Analysis how to improve the web page ranking list

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love Shanghai search product manager, will see in the home position is an article titled what is the product manager of the article, this article is issued in 2011, ranking has been very good.

then I summed up the second little formula:


number + site high weight = single page ranking

here please open the row.

is committed to become the Shanghai dragon white hat I, of course, is to find the white hats for improving single page ranking techniques, then the head will appear, the chain, anchor text, title, content relevance, long tail keywords etc.. The anchor text is to pay attention to the station of the hyperlink anchor text in the article, the station and the correlation between keywords, single page links to the page you want to do the optimization, on the other hand, the increase of the chain, the chain of correlation is the title, content, and anchor text.

Keywords Public opinions are divergent.

2, in the perspective of the distribution, the right shows the density of keywords in the article, a lot of focus on one of the 3 points of the article.

containing title + first + weight + key words to describe the amount of credit ranking =

3, the first paragraph of product manager keyword five, one hundred word description station 5.

is the 100 word description, search out within four words, plus the keyword Title Five, if it is not to let you awful chrysanthemum tight, then please open this article, you search for Ctrl+F product manager, let your eyes appear a light, please look at the picture:


1, look at the upper right corner, the article keywords content 73, shaking a small raccoon, hundreds of words "product manager" keyword content are so high.

DevStore as a loyal fans I often search devstore, often see this article, ranking good, a high degree of concern. Show description devstore three.

, I want to write down some of the experience, experience as reference, share to the site of the Shanghai dragon ER and personal webmaster. Of course, as Shanghai Longfeng layman, the more I want to communicate how to improve the ranking problem for a single page, web end products, "as the flow entrance and export brand has a very good effect, for small and medium-sized site on a single page ranking problem summary, welcome here.

After a few days of my

as an external document, you want what effect, if it is simply the amount of drainage, the court said it could stack keywords, some white hat began to spray me, said an article of the keyword density is best controlled within 3%-5% and beyond is not good, the original website content is really need this, but this a few days I found a few keywords, ranking good article, I found a formula as follows:

Shanghai dragon before doing optimization, preferred to consider what the problem

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we don’t so much around the bend, direct access to the theme of good. First of all, now do Shanghai Longfeng optimization there are two types of people, the first is to do its own website, the second is to help others site optimization, in fact this is nonsense, there are third types of? So the question becomes, if it is your own website, we should consider the structure of a network station.

customers will certainly want to, XX (region) decoration company which is good, XX XX decoration, decoration effect diagram etc. this kind of problem, this is also the customer wants to see something, then our website will appear in these things, some decoration needs more than simply said, if there is a need to to further discuss, we look up the brain structure of it, I don’t have the PS drawn, but I just want to say, the overall structure of the website is really important.

personal summary, summed up all the problems, and solve, never do the two amendment. However, if you can, do not need to change to the. Before the optimization, should clearly understand your site location, understanding of user needs, the customized website, website content customization, this is.

said it is not fine enough? Fine? You think that 301 do? 404 pages do? You check the dead links, submitted? Robots.txt set up a website? Safe? Pictures optimized? ALT write? Links enough? The site map is? These are the

but, if the title is not conducive to the optimization of course to be changed, but you have to write down all the problems, together with the change. For example: the title page, column page title, keywords, description, etc. all good inside chain optimization, then continue to update the value of the article, not much, a few days can. Drainage is also essential, the website should have some clicks and traffic, the more people will click, love Shanghai more quickly update. As a hotel, where many people, natural business is good, few people, nature is not good business, the business is like the same ranking.

is a first class two, received a customer’s site, or I will not change the overall structure of the site, anyway, there are a lot of reasons cannot change the whole image of the website. So, please note that if you just got a website, the title can not change, don’t try to change, in some places not pleasing to the eye, then try not to change, you may change, it had to wait a long time to slowly recover ranking.

?Optimization of

mentioned here, not the internal structure, not the code, I also do not understand the code, it omitted some HTML, PHP, will be able to read, but to write or forget it. What structure, the whole structure. For example: a decoration site, if you want to do a good job ranking, we must first love through Shanghai index, check, and then through empathy, think about it, if the customer is, what the word search it with love in Shanghai, it needs to find what.

Shanghai also has a strange love dozing

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This article by Taobao

what happened in March 10th, I have a love of Shanghai auction account, to more than 5000 yuan per month, Shanghai’s support for love enough awesome. I love Shanghai in the background look, see the redeem four words, I think, have been used to love Shanghai auction platform more than a year, there should be a lot of points. So I see into the integral system, really have more than 2000 points, then I can look for the exchange of gifts, fancy a microwave oven, the company may be used. So I hurried to exchange, then there is love I will inform the Shanghai customer service delivery as soon as possible.

but I waited for two or three days, have not received the goods. When I was depressed, am I wrong delivery address? I look into the back, I found no record of this integral exchange. But the integral is deducted. God, how such a thing happened. I hastened to contact customer service, customer service reply I said this microwave oven is not available, it will be some time to delivery, I said that was ok. So, wait a month, the goods are not issued. No way, then call the love Shanghai customer service, they told me that the microwave oven is not available, please choose another brand, then I will tell them, as long as the microwave oven on the line, and quickly delivery. That is good, but has yet to receive the goods. How can you love Shanghai? Is a big company, customer management problems of

is a point of views and suggestions I love Shanghai to exchange system integration, Shanghai hope that love can make an improvement as soon as possible. There are good places to write, please forgive me.

Write a " in front of

; grassroots Webmaster: Grassroots Webmaster: 360 I have sinned against you? Hope 360 can make improvements, today to write this article is not against love Shanghai, love Shanghai as we all know, in Chinese is cattle. Almost 80% of users every day will use love Shanghai, and not only used once, one day some dozens of times, some thousands of times. Even the international search engine giant Google cannot fully seize its market. Such a strong love of Shanghai, whether all aspects should be done very good, I think so. Who knows, when things happened to me when I found love Shanghai is dozing. Here is not to blame love Shanghai, love Shanghai just to give a little suggestion, hope to expand at the same time, do not ignore the details, the details will affect the overall image of you.


today, the goods is not received. Love Shanghai customer service told me again, to apply for a time, and then they ask the warehouse delivery over there. Good depressed ah, two months ah, redeem gift has not received the goods. Love the sea really sleepy. Through this thing, we learned a lot, put the customer first, strengthen internal management, so that each system can actually use. The integral system is not a slogan, we must truly play its role, otherwise everything is floating clouds.

(> supermarket to lose weight

Case analysis a network company website ranking scheme

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Website Title: Changsha website – Changsha website – Dragon Emperor Culture Communication Co.,

Key words:

in accordance with the above said time domain, the main keywords that the ranking is very good, at least there will be some rankings, but Rongchao found three main words in love before Shanghai 100 pages without a ranking, so today I came to see his station is where do not lead to no keywords ranking. First we look inside from the website.

time domain: at the beginning of 2010 (now PR1

see a row on the home page at the end:

A few days ago

Rongchao due to errors in some QQ group for help, finally met a friend to help me solve the problem, and later learned he was Changsha chat and have a Changsha website, but the keywords ranking is not ideal, so today Rongchao to analyze why his station does not rank good? First we see details of this station.

Website Title: Changsha website _ Changsha website _ Changsha website design _ Dragon Emperor Culture Communication Co.,

here feels not necessary, because the play no role, or the Changsha website links to the home page, to separate keywords together don’t even.

Description: the very nature of the main words written into the description,


then we see Links piece, Links or too little.

then there there is a line:

Rongchao advice is:

main Changsha web site construction Changsha Changsha website design

link above is also some website itself, then Rongchao finally give advice is:

the key word: Changsha website construction – Changsha website (chain home page) – Changsha website design website (Changsha chain to the home page) Changsha website – Changsha website design company (chain home page)

Changsha * Changsha web design web site optimization. Changsha * Changsha * * Changsha website outsourcing website construction site. The site of the Changsha Changsha Changsha network company

each all chain to the home page, but too many words here. Key words before Rongchao said the recommendations on the selection of a station link.

only needs at the end of Matsuo Boru: Changsha website Changsha >

domain name: 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/


Description: Dragon Emperor culture communication services – uphold the intentions of the classical heritage service concept, main items: Changsha website production, graphic design, service, domain name registration, virtual host and video album graduation thesis design services.

Three new board this year, 1454 new listed companies, turnover of 52 billion 940 millionLook, how do

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to continue, I have two normal station, one is the NBA video, the other one is the computer show www.lwshow CN, two stations are 3 PR, I will connect the two stations are my garbage station, but also ask my friends to help, they will the station is on the connection. In this way, after finishing, and then did not manage these garbage stations. Before long, the PR of these stations rose, some were 1, and some were 2. I started to sell the connection on the Admin5 connection 2, each 3 yuan less, more than 7, 8 yuan, calculated that the average monthly money selling garbage station connected with about 2, 30 yuan of money, I have a month income of around 300 yuan.

Since its inauguration in 2013 January,

go >

this year, the new three board listing enterprise rhythm is still accelerating, this year to April 15th, the new three board 1454 new enterprises. At the same time, the market has maintained a certain flow. From this year to April 15th, listed company stock transactions totaled 52 billion 940 million yuan, of which the way to make the market transfer of shares accumulated turnover of 29 billion 315 million yuan.

early 08, is catching up with the general trend of Admin5 promotions CN meters, I will register more CN meters, was registered to play, anyway, there is not much money. But then thought, so many meters left is a waste, so simply rented a virtual space of 1G, the Internet under a lot of garbage, little changes, add some GG ads on the inside, each meter tied to a program, so I set up a group of garbage station.

at the same time, this year, there have been 28 listed company disclosure 28 major asset restructuring report, the total amount of 3 billion 864 million yuan transactions. There are Kerrey love, exchange Mao technology 2 companies to disclose the acquisition report, the total amount of 176 million yuan transactions. This year, there are 49 listed company disclosure of the 50 acquisition report, the total amount of 2 billion 108 million yuan transactions.

due to the Admin5 contact the buyer to find the connection every day, bargaining is a waste of time, but recent work busy, so I will handle all of these stations, the program +PR+cn domain name 200 yuan each, the program +PR+cn domain name + space for each 350 yuan, after all, in addition to the cost of space plane income of nearly 3000 yuan.

after 3 years of development, the new board has scale effect on the real economy, especially has formed a service small and micro enterprise development, to promote the "system and the advantage of scale public entrepreneurship, innovation". As of April 15th this year, three new board listed company reached 6583, with a total market capitalization of nearly 3 trillion yuan. Compared with 200 enterprises at the end of 2012, more than 6300 enterprises have been added in three years.

actually do dumpster revenue there are many methods, I was just one of them, there are a lot of people believe that clever method more, hope you enlighten me.

earlier, deputy general manager of the national share transfer system company spokesman Sui Qiang said that these achievements, is the core of the new board development has always firmly grasp the "firm good service innovative, entrepreneurial, technology-based small and micro enterprises" the fundamental purpose.

someone said, these garbage stations, no traffic, two no PR, even if put GG advertising in it, every day a penny income will not have. Is the beginning of a month or so, indeed, I will also stand to the sh419 and GG and other major search engines landing, about 1 months later, these stations are more or less included the engine slowly, also began to flow, although each station may be only a few IP ten about, but add up these stations IP around 500, GG revenue every day also have a few tenths of a knife, if you rely on this income, I was in this rant, you people don’t laugh ah, ha ha.

according to the "Securities Daily" reporter statistics, since the beginning of this year to April 8th, a total of 891 listed company completed 901 stock issuance, issue 6 billion 721 million shares, financing 39 billion 22 million yuan including the listing will also be issued 75 times, issued 576 million shares, financing 2 billion 247 million yuan. It is worth noting that, this year are non-financial, financial listed companies financing, effectively support the financing needs of entities.

China’s 100 bit Internet CEO panorama survey admin5/article/20080921/105173.shtml

"under the capital operation of financing, mergers and acquisitions, the new third board market gradually improved efficiency, boosting enterprises to generate endogenous growth momentum."." The industry believes that, with the new three board financing means continue to enrich, such as the issue of preferred shares, private corporate bonds, etc., listed companies will receive more financing channels.

has expanded its service scope to the whole country, and has scored great achievements in the new third board market. The new three board adhere to the premise of autonomy and standardized operation of the company, and build a small, fast, flexible and diversified financing mechanism. Only in 2015 the market has 1887 companies completed 2565 stock issuance, the total financing 121 billion 617 million yuan, financing amount is 9.21 times in 2014; in 2015, three new board listed company average single financing amount of 47 million 410 thousand yuan, the average of each company financing 64 million 450 thousand yuan, completed more than two financing 523, released at the same time listing 337.

Giant shoulders are risky, so don’t just build business by calling API

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editor’s note: the author is Joseph Puopolo, founder of Printchomp, a start-up company. In his view, many young startups do not have the ability to stand on their own feet, and API calls have become a crutch instead of generating data themselves. There are a lot of change and change because the API terms of service are out or been beaten to a dying company, Twitter API change is a wake-up call, the purpose of this article is to remind companies:

model of the hermit crab

I’ve been amazed at how many companies will do applications on the basis of API calls and run big business risks to build their companies. Countless app, especially social app, have been grabbing data from other systems and re displaying patterns in their own systems that have popped up in the past two years. Although API has been widely used, I still think the founders of startups have been downplaying the risk of the business.

The risk of

is obvious, and if the data dries up, your business will be the same. For most of the API based calls that have been made, app can consider what happens when the information flow is no longer available. Companies that offer API aren’t necessarily gone, but it’s definitely going to be the one who changes the rules of the game. Twitter’s API change is a warning and an important reminder. Numerous third party Twitter applications have found that important data streams will cease or considerably slow down after the latest 1.1 API protocol, and their hard work will go to naught. Some people put the blame on Twitter and complain about how they dare to turn off the information flow in their community. But I think much of this responsibility should be shared by developers because they know that they can’t control it, and they also make the ecosystem a foundation.

in Twitter’s developer blog, Michael Sippey cites two examples: Tweetbot and Echofon. Sippey said, "for nearly 18 months, we’ve been teaching developers not to build client applications that mimic or replicate Twitter’s mainstream customer experience.". Reaffirming what I wrote in my last article, this guidance applies." I’m not trying to explain what he says here, but to alert startups that build their business on API.

If you have

startups because the terms of service changes or API changes were throat as possible, you should not risk inherent in the company to cover up. At the same time you remove risk from your company, you should also consider the real value of what you can give the user. In many cases (especially in examples of social applications), some app simply grant a new territory on the basis of Twitter or Facebook information

Analysis arrogant everyone why become spectators

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upnjyqop, as a focus on youth social products, in the past few years is indeed ushered in its golden period, either the user viscosity or market appeal, Chen Yizhou everyone is the most representative of the product. Not only that, everyone, everyone group material derivative products also dominate in various fields. But the Internet products are always changing fast, this second you are king, but the next second you will become what kind of, no one can say. Along with other domestic social networking products, such as WeChat, easecredit, all rely on the client population began to shake, turn to the mobile platform is more fresh, content creation, resource depletion, decline in activity, the problem of profit leads to biased operation and so on, all the beautiful blueprint has been gradually away from.

now to see everyone, you will find that everything has changed an appearance, not just outside of the people no longer good, even for all official operation is indecisive, is to continue to China social science like micro-blog or Facebook arm to survive, the main core areas. But anyway, everyone’s decline is an indisputable reality. As for why defeat, I think the market and its own factors exist.


function was gradually faded out of the market, hit


says there is no specific website that competes with everyone, social tools such as WeChat and unfamiliar streets are directly dividing the market. After all, users tend to be convenient, everyone advocated by the circle of friends, WeChat can do the same, and share information more rapidly and efficiently, so the user should have towards WeChat ran. Moreover, with the emergence of various vertical products at this stage, the information integration advantages of everyone at the beginning are no longer exist. For example, if you are interested in a topic, then you can log on watercress. And if you are a learning tyrants, then you can log on to know, there are high-end learning tyrants group. And similar watercress know, and other sites are not in the minority. In general, the resources available to everyone are very rich, but the level of specialization needs to be further improved. Now, college students seem to be more interested in professionalism, and they are more willing to find their own ownership in like-minded groups. College students market, this is a very advantage of the market, many entrepreneurs want to dabble, so everyone faces competition is obvious. If you want to stand out, you may need to be more responsive to your needs. At least from the current situation, everyone in the product function of the weakening is already too obvious, unable to find their own advantages are often more formidable than the disadvantages of the visible.

brand innovation is insufficient, lose core operation power,

Lack of

innovation is to promote the rapid decline in arch-criminal everyone, now everyone has come to a crossroads, is to continue to friends and WeChat direct competition, or to the public information sharing, contest and micro-blog, I believe everyone himself in considering this issue, but whether it is the choice of the future.

Site navigation station do a good job of Internet portal, you must have a good name first

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successful websites always have a lot of people wanting to copy. Especially the number of small and medium sized personal website is growing, but the profit is more difficult today, the success of the site has become the object imitated, hope to emulate the successful experience of obtaining high investment with the shortest time minimum income. The more competition, the more people enter. In particular, the site construction threshold reduction, so that more people have the opportunity to make money on the site, more people do the site, the imitation of the station is also more and more natural. Site navigation station is only second to the search engine users second "Internet entrance", because hao123265114 and other well-known navigation station rapidly became the object of the webmaster to imitate each other, between Baidu and Google in hao123265 were collected after overnight, all kinds of Web site navigation station such as the Internet in the Chinese like bamboo shoots after a spring rain on the earth is growing. What is the reason that so many webmaster to test the site navigation station

?There are probably three reasons why the

site navigation station is so popular. First of all, navigation station erection is simple, using the existing source code uploaded to space, and make a little modification, then the website can be on-line. Two is the Internet low level demand, site navigation station is in the face of the primary users China hundreds of millions, for they know little knowledge of computer and Internet, many do not even know how to enter the URL or use the search engine to search the internet. Site navigation stations can guide and help them access the internet. Three is better than the search engine, easy to manage. Search engine traffic is high, the webmaster all know, but do search engine after all need technology and funds, is those Internet big company things, personal Adsense have no ability to do. Site navigation is not the same, with the entrance to the Internet, traffic is equally attractive, but the site navigation construction is too easy, management and maintenance is also convenient, do not need a lot of money and technical inputs.

although site navigation construction is easy, but it is because it is easy to do, and now makes the site navigation station stereotyped, no money dilemma. The success of Hao123265, the Internet penetration rate can be less than now, familiarity with network users and is now in urgent need of users can not be compared, third party tools or websites to guide the Internet for the environment, site navigation station came into being. And now, site navigation stations can be seen everywhere, and the content of the page is basically copy hao123265 these successful web sites. Site navigation, promotion and SEO are not easy. Some industry segments in the site navigation station user demand, few people do, traffic still can be able to earn money, then the comprehensive site navigation station is not so lucky, most of the flow guide behind the search engines rely on hao123265114 these well-known Web site navigation, general site navigation station, no innovation or content, or pay no attention to user needs full collection of garbage station, are very difficult to fight, some navigation station or simply reduced to flow into the website.

so, do we have to think a little further?

Penglai decentralization to reduce the threshold of entrepreneurship

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in such a public venture period, promote entrepreneurship has become a society and the theme of the times, now in Penglai, people began to promote decentralization entrepreneurial people activities, and achieved good results.

cut down the "threshold" public record ignite passion

10 computer room of more than and 80 square metres, more than a dozen students in a circle, discussing how to develop the "Wyatt Tour" mobile phone APP software market. This is the morning of the reporter walked into the spring of Penglai College of science and Technology Innovation Park, University of Jinan, students encounter a scene, hanging on the door Yue Yue studio.

pave the way unimpeded public record channel

is located in Penglai City Economic Development Zone of small business and entrepreneurship counseling base, built a large workshop. 20 thousand square meters of the workshop in the first day of the use of the input, that is, to usher in sincere electronics, di Chen energy technology, such as the fall of the 3 companies recommend 1

Promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Henan, the longest 5 years of entrepreneurial positions r

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in order to stimulate the entrepreneurial research, Henan has a new policy, at the moment, Henan innovation and entrepreneurship policy is getting better and better. Henan scientific research personnel to retain the maximum position of 5 years, the continuous calculation of seniority, to ensure that the interests of the scientific research staff, I believe more researchers are willing to achieve entrepreneurial dream of becoming rich!

in not related to national defense, national security, national interests, major social and public interests, the province of universities and research institutes can decide on its holdings of scientific and technological achievements through transfer, licensing, the price of shares and other ways to carry out transformation activities. Institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes can be transferred to the invention of the results of 50% of the proceeds, the highest of 100% for the award of scientific research personnel, key technical personnel and other important contributors and team.



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