively easy to be deleted.

what is the anchor text, hyperlinks and text links? Any chain personnel must come into contact with the anchor text, hyperlinks, the three concepts of text links, if you observe carefully you will find the same and different points of the three.

anchor text, the most effective form of links in the chain, its main effect is: three, increase weight, attract spider to improve the keywords ranking, of course also includes guide visitors (click hyperlink also has this effect). The anchor text, than the above two links are more than a very effect: Shanghai dragon need to improve the keywords ranking. If the release of the site is A, the link to the target site is B, and the anchor text in the text is "Shanghai dragon", then the hyperlink is A B is a good web site, so the anchor text is said A B is a good site in Shanghai Longfeng area.

Liu Jinge from the parts of the body to understand the importance of website structure optimization

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, vascular

why I say he is the leader? Because we are at war time, there must be a lead of the people, if not the leader, then we will fight without direction, all we do is basically done. So, we in every key part of the site, all need to consider the use of appropriate keywords: title, content, link URL, pictures etc.. And these words as words, but people often search, must have a degree in our time to do keywords, search engines like others, he will have a tolerance. If we exceed his tolerance, so our website may have to be abandoned it, so not too much, the leader must be appropriate, and this order must be precise.

1, a


ECG is a web site, add a site map to >

, electrocardiogramSite map 3

as we have said, PayPal billion offer a simple and easy for your Shanghai dragon ten steps, as long as every step to practice hard and try our best to finish the work, Shanghai dragon will effort, we will also become the industry for the leaders, ranking will also enter the love of Shanghai home or love of Shanghai province three.

when I talk about this organ vascular time, you may already know his importance, then what is the site inside the vessel? I said: straight chain is within our site vessels. In our human body blood vessels leads to our various parts of the body, if it doesn’t come as a this place may be necrosis. As a website is the same, if not within the chain through the place basically are some dead links. So, we in the construction site of the time must pay attention to the internal links, as for how to build within the chain, in the next article I will give you a specific introduction.

, head of


network marketing this big industry, but in the process of doing cannot do without Shanghai dragon, perhaps Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon in our impression is too deep, you have to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon let everyone pay special attention to the key words, but as we may need to do some of the words in different areas also is not the same, the work is not quite the same, let me give you a brief as Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon how to do site optimization:

our ancestors once said: the enemy, know yourself. So we do people in this industry before first do not rush to do Shanghai dragon, the first is the first thing to do to you for this keyword query results, another is you of this keyword competition pressure is big, the strength of your own website how much you need to spend more the time to complete this great project, these are we to know, so I called the friend.

These habits will cause entrepreneurs to fail earlier3 years of network company entrepreneurship har

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everyone may have his own dream of starting a business, but there are so many entrepreneurs. Success again >

‘s failure to start a business is to look at income too much. Generally just starting entrepreneurs, will be too much income. Money is important, but the customer is the source of your money, if your product has a large number of users of resources, then the money will come easier! Therefore, companies want to accelerate the pace of profit so we should: customer first, profit second

One of the most important reasons for

1. professional skills stage

3. company phase

at the beginning of 2011 Wang Baochen officially entered the society, along with 2 friends venture to engage in an Internet company small, mainly to do the initial establishment and promotion, when I was not a partner, because of their own efforts, to migrant workers identity, state of mind of entrepreneurs involved, then point to the turnover in the second year, the partners retained me, then officially joined the company ranks of business, and my partner has a total of 3 people. This series of articles is mainly about my 3 years of network company entrepreneurship bit harvest and insights, because there are more topics, the follow-up will write second, or even third, little nonsense, began to enter the topic:

entrepreneurs play a crucial role in the company, if you are out of touch with society, keep up with market changes, then you only in a constantly changing market is slowly being eliminated! In addition to your decision to guide the development of the company, at the appropriate time to Dangdang third listen to the opinions of others!

three, improper use of

two, short of target,

professional skills, technical knowledge is professional skills, do a field instructor, practicing good eloquence and understanding of the industry, to do business, professional skills, good understanding and communication skills of products, users for their professional skills. Skills here are not skills, work skills for a particular area of the field.


after you master the professional skills, you need to have a certain management and communication and other aspects of the experience, Wang Baochen knew that many colleagues in Zhengzhou is the boss of the company, from some big companies first to do business, and later went out of business. To the clerk, then business manager, business manager stage will exercise the core skills of some human resource management deployment and customer communication and internal communication, is have a lot of things need to master the studio stage.

succeeds in living up to three stages of company survival:

! !

five, out of touch with society,

the failure of entrepreneurship is the only way for an entrepreneur, but if you don’t change your bad habits, the word "failure" will always follow you.

if your product positioning could only be used in small groups within, then you are even better, he could not go far! the cake was less, even if all you eat, also can not change what! if you want to be a company like BAT. First you have to have a long-term goal! Whether it is creative, or the product itself! If you have enough resources, you can also turn to foreign! If you’re crazy, think about the earth, not

many people want to start a business, especially when you are 20 or even 17.8 years old, with a cavity of blood, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Looking at other people’s business, determined, go to start a business. Entrepreneurship may be simple, and perhaps tough. I read an article in the national treasure before an agency related investigation report, said that the coastal area of a city, the year 2011 at the beginning of the year and registered companies, including 1 companies, when the end of the end of 5%, not to live without closing the door, close to 5%. 1 thousand%10=1000%5=500. In fact, later, the minister summed up a core law:


one, money is always more important than customers,

, a fledgling start-up company, has led its development to the early core employees. If the quality of this core team is not high, then the product will not go well. In addition the management characters, not all locked in their own familiar people! Acquaintances often lazy! Intern of entrepreneurial passion generally will be higher, if the conditions of mining personnel several friends can train themselves

four, the tempo is too slow,

development of a product can not be too slow you say you are the bean? Can you really get so much money to slow you down?, there is no perfect products in the world, our products must be as early as possible in line for the lack of user experience and feedback we modify a product! Block edge stone, only in the constant flow impact will become rounded and smooth! Don’t be afraid to hear criticism, if a product does not have any criticism, then there is only one answer: you don’t have any

, for most successful people, comes in the order of the 1, 2, and 3 stages. And the other part, the family, the rich two generations, >


when our expertise was mastered, studio skills were also available. Then basically ready to open the company, and many companies only take the formal company docking, and even some customers, first look at your qualifications, such as: 1 million of the registered capital started ah. Year of establishment, etc.. So if the studio is expanding, or you have good business or service, you have to set up a company that wants to grow higher.

2. studio phase

business hard

How to do web site optimization and promotion of Shanghai dragon racing together bridle to bridle

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Finally, The scarcity of

promotion channel:

2). The recommended

(1) QQ space. First you need to have a lot of friends, and continually updated industry technical articles in space or user needs, and then in this.

is followed by the title of the article, find the user search (index) and related long tail keywords and website content, take it as the core of content creation, where the title of the article is helpful to create "attract" "into" title,

2. content and the title of the article

1. "altruistic heart" really solve the problem for users of

5). Avoid keyword stuffing

The use of

1.) to guide customers

4. is attractive, the need of marketing transformation awareness

4). To avoid too much boilerplate text

The matching degree of


content creation should meet:

website promotion to promote their website, if you really want to put the website, we have to use other forms of promotion in the promotion role is not lower than the internal chain system construction, not by the public know before the promotion can shorten the cycle in the website keywords ranking. General new normal ranking cycle is more than 3 months, in the early promotion of the website ranking cycle can be shortened to 2 months. QQ group promotion includes promotion, promotion, promotion of soft information platform, WeChat micro-blog promotion, resource sharing circle etc..

9. is an important content of the submitted love Shanghai sources and processing of pseudo original?. Original。 The information collection in the content page also must pay attention to relevant information:


6. layout should be beautiful, can use text, table, screen increases the readability of

is the first page of the title (very important) "article writing in accordance with the general name + brand word" format,

3. content to maintain integrity, do not

8. (H H 1 H tag tag tag try a

QQ group promotion QQ group is gathering a large number of related people to the best place, and members of the QQ group than other active community forum. And all you need is a molecular group inside, it is best to group management or group, only with the authority of what you preach will be more effect. So the QQ group promotion to know how to deal with the relationship between people and how to establish such a link. You can establish authority through regular industry knowledge sharing method, can also establish authority by group of friends to answer the questions.


7. good pictures: photo size, ALT property

usersOptimization of eg

3). A reasonable increase in

Marketing to create millions of traffic to your site

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many people think that marketing impossible for web site to create millions of traffic, if you use love as a marketing point may, at present there should be a successful family as a marketing point to the site to create millions of traffic cases. The following small share marketing to create millions of some of the basic ideas for the site traffic.

, a marketing to create millions of traffic is not a dream for

TV drama "the temptation to go home" is adapted from the classic drama "the temptation of his wife", by the Korean beauty Choo Ja Hyun, Hongkong star Rain Lee, Ling Xiaosu starred in the mainland but fashionable urban emotional drama, describes the transformation process of a virtuous woman is weak growth independent strong urban women. The play by the Hunan TV premiere. Viewing the super popular, dominated the national ratings champion. The highest ratings has broken more than 5 audience share is as high as 26.7%, defeated 6 years ago, Korean drama "Dae Jang Geum", became the Hunan satellite TV in addition to "Princess" outside the record of the highest ratings, has become a TV series of provincial satellite TV ratings second in recent 10 years.

let’s take a look at the "home" how it seems we first temptation ratings, its result how, then explain the family could create millions of Web site traffic, the collection rate as shown in the figure.

, such as > two

f this, we found that a woman in a family, what things are paid, but in the end because her mother-in-law tortured, because her husband’s rebellion. In forest products such as the sea, through their own efforts to change themselves, put themselves into a new era of female character, behind Lin pinru after all sorts of things, when Lin pinru found at this time Allie was diagnosed with cancer and product such as very distressed Allie, full of apologies, Allie confessed that he is a product such as, together with Allie and with the hen to encourage the fight, Allie realized his mistake in the product such as probation, and his son Sean entrusted to her care, product such as also drew down, promised to will be deemed to have been out of grace, Allie decided to give up life go to the seaside Dutch act, the hen flew out to rescue Allie, but Allie decided to die, in life and death, they found themselves are really love each other, very regret for the past. Product such as Wenyan wedding, love, joy and happiness. But the hen and Allie was washed away by the sea, in heaven forever.


many network marketing or Shanghai dragon friends are in the "family" "love" and "friendship" between the best network marketing hype topic are questioned, many of today’s network marketing experts generally believe that family marketing brings the value of love is far less than the effect brought by the more valuable, so many network marketing experts generally that love is more network marketing hype style, often ignore the value of marketing brings. Let’s talk about how to create millions of website marketing flow actually road commentary.

What to take from you is excessive optimization

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website optimization is absolutely key areas of excessive optimization to avoid, website optimization home page layout up to no more than four words, and key distribution to uniform distribution website keywords follow from left to right lower order distribution, so compared with the spider crawling, also from the user’s visual browsing perspective is suitable. It is easy for the search engines and determine the key content of the website. For more important columns as mentioned in the web page, and other page with web site keywords paper describes the home page, is to have the best news list, let search engine to see more content.

)From the perspective of



From the perspective of

home page optimization

from the perspective of


website in too many keywords, keywords on the site does not need a lot, but the content is best around the site optimization of an article in the best is 4 to 5 words, a period of a keyword search engine, so it is easy to judge the what is the. Do the optimization is that the keyword, if the content of the website that will soon be found the next search engine will be K. So in order to the stability of site ranking is the best step by step, can not act with undue haste. This is from a certain angle to tell us more, do the optimization point of view is the key Oh, whether it is at which stage of site optimization, keep calm and faith.

said Shanghai dragon is a toil live in a long time, every day to maintain it, go to the forum outside the chain in the process of execution is quite boring, the webmaster and Shanghai dragon er must have the experience, it can be said that do much perseverance to optimize only experienced people know to. But our painful point is that many extension workers often can not grasp the suitable degree in the optimization of the above, caused by the excessive optimization site. Accurately handle this, easy and easy, not easy to say that it is not easy, the key is an experience to consider what is the appropriate way to optimize, not too optimization. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) to talk about how to optimize in order to ensure that no more than the scope of the search engine allows the following A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ zhenduan/ Shanghai,

distributionDon’t an article

chain is very important for Shanghai dragon, the chain is very attractive, but the owners can not be greedy, the chain is the most important to grasp a stable and stable quality, durability is key, but also to a certain extent and stage, the site does not need so intensive site to do the chain. There is a limit to the number of the chain of a website.

Interpretation of Shanghai dragon industry four chaos

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chaos two: Shanghai dragon industry blundering vogue

from the Shanghai dragon 1 keyword stuffing time to Shanghai dragon 2 chain for the emperor’s times and today we say Shanghai Dragon 3 focus on the user experience of the era. China Shanghai Longfeng industry experienced a long 6, 7 years of slow development process. In western developed countries and mature industry compared to our Chinese Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng industry is only in its infancy. Although I contact Shanghai dragon in this industry is not a long time but has deep feelings to the development of this industry chaos.

we all know that the white hat Shanghai dragon takes a step steadily, to optimize a website or keywords of the long time. A lot of manpower and financial resources needed during this period, which determines the high cost of white Shanghai Longfeng, optimize a keyword >

Shanghai dragon industry impetuous wind is decided by the characteristics of the industry itself. Shanghai dragon knows the industry threshold is low, you don’t need a high school education, do not need you to understand a lot of network programming knowledge, as many training institutions to play out the slogan of "zero based learning Shanghai dragon". Many people learn a few days in Shanghai dragon feel without what good learn, think Shanghai dragon is nothing more than the content and the chain. I feel now is a Shanghai dragon master, and everywhere people brag about themselves really understand Shanghai dragon. Really want to understand the essence of Shanghai dragon must go to combat, when you learn the Shanghai dragon operate their own a website optimization keywords, you will know Shanghai dragon we do not want so simple. Our Shanghai dragon veteran Cardiff, ZAC and Wang Tong, they are after their many years of combat, after years of search engines before groping summed up a lot of skills in the areas of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Their success is not on the mouth, but the bullets out of practice.

in recent years, Shanghai dragon has been paid more and more attention, large and small Shanghai dragon service training company also appeared such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Some people haven’t learned Shanghai Longfeng months feel Shanghai Longfeng their level is very high, so a few people would set up a company began to engage in training or to other companies to provide services. The result is the quality of service is poor, their own strength is not strong how to give others to provide quality services? Acceptance of such service companies or training individuals also suffer, Voices of discontent. Another consequence of the innumerable Shanghai Longfeng service training company which is playing the "price war", a lot of small Shanghai dragon service company in order to reduce the price of the orders constantly, and the strength of the Shanghai dragon service training company is dismal performance. The entire industry into a vicious spiral… ..

chaos three: black hat Shanghai Longfeng disaster caused by flooding water

: one of the chaos in Shanghai Longfeng service level is uneven, harsh competitive environment.

Optimization of A5 group the festival is approaching whether the site had Spring Festival

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second: the chain increase audit

is perhaps the same year because new, recently did a lot of search engines seem to move on the web site of the chain. An example of binary observation yesterday, I do not know whether it is accidental, the previous A5 forum released the chain included is very fast, all the points are recognized as the webmaster. After yesterday released the two links, about half an hour has not been included. Is the beginning of the spider walk not to open it, or the chain rules have changed? Link although the final was included, but compared to the past, slow down a lot, this is also a point of observation. In addition, the recent search engine has obvious "eat" the phenomenon of chain, the chain has been, always cannot see the phenomenon of the increase too much, the website ranking fell or related. Finally, the binary in Shanghai love to know to do a test, found that "could not add links related information", if added directly by the audit. I do not know is not individual? Webmaster friends also can do a test, control and adjust the search engine of the foreign chain increased up.

The above two

third: cheating detection to deepen

site ill? The Spring Festival approaching, according to the optimization of A5 (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon) investigation: recently many sites in Shanghai ranked in love there is a serious decline in key phenomenon, these sites in the past most still have a relatively good ranking. Webmaster, do you find this point? In this way, the author thinks: the Spring Festival approaching, search engines or web site rules or change, today it summarizes some binary case website brief analysis of your point of view:

2012 of your

respectively from the website content, the chain do some analysis, in addition to the binary network also found that search engine rules also had a lot of changes, such as:

binary site and not to cheat, but recently several parallel site is down right, but the binary got a conclusion: the website search engine that cheat. Why do you say so? There are five or six sites of binary mutual Links series. In this.

: the first update frequency disturbance

Spring Festival is approaching, many websites have begun the final finishing works, so the "update disorder" phenomenon. But every month the first 2012 months of the year at the beginning of the month, the author thinks that the search engine may happen a little change in the rules, so there is a part of the site right down the search engine. With a talent network writer for example, usually updated in about 20 pages or so, ranking is always stable, because in recent years, a few days to return home, so to speed up the update frequency, so now every update is about 40 pages, the search engine is always in the last seconds of the station. Included 3 days is down right. Of course, this is just a short right down, and will not affect the long-term. In the past, or this rule also exists, but it is understood that in the near future was obvious.

If the site is fast ranking, fast conversion

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is the Xuzhou network company, we can serve as a reference, I hope to help enterprises can quickly improve website ranking, achieve the transformation effect.

Recently a lot of friends in the

2, the content of good quality, continuously updated articles, enhance the frequency.

1, the chain increased, increasing the chain, attract spider crawling.

on the site itself to improve the quality, in order to enhance the website ranking. Xuzhou network company after many years of accumulated experience of some skills, can quickly increase the website included, to speed up the rankings, these skills are only a supporting role, really fast and stable ranking is needed for the acquisition of Shanghai Longfeng thinking business website, get reliable ranking.

5, the chain increased, add the station anchor text keywords.

can improve the auxiliary method of website ranking:

enterprise to ask, how to make in a short period of rapid ranking, how can quickly bring into effect. In order to better solve the problem, to make the site fast ranking, the market operation method has a lot of, a black hat technology, fast scheduling technology. But these techniques can not meet the transformation, really good website ranking, the most basic is the site itself, improve the user experience is the fundamental. Don’t want to quickly improve website ranking by other methods.

3, Shanghai Longfeng do basic work, set up the title, keywords, description, keywords layout well.

4, when necessary, set the relevant article recommended more.

I said the chain or the Emperor

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      in some time ago, the chain of LEE standard for the quality of the chain is only one explanation, the chain must be user really recommended. What is the meaning of it is really recommend, non-human natural chain. Did Shanghai dragon knows, the chain construction difficulty of non-human is high, a new station on the 00 day, the flow of several pieces, then to obtain the chain of non-human, is undoubtedly the Arabian adventures.

  remember early last year, in order to impact a keyword ranking for the Guangzhou website construction company website, then collected can send the link to the website, regardless of never, it will fall into the construction of the chain, as long as the attention to increase speed, ranking it up. But now, I believe if I say useful, very few people dare to do so.

two, Shanghai love sharing tools


      since Shanghai dragon gradually mature, our construction of the chain of natural methods can not rest on its laurels, to follow the trend of progress. If you go to the chain or by means of 2 years ago, believe that the site is sure to fail. Shanghai Longfeng environment gradually mature, the chain should be how to do?

      last year to now, Scindapsus, chain criteria have been introduced, all is for the chain expansion. So many webmaster Tucao, outside the chain to the end. Really is the end of it, I see the bud, but feel that this is a change, the Shanghai dragon standardization, no exaggeration to say that in Shanghai before the dragon is just send the chain, do false original, and after Shanghai Longfeng standardization, Shanghai dragon is the website optimization. This is a process of Shanghai dragon mature, is inevitable.

      therefore, we should change the angle of thinking. Non chain do not, then we can be a natural chain, also is to let the chain construction look natural, a little trace of optimization. Such as through the chain placement, such as the site of 贵族宝贝gscpp.net, through which we can see the site of the chain, the chain site is in the article, for the search engines, so the chain is not supposed to have more real than recommended in the article chapter in the bottom? In addition to the chain in the near and recommended language is also a good way.

      this tool has been a large number of Shanghai dragon ER sought when just come out, then brush share will become the author do once every day. But as time passes, then.

, the authenticity of the recommended