What is the anchor text and hyperlinks and text links

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on the link anchor text and URL difference before, first say what is the anchor text.

anchor text belongs to a hyperlink, because whether it is clickable text or click on the link, are all hyperlinks. In a broad range, click on the picture, mail and so on are all hyperlinks, but in the chain of this range, only the clickable text or web site called hyperlinks. A hyperlink can use target= "_blank" strong, changes its appearance, color, open etc..

and hyperlink hyperlink to text links can improve the probability to attract spider crawling, will increase the weight of the target site, and retains the possibility of filtering small, not easy to be deleted the benefits of greater than the possibility of some text links.

anchor text, links, text links these three links, their role is to improve the site weight and ranking, but because of its different forms, or the effect is not the same, following the stainless steel pipe fitting for example, give details form a respective.

concluded: Although the effect of anchor text, hyperlinks and text links to three forms of the chain have differences, but here to remind a man, in the release process, three kinds of links as much as possible should be released, must not only release a, because the chain should pay attention to diversity, only in the Internet, many different sites (of course related industry best) and various different forms of praise you, your site will become a leader in the web site.

next, about the chain effect of the three links.

the text links to start, the main effect is the text links can improve the site’s weight in Shanghai Chinese love this link is called correlation domain (using the domain instruction, while the search) has proved as text links can attract the spider crawling, but the effect is far from the hyperlink and anchor text effect. Text links there is a benefit, is released on the website filtering may be low, relatively easy to be deleted.

what is the anchor text, hyperlinks and text links? Any chain personnel must come into contact with the anchor text, hyperlinks, the three concepts of text links, if you observe carefully you will find the same and different points of the three.

anchor text, the most effective form of links in the chain, its main effect is: three, increase weight, attract spider to improve the keywords ranking, of course also includes guide visitors (click hyperlink also has this effect). The anchor text, than the above two links are more than a very effect: Shanghai dragon need to improve the keywords ranking. If the release of the site is A, the link to the target site is B, and the anchor text in the text is "Shanghai dragon", then the hyperlink is A B is a good web site, so the anchor text is said A B is a good site in Shanghai Longfeng area.

Interpretation of Shanghai dragon industry four chaos

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chaos two: Shanghai dragon industry blundering vogue

from the Shanghai dragon 1 keyword stuffing time to Shanghai dragon 2 chain for the emperor’s times and today we say Shanghai Dragon 3 focus on the user experience of the era. China Shanghai Longfeng industry experienced a long 6, 7 years of slow development process. In western developed countries and mature industry compared to our Chinese Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng industry is only in its infancy. Although I contact Shanghai dragon in this industry is not a long time but has deep feelings to the development of this industry chaos.

we all know that the white hat Shanghai dragon takes a step steadily, to optimize a website or keywords of the long time. A lot of manpower and financial resources needed during this period, which determines the high cost of white Shanghai Longfeng, optimize a keyword >

Shanghai dragon industry impetuous wind is decided by the characteristics of the industry itself. Shanghai dragon knows the industry threshold is low, you don’t need a high school education, do not need you to understand a lot of network programming knowledge, as many training institutions to play out the slogan of "zero based learning Shanghai dragon". Many people learn a few days in Shanghai dragon feel without what good learn, think Shanghai dragon is nothing more than the content and the chain. I feel now is a Shanghai dragon master, and everywhere people brag about themselves really understand Shanghai dragon. Really want to understand the essence of Shanghai dragon must go to combat, when you learn the Shanghai dragon operate their own a website optimization keywords, you will know Shanghai dragon we do not want so simple. Our Shanghai dragon veteran Cardiff, ZAC and Wang Tong, they are after their many years of combat, after years of search engines before groping summed up a lot of skills in the areas of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. Their success is not on the mouth, but the bullets out of practice.

in recent years, Shanghai dragon has been paid more and more attention, large and small Shanghai dragon service training company also appeared such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Some people haven’t learned Shanghai Longfeng months feel Shanghai Longfeng their level is very high, so a few people would set up a company began to engage in training or to other companies to provide services. The result is the quality of service is poor, their own strength is not strong how to give others to provide quality services? Acceptance of such service companies or training individuals also suffer, Voices of discontent. Another consequence of the innumerable Shanghai Longfeng service training company which is playing the "price war", a lot of small Shanghai dragon service company in order to reduce the price of the orders constantly, and the strength of the Shanghai dragon service training company is dismal performance. The entire industry into a vicious spiral… ..

chaos three: black hat Shanghai Longfeng disaster caused by flooding water

: one of the chaos in Shanghai Longfeng service level is uneven, harsh competitive environment.

Optimization of A5 group the festival is approaching whether the site had Spring Festival

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second: the chain increase audit

is perhaps the same year because new, recently did a lot of search engines seem to move on the web site of the chain. An example of binary observation yesterday, I do not know whether it is accidental, the previous A5 forum released the chain included is very fast, all the points are recognized as the webmaster. After yesterday released the two links, about half an hour has not been included. Is the beginning of the spider walk not to open it, or the chain rules have changed? Link although the final was included, but compared to the past, slow down a lot, this is also a point of observation. In addition, the recent search engine has obvious "eat" the phenomenon of chain, the chain has been, always cannot see the phenomenon of the increase too much, the website ranking fell or related. Finally, the binary in Shanghai love to know to do a test, found that "could not add links related information", if added directly by the audit. I do not know is not individual? Webmaster friends also can do a test, control and adjust the search engine of the foreign chain increased up.

The above two

third: cheating detection to deepen

site ill? The Spring Festival approaching, according to the optimization of A5 (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝 group of Shanghai dragon) investigation: recently many sites in Shanghai ranked in love there is a serious decline in key phenomenon, these sites in the past most still have a relatively good ranking. Webmaster, do you find this point? In this way, the author thinks: the Spring Festival approaching, search engines or web site rules or change, today it summarizes some binary case website brief analysis of your point of view:

2012 of your

respectively from the website content, the chain do some analysis, in addition to the binary network also found that search engine rules also had a lot of changes, such as:

binary site and not to cheat, but recently several parallel site is down right, but the binary got a conclusion: the website search engine that cheat. Why do you say so? There are five or six sites of binary mutual Links series. In this.

: the first update frequency disturbance

Spring Festival is approaching, many websites have begun the final finishing works, so the "update disorder" phenomenon. But every month the first 2012 months of the year at the beginning of the month, the author thinks that the search engine may happen a little change in the rules, so there is a part of the site right down the search engine. With a talent network writer for example, usually updated in about 20 pages or so, ranking is always stable, because in recent years, a few days to return home, so to speed up the update frequency, so now every update is about 40 pages, the search engine is always in the last seconds of the station. Included 3 days is down right. Of course, this is just a short right down, and will not affect the long-term. In the past, or this rule also exists, but it is understood that in the near future was obvious.

Do three points will no longer be the search engine of K station

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first, want to have a good web site in the search engine, there must be a stable space. "Home to thrive", do stand is the same, a stable "home" for a website is very important. A good website, if space is often not open, or IP address often change, want to search engines where a good performance is simply not possible. If you are to catch up with the big update to love Shanghai, and your space is not open, it is likely that search engines will be on hand to die you. Furthermore the stability of the space is also a necessary condition to improve user friendliness, imagine a registered user when you visit your site, once open he can endure, but if recurrent in a wait state, even if you no matter how good the content you are "sticky" do not believe in him. So, at the beginning of the site, we must choose a good space, and do not tangle in the price of space, if just a little cheaper to buy a waste of space, we do work in the future may become meaningless. "Great oaks from little acorns grow., stable space is the foundation of our success.

again, home of < title> tag contents do not often change. The webmaster all know, we are working hard to find the main keywords are added on the front page of < title> < /title>, this is Shanghai dragon er a hotly contested spot, is also the place where the most valued love Shanghai. If we change the contents of which it will make search engines at a loss, it is not clear whether this is what ". When it is unclear.

second, change of template search engine is often not the love. In general, the completion of a new station was under a lot of effort, but the pursuit of beauty is everlasting. Too many owners in the process of the maintenance of the website, is fond of his original choice for CMS, but see the exquisite template other sites, but always changing. But often the change pattern is not changed, every time the template might provoke search engine K station, even if luck has not been K, it is a pen in the search engine punishment there, the search engine on the web is often composed of quantitative accumulation and make, every mistake operation we are to be punished in the Road near a step. So the right way is, at the beginning of the site will choose a template, and then never abandon the walk, sometimes really want to change, do some small changes, did not touch the punishment mechanism for the premise of the love of Shanghai.

station is the growth in the twists and turns ahead, in their continuous process of exploration, all may have been K off site experience. In the face of their own K off the site, some owners find some calm analysis, and webmaster laugh, all have a kind of search engine is helpless, after all, Shanghai dragon Er rely on search engine to eat, so we should find out what kind of website is easy to be K, and the enemy to battle not dangerous.

On the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization method of writing (a)

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The quality of The

is more than that of the existing Shanghai Longfeng website optimization process, through the above ten methods, the website of Shanghai Longfeng project basically completed, of course, the specific circumstances of each site is different, according to the specific conditions of the existing web site, we again on the website of Shanghai Longfeng scheme for objective analysis and summary, basically a qualified Shanghai dragon website optimization scheme came out.

lot of Shanghai Longfeng website optimization scheme will ignore the safety of the contents of this website, the website security is related to the normal operation of the site, so we should regard the website security in Shanghai Longfeng site optimization scheme, should pay attention to.

7, through the analysis and calculation of the site keywords ranking data in time, thus making the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization schedule, determine the various stages of the work site.

8, through the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization schedule, determine the various stages of the work site, is the site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of human arrangement, starting from the actual resources that we have arranged the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of manpower, time and emergency plan.

internal links is the focus of the website optimization, we should do the flattening of the chain web site, the site within the chain is more in line with the search engine rankings habits.

is our analysis of Web log file search engine, web logs through the analysis we can draw the traces of search engines in our website activities, for the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng guide.

3, the internal links website directory outside


of the existing site of Shanghai dragon "

6, the external links of data statistics and the competition website data analysis

2, website directory Shanghai dragon

10, Shanghai dragon website optimization scheme summary.

5, do web log analysis and link analysis of harmful

website optimization Shanghai Longfeng writing scheme is very important, whether it is their own website or Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon receive chanbang people do optimization, write a good feasibility of Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme is necessary. The website of Shanghai Longfeng scheme of the how to write it? To pay attention to what the problem? See below.

This article is mainly about the

keyword is a site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization focus, from the application of website keywords to re-examine the website is a good website optimization scheme based in Shanghai dragon.

9, website security considerations

site in Shanghai Longfeng program written:


directory is an important part of the site within the chain, a reasonable set of directory is the key to the success of Shanghai dragon website optimization.

1, home key diagnosis, the existing site of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis

The existing

4, the diagnosis of website content relevance and content

The diagnosis of

Love Shanghai algorithm how to quickly adapt to the changing station

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decide on what path to follow?

recently, love Shanghai has been doing the "reform", every webmaster are concerned about this change. After the reform, the webmaster is beneficial or harmful? In fact, for this problem we basically just ignore, because no matter how Shanghai love change, as long as the head of the us with a heart in every station must be effective. Love Shanghai so successful, but also experienced ten years of hard work to. So, to do Shanghai dragon Er station, keep a good attitude.

in fact, only from the Shanghai Dragon technology, it is enough for you to write one day. But small and not all day to write these, so here only to Shanghai dragon soft and keywords ranking two aspects to talk about personal views, I hope there will be more Shanghai dragon Er to join the queue, together to promote and maintain Shanghai dragon industry market sustainable development.

today, news sources on many articles are basically Shanghai dragon ER in order to send the chain and release, or go to the A5 station on the Internet or reproduced, casually picking, or is the East meets West manufactured articles, completely without any original. In such a miserable article, actually will be the news source, it is worrying: the future of Shanghai dragon


said Shanghai dragon and mentality are closely related? On the surface, Shanghai dragon Er daily work is to rank, in order to flow, which can not be denied. But there is no doubt: attitude decides success or failure! If we only want to make their web site for search engine break "favor" and ignore the user experience and true feelings. So in small series, the webmaster and very tired, it is impossible to enjoy happiness within, do stop the fun. Because "blindly cater to others, their own freedom must be bound by. On the contrary, even if you are a rookie webmaster, do stand in when actually to the user experience as the basis, then you will be able to achieve the "flying day I can fly in this field" Shanghai dragon, after all, the search engine ranking ultimately depends on the user experience.

1, the content is king: This is the webmaster recognized criterion, site is not just so simple every day, high quality original content is the most critical. Try to write each article, determined not to copy". If you need to do is large, pre acquisition, then allowed, but later still according to the site, try to update some high quality original content. Even if writing is not "gorgeous", as long as it is original, than >

Why is

webmaster to each place to post, the administrator will be always as "spam"? From the news source in the Donews section, we can see a lot of water paste, which is Sereo to do Shanghai dragon and do. Because of this, in the news source of the soft release, we can see the new Shanghai Dragon technology exchange post basically has all gone.

Hyperlink alliance seems to be running on the foot of the league, vice buckle listSun Hongbin denied

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source: Beijing News

from the founder of Jia Yueting’s "ecological reverse", "blindfolded driving" to Liang Jun said "optimization adjustment" and "narrow the front", as the music development strategy in full swing ushered in 180 degrees change.

Liang Jun in May 16th to accept the Beijing News, including the media interview, so expressed his understanding of the ecology. Liang Jun said, not only for the music as the TV music video service television, music TV is an open closed loop ecosystem, the future Chinese all video sites are music video partners, to provide users with services > Super TV

compared with the breaking boundaries and full flowering of the times, Liang Jun is more willing to talk about his ecological closed loop around the "super TV".

May 22nd, LETV general manager Liang Jun said in an interview with CCTV financial channel, LETV system organizational structure will be further optimized and adjusted, secondly to narrow the business front, before the change of the pattern of all-round development.

"what am I supposed to control? Tired or not?". I never do other people’s work. I only do my own work. This is the old system of listed LETV Jia’s half life, but also my half life, so I will tube." "Some people say I want to take the place of Jia Yueting. I feel very interesting, why should I replace him? I can not replace, their team in the industry has accumulated considerable experience, in May 22nd, the financial record of shareholders meeting, according to media questions, Sun Hongbin responded on the financial record so he will replace Jia Yueting’s guess.

What would Jia Yueting lose without "

a few days ago, Liang Jun has said that from now on, super TV in the entire channel sales functions return, music as new. In the future, Liang Jun will direct the sale of television business, while the music as a function of television sales, unified into the music as a new, as the television related sales team will be directly managed by Liang Jun.

      usually accompanied by a few small things, DHC’s recommendation can be done, although not long ago, but for my small station, performance can also be. But before the first payment, advertisers run off. The advertiser is the hyperlink alliance www.pluslink.cn, not only with the money absconded, and even no contact has been left, the site has been 4 days today can not open. This is also my first encounter on foot league. If there is also a hyperlink with the brothers here, you can check this address, see if you can find relevant people, etc.:

      yesterday contacted Admin5 poison, reflecting some of the annoying things these days, involving two ad alliances. Before I get down to business, let me talk about my advertisement.

      the link above comes from sh419 snapshots.


, "ecological anti three block theory", the future is different,

      of course, hyperlinks are just a small league that started last year, and Dangdang is a big league, but it’s so unethical. The first to sell Dangdang books, through the hyperlink, the Union’s custom connection to do, hyperlinks running on foot, naturally replaced by Dangdang union code to do. Someone might ask, why didn’t you use Dangdang’s code directly? The reason is very simple, from last year Dangdang alliance in behind the plate Wangzhuan disappeared, no one seems to Dangdang alliance is responsible for liaison and support. No one in the mailbox

resigned as general manager of music network in Jia Yueting positions, music as a new person in charge of Liang Jun took over, the rapid emergence of the industry sound, Jia Yueting era as the end of the music, a new era has come. In two of the shareholders under the auspices of Sun Hongbin LETV, founder Jia Yueting believes in "ecological" in thin steering, LETV, music to new music studios, a new core, and music as sports, easy to cool, and other peripheral platform bleak.

      in fact, he is a small webmaster, advertising costs per month will be a thousand pieces, I believe that one day will break through the target. Now do the longest is Adsense, the unit price is still good, then Ali alliance out, and made YAHOO bidding, and this year began the sh419 theme. Although some of these alliances have good, but also said bad, but personally feel that they mature technology, operation process is very strong, but also rely on them. Because at least they won’t be on the run, and they won’t be blatantly demanding or dropping orders, or they won’t do that.

Jia Yueting era, LETV system including the Internet and cloud music content, music as sports, music, mobile phone, TV, super super super car, LETV Internet Financial Ecological seven, denotation is constantly expanding, such as the music consumption area network network etc..

Sun Hongbin denied replacing Jia Yueting, but the music as the ecology is in accordance with its plans to achieve step by step; music, sports, easy to, cool and so on, facing downsizing

      address: Shenzhen City, modern city of Nanshan District Hua Ting 6 Building 1 unit 10D
      E-mail: pluslink@pluslink.cn zip code: 518054
      Tel: 0755-86228167 Fax: 0755-86228197
      Guangdong ICP No. 06100036      

A beauty webmaster at the beginning of the webmaster

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is popular in modern society called for female beauty, known as handsome boys, and I was not beautiful is the former, I also called true beauty, ha ha! You hotties you today more handsome more beautiful? No matter how or enter the theme to give a talk on my first experience webmaster. This is wealth, ha!


in fact, I never thought I would do what stationmaster, but because dear to him, he responsible for the work attitude, work for pay, let me have an infection, I think he can do it, why can’t I improve myself, more closer to me and her distance? So then I can consider to get a forum to organize, to get his support.

My name is

Forum: 3S women Forum (address: http://www.3swz.cn), was launched in June 17th, when I first saw the website forum is very happy, feel like I see hope. But then how can I put this forum to do? How to let people know my forum? What should I do now? These problems are starting to make me a headache, then ask some friends to know the contents of the forum is a trump card, he constantly updated content, to do Links, let go the major search engines to my forum, but also the optimization of SEO….. Wait, I know I was confused that, how I want to update the content, I a person to slowly post? Links how? Where? How to make search engines to my forum? What is SEO? All these questions I don’t know, how should I do only? Continue to consult an expert, and later in a QQ group and I met a very patient with years of friends, he told me a lot of experience, he called me every day to write text, write valuable soft Wen to some large sites, such as Admin5. Digg, he said it would bring a lot of traffic, but also insist on natural search engine will search records of my station, there is to constantly update my forum content, or a word, content is king. I am now working hard every day to write some valuable articles published, must adhere to.

there is to do Links problem, because my forum began, to find the major points of the forum Links is impossible, I called every day to find the other forum Links is impossible for me, because I did not have the time and patience, and short sight to effect. So I did not choose that way, last night that friend told me to ask me to buy friendship links to do, want to come this way can also, small investment quick results, intend to post today, go out to buy some links.

well, I will stop here, remember to do very tired, a lot of things to learn, a lot of things we need to do, but as long as your head open, all the work carried out, it proves that you are already on the road, would not be profitable.

Experience tells you that in the short run, it is not reliable to put DSR scores above industry valu

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    in a March meeting of the company on how to improve the three dynamic score, the shop we also put forward some though each one airs his own views, suggestions, but to put these three dynamic score higher than the industry average do, in fact, is a systematic project, only to understand the impact of the logic behind and environment, analysis of the buyer psychology, will it be possible to simplify complex things.

, first of all, tell us about our store.

Before we go

shop sales model, every time through low-cost way to do promotional activities, 1 yuan limit seckill 10 dress or coat, and then put some money for goods and 90 percent off sales sold hundreds of pieces, it increased to 80 percent off. Through the car drainage is also through 1 yuan spike of money to do, so that a short period of time to collect a lot of popularity and traffic. Although each activity can achieve good results, but 15 days after the pre-sale can not be shipped on time, and some even almost a month before delivery. The speed of delivery was 4.6 points, through these activities, not on time delivery, customer service often one day will face more than 200 buyers expediting, but buyers have to wait so long time to receive the goods, even if the quality is good, also because of the influence of emotion to the poor, so the speed of delivery when the lowest down to 4.4 points, if less than this value will be suspended promotion through train. Other descriptions, scores, and service attitude scores remained at around 4.7.

based on this premise, the shops, whether applied for official double 11 activities or other small activities, can not be approved for this reason. Therefore, the importance of these three dynamic scores is self-evident.

, and in the eyes of buyers, are very much valued this indicator. Many of the girls are often online shopping or customer service, when sharing experience, whether single, three dynamic score first depends on the store value is much higher than the industry value are generally more strength and credibility of the guarantee, will not hesitate to order. This is from the buyer’s point of view to understand.

since these three dynamic scores are so important, what should we do to improve


in the March plan, each department’s main task was to develop dynamic scoring around it.

from the point of view of art, they think: every baby description will have official data provided by Tmall, according to this data, baby described optimization can start from the following aspects.


1, "everybody writes," green is one of the key scoring effect, this is related to the parameters of the product, material, good communication and sales buyers need to provide more accurate data to describe the optimization with baby. Make baby description more objective accepted by customers.

< >

Korean dress good Korean dress shop name Daquan

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South Korea women’s clothing store is many female friends of the dream, the first to marry a nice shop shop, business will be more prosperous, the whole network of small finishing the latest good Korean dress shop Daquan for you, for your reference shop!




can beg Carlisle


GefeishidiAccording to


fashion clothes

clothing agentThe

tideThe original


goddess extraordinary house

in Amoy

element girl fashion store


‘s distribution

empress Shu Qi

large coffee

Mary commoner

Yu Mei

interpretation: Mei words represent the dress woman’s charming; Royal said with a woman’s dress is a symbol of strong woman identity. Two words will seem to feel the clothes on the shop will have a woman’s tenderness and domineering, the name looks very atmospheric, it is easy to understand.



interpretation: this name is very suitable, imagine a group of beautiful girls wear beautiful fashion shop in the street by a shadow, really makes people confused. Does this shop not only chic, called the ring, but also is the popular vocabulary, is likely to attract a large number of potential customers through the search.