Twitter investors talk about how entrepreneurs form boards at different stagesReduce integration dif

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of course, any company needs a board of directors. At the very beginning, the board may have only one founder, but it won’t last long.

Twitter has submitted a listing document, and the final IPO is expected to be held by the end of this year or early next year. Twitter founded six years, during which there is no lack of tossing. Tiger sniffing last year on the company’s "tossing history" combed. An interesting phenomenon is that this is a property when it listed, the three founders have left, entirely by investors and managers to control the company, usually start-up companies such as the probability of failure is very high, but Twitter is successfully became a public company.

tiger sniffing last year translated this article to the effect, and now read it again:

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

if a company was in the early days, I was an advocate of the board of directors of three people. I usually suggest that the founder should be with two other directors whom he trusts and respects. When investors come in, the situation will change somewhat. If the founder still retains control, then the situation will not change much, and the founder can still nominate and select directors. Of course, in some cases, investors will negotiate with the founder on board seats. This situation, in angel investors there are relatively small, and in venture capital that much more.

Union Square Capital Fred Wilson is a partner of surgeon Twitter investor, had served as a director of Twitter. He last year in an article in secondary school, take Twitter as an example, talking about how the start-up company will be formed at different stages of the board of directors. Perhaps, it is always a fairly appropriate board, to ensure near misses have left Twitter, in the CEO founders change change.

, and most of the same pure ISV, "how to sell software" was once Beijing tornado company’s most headaches. Because sales can be a weakness for such companies. Now, however, tornadoes have made some sense of how to sell software products. There are even other ISV coming to learn.

since its core value is the technology and product advantages, so weak sales Never mind can not go directly to do, end user. Based on this idea, the tornado focus back from the terminal user is transferred, in close cooperation with channel partners, the formation of industry division of labor service and value system, establish and improve the system of channels.

in such a division of labor cooperation business model, tornadoes can rely on partners to complete large channels, strong industry background advantages and mature ability to provide solutions, and partners can rely on easy integration of professional tornado retrieval technology.

ISV partners soft, Neusoft, etc.;

OEM vendors founder, Thunis, etc..To reduce the difficulty of integrating

has advanced technology products whether it can attract a partner? Tornado company experience is, return field

adding an investor director does not mean that the founder will lose control, it can still maintain the board of directors of three people, two founding directors, an investor director. Alternatively, the board can be extended to five people, with investors holding one or more

‘s current CEO Dick · Costello Dick Costolo initially put $25 thousand into Twitter, the initial investment is now worth more than $10 million. He was a typical CEO by angel investors. Several other "loyal" VC will also pay off. According to the "New York Times" of financial document analysis and insider interviews, venture capitalists Chris · Chris Sacca, Saka; and at least two other joint venture capital company Union Square Capital investment Plaza and Spark Capital, each holding value will exceed $1 billion.

Personal view how to improve the inside pages of keywords ranking

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me many friends Shanghai dragon began to feel more and more bad website optimization, search engines are more demanding, how to optimize the inside pages of keywords ranking or completely indifferent. Shanghai dragon er know the weight of the home page will be assigned to the home page, keyword ranking, flow rate, and finally bring the inside pages of the rankings. So how to improve the inside pages of the

promotion website weight

judge a page ranking, the most important thing is the quality of the page, how can the value to the users? Users can get what harvest? And the bounce rate is high, the quality of the page, the user clicks on the page frequently, can bring value to the user, the user will help promote the site virtually.

keyword ranking?




The Page label and structure of

if a domain name is a state, then every page of the website is a family. A country is composed of thousands on thousands of families, only the prosperity of the country, people can live and work in peace. So the weight of the website promotion page ranking will follow up.

breadcrumb navigation control in the three layer, let the spider crawl the page, don’t let the spider fell into the trap, the spider when the user. The user is not love to reach out in the dark place to get something.

finally, I summarize a little, in the page you want to get good rankings, page quality must be high, can meet the needs of users, to bring value to the user. I believe that many Er Shanghai dragon is blind acquisition of the content on the Internet, which has no value at all, did some user needs, not only bring valuable things to the user, invisible to me "

site to get good rankings, first select the long tail word is very important. Some degree of competition is not a certain index to do, to avoid vicious competition. Pay attention to the uniqueness of the title, a repeat of the page not allowed. The title selection should not be too long, the title is set to attract users to click cleverly.


long termThe inside pages of the

Select the

page TKD tag written note: title should not be too long, 25 word search results are displayed in the keyword 3-5 best, each page is not the same as the best description tag. For H tags and B tags, each page should be added in the title tag, H1, H2 to H6 in order to add according to the importance of the page layout, the general page of our up to h3. The page key words to add B tags, the search engine has a special algorithm for B tags, giving higher weights. The use of Tag tags, the most important thing is to give users a better experience, users can find relevant resources according to the Keywords tag tag, for more information.

Webmaster harsh advertising alliance should pay attention to the downstream serviceXX Golf website o

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;       data platform; data platform

development strategy

advertising market, with the Internet advertising market once again usher in the golden age, 2010 is the domestic online advertising alliance of more than thirty billion meet on the battleground of the year, the advertising market, so many entrepreneurs in the online advertising market enclosure. Many advertising unions have sprung up in 2010, and the number of ad alliances is on the rise again. However, a bright spot in the advertising market has only brought about an increase in the number of advertising alliances, and the quality of advertising alliances has not improved significantly. The whole industry is uneven, and the advertising alliance integrity problem has not been solved. Rely too much on



;       information publishing platform

rectification of the record information, told the webmaster through regular channels for the site for the record. At the same time also shows that the current rapid development of Internet, network business opportunities more and more prospects are very broad, but the government pay more attention on the management of the Internet more stringent conditions, entrepreneurial threshold will be higher, the entrepreneurial environment will be more severe. Past webmaster traditional mode of operation and profit model has been unable to adapt to the new form of entrepreneurial trend. More owners choose transition, abandon the past completely dependent on flow through advertising alliance profitable original format.

advertising alliance should pay attention to downstream services, better service to the webmaster

;       practitioners exchange platform community;

recently, the Ministry of industry crackdown on false records and generation records, many owners of information for the record problems can not be approved by the website for the record was canceled. Network remediation at the end of 09, the record system upgrade, take pictures for the initial implementation of the record. Many webmaster in the face pictures for the record, the tedious process, inevitably there is imperfect information, false information and other issues in the record information, and the record industry in the "underground" active, although the webmaster can help simplify the filing process, but once the record information is out of the question, long is the tears. The large-scale site for the cancellation, indicating that the Ministry will be on record information strictly review, many webmasters exclaimed, second large-scale network remediation may begin.

note: at the appropriate time to launch a new golf culture, golf break only located in the high-end positioning of successful people, expand the target customer groups, such as white-collar workers, to senior private entrepreneurs and other groups penetration.

golf all relevant practitioners can communicate, interact, communicate and make friends through our platform.

;       personal display platform

can be uploaded and screened by members and review the information platform, providing a variety of audio, video, pictures, text and other aspects of golf information, available for members to download, enjoy and learn.

business model

                  webmaster in electronic commerce, toward the place of industry website constantly transformation formats at the same time, although the dependence on advertising alliance is reduced, but the importance of advertising in the webmaster of profit model has been irreplaceable. And stationmaster is in transition upgrade, the requirement to advertisement alliance is higher and higher also. The transformation and upgrading of the site means that web traffic value will more be mining webmaster in highlights, improve competitiveness, improve services and products at the same time, also hope that the flow can attract more users, and more cash. This change will bring the webmaster is to change the advertising demand, hoping to get more high-quality advertising from the advertising alliance for advertising delivery, unit price, settlement speed, types of advertising, the integrity of the Union more than ever "harsh requirements".




In 2010,


offers golf blogs and columns for the golf industry, celebrities, coaches, experts, fans and others to introduce and promote themselves.


Adsense "harsh", advertising union requirements higher,

combined with XX golf has been owned by the largest customer groups Chinese terminal products millions of members, Chinese largest goods distribution channels agents, partners, distributors have nearly 1/3 golf shop owner, Chinese largest publicity platform domestic products ranked the forefront of the golf industry professional newspaper, comprehensive portal website for direct DM membership magazine three advantages of background. On this basis, fully tap the value of channels and all kinds of offline resources, and achieve online / offline interactive, and ultimately to capture the golf market goal.

;       enterprise display platform



golf related enterprises and practitioners can release all kinds of information through our platform.


golf courses, training ground, service institutions, training institutions, ball providers and related enterprises around the online display platform

How to find a thousand Wangzhuan projectFaced with the 60 million valuation of the Apple Corp, he sa

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has many reasons for refusing. Sometimes we are too careful and sometimes too generous. Whatever the reason, we all want to commemorate these missing businesses. These so-called "non investment enterprises", with their success, inspired us to explore new enterprises.

first, study pig eight quit Witkey website

Check Point famous security software company. Listed on 1996

second, look everywhere webmaster type web site, soft

Apollo workstation computer manufacturer

, Dollar, Shave, Club DSC

The person in charge of is the best!

this article from the BVP official website, the full text of the review of the company’s mistakes and missed opportunities, even today, these errors are still very valuable for VC practitioners. Following, enjoy:

is David Cowan. In 1994, Check Point made Pitch to David. After hearing, David said the company could not get a small share of the market in the United states. A year later, Check Point got a huge OEM contract from Sun and sold $25 million in firewall software.

or, in a different way, if we really have to vote for one of these companies, BVP might no longer exist:

, we study the "pig eight quit" Witkey network, the purpose is to you learn from others published tasks, and then train their ideas, not to yourself to work, to do the task. Remember that a boss is certainly better than workers who make money, we want a monthly income of over 10000 must do is to become the boss, rather than employees, so the task must be issued with the task of making money. We need to learn is how to release the task, which is also in the learning task, what specific marketing means can be used, from the observation of Witkey network to let you find a monthly income of over a million


is looking for how to really can make money in this huge project in the Internet, we find the pursuit of the thousand projects, good following their own personal experience to write several search Wangzhuan:

was bought by unilever. After watching the first video of the virus released by DSC, >

of course, the head of the soft under general with the link, it is also a key, think about Adsense write soft links with the purpose is to increase the ranking, and the ranking of the aim of the course is to make money, so we can through the webmaster left click on the web link the past to see people more mature webmaster in the project what kind of operation, we can even chat with him to ask each other! But, more often, we still need to rely on their own independent thinking can.


Witkey is a good stuff, a lot of people in the online Witkey publishing task, and many people accept the task, open this pig Witkey website, on the two day, must be able to Wangzhuan, have greatly discerning and apprehending, more in-depth understanding of network marketing, because it can learn things too much.

is Neil Brownstein. We had the opportunity to invest in Apple’s Pre-IPO round, valued at $60 million. Neil thinks the valuation is far off the mark".

The person in charge of

many people shouted every day what a good Wangzhuan can make my monthly income of over 10000, in fact, the so-called real good Wangzhuan project, even if you know the new, it is not a good project, to find profits and less competition Wangzhuan project, only through their own observations, to think of themselves, to seek the network world! Want to survive, we must learn to think independently, others give you a lot of items are expired, only rely on their own to observe, to think, a successful person must also have excellent thinking ability, the greatest success depends on one point is always the strength of their own, learn to think, learn to learn,

project is not difficult!

was acquired by HP. The person in charge is Felda Hardymon. According to the investment agreement, we can get a seat on the board of directors, but we still give up. A year later, Apollo listed, the stock price and we talked about the price has doubled 17 times. Finally, it was bought at a higher premium by HP.

webmaster write soft, especially excellent soft text is usually their experience, their immediate write wise remark of an experienced person can not see. Although now, many are not talking about what is the essence of things, it is not practical to teach you how to operate the project, but from soft we can read the author’s thoughts and ideas, we need to learn is thinking, and then through the correct way of thinking, to find a suitable project, you can scale

throughout history, we have invested in a wig company, an French fries company, and even a railway built in Hawaii. But more importantly, we missed the opportunity to invest in these companies. They are in the days after the growth of highly successful companies.

Bessemer Venture Partners is one of the oldest venture capital organizations in the United states. Its history dates back to the Carnegie steel group. Its investment experience can be briefly summed up: "the long history has given us many opportunities, but we have only caught one part of it.".


Which is more important, love or website

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online has circulated a lot about the webmaster life and the like, some people say, looking for husband, don’t find the webmaster, bad many, and some say looking for her husband to find the webmaster, benefit much.

, but is there anyone who, in turn, imagines that a webmaster should look for what kind of wife


I used to write an article about it. I lost the bride. It was something that really happened to me. Now we have made up, and the specific process is not mentioned here. But now I am more and more confused, more and more do not understand, as a site, and in the end what kind of wife do you want to know? What do you think?

and I are now talking about the object, is a very afraid lonely girl, the previous time, we are not a good school, we have plenty of time together all day, perhaps accustomed to that kind of feeling, now after college, we separated. Although at least I will send him a text message every day, at least two days a big phone, but she always said he was lonely, very boring. When the big one, we will at least three weeks to see a face, although not spending much money, but I am such a poor webmaster, I feel a lot of pressure, last year I was basically owed a debt, a few hundred dollars in debt, always pressure in the heart, let me I feel very uncomfortable.

so this semester, I was determined to minimize cost, to solve the debt and play, and now I site is the key to the development stage, not updated, without promotion, so busy it is easy to ignore the messages to her call. So the contradiction is getting deeper and deeper. I feel we’ve had a very deep diaphragm right now.

She was born in a

in our area is relatively well-off family, but due to some changes in the family, now she is a baby, parents are very spoiled for her and her family in the inside at least until she had no independence in terms of money is not what it feels like, worry about what the. But I don’t like, I don’t consider his future, I also have to think about when a big bear bitter hardships parents, I have to imagine, after 3 graduation, I suffer from not looking for work, the day also began to wander in the society and above, not only she would leave me, I to face the work for my school father outside, overworked mother at home. Of course, I have the time, she will be away from me, not what is not what life is exchange solemn vows and pledges, although Xu, when we are in love, I asked her for the future, how to do? And I will get married? When we cling to that time, she has been told very sensible me, see, her future depends on her parents.

those words left deep shadows in my heart, so I had to plan for my future.

I do the website. She doesn’t like it. She doesn’t like me sitting in the computer all the time

Rational thinking of local websites how to choose profitable industry

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roughly speaking, the main income industries of local portals are property, home, wedding and automobile. From the perspective of possible future mining, we can also try education, tourism and talents. These are experiences, and they are tried out. Yet it is not enough to know the conclusion; we must find the law of reason.

1. Why do you choose the industry? Very realistic for three reasons:

1, maximize revenue. From 2001 to 2006, are enjoying the opportunities in the field of local industry dividend business owners, however 8-10 years after their end there is a world of difference! Success, choose the real estate currently has hundreds of millions of output value, choose the delicacy industry do 100~200 is not easy. Fear of entering the wrong men, women afraid of marrying wrong Lang, the choice of the industry is so cruel.

2, reducing trial and error costs. One of the great puzzles of local portals is that there are so many opportunities that they seem to be able to do anything. What to do? What to do? – between the heads, trial and error costs have been extremely high.

3, enterprise operation safety. Why is the red child fading? Why has Guangzhou’s mother network been developing fast? It seems that it is all in the mother and infant industry, and the choice of operation is entirely different. Local websites have chosen the wrong point, and the business is hedged with large websites nationwide and will be eaten without attention. Small industry cut fine, high proportion of the field is cut, light weight is injured in the sinews or bones, crowning calamity.

two, select the key dimensions of the industry

there must be several important factors that determine the differences between national and local. Although seemingly localized services, public comment business for the national, home business is suitable for localization. A few years ago, we were very vague and said: "customization, bulk."". Then, last year, I added: "there must be a lot of customized services or products that need to be experienced.". What exactly is the dimension? Try to analyze:

1, service depth. The deeper the customer service requirements, the more suitable for localization. Such as: real estate, home, wedding.

2, profit thickness: the higher the profit margins, suitable for local operations.

3, single consumption volume: for consumers, the list is big enough for him to care about, you need to see the goods under orders, suitable for localization.

4, customization degree: the product is complex and difficult to explain by language alone. It is suitable for localization, such as cabinets and other bulky customized home products.

5, the degree of socialization: poor integrity, you need to listen to the credible person said, dare to buy, suitable for localization.

6, technical requirements: Internet products, technical requirements are relatively low, suitable for local sites.

we ignore the factors: the level of local economic development, media ownership, team, industry, professional situation, etc..

What is the logic of the above standard


The way and practice of B2B platform promotion

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now with many users in Guangzhou wholesale market network advertising, in order to upgrade membership, do network promotion, don’t need to spend effort can sit back, at home waiting for disk information on the line.

in fact, otherwise, such as Guangzhou wholesale market network, such as the B2B platform to provide network promotion services, not a home service, one-stop style. B2b platform is like a wholesale market, a city… Spent thousands of thousands of tens of thousands, only to get a berth only, in order to do business well, we must spend great effort in the above serious business.

With the rapid development of the Guangzhou

wholesale market, more and more suppliers, there is a problem that the internal competition is quite fierce. There are hundreds of suppliers in the same industry, several thousand, or even tens of thousands. This is bound to lead to fierce competition in a B2B platform to get customers down. Constant circle network marketing expert Liu Libing think, Guangzhou than send market network and these B2B platform to a certain extent, in fact, is already a more specialized search engine.

looking for buyers of product suppliers, they mainly point to the first five pages of customers, the row behind the customer’s effect is much worse. If you want to put the results in the front, or spend large sums of money and Guangzhou wholesale market network to buy promotion business, or rely on running a good site, put the natural ranking up, which is similar to search engine optimization.

how to operate their own B2B platform shops? The first to improve the image of shops to improve customer conversion rate, if you shop products are not detailed, such as the company is also very rough, so the customer to conversion to your inquiry on the low. Second, to improve the shops in the B2B platform ranking, ranking is too low, the opportunity to be seen by customers too little.

do a good job of shop image, improve rankings, you can do the following things,


it’s the most important thing to do well in product display.

1, the product provides as much as possible rich, many kinds.

2, the quality of the picture of the product to be high, you can spend some money to professional photographers to shoot, product pictures, the effect of good, to improve the search rate to help a lot.

3, the parameters of the product should be detailed and complete. Do not buy the mouth of the head, and some careless enterprises, product parameters and product pictures and product names do not meet, which will leave a bad impression on customers

4, regular updates. If you have a new product, come out, it should be updated in a timely manner, timely updates of the product is very beneficial, easy to obtain high rankings in product retrieval.

‘s image,

The image of

company is also important. If the company has a certain strength, it should be on the site to show its strength and advantages. Provide a brief introduction of the company. The public.

You want to master the money you need to master the four strokes

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in today’s society, men are responsible for making money to support the family, the woman responsible for the beautiful flowers, men make money, women spend money, so the woman’s money is best earned. You know, a family of 55% of the purchase behavior is done by women, and 11% by men and women together to complete. Want to make money for women? You have to understand the following four points:

A, sincerely for the sake of women

summer women the most distressing is good, a pair of stockings, a little inattentive torn off the wire, and then buy again broken broken, buy, wear a pair of socks for summer, economic losses and needless to say, one is in some important occasions,   suddenly off the silk stockings; the situation is enough they have a headache. Concerned about women’s socks, businessmen anxious women anxious, painstaking research, the introduction of a good toughness, not easy to break the high stockings, so that women happy, eager. In addition, the female   many people also worry, take it to cook, just a change of clothes, a meal down with smoke flavor, food, for a long time not to go, they smell uncomfortable, others smell frown. Considerate woman Japanese electronics   our principle of using steam to smell, to produce a steam brush cheap, only gently in the clothes on a brush, the smell disappears, to the satisfaction of all women, to buy, pocket money is Everfount into Japan & nbsp; the electrical appliance company account. Women are like this, willing to care about them, and they are considerate, for them to solve the problems of businessmen who are willing to open their wallets to them.

two, learn the psyche, seize the women’s heart

three, let women touch the goods

State Council issued a document to accelerate the development of express industry

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along with the development of cross regional markets and the Internet economy continues to heat up, the courier industry also worth double, has become a major positive market. Development of express logistics industry, effective for China’s innovation and entrepreneurship development.

views will let the courier industry harvest real good, a number of bottlenecks affecting the development is expected to break through. For example, the current one according to the site requirements, so that each courier points need to be equipped with a separate license and financial system, greatly increasing the operating costs of the courier company. If the implementation of a multi site, not only can reduce the cost of distribution, but also help to expand the scale.

opinion issued not only express industry good. During the two sessions this year, Premier Li Keqiang said in answer to questions from Chinese and foreign reporters, I am very willing to advertise for new formats such as online shopping, courier and e-commerce. Because it greatly moved employment, creating jobs, but also to stimulate consumption, people tend to be enthusiastic online consumption is relatively high. Opinions also indicate that the State Council Development of the courier industry is designed to further invigorate the circulation, stimulating domestic demand, serving the public entrepreneurship, innovation, foster a new growth point of modern service industry".

Management of brand jewelry store to master the skills and methods

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always do business there is no shortcut, but is absolutely summing up experience, will have a lot of skills, Xiaobian today to talk about the brand, the jewelry store is now the most perfect business projects, business prestige worthy of trust and attention, but now when it comes to how to operate, what is your unique opinion? Brand jewelry stores Shop skills and business skills, business brand jewelry stores must grasp, let Xiaobian to talk with your specific.

1. jewelry brand monopoly store traffic most important: busy streets, downtown, the public may consider the next station.

2. with the well-known stores: as long as it is frequented by female consumers, such as the popularity of relatively prosperous shopping malls, clothing city, women’s specialty stores, etc..

3. use "cluster" effect: if the fashion jewelry chain products have obvious advantages and characteristics of more items, the competition strength, so the jewelry store in similar position can be considered "jewelry Street" so that the relative concentration of the local.

4. choose the "low density" area: if the jewelry store is not obvious characteristics of product or business experience is not rich enough, the opponent may avoid competition, choose fashion accessories chain store "low density" coverage of the place.

if any one item in the management way appropriate cases can be profitable, if not what experience you can take a look at the analysis of small, believe that the brand jewelry store business must be better, only fully understand the content to provide immediate help for the later development of the brand jewelry stores details, create a good future, which is also the operator should always pay attention to the details of the


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