Review the rescue measures in 2011 was punished after the love of Shanghai

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after being punished, only 5 hours of sleep, I almost every day most of the time, I was a nightmare in a trance. I was lying in bed no matter how hard I forced myself to sleep, but no matter what I make tactics to force themselves are of no avail. I finally can’t sleep this time, I think of my university teacher said to me, can’t sleep, got up reading, it is lying down, a waste of time, so I decided to caogui for future generations "done in one vigorous effort and then decline, three, and a sentence.". Regardless of the consequence, I a foot to kick the quilt, quickly wear good clothes, walked to the front of my computer, open my computer. I poured myself a cup of hot boiling water, warm up. The computer starts successfully, I forced myself to concentrate, for more than four months I started the website optimization, has not stopped for a day, no matter how tired I am, I still did not give up the dream.

and tell you about my specific

2012 a few days coming back in 2011 this year has too many too many things. Good and bad all accept. Because the original knowledge of illegal tender, love Shanghai rule, in order not to let history repeat itself. I love Shanghai engraved punish every day and night, and even every minute. Through this painful lesson, I became very good, but my heart is still not the slightest impetuous decline, because the ranking dropped three months, I pay the price that I hardly wished to live. So I never give up, I know in my heart, as long as I continue to learn, discard the wrong method, must God helps those who help themselves. Because God will always love to pay people, as long as you correctly, not illegal law, success is always with you, you want to get rid of him, it is not possible. To this end, silently suffering more than three months, and a large area after the new update algorithm to adjust the love of Shanghai, I am very happy, we finally returned to the home page ranking first. But I am not proud, I will redouble our efforts, for it back, and I embrace it, I cherish him back is not easy, I swear, never let him off, even if the fall will be in the top five home page, in my world is not impossible, everything is possible.

: the first rich the chain is still the focus.

is how to do? The following specific to

is the failure, I know the loopholes. I put the chain resources originally finishing, are classified. I through the webmaster tools to find related data, because the chain I do every day I have a habit, that is the day of the chain, are classified according to date, specific to what place, those included, those being deleted, all this I know. So I put the chain this year issued by domain, from the first page, a look, see through the analysis of 1.5 hours, found that many have been removed, 09 years of the chain a are not, I find out the reasons, almost all of the people network, 58 the city classified information network. This >

Website main keywords high density can also be caused by K

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website keyword density has always been our webmaster mutual discussion topic, but few people are talking about the details of the keyword density too high, because everyone seems to know: keyword density is too high is the accumulation of keywords, we can’t do this, so we have this knowledge, what all not afraid. It is not so? Recently because the site was K, on a website keyword density, found that the site has a lot of harm of keyword density is too high, if you increase the keyword density deliberately on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, a short period of time your website ranking will indeed be improved, but it will eventually be right down treatment, serious or even directly by K. Keyword density is too high and not only refers to the main keywords we optimize, and other related keyword density. Following through a case to explain the website keyword density too high can lead to site is K problem.

3, check Links, see if there are bad neighbors, friends of the chain is not found in the K website, there is no evaluation of very low site, and after the K period, the website chain have been others down.

Beijing Shanghai dragon has a small station, had been in the process of K, start the optimization stage, the ranking has been very good, included have been no problem, but when it is going to the home page, the site in a major update will suddenly be K out, depressed people not being K during this time, I analyzed four aspects of the following:

2, check the

analysis: the website weight is still, there may be optimal operation of Shanghai bad case trigger love.

1, update every day two to three articles, published articles collected every day, and can almost reach the second point, but the page snapshot has not.

keyword density, find common keyword density close to 8%, according to the rules did not exceed the tolerance should not fall in love with the sea, is the problem.

web server, found that in terms of access or space response has proven to the web server there is no problem, is not possible because the site access site temporary problems caused by K, also may not be other website server, because it is independent of IP.

analysis: the effect of server snapshot is only temporary, once the server access is no problem, will be a quick recovery snapshot, so not the server problem.

Four points in front of the

analysis: keyword density may lead to site is K, but my site is not more than 8%, should not be the problem.

analysis: Links is not enough to affect the site was K, unless you link to illegal sites, but the chain themselves are carefully screened, so may not be a chain problem.

4, check the

, seems not at all wrong, Beijing Shanghai dragon.

Interpretation of the two changed JS application

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two: do do one thing under cover of another

: a cry up wine and sell vinegar



is like every thing that there are two sides, marijuana can use save patients in medical treatment, can make normal people into the abyss doomed eternally. Finally, I hope every webmaster can look to the future in the site hungry operation, get rid of all cheat users and search engine behavior, develop more benign development pattern. The system ht>

changed flavor is applied in order to hide our site in the text or links. We know that means Shanghai Longfeng irregular exchange chain or hang black chain is through the use of hidden links way. The search engine is still not very good recognition JS, these links can be very well hidden. But we in the Google Shanghai Longfeng guide by JS found hidden links this cheating will be punished Google, so I advise to use this means hidden links webmaster think twice. The specific application as shown in figure

cry up wine and sell vinegar is quite different, meaning: cunning deception. We can see some Adsense on the use of JS stem from this activity. As shown below.


This kind of

may directly see us not to understand the meaning, the author explain a little more, JS is a kind of fraud in this image, we can see that a page is divided into three parts, first of all we can see is the head with the JS call advertising pictures, this practice is very common, we usually use this method call. This area is oriented from the search engine in the user, let these users visually see our advertising. Then the middle part we can see is a blank area, why should the blank? The reason is that in order to give our visitors to create a false impression, that is has reached the bottom of the page. Visitors can see this area generally will not continue to turn to the following. Then come, we see the bottom is in fact the content hungry, content is provided specifically for search engine spam cluttered, this part can be used to deceive the search engine. We can see the JS application of this changed in many Taobao customers.

any web technology is in order to better serve the web designer or user. Some of this technology for the convenience of us, some people also began to use these techniques to deceive the search engine and web users. Such as we are familiar with the JS application, this technology makes our web elements more abundant, but some people have also started related features with this technology to do some change the taste of the application, make cheating cheating cheating users search engine. The author will briefly analyze two kinds of changed JS cheating application.

2009 new ideas for people to make moneyLi Kaifu is past or still had 17 months away from innovation

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in these 17 months, Chinese Internet industry, Jingdong listed changes turn the world upside down, Ali, millet valuation from $4 billion to $40 billion, even the taxi drops, fast taxi also starts from zero into a $6 billion company.

Innovation workshop should be upgraded from 1 to 2.0

I didn’t have long hours as a webmaster, and missed the great time to make money from the SP messaging alliance. But still rely on Adsense made a pot of gold, want to feel good, 06 years 05 per click 0.1$ah, every day 30 thousand flow station every day to have $more than 50 in revenue, just make some garbage station every day there are $more than 100; but for just a few months after the good times don’t last long, straight line revenue decline, revenue nearly chicken ribs.

also has a web site to collect a large number of fashion design pictures, its members are fashion designers, some pictures even charge a few yuan, specific income of this website is not clear, but look at the site of the 800 call, and considerable traffic, that its income. Another site is selling wedding, portrait, children’s photography PSD template, have certain value of a good template for photo studio photo agency that photo studio, photo agency work experience of friends, it has a large number of modules, each a few CDs about the price of 100 yuan of right and left, no specific income well, but now we see the alley everywhere wedding photography shop, the market is absolutely qiantu.

Abstract: some people say, Li Kaifu is already in the past, some people think that Li Kaifu got it, then, the return of Li Kaifu can make innovation works as one of the best investment institutions Chinese early? All this may need time to verify.

Li Kaifu acknowledged that the Internet industry has undergone profound changes, said many entrepreneurs may not say to you, "Kai Fu, individual segments of the industry very thorough analysis, I want to take some innovation works investment. Entrepreneurs have become more and more fierce."

is the period of time, the Sohu, 360 and a number of the old company is deeply behind the crisis, whether it is CEO or 360 Sohu chairman Zhou Hongyi Zhang Zhaoyang are very anxious, and personally in the first battle, Li Kaifu will not feel this change.

Li Kaifu revealed a number of Innovation workshop business progress: before and after a total investment of 150 companies, of which nearly 20, more than $100 million valuation. "It’s not easy," Li Kaifu said. "We’re proud. The future will be better."."

Li Kaifu said: "I am determined to tell you, if I really can’t come back, I believe that innovation works thirty years later, we will review the leadership in the said Wang Hua, innovation works develop very well, it seems to be a god."

Li Kaifu said, this year may China Internet industry may have 1000 outstanding entrepreneurial class, but in the past 5 years to 10 is very good, it is because there is no entrepreneurial environment, innovation works to do incubator services.

Adsense not do, domestic garbage alliance really believe, however, had to find another way to observe a period of time, I confirm that sales is the driving force of the site is the most reliable, in fact, if the advertising as a commodity buy advertising is to sell products. But now the advertising value of small websites is seriously underestimated, it is better to sell advertising directly to yourself, selling products. But what products do you sell well,


Internet industry has changed dramatically,

whole >


let’s take a look at several examples: a webmaster friend has made a Fans forum for Jay Chou, which sells signatures, CD, posters and commemorative T-shirts on the website, and has tens of thousands of revenue every month. There is a friend around me, he is in the network under the drug agent, and later made a website selling drugs for the treatment of body odor, the annual income of hundreds of thousands of.

above examples of products, some kind of physical, some virtual goods, which is suitable for small webmaster do? Answer: virtual goods, that is, the sale of fees and resources, selling information. Why? Because virtual goods can be copied, there is no need to repeat or even purchase.

have to say, these 17 months Li Kaifu sick, innovation works is a great achievement, also has the very big regret.

there are some websites selling industry report, see above quotations are at least more than 5000, more than 20 thousand or even higher, so you have to sell? Analysis can be seen, since they can be long-term advertising on sh419, shlf1314, no one will buy advertising? And its customer base is the nature of the enterprise for the thousands of dollars of investment is acceptable. Such examples are numerous, if you observe more, draw inferences from other sources, will find many such websites.

17 months after

Internet industry mergers and acquisitions emerge in an endless stream, a variety of cutting-edge companies emerge, including pocket shopping, mogujie, today’s headlines and a number of start-up companies rise, there are many traditional cross-border business, innovation works are involved in not much.

Li Kaifu also to partner, Innovation workshop partner Wang Hua high evaluation. At this time Li Kaifu left, it is Wang Hua carry innovation works in the beam, innovation works all the important investment decisions on the strategic direction of Wang Hua play important roles.

well, well, I’ll do it right away. I’ll choose to sell the research report. There are two reasons. First, I don’t have much time. If you sell small units, the sales may be great

‘s farewell to Beijing, Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu finally returned on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2015.

How can the community O2O capture the last mile while innovating the enterprise to break through the

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the past two years, O2O concept like wildfire raging across the river. There are Tencent, Ali giant layout, but also the traditional real estate boss trying to transition. Many Internet start-ups, not afraid of tigers, also doggedly explore the survival of the community O2O. These young startups naturally flowing Internet plus "blood, their ideas, patterns emerge in an endless stream, perhaps can really change our lives, it’s in there.


the past two years, O2O concept like wildfire raging across the river. Now, O2O has become synonymous with entrepreneurial innovation, the U.S. group, hungry, and 58 home, has quickly become a household name O2O platform.

in the mobile Internet era, mastering the user and frequent communication with the user has become the core of an enterprise and business model. It can provide the "last mile" service for the user community O2O is able to satisfy this requirement, in fact, a variety of service class O2O project, most still need finally settled in the "community" – each one of the longest stay, from the basic necessities of life recently. Therefore, community O2O has become a field for many entrepreneurs to compete for. At present, the community has not been O2O plate although seemingly giant captured, but careful observation will find, atmosphere, clouds are rolling force.

Tencent, Ali giants layout

in fact, for the community, O2O, BAT and other Internet industry giants have carried out a variety of strategic layout. From Ali, Tencent and Property Cooperation pilot, you can get a glimpse of one or two.

play 1, cut between the user and property company payment scene

in November this year, Alipay announced a strategic partnership with the community service platform thousand Ding interconnection, the two sides to build a property cloud platform, Alipay owners can pay the property charges, utilities, will be launched in the future parking, credit, electricity, express, social and other functions.

in addition, in October, Alipay had already announced and property management software provider Shanghai new Ron Software Co. Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation agreement, the 80 community for Shanghai Pu property under the prime time, the champs international city garden, etc., to provide hand machine property payment service.

Alipay’s idea is, starting from the traditional property company business, property companies realize the Internet, improve the service quality and efficiency, expand the service extension again as a base for further penetration of the user’s daily life.

as Ali O2O market entry community tool, Alipay has been trying to explore, but still the mode of payment, service window. The community format is very complex, just around the entrance to pay additional use of the scene, it seems still far from meeting the needs of users, and this community O2O operating as a whole is still a distance.

The market positioning and market segmentation of classified information websites are very important

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recently, I have done a list of web at the same time, the classification of information sites for some thinking, classification information, website publishing and query information, convenient and fast advantages are self-evident. Along with the rapid development of classified information websites, hidden risks, such as funds, teams, innovations and profits, are hidden. Since there are such and such hidden dangers, how can the classified information websites develop healthily?

from the angle of the life cycle of products, classified information website growth speed, consumers of online classified information demand trend is obvious, the classification of information website has a clear understanding of their competitors and technology, from the characteristics of various aspects of the market can be seen in the growth stage, from a marketing point of view it is still a can enter the market, just enter more difficult. Since there is still access, there must be a way to get in. Facing the present situation of classified information website II, in the capital is not sufficient, the advantage is not obvious, the list of network to enter the market only through good market positioning, find gaps in the market. Blindly imitate the now more successful classification of information websites, the consequences must be waiting to be eliminated.

is different from other classified information websites. Good market positioning and market segmentation are the foundation. In all the classified information website in the Internet to tell their website information and full today, "the authenticity of information" is a cater to users needs and become an independent school, classified information website can be the selling point as the positioning of the site. In all the classified information website users are located in the "netizens" today, "white-collar IT" is a market segment? Of course there are more different market segments, market positioning is more innovative, website planners can play creativity by giving unique positioning website and website, occupy a strong the position in the minds of users.

in addition to market positioning, market segmentation unique, classification information website operations also need constant innovation. For example, can take the "information + online and offline activities" in the form of the network to various virtual information through the line entity activities, not only increases the interest and make web site with higher viscosity. Another example is the combination of "online information + Physical Journal" in the field of authenticity. Of course, classified information website to get survival and development is not only the market positioning, segmentation, operation, including the relative competitive advantage in all aspects of the organization, such as the team execution ability, marketing ability, management ability etc..

A few small contrasts between DeDeCms and KingCms

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in several tools with the establishment of the CMS, the most easy to grasp is dedecms and KingCMS, are very similar between them, all with their own independent label, my personal understanding of the two kinds of tools for the dedecms website has a lot of advantages than kingcms.

first of all, for beginners, people who don’t change templates feel good about dedecms, because there are so many templates on the dedecms, and KingCMS is a lot less.

secondly, that is, dedecms plug-in many, you can achieve more functions, but also simple. Dedecms has many modules to choose from, such as voting module, circle module, message sheet module and so on, you can choose to install.

third, when you call the top column on the home page, you can get the column list directly with Channel tags. The usage is very simple.

              {dede:channel row=; ` 3 ‘type=’ sun ‘typeid=’ 6 ‘}

              < a; href=" [field:typelink/]"; > [field:typename/]< /a>

          {/dede:channel};     you can get the top column display and link.

in KingCMS, the top column name must be handwritten to the top of the column and manually link to the static pages of your columns.

There are many kinds of

, fourth, dedecms content models, common articles, |article, classified information, |infos, picture set |image, software |soft, commodity |shop. Very convenient to achieve the software download and sale of goods function.

for beginners should learn from the KingCMS, KingCMS is relatively easy to learn. Real knowledge comes from practice. Only by constantly learning, showing problems and solving problems can we improve our abilities.

for experts, as long as you can master the CMS, which tool can be used to complete the development of the site. (starting Chinaz webmaster forum, author: daixiaoyuan)

From primary school teachers to almost goddess, a operator’s self-cultivation

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are the same, where Li Huiying says to want to go to the wave crest.


The network operations manager Li Huiying

. Photograph: LV Meng,

Before working in the Internet industry, Li Huiying was a primary school teacher in Nanjing,

. It is a matter of course to go to school to teach after graduation from normal school.

Li Huiying doesn’t like rules and regulations. She even allows her students to do well in exams. She doesn’t do her homework. The students like the teacher very much. Sometimes Li Huiying would wonder if it could only affect these people. She vaguely felt that her energy should be able to infect and radiate more people. It was at this time that she began to play. In the online quiz community, Li Huiying found a number of interesting Internet practitioners, from these people to share in the work, she believes that the hot industry will have greater development. So after two years as a teacher, she resigned and came to Beijing.

the description of Li Huiying, her experience in Beijing with some romantic color, but this is not a trip. Before leaving, she spent half a year preparing for the career change. She’s got a part-time job with APP for content operations, where she edits information about where to go over the weekend, with pictures and copies to the designated back office. Li Huiying took classes in the daytime and took part-time jobs in the evening. He got two hundred yuan of salary in the first month. "Anyway, I have to accumulate experience, and I can accept it whenever I have the chance," she said.


the description of Li Huiying, her experience in Beijing with some romantic color. Photograph: LV Meng,

before joining the Internet recruitment platform pull hook nets, Li Huiying still had a job. She has become a public number editor at WeChat through a recruiting ring from his circle of friends. At that time, she went through most of the Beijing to work, more than four hours a day on the road, the salary is 4800 yuan. When Li Huiying is doing enthusiasm, think these are not a problem, she only cares about is how to do a good job, let the boss hired her to think that the value of money.

, a new WeChat public number, most important was the number of readings and the number of fans, but Li Huiying didn’t know what to do with the powder". At that time, she was almost unknown, and knew a lot of Lydia, and nearly ten thousand of the fans knew about the account. Armed with the idea of trying it, Li Huiying released his personal micro signals, and soon thousands of people added her. She wants to pass on the WeChat public number in his circle of friends and guide himself to the public number. The move is a bit silly in her eyes now". She said few people knew more than that, because everyone was reluctant to reveal their privacy. But no >

Seeking life for free – new ideas for sharing of free account sites

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as we all know, the topic of membership website has become commonplace. With the popularity of the Internet, the user has more and more practical and experiential requirements for membership websites. In addition, members of the web site encountered another problem is that the site seems very lively, but in fact it is difficult to profit. Free account class website is a special kind of membership website, the following author on their own personal practice and experience, talk about the new ideas and operating points of such sites, for all to share.

point 1: practical web site

membership web site should pursue the simplicity of operation, allowing users to quickly receive the resources they need, improve the rate of return visits and viscosity.

points two: resources throughout the free

practice has proved that the free platform is suitable for the choice of Internet users, you can save the cost, but also enjoy preferential treatment. The site can get points by daily check-in, and earn points that can be redeemed for free account resources, such as changing Thunder KanKan, monthly membership and thunder platinum members.

point three: site theme positioning


web site should select a product that has a long-term need and needs a large number of users. Such as the current hot thunder free platinum membership accounts, WIFI accounts, odd arts, VIP monthly accounts and other hot demand products theme. You can use Webmaster Tools query, the index of these keywords is quite high, every day the Internet search volume is huge. Such products can ensure long-term demand, increase the return rate of users.

points four: website promotion and publicity

the most important way to spread publicity is the major forums, post bar, Baidu know and so on. Specific steps are, under Baidu, check the latest requirements of the post, and then reply to the resources you provide, in general, do not need to leave the URL directly, you can stay QQ group. Or leave your mailbox, let them mail to you, and then mail settings automatically reply, the reply is your network

Publicity content at

station. This way not only don’t avoid Baidu K station or by the moderator ShanTie, but also increase your credibility, at the same time to ensure the flow Everfount flow to your target station. The author through personal test, tested. Every day hundreds of people send mail for numbers to get hundreds of accurate traffic.

points five: reasonable release of resources

this is the core idea of the free account class website. The free account discussed here is virtually free of charge, but it’s free for members of the web. So in operation, we should consider the cost problem, and consider how to retain users for a long time, so that it regularly visit your website, so as to realize the long-term operation of the website. Straight observation found that the best way is to provide a free account every day, that is, the validity of the account is available within 24 hours. The mode of operation is not only beneficial to control the cost, but also avoids the issuance of monthly membership or annual membership account

People protest the Andouble act in front of the Capitol building activities

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We all know that

is now the Andouble government, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo during the ruling, the ruling has a lot of bills and Japanese who will say are be quite different, there is a big discrepancy, Andouble’s policy of isolation also caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the Japanese people.

12 million Japanese people held a protest against the security act in front of the Japanese parliament building in Tokyo, Japan, 30, Andouble stepped down, abandoned Security Act and other slogans resounded through the Capitol building.

this is recently held in Japan the largest and the largest number of an anti Security Act of protest. An hour before the start of the rally, the Capitol was a sea of people. Protesters from around the world have been pouring in from all over the country, and the sidewalks, lanes and nearby parks in front of Parliament are packed with protesters. According to the organizers statistics, a total of 120 thousand people attended the protest rally.

the protesters holding banners, shouting in the rain again and again "fascist" intolerable "withdraw Security Act" and other slogans.

by Japanese mothers consisting of "mother" Ikeda Ryoko spoke at the rally, she combined with nearly twenty thousand letter submissions to the Andouble government to submit their mothers when zaodaolengyu has pointed out, "the Andouble regime does not have the window to listen to public opinion". She said, "the child is not born to kill", "mothers will not continue to silence".

the Japanese House of representatives in July this year to vote by the security bill Andouble submitted by the government. Bill is the core of expansion of the Japanese Self Defense Forces in overseas military activities after the ban collective self-defense, this is the most significant turning point in Japan’s security policy since the end of World War II, means that Japan’s pacifist constitution and completely abandon the special defense policy.


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