Shanghai Longfeng need to place the position and return is proportional to the ability of forever

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effect and positive work attitude, the mentality of the absolute can help us to learn more and get more. As a simple example, many new Adsense encounter problems, the first thought is to find a senior, this is a good way of learning, but is too dependent on the predecessors is wrong. Novice webmaster if positive thinking will find any problems encountered can be found in the search engine, if you are not sure the answer is correct or not, you can also find such predecessors confirmed that learning is the fastest.

of course does not rule out some owners are not confident, for their own understanding of the Shanghai dragon skills can not fully play its value, to improve returns. So many examples, I have several side, remember one of my friends in my encouragement, has received the treatment of promotion in the company, of course the most important thing is the mentality of his pendulum is very, very serious, very good to complete website optimization task does not say, also for the company to do the extra a lot of work.

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The Shanghai dragon, is the most real sentiment through our technology to all, but more in-depth understanding of the wonderful Shanghai dragon, more for Shanghai Longfeng environment now worry, because many of the Shanghai dragon staff by some so-called experts or professional training institutions for the brain washing, the Shanghai dragon the work is too easy, for the Shanghai dragon heavy industry technical content is too simple, no serious positive attitude to meet the challenges of Shanghai dragon, there is a problem for many novice Shanghai Longfeng expectations very high, also hope to help Shanghai Longfeng on shortcut high income, but does not know always return and the capacity is proportional to, and ability is mostly hard and hard results. Today the virtual son rain on this issue to talk about their own views.

2, Shanghai Longfeng income must know how much to pay

1, Shanghai Longfeng workers need to place the position and attitude of

pay and return is always a mainstream talk about problems, in many webmaster forums or related websites, we will see how many webmaster for around Shanghai Longfeng wage expectations, obviously the big city income will be higher, and some statistics for Shanghai Longfeng workers wages are high, this gives a lot of Shanghai Dragon Technology insecure friend an illusion, also gave a lot of novice too much fantasy. In fact, many beginners Shanghai Longfeng work closely is part of a very simple, is not the real Shanghai dragon, such as the Commissioner of the chain.

for Shanghai Longfeng workers, mostly not our technology and experience to hinder our progress, but our mentality problem. I contacted many webmaster, they do in Shanghai Longfeng his own position is very high, super confident, think they have a good grasp of the Shanghai dragon skills, but in the event of Shanghai dragon problem a little more difficult to solve, and then choose to give up, or not to active learning ask the solution.

Simply a rapid increase in the chain efficiency

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yes, you guessed it, the 30% is the content of the chain. Whether you have the chain method how well, if you have the content on the Internet this disaster caused by flooding water, so the chain efficiency will be greatly reduced. Just imagine, if you go to Shanghai I love search this article, if only I a meet the requirements of the search, did you have a chance to more than 95% to read my article? But if you search out to meet the requirements of the search results are more than 30, while my article ranked in tenth I think after you read this article.


results are frustrating? No doubt you have learned or accumulated the experience of the chain is not wrong, if you master the chain method and tips, you already have 70%. Today, I put the rest of the 30% I will not teach you, but it is a long and minute statement, very simple, a minute to fix, and you don’t need to do anything to pay. So you can rest assured.

first look at our chain method. The so-called high quality is the chain to high weight high traffic site to contribute, then we get the chain, in most of the Webmaster Platform are used in this way is? But you also find, the high quality of the chain is not easy to get, you have to have good content and with the classification of manuscripts submitted to the site, but also limit the manuscript starting time in 3 days, and, most importantly, if you write the article is not very good, so when your article after a web release, it is very difficult to get through in other webmasters. Is

this case, many owners will turn to the next, turn to some other weight is not very high but for the construction of the chain is still valid on the platform, such as the classification of information website, B2B website and forum community like, in order to achieve the effect of the chain Many a little make a mickle. Do you think what is the way of the chain on these platforms? Classification information platform is used to do a business / company introduction in a classification? Community forums are accustomed to copy other platform articles and then add their own links for the B2B website published? No what to say, is nothing more than a fill in lots of personal / corporate information, then the URL in the specified column plus…… If you practice this, then congratulations, you have found the missing 30% where

you may have read a lot about how to do the high quality of the chain, the chain is very clear and even better understand what platform do, you may do well in the construction of the chain process, but when the chain you make in your view are included and ranking, you may be surprised to find the chain: you do have that efficiency is so low, even less than 50%! If you don’t believe, can probably estimate the chain within a week so much what you do, the chain number and then go to Shanghai this time love Webmaster Platform check you do increase look, how much is the proportion of.

The website is different size large web station optimization

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optimization is important to typesetting: Typesetting let the spider crawling more smoothly, grab content get better ranking. Layout of the site in question the long tail ranking will be directly affected, such as the same weight and included, good layout page gets ranked much higher than the general layout of the page. An important part of reasonable use and the main influencing factors of ranking is the label is outstanding (such as left, front).


One of the most important traffic way is to a large number of large

website to get included, rely on a large number of long tail keywords to get traffic, but many large websites included are not sufficient, or even less than half, to view the IIS log tool, can also find some page problems, the spider even years did not get what. Talk about the rankings? For the web site, even if the website structure is not very good, the internal optimization is not very perfect, but can also included most of the web itself, because the content is too small, the page has the advantages of simple structure, so the collection is not difficult, but the scale of the site, included the question is no longer a simple question. From several aspects below and discuss.

: noise reduction optimization optimization is mainly to reduce redundant code, general optimization is the focus of JS and CSS, some of the garish function are removed, the JS package must be put into the JS file, change the layout of the page table become less CSS, using flash and Ajax script, you can think, if such the code used in the page template, and then if there is a 100W page, is the equivalent of adding 100W such programs, for spiders, if the page is optimized, will save a lot of time for other pages included.

URL: URL optimization optimization is not difficult, but it is meaningful, we can see more and more sites to optimize the URL structure is very simple and easy to understand, easy to grasp, especially a lot of B2C mall, before URL paths are very complex, many parameters, optimization is very good now. Although the spider grab dynamic pages, but if a static, for large website has a large number of pages, can reduce a lot of burden of the spider crawling.

optimization page: page is very important, if the site inside pages more, many pages through the page to get the spider, in general, not more than three to four clicks, if you click on the number to be able to reach, then the spiders will give up to grab and included. The general needs from the program to optimize the website page, such as a ten page after the bottom of the best flip structure of ten to one hundred; on the other hand, is through the method of small class, multi category, can reduce the number of clicks, so let the spider crawling more easily and included.

robots Optimization: that many webmaster ignored, a web site, if the function is powerful, it is likely that the same page corresponds to multiple >

Summarize some of the exchange chain and manufacturing chain method

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1, soft writing. The soft can be said to be the best way to make the chain. And there are A5 such a large platform, let us in the examination, it is natural to have a lot of. But write soft are quite difficult, sometimes spent "

1, the love of Shanghai such a search engine, to search and our promotion site correlated with a good ranking site, then enter the other side of the site, the site has general people contact. After contact to find the site, with your sincerity to communicate some of the advantages of your site to tell the owners, such as the site of a snapshot is 24 hours, the site is how much love Shanghai weight, what is the site included speed etc.. I have a site to exchange links, the other has to say the PR value of the site, then I told him that my site is the second, and truly made in an article that really is the second. He also gave me a link exchange. This is after all his skills, the site of the PR value reached 4, and I was 2. So this can exchange the weights of the site link is still very worthwhile.

exchange chain is the need to manually go to operation, and the manufacturing chain is to let others for our active manufacturing. Can be said to have a lot to learn skills.

3, add some website directory. When it comes to the website directory, the directory of website may be difficult to go in, but one, that is A5’s personal Tuiyou network, submitted 7, 8 sites in which have been approved. So we need to find a web directory, but also to find Tuiyou network like this. The advantages of this web site directory is, as long as your site is not bad, generally can get through. Also, the weight of the site directory is also very high, sometimes, even if the site directory not what weight, but also inadvertently bring IP.

manufacturing chain The

2, through the chain of exchange sites to find the correlation with our site site. You can go to a search engine search link exchange platform, to find such a platform, other platforms are a general search site search function, we can do the content is the same with us site, then to what sites are analyzed one by one, and then, to add up to QQ. This exchange generally are relatively easy, after all others in exchange for links to the information. You can also leave with the QQ such as instant communication tools, can save us to find a way to contact others site, after all, some people are leaving things such as QQ to your site.

chain as a site optimization, or one of the most important ways of website promotion. Has been in numerous studies and summarizes a Shanghai dragon er. This paper is combined with some personal experience, we summarize some foreign exchange chain and manufacturing chain method.

exchange chain



Group buying websites attract local consumers and businesses tomorrow

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in the electricity supplier in the winter under the great public opinion environment, the foundation of a thinner buy site is "bad mouthing" seems to be "politically correct."".

of course, questioned the originator of Groupon loudest group purchase website no venga market success, the market value of shares on the first day of the rally is also very good… And this is the best response to criticism of POND’S’s scam.

Of course, the future of Groupon

, who do not say, but this is only less than two years of time in the world set off the upsurge of group purchase is enough to be included in the history of the Internet; of course, the founders and investors, listed is the best way to cash in and out of the.

Compared to

and Groupon of the scenery, is the domestic group purchase website in the cold rain wind.

handle network listed suspended outside was rumored ten group purchase site may pour half; well, rice net earnings announcement from the, high investment buy user group purchase site than the electricity supplier B2C were also sad —

as the saying goes, the foundation played a little instability, not smooth is a state of extreme nervousness. fengshengheli.

even worse was kicked off after playing 24 volumes, collapse rumors can be heard without end.

Is the winter of

group buying website really arrived?


seems to have come back, looking back on the big news of the site’s website this year, most of the financing, how many branches in the country, and then how much revenue, and then financing… Followed by a variety of negative, buy fake, buy service is not good, buy site donation on foot, buy site traced to material.

is the only good news is that the website for advertising do hot group purchase a vast contribution, a variety of reselling traffic of small sites come alive, the focus is making money again, Jason back hard again.

buy site and their other electricity supplier brothers and sisters, so that Baidu and 360 of the earnings of the more and more good-looking, thank you buy sites, these reselling traffic, nothing innovative sites are growing more moisture.

then, there are friends in the industry sigh with emotion, said some pessimistic words, buy no, the group may be difficult to exist as a separate format, and so on……

Although these arguments are reasonable,

has different opinions. I have always believed that the group purchase is can exist as an independent state, but the domestic group purchase websites were probably should not go to Groupon that the large and complete format, should not go to national distribution route, "big and complete" group purchase website too utilitarian — hundreds of thousands of employees for development, group purchase website founder with these innovation is not really reliable thing, people need to accumulate the advantages of traditional industries, is a pinch.

I’ve always thought that buying websites is the best way to get into local businesses

The trump card of social shopping guide — a comprehensive analysis of micro scouring

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[core tips] in the beta of micro Amoy is what kind of product? Why does the author think it is likely to subvert the beautiful and products,


editor’s note: the author of this article is from a small group of companies (not Taobao). In this article, "we" refers to the team under which the author belongs.

The new "

Taobao wireless micro Amoy recently in the online, affects countless sellers’ attention, perhaps many people are looking forward to, want to know this heavyweight products in the end is what? Well, in the observation, interview and use after a period of time, I want to say, it is very likely that a beautiful and comprehensive subversion products.


is not ", the reason why there is such a judgment, because:

out of the resources of the big company, we have invested a lot of effort in the industry visits and user research, and have a deeper understanding of the forms of "beauty" and "";

we also intend to do a micro Amoy very similar products, but in second DEMO out, we decided to give up, because the input is too large, not small team can move immediately; but for this product once successful, can produce energy, we have a very clear understanding.

beautiful says, analyzes


first analyzes the beauty and the – – after a lot of interviews and research, we’ve identified a few of their problems:

there are not many actual users,

live in the billions of dollars of Taobao and two cases, beautiful DAU total 8-900 million (interview income) in today’s Internet, the highly developed level, watercress and other sites are known as Nikkatsu million cases, this number of users is not much; and last year’s Alexa data and interview results in the end, two PC development basically stagnant.

drain more users,

found in a large number of user surveys, the basic female users are aware of the two sites, but many people no longer use, mainly due to two areas:

lack of integrity, for example, beautiful said that there are many products are 0 comments 0 transactions, and some people charge issued, users click into the loss of interest;

style does not like, waterfall flow requirements style is more onefold, more beautiful or more fashionable, some don’t like this style of girls do not like.

category limited

‘s success was confined to the clothing category, although they all wanted to develop cosmetics and other categories, but they were not very successful.

Suitable for small business projects recommended for women

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women now have managed to become the main force of social entrepreneurship, at the same time, there are more and more women to start a business, then, in the broader business market, which have a good project for women?

now for women small business opportunities, ready to do a new era of white Formica woman, these small business opportunities for women to see Xiaobian introduce, easily become fujie! Small business opportunities unlimited!


The characteristics of

for women small business accessories to join the project

Love is not an ordinary

What are the home textile business strategy

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now, a lot of people are very valued home life, and home life can not leave home textile products. A high quality textile products for the entire family to add lights. So, do you know what kind of home textile business strategy? A good business strategy, you can make your shop business is booming.

now open the brand textile Agency began to receive attention of entrepreneurs, want to invest money is not difficult. To create a unique brand is the key to the integration of the advantages, to the greatest extent possible to gain competitive advantage, in the opening of the brand home textile agency, in the local reputation.

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The most suitable for personal low cost entrepreneurship project in 2015 the latest project

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entrepreneurial wealth has now become a lot of people’s ideal, and in the society, is also very positive to promote people to entrepreneurship and wealth, but also to remind everyone in the business should find a good and rich entrepreneurial projects, so as to create the road farther and farther.

two, entrepreneurial projects on paper animation city

paper animation City products can simulate all kinds of movement in the form of an object through special film, paper to see the film, in the process of attracting children, let the children learn all kinds of knowledge. Low investment threshold, a few thousand dollars can easily start.

to create children

four, venture lighting store

lighting store in accordance with the standard business area is divided into 10 – 20 square meters of ordinary shops, 25 – 50 square meters and 50 square meters of the flagship store. Operators do not need to pay management fees, brand fees and fees, but the need to pay 18 thousand and 800 yuan, or $28 thousand and 800 or $48 thousand and 800 on the basis of the type of store investment margin.

six, venture 3D stereo carpet, personality Home Furnishing custom

I do not recommend that students leave school business principal

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now college students are talking about entrepreneurship, learning and entrepreneurship can not have both the temptation to have both. Now the Ministry of education has issued opinions to allow college students to start a business. But really say it is better to drop out of business?

in entrepreneurship, college students should grasp the business or catch the school? Zhong Wei, President of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, students want to study based on entrepreneurship to be carried out on the basis of their studies, so that school, entrepreneurship two. 24, Canton held 2015 principals and students on behalf of tea ". In tea Syria, Zhong Wei and 10 students around the topic of innovation and entrepreneurship, the topic of dialogue.

"business students lack most is not money, but the resources and business", "if you cannot have both academic and entrepreneurial good, don’t start"…… Suggestions and comments for students, Zhong Wei said, the school will provide a full range of support from the policy, funding, teachers and so on.

tea Syria, students put forward the contradiction between entrepreneurship and learning, I hope the school will venture into the credit system, a comprehensive assessment of the ability of students. In this regard, the school official said, the school is exploring the reform of the area. Zhong Weihe believes that students should be based on their studies, if the time and energy can not be considered both learning and entrepreneurship, you can consider leaving school business, but should not give up their studies.

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