I said the chain or the Emperor

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      in some time ago, the chain of LEE standard for the quality of the chain is only one explanation, the chain must be user really recommended. What is the meaning of it is really recommend, non-human natural chain. Did Shanghai dragon knows, the chain construction difficulty of non-human is high, a new station on the 00 day, the flow of several pieces, then to obtain the chain of non-human, is undoubtedly the Arabian adventures.

  remember early last year, in order to impact a keyword ranking for the Guangzhou website construction company website, then collected can send the link to the website, regardless of never, it will fall into the construction of the chain, as long as the attention to increase speed, ranking it up. But now, I believe if I say useful, very few people dare to do so.

two, Shanghai love sharing tools


      since Shanghai dragon gradually mature, our construction of the chain of natural methods can not rest on its laurels, to follow the trend of progress. If you go to the chain or by means of 2 years ago, believe that the site is sure to fail. Shanghai Longfeng environment gradually mature, the chain should be how to do?

      last year to now, Scindapsus, chain criteria have been introduced, all is for the chain expansion. So many webmaster Tucao, outside the chain to the end. Really is the end of it, I see the bud, but feel that this is a change, the Shanghai dragon standardization, no exaggeration to say that in Shanghai before the dragon is just send the chain, do false original, and after Shanghai Longfeng standardization, Shanghai dragon is the website optimization. This is a process of Shanghai dragon mature, is inevitable.

      therefore, we should change the angle of thinking. Non chain do not, then we can be a natural chain, also is to let the chain construction look natural, a little trace of optimization. Such as through the chain placement, such as the site of 贵族宝贝gscpp.net, through which we can see the site of the chain, the chain site is in the article, for the search engines, so the chain is not supposed to have more real than recommended in the article chapter in the bottom? In addition to the chain in the near and recommended language is also a good way.

      this tool has been a large number of Shanghai dragon ER sought when just come out, then brush share will become the author do once every day. But as time passes, then.

, the authenticity of the recommended

A5 marketing web site, the question answer

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website was hacked, many sites have encountered, usually generated by some illegal information, such as: Liuhe Choi, a class of pornography, these are profiteering industry. Others, such as B2B platform, or the forum "space page" released this type of information, there is no timely treatment. These information, if the batch is love Shanghai included, 100%. "

for the website included, there are too many problems, but the root more stationmaster often can not find the problem. Writing this article today, is for some summary website problems, hope to help more webmaster faq.

site has the weight, the contents of the first collection. Many sites have a good weight, but included a period of time, this article will disappear, why? This involves: first included, after a review of the principles, like a credit card, the first consumer is the same reason. But when the spider storage, there are a large number of similar priority new data page, you will be deleted.

three, the website was hacked or illegal information


on this issue, before there are many illegal sites in order to get ranked after the revision of article included. But now love Shanghai give principle is: when the revised articles, the spider will index to compare the quality of articles, and, if the new page quality standards, will fall in love with the deletion of haiku.


I believe that many webmaster have found a problem, fast website articles included, but also disappear quickly, after a few hours can not find. So, this is what causes? Usually are as follows:

two, included articles can modify the

1, this type of problem, the vast majority will be the new site or drop the right type of site, the old site often does not appear. For this problem, new sites are often normal, and down the right site, if it is never included, to begin such a collection, is also good.

, have been included in the article

in addition, because the site has the weight, love Shanghai priority included your information, but after examination found no value of such information, the page quality is low, also will continue to be deleted. If the site so if things go on like this website, the search engine will reduce the score, such as credit card default is the same reason.

said: some owners do not do change, otherwise it will fall right! Love Shanghai why right down, but he did not find the reason: the site is down right, and make changes included after the article, completely is the same reason. The spider again when the index revision page, there is a big problem, will naturally reduce the site’s overall score. In contrast, for A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis website, must be in accordance with the plan to make the corresponding revision, but because the optimization plan is correct, so even if the revision, ranking will improve.


A simple way to make your new website stand out

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has a friend told me that he had a "blog" website www.zniubi.org.cn, has not what improvement, let me do some station experience, the following is a bit, I personally do stand, we hope the exhibitions:

a good website must have a wealth of content, it is best to have original articles every week, of course, this is far from enough,


is the most important external connection, external connection is definitely not small, the more the better! You know the site outside the chain, its importance is self-evident, the method is simple to introduce the external connection:

a, links, find a few similar content sites, contact webmaster, do good links, preferably PR value of higher one-way connection, even if you spend some money can.

two, add links in the comments and comments, do not send direct links can not be clicked, there is no effect, the content of the reply should be related to your web site,


three, write soft, such as in Webmaster nets www.admin5.com write a few articles that have connotation, if be reprinted, the chain is quite a lot.

four, Baidu search URL site "directory classification", and then submit your web site to the relevant classification, waiting for each other included, if included more, your weight is enough,


five, Baidu search site bookmarks within 5 pages of the site to add, collect your own site, if the site is good, is likely to be recommended.

six, www.baidu.com search "blog" blog to add your website in the first 10 pages of blog connection, don’t Duosanliang days to write a blog, send a lot of GOOGLE will be the first K you


blog, you can go anywhere, copy a few good points, and then go to their own site copy one or two more classic original article, plus your connection,


, if you have done the above six points, then your website will be outstanding, Baidu spider, Google spider, and ensure that you update your website every day, the reason is very simple, you have a connection everywhere,


said so much, I am tired, in short, a good site not only have rich content, but also have more external connections to decorate, or not fold your website can not be what climate,


What is the prospect of China’s domain name and the advantages and disadvantages of the China domain

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      Chinese characters carrying the glorious five thousand years of civilization in China, its distinctive and broad and profound, so many foreigners praise more than. In recent years, with the growth of our country’s economy and the improvement of international status, there has been a wave of learning Chinese and Chinese characters abroad. Now, the Chinese hot popularity also spread to the Internet, has a very important role in the rapid deployment of China domain and entered the global root domain name system for domestic Internet development and promotion of national culture in the global scope of influence. "China" domain name in the future is likely to catch up with the.Com domain name, becoming the world’s largest domain name. But although there are many advantages, but there are many disadvantages, these disadvantages determine the "China" domain name of the practicality, but also determines how many users can attract in the future.

is the number of Internet users in China reached 298 million, the number of so many groups in the cultural network infrastructure services in demand is very high, Chinese want to use Chinese in Internet operation, the domain name is the same. It is under such a large background that CNNIC has started the deployment of "China" domain names. "Chinese." domain name deployment, can make people do not need to use a plug-in can enter the Chinese open URL in any browser address bar, for enterprises, Chinese huge brand value, the enterprise can register Chinese domain name to enhance corporate image and increase enterprise recognition are of great help. With the "China" domain name officially opened, it has come to our side, we should be "China" domain name expectations.

although the "China" domain name has many advantages, it is also expected. But there are also a lot of drawbacks. The stationmaster net admin5.com triumphantly to analyze ". Chinese drawbacks" domain name.

1. The restriction of the character of Chinese characters leads to the fact that the domain name is not practical,

we all know that Chinese characters are hieroglyphics, and they differ greatly from alphabetic letters such as english. The Internet domain name has always been the English alphabet standard, the Chinese domain name does not meet the URL link standards. Therefore, the Chinese domain name on the page can not be used as hyperlinks, which is extremely inconvenient for the Internet users who are accustomed to clicking on hyperlinks and opening web pages.


enter the URL will be a bit strange, Chinese and English mixed together is a bit strange, such as www.. Chinese, stationmaster net and the English Chinese mixed together, not only when the input to switch the input method is not convenient to say, even very pretty. The email address looks more awkward, such as @ triumphantly NetEase, this address is more or less neither fish nor fowl.

it is easy for Chinese people to recognize Chinese domain names, but it is quite difficult to use them in the world. It is impossible for foreigners to go to Chinese classes to popularize Chinese characters. And Chinese characters, Chinese and foreigners will have difficulties, like the usual use of mobile phones, the author’s father will not only call

Precautions for daily maintenance after Guangzhou website construction

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years of practical experience, according to Xie Guangzhou website construction, the majority of enterprises in Guangzhou in the initial site of the website and not much understanding, not even the basic concept, after all gehangrugeshan, especially a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises, the first time the website construction is often just a try, just a few simple page only, very little the website information, technical content, plus the Guangzhou website construction company so uneven in quality fish, their role in the network business enterprise website operation is not obvious. As we know, the website construction is a process of continuous improvement, so that Guangzhou enterprise website update process should pay attention to what, in order to make the site fully play its role today? Thanks, on this issue, simply talk about three points:

first, the content of the website,

visit Internet, we will find that the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises website Division to the agreement, the company profile, product / service, contact, in the format design is basically is on the left and right columns columns, etc., which seems to be a kind of inertial mode of website construction, website construction company website in Guangzhou the design of most enterprises, it is true, after all, this relatively is not the most important, and the content of the website is more priority among priorities. For example: when the site in the introduction of the product or service, whether from the perspective of customer to introduce customer care products? What? The product or service to dispel the doubts of customers to what extent? Whether there is affinity site content, can quickly pull close the distance with the customer? Is there a customer the most want to know the problem of the website, the website product classification is convenient to browse to the customers the most direct the most important new products? We often say that the customer is God, so do your website should also stand in the customer point of view to think about what to put on the website, and can at a glance, but not to flip turn to page a lot of zhaolaizhaoqu found in the corner of the page.

2, site technology

should be noted that the technology is only a means, is the basis of technology or tools, it is often the case: the use of advanced technology of web design program, the enterprise also spent a lot of money, but in fact the function of the realization of the other way, very low input can be achieved but the enterprise does not understand these. Xie Ke has been engaged in six years of construction sites in Guangzhou, has been the price in the first place, some customers will question me: this website or the animation program, you can do more exquisite and more advanced, why don’t you help me to do it, I told them, you just use a template for the establishment of the cost to enjoy the self-help manual programming, the station of "code of professional website construction service, of course I can do more fine and perfect, but the cost may increase a lot, therefore, I recommend that customers are a cost-effective first web site planning scheme, stand in the customer point of view to think, want to do the best with the least thing money.

3, website interaction,

Is the

site implemented with guest >?

What is the success of King Wang How exactly is the map king made

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a few days ago in the study of graph king, collected a lot about graph king do stand experience, including the optimization, promotion, and other people. Then the idea of a special germination figure the king stood together, figure king from 05 years to all of our new and old station up to the present, let more novice quickly become veteran, let more veteran faster to become the next king figure. I read those big, also has some ideas about what a successful graph king. So there is today’s article.

graph king, we give praise: the most generous network personal webmaster, even by many webmaster known as the boss. Not only let the founder of the webmaster network at one fell swoop to become China’s webmaster favorite home, but also helped countless small webmaster growth. He has become the spiritual leader of the Chinese stationmaster, and has become the godfather of Chinese stationmaster. And how did all this come from? What did the king do with today’s success? I have my opinion.

one, figure Wang’s interpersonal network

as everyone knows, figure king before founding the network owners, do 7 years after he had come from the website, China personal webmaster market veteran, has done more than 300 sites, from hyip to cybersquatting, from television to the service industry, he tried, have experienced, they all failed. I believe that in these years of ups and downs, the king of the most harvested, in addition to know what the road is not through, but also harvested thousands of webmaster trust, understanding, respect. Now stationmaster net has become one of the most Chinese, love home network I think all of this is to give him our webmaster friends, is the result of our group belongs to the "network graph king" webmaster friends collective power.

some people may disdain: obviously webmaster network itself is a very good community, so will attract us to come over, we will come to see news every day, do business.

have you ever known that at the beginning of the line, the stationmaster didn’t show "the spirit of the emperor", or even a little popularity?. Most of his members had been friends with the help and kindness of Wang, who belonged to the king’s circle. With the king of fame growing, more and more influential, the figure of the king’s interpersonal network more and more webmaster, it will promote the webmaster network to the first big circle of domestic forward.

The specific content of

‘s famous Metcalf principle is: the economic value of a network = the square of the number of users. Graph king obviously knows this, that graph King Trading Forum webmaster must rely on people to promote prosperity. So he often help small and medium-sized webmaster, regardless of size, as long as there is demand, the king must be. (of course, the graph king generous, is not shown to promote his webmaster network, but the origin of the graph king inner quality, this is great, is graph king graph king reason can a very successful weight. Hence, the figure of Wang’s interpersonal network became larger and larger, and the economic value of the network appeared

How to join the three brothers Noodles with Soy Bean Paste

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Remember that

did not graduate, a few of us will meet a buddy to a street snack noodles to eat noodle Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, tahina fragrance, a lead a person to endless aftertastes. Noodles with Soy Bean Paste in the northern area of our country is a very popular delicacy, has a large consumer market. In recent years, the economic development is not very good, more entrepreneurs are turning to the lower threshold of the venture to join the project. Noodles with Soy Bean Paste became the choice of many investors, in many brands, the three brothers Noodles with Soy Bean Paste is a suitable for small and medium-sized investment choice, joined the project to make money? The following Xiaobian introduce.

The three

brothers Noodles with Soy Bean Paste join?

flexible and simple operation. A few meters can operate only three brothers Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, are operating in many schools, stations and other crowded places. There is no time limit, can sell every day, with every meal can eat, many consumers. Occupy an important position in the minds of consumers.

join low cost. Many people join in time, will consider a cost problem, a lot of brand to join the cost is very high, not suitable for business, the three brothers Noodles with Soy Bean Paste is dedicated to the franchisee to build the project, join the cost as long as a few million yuan, will be able to join, is a small investment venture project.

high brand awareness. Three brother Noodles with Soy Bean Paste pursuit of innovation, highlighting its own characteristics in the practice of varieties. The development of soup, fried noodles, fried noodles, a bowl of fried noodles, fried bean sauce powder, three silk, hundreds of varieties of rice noodles. The Noodles with Soy Bean Paste and local culture combine to better adapt to the local market development, after many years of hard work has formed a very high market visibility.

such a good venture capital projects in the current market is really very small, to join the money is no doubt. Is also a very worthwhile investment projects, in the future is a very promising industry.

2016 open home textile store profit analysis business opportunities

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In fact, there are a lot of people value

home textile industry, because we do not have a home textile shop when there is no season, the operation is not divided into cold and warm, regardless of season sales, the four seasons can be hot. The following analysis for you, the four seasons of home textiles business.

1, spring: spring and autumn, summer thin by the hot season. With the rise of the global temperature, the cold winter seems to be getting shorter and shorter, especially in the south of the people obviously feel the winter is a hot summer. It is in the summer thin by the Xia Liangpin, including air conditioning, mat, mosquito nets, bedding products sold, everyone in the summer to prepare. Of course, in the spring, the spring is also a lot of people choose to get married do wine because of the season, when the wedding bed is the best-selling product, at the same time, the marriage room layout of marriage can also drive the kit and core products sales.

2, the summer is seemingly bedding sales in the off-season, in fact, people are still in the process of invasion and resist the hot summer will continue to buy some Liangpin, such as bamboo fiber mat, air cooler is more comfortable and so on. At the same time also for   October wedding season bedding. Of course, a lot of smart businesses can also clear inventory, and do anti season sale, will be more inventory of the old winter is more appropriate price to sell out, which can also drive the sales of the suite of products.

3, the autumn season, warm season, was also a good season sales of core products and sanding class. The wool quilt, duvet as the representative of the warm winter will be welcomed by markets, and sanding class kit products will also be sold, these warm product prices are relatively high, can occupy a large share of the annual sales of textile shop. This is the end of the year, wallet drum, it is time to treat yourself. Therefore, there are more money to invest in the home of this piece, changing bedding is also more willing than usual.

In fact,


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Psychological preparation before starting a business

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chose to do it alone in the entrepreneurial market, then the entrepreneurial preparation must be done in place, especially before the psychological preparation work to do in place, the need to further understand how their input.

employed in the company of others, salary will be a guarantee; and in the individual enterprises, even if you have already started to make money, not sure what time can have income. You need to work on financial capital and have to deposit in case the account is overdue.

employed, you can use the stationery without restraint, because you do not need to consider the source of the problem; and in the individual enterprise, you will know how to save money, pay attention to save money, carefully using a variety of equipment, in case of failure. Once a fault occurs, you must be patient and wait for the repairman to repair it. Then you will understand "do not see us alone" the truth, because you are spending their own money.

(2) status. At the time of employment, if you have a company car, people always think of you as more important than a person who owns a private car, which has little to do with personal business.

How to open up information sharing platform in Meishan

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in the process of economic development, the reception of external information, can effectively keep up with the pace of development of the times, to promote their own development! This time, in order to change the status quo of Meishan’s poor information, the relevant measures have been taken. So, how to get through the information sharing platform in Meishan? The following and Xiaobian together with a specific understanding.

public security organs have a Skynet system, urban management department has a monitoring system…… Various departments to establish their own information platform is the current model, and in Meishan, there are 19 such industry application platform. Because there is no connection between the platforms, like an information island".

6 month 30 days, reporters from the Meishan Municipal Committee was informed by letter, the city recently issued the "construction project of large data center in Meishan" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), the establishment of large data center coverage in the city will be in accordance with the "mechanism of enterprise investment, government support, business operations, industry linkage", trying to get through the current the "information island".

"this is a broader vision, deeper thinking process." The City Commission by letter, deputy director of Ho Jian said, from the beginning of 2012, Meishan is in the exploration of the construction of digital Meishan · wisdom Meishan project, in 2013 launched a top-level planning, and through government procurement of services, the construction and operation of digital archives, urban management, public health and other 19 industry application platform.

, such as friends dating dinner, by logging in digital Meishan geographic information platform, the phone will automatically show the shortest path to the place to eat." "But as the leading sector research, we also found some problems." He Jian said that the industry is not connected to the application platform, on the one hand, a wide range of hardware facilities, the annual municipal departments IT equipment investment and operating costs are tens of millions of dollars. On the other hand, the information is not familiar with each platform.

, for example, the urban management department needs to look at some of the scope of the monitoring blind spot information needs to be specifically to the public security organs to assist the transfer, very troublesome." "The construction of digital communication system connecting the information platform in Meishan is an urgent need to develop." He Jian admits. To this end, in September last year, Meishan, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places to study large data centers.

in accordance with the "plan", Meishan intends to build industrial park as the carrier, the large data center (i.e., cloud computing and information resources management center) based e-government application platform, public service platform for integration, economic integration operation management service platform and the city’s comprehensive platform for supporting "a garden center four platform, to provide for multi domain service based smart government, digital urban management, comprehensive emergency, safe city, intelligent transportation, smart people etc.. Among them, the application of e-government first, step by step. At the same time, recommend