Analysis of Shanghai dragon shop optimization station (a) station site optimization

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Shop No. 1 in the initial planning of the Shanghai Phoenix Station in each region are shown in page two level domain name form, will not achieve today’s results. Because the two level domain is a new domain name, inherited the weights from the top-level domain name no longer, and if the change into two categories, it will be from the top-level domain of inheritance in a part of the PR and the weight, a very good help for the late Shanghai dragon will.

Shop No. 1, as the first domestic online supermarket, officially launched in July 2008, was only 3 and a half years, with an average speed of 28% monthly performance surge in the rapid growth of the domestic leading B2C online shopping platform. So although the speed in the field of electricity providers to be not at all surprising, but these achievements are absolutely not accidental. The author in Shanghai electricity supplier Shanghai dragon has been nearly two years, the current "leisurely shopping network" Shanghai dragon chief analyst, leisure often Shanghai Longfeng analysis of some large electricity supplier website, recently mainly on the 1st shop of station analysis, including network access station optimization analysis and content optimization analysis. The main issue of the 1st shop station site optimization analysis.


at present, most of the electronic commerce website is the product details page links to end with ".Html" static pages, and this is before the Shanghai dragon has always respected the way. However, through the above analysis, the 1st shop did not do so, but the ".Html" at the end of these characters are omitted. This link cheat search engine to a certain extent, the mistaken classification page, which will give weight is relatively higher than the general page, one of which is worth learning.

Shop No. 1, due to the scope of business is relatively large, the opening of the area throughout the country 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, so that the shop No. 1 according to the needs of visitors in different regions show different home station. So the home link in different areas of shop No. 1 is used to constitute the "top-level domain name / regional ID/" form. For example, the Shanghai area is 1 ID, then a shop on the Shanghai home site as shown below:

in addition to commercial links and home page links, including links. A store is how to do the optimization of commodity classification links? We can open a shop on the "all commodity classification", we can see that the classification of goods almost all of the shop are the top-level domain name / /ctg/s2/ ID- classification "in the form of display, as shown in the following figure:


of course, shop No. 1 only on the area links page of the above, the real goods is not link with area ID two class, but to "top level domain /product/ commodity ID" form, as shown below:



How to use the Internet to do product promotion

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think, who love beautiful things, love Shanghai spider so oh. Compared to a vague, the quality is not high, not all the products of high quality, the spider love, the complete information of the images and products of course, such pictures and products will be included in a faster, not consciously can improve the weight of your product. Therefore, the optimization of the novices may remember

how to make good use of the network to promote the optimization of enterprise products, good wine network Xiaobian to share with you some personal opinions. Today to Chinese good wine merchants as an example, give you a simple introduction.

method for product promotionThe 1.



2. by Shanghai Post Bar love promotion skills

as long as the spider tasted the sweetness, can keep a good search engine spiders, spiders will regularly to grab your product content, in order to improve the products included and ranking. Small children will take leave of good wine to improve every product, to facilitate reading. A good wine get a lot of readers.


any enterprises with new products to products ranked first in Shanghai love ranking, this specialist is very important. Use the Internet to promote products is a compulsory course for website optimization specialist. But as everyone knows, love Shanghai in their products more preference in Shanghai love to search for product information, ranked in the top of the page is almost always love Shanghai products, one of the more common is the love of Shanghai, Shanghai library, Encyclopedia of love love Shanghai know, these three products can be described as love Shanghai in Shanghai love search engine is the champion, holds an unshakable dominance. For newcomers, use the Internet to do product promotion is not easy.

. Promotion of the premise to ensure the quality of products


love Shanghai

when you want to fall in love with the sea hunting interests, will give Shanghai a little sweetness to love. Before the promotion, you must determine the quality of your products is good, the picture is clear, this is perfect, whether by users welcome.


my personal summary, use love Shanghai know to do product promotion must satisfy a condition that is win-win cooperation, love Shanghai product promotion one operation, it is easy to be considered cheating, either delete titles, while an IP, so we must first register a few love Shanghai each account. The account every day to ask the 2-3 question, if only one account is very easy to be popularized in Shanghai know the sex control, so you may have to pay attention to this point. In answer to this point should not be ignored, when adopt the best answer should also pay attention to some of the details, do not answer directly after the adoption, it is easy to be removed, the next best is adopted.

Before writing the Shanghai dragon soft everyone should want to understand several problems

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for this problem we may feel that no answer, it is not clear that the chain needs. Know what it means to send an article in stationmaster net, so it will be racking their brains to send articles, or who dues of the trouble. In fact, Webmaster Platform at first and not to let everyone outside the chain was established through the forum, 2009, 2010 article, we find that when the authors write something very simple, is also very easy, but the same will. But it’s not so simple, as for the reason, I feel in addition to the progress of the times, many owners now write mostly mechanical created, no nutrition. This article in addition to your web site keywords is the site, make a person dislike. This is the original intention will deviate from the A5 station. Remember that friend said, A5 is the exchange of information for the majority of owners place, is also just. So with all written ads idea webmaster will encounter in this rebuff.

many webmaster friends in the choice of an idea, often very hasty, always think this is a good thinking Flashpoint, write up will be very smoothly, and the editor friend on this manuscript will love, the rate would be much higher. In fact, this is not the case, of course, the problem is not in the editor, but in our own body. Because the article is written to be convenient, the degree of novelty of this article does not depend on the material, but the author himself for the control.



1 do not write to write the article, sincere will own combat experience to share out.

there is always some friends are miserable, do the rebate website is often pull hair, writing is always back, the hair of the chain are deleted, in their network construction in life is a cup. However, these friends will not we can think of, have a friend for three years, a Taobao passenger operation to the ideal position, the love of Shanghai order, ranking the vanishing Not the least trace was found. This sad day, the second day will settle down then, after all, still have a chance. But soft writing is not like this, today you pain, second days before the vote does not, there is no room for discussion, it can be said directly on the bar, some friends to direct crazy even to let yourself cry in the editor. The author is not a joke, just feel when you write some webmaster friends feel too good, so small in several questions in your writing before.


3 it is convenient to leave your contact information, so that we can feel your sincerity.


to express something, you really know

2 although you may not have advertising ideas, but if the article has too much words of your words, or will cause some of the suspects, so the article is to deliberately control.

why do you write

Wangzhuan before I three times daily, you do itThe music was nailed the first public offering of sha

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in music as the stock price rising, the public fund’s "relay" and "Baotuan" will undoubtedly play a big role. In return, the fund company has made a pot full of stock prices.

event is still fermenting, if the "music as the crisis" triggered large-scale redemptions, then other post department awkwardness will be sold heavily, triggering a chain reaction in the two market. This is undoubtedly a challenge for China post.

then when we accumulate some experience in the industry, the following will truly begin to consider the problem of profitability, after all, we also need to eat, also need to make a living, so the small type of task list and this is the time to let go, turn to their own expertise for the industry, you do better, you can do it the list, do optimization, you are a university art teacher, then you can open the art training sites on the Internet, in short time in the second stage, we can still look, we want to use their own advantages in the industry to specialize in one area, so as to get some opportunities.

Jia Yueting’s departure undoubtedly pulled down Domino. To avoid large redemption, in July 8th, the post fund, Harvest Fund, the three largest holding fund Yi Fangda LETV Fund announced the first cut LETV stock valuations, equivalent to the provision of daily limit of three. Given the Huaan fund and the "ruthless" valuation price has reached 20.13 yuan, equivalent to the daily limit of four.

August 2010 as music on the gem listing, there were 5 fund companies at the end of the year. Since then, more and more public offerings have been added.

Jia Yueting " ran " and the 834344.OC was pushed into the spotlight. In the music as a feast, Baotuan public offering and various investors have been gluttonous for seven years, and now finally to pay the bill.

from 2015 onwards, the music as the main section began. Post >

bought a space, buy a domain name, then upload it directly to build their own website, this website is all the steps, not what technical difficulty, but we can find even this uniform pace, there will still be people earn a lot of money, but some people can only choose to give up his. And that’s the direct result of whether we plan or not. Because of the higher and to work, must have their own occupation planning, huntian who will not live, but we all want to take advantage of the young much harder, give yourself a solid economic foundation, and this requires us to really put Wangzhuan seriously, do their own planning.

, the last step is when everyone in the hands of mature projects, we can copy the development of the development of Taobao or take off site, if you pass a website to achieve success, then we can on the basis of their past development experience in a business, and this is our ideal height. To achieve the continuous replication, not "


A5 yesterday to see an article, which referred to the new ideas for the development of Taobao customers under the existing conditions, this is actually not the most impressed me, why let me awake is the other day’s income to my monthly income. This guy one day can earn more than 4000 dollars, not only that, write expert expert, author of the article also said that in the Taobao station long, one day can earn 1W station grew up in, I just feel that 2 years of struggle in the end or a cipher. I now on this level of profitability has been very satisfied, because the process of doing a master’s in many times to give up, only sh419 has killed me, paid no return, or direct a happy return to the liberation, who can bear this. However, in actual operation, I will often feel that if I had to do more preparation, then do not work well, now earn 4000 a day, it may be me.


: the first, whether Wangzhuan really want to plan their future

mail really involved in music, as it was in 2014. This year as sawamatsu with post reached this session. By the end of the year, the Department of China’s three funds total 8 million 283 thousand and 300 shares held by the music, accounting for 1.74% of the music circulation shares. Jumped to second positions in the fund, second only to harvest fund.

generally, early we should according to their own strengths to pick up some small projects list, as their first Wangzhuan industry experience accumulated, the profit is not the most important thing in the process, experience is what we need to get something.

‘s 8 funds hold together as music, before the suspension is still opening

in the music network "gods" on the road, public offering is undoubtedly a very important force.

post is in the music as the bet on the most violent one, its 7 funds are held LETV 41 million 2 thousand and 330 shares, accounting for 3.22% of the music shares, the total market capitalization of 1 billion 390 million 780 thousand yuan. As of the first quarter of this year, including the post, Yi Fangda, wells, Huaan, and other fund companies, ICBC Credit Suisse, raised a total of 39 fund products held LETV, involving 21 fund companies, held a total of 64 million 161 thousand and 100 shares LETV shares.

at the end of 2011, the fund positions increased to 11; at the end of 2012 increased to 20; in 2013 increased to 37; at the end of 2014, there have been 43 fund companies in 2015; in a bull market atmosphere, LETV holding fund company further increased to 57 in 2016; although LETV stock price has entered the downstream channel, fund the company is still "never abandon", held in late LETV fund reached 61.

Ding Lei, Liu Qiangdong play cross-border farming favoredXue Manzi after the venture must be bold, t

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e-commerce in agricultural products, fresh electricity supplier has been too thick, is the most potential of a blue ocean, market analysis believes that China’s fresh electricity supplier market will grow rapidly in the next few years.

said Jingdong sell running chicken for poverty alleviation, but in fact, from the beginning of 2016, fresh from the Jingdong Jingdong consumer products division of independence, the establishment of a separate department, and by the Jingdong of the core Department of 3C division at the helm of the Wang Xiaosong administration.

the biggest problem for entrepreneurs is to start a business, how to see how good, how to see how beautiful. O2O when the fire, the car you come home repair, wash feet also come home, this thing is actually a pseudo demand, no one needs, so soon after the bubble burst, this thing is not reliable, no demand will vanish.

good Internet companies, why are family livestock? Raising livestock is not the major electricity suppliers are prompted by a sudden impulse, to seize the fresh market with homegrown means.

, in which Ma to 2 billion yuan investment in Yili husbandry, but also to 1 billion 400 million yuan of funds acquired Inner Mongolia excellent animal husbandry limited liability company Yili branch of a branch, began to do it alone. Liu Qiangdong is in the headlines on the drying out of the chicken run Jingdong and Jingdong have introduced the poverty alleviation project, running the chicken must be stocked, and each chicken feet have pedometer supervision, only to run more than one million steps will be enough to buy Jingdong to high price more than 100. As for the 8 swine raising Ding Lei, recently received 160 million yuan A round of financing pig.

I play angel investment from 1991 to now, see the death of countless entrepreneurs, lack of funds, the equity allocation is not suitable, do not adhere to the key, and so on, a large number of entrepreneurial companies the biggest problem is there is no demand for start-up companies began to do this thing. Investment is the same, a large number of investors the biggest problem is not find their real needs, in the end what is your needs?

thirty years ago, our many successful people are starving to death support dead bold, timid, timid did not succeed, as long as the thief is bold are successful, but I think the future will definitely change, bold, must be a dead end.


in October last year, the first batch of "running chicken" formed a slaughter, in Jingdong fresh line. Project started a year, the three batch of "running chicken" almost sold out, livestock and electronic business platform for, it is undoubtedly a good.

in November last year, Ding Lei raised 7 years of NetEase flavored black pork for sale outside, and sold a high price of about 110 thousand yuan. This makes a lot of business platform to see the benefits, so cattle chicken breeding specialist come in a throng.

, Ding Lei’s pig, Liu Qiangdong’s chicken have been geared to the market, so Ma’s cattle will be far away?

I said how do you compete? He said, the most simple, I want to buy a car are white-collar workers, Saturday, Sunday does not work, when you want to buy a car online, Sina, NetEase, Sohu will not open the door, the price they are stuck in the Friday afternoon and Saturday, is the price, we must work overtime every Sunday, hour new price, with just one thing, within six months of car home became an important portal, a few days ago, Ping an acquisition, about four or five, their profit of one billion a year to do, I think he is to find the real demand.

from the perspective of investment scale and culture conditions, know they are not playing games.

a year later, in Beijing, I met a high school graduate, Li Xiang, who made a car home. At that time, Sina and Sohu have their own car website, I say we do car home, how to compete with the three major portals? He said, I do this site is to give my own people read this, I am not a car expert, I do not know what is the horsepower, do not know the car a lot of data but, as an outsider and fans, I know exactly what is an outsider, car enthusiasts demand.

at the same time, O2O is not without the need, the demand is firmly exist >

pinpoint needs: just need, pain points, high frequency

I’ve done several successful cases. First, I was a junior high school graduate. I was named Cai Wensheng. I had to go to Fujian and Ma, a young man does not speak Mandarin, he made a 265, then we become good friends, my investment accounted for 25% of the shares. Why did Cai Wensheng succeed? Because he has done a very demand, he said the China people not on YAHOO, this thing I did is to meet the majority of Internet users can not meet the demand, it is also the bottleneck of the Internet, so the 265 have been very successful, in addition to hao123, it is second.

now Internet companies are popular cross-border. For example, electricity business Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong and Ding Lei, have joined the farming industry.

Two new outlets for personal website owners in 2007Piglet short rent co founder Chen Chi working son

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when the boss can sleep well,


gynecologist into Internet

in accordance with the sales commission model, the artist has been running very successful, most of the list is a conversion can be a commission of tens of dollars. China has many experts rely on such alliances, earn tens of thousands of dollars per month.

if you have an English station with 5000ip traffic every day, it will be easy to charge $2000 a month.

if you do stand level, and promotion website experience also, then consider considering foreign language station. Take English for example. In English click ads, most of each click is more than 10 times more than chinese.

looking ahead, not worried about short-term results,

last week, piggy short rent announced, access to nearly tens of millions of dollars in financing. Interesting, the same day, piggy short rent co founder Chen Chi’s "old boss" – Ganji also announced its short rent ants get A round of financing. Speculation is that these two are P2P point to point short rental trading platform, the United States Airbnb prototype companies are fighting?.

strongly suggest that you do CB such sales commission advertising alliance, do this advertising Union, even without the site can also make money. And generally not K off.

in 2002, 28 year old Chen Chi, in order to get rid of "in the system has been able to see the head," the sense of powerlessness, despite all opposition, resigned from the West China Medical University Second District hospital obstetrics and gynecology hospital work. Then apply for delays in responding in a pharmaceutical companies start a year after the sale, with 3721 in the Southwest Branch, Chen Chi into the Internet industry, the friend recommendation after two years, Chen Chi became the 3721 director of the southwest region. By the end of 2003, YAHOO acquired 3721, and Chen Chi witnessed 3721 fastest growing years.

if you have a Chinese station, you can get 1000 monthly income every day if you have 5000ip and do Chinese language station.

Chen Chi

shlf1314 AdSense alliance Firefox browser promotion, a Chinese download 0.1 U.S. dollars, 8 cents, which for the Chinese webmaster, it has been very good. But what about an English download? 1 dollars directly, or 8 yuan in renminbi.

there are two main types of advertising alliances in foreign countries:

2007 Spring Festival is over, many individual owners are thinking of a new way out, and today, Wang Tong and we will discuss together, welcome to discuss.

however, in 2005, YAHOO has packaged all its assets in China and invested $1 billion in exchange for Alibaba’s 40% stake, when Zhou Hongyi, President of YAHOO China, resigned. Chen Chi followed Zhou Hongyi to Beijing, has experienced the growth process of Qihoo from scratch, trial and error, he has a better understanding of the Internet industry, the Internet industry also saw a need to "competition of family background and relatively fair. In 2008, aware of their responsibility for sales business to create more value for the Qihoo, Chen Chi left Qihoo.

a Chinese click, but one or two cents, a click in English is dozens of cents, and even some one click as much as a dozen dollars.

2, CB, an advertising alliance based on sales commissions.

1, shlf1314 AdSense this click on royalty based advertising alliance.

on May 2012, quit "ant short hire general manager", with the former responsible for the fair network group buying business Wang Liantao jointly established piglets


one way out: make money for foreigners!     fast apply shlf1314 Adsense ad:

Chen Chi then chose to join with the company to become cool news, air ticket and hotel sales vice president. Cool with the business transformation, original members have left, 2009 kuxun acquired by TripAdvisor of America, Chen Chi once again feel free. In June 2011, Chen Chi joined the fair market and became the general manager of the short rent ant. A year later, Chen Chi ran away with differences in management philosophy.

is it? Maybe you’ll say your English is bad. It’s OK to use English Online

although many domestic advertising Union, but the conversion rate into money is too low, good faith and poor, originally not much income, but also often exploited by advertising unions.

like Keso blog every day there are tens of thousands of traffic, if keso open an English blog, the daily traffic can reach tens of thousands of IP English traffic, that monthly income of tens of thousands of dollars is not a problem. kseo left oak, and consider this strategy.

said on Saturday that Chen Chi did not believe that China’s short rental market had come to wrestle with competition. From last year, when the boss, he valued, is 5 years, 10 years later, who can become a big player of this blue ocean, and not drowned?. Spotted a short rental market, Chen Chi is counter attack on the road.

shlf1314 AdSense account is particularly strong, be careful, do not play small smart. That way, shlf1314 won’t give you the money and K your account number.

"job earners" frequently job hopping

who would have thought that more than ten years ago, Chen Chi, 28, was an obstetrician and gynecologist,

How do you make your CJ account $10 thousand a monthHe is Ma admire most of the people, from the bac

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SF is a company that has basically not done any advertising so far. For Wang Wei, the outside world knows very little about it.

why? Because the report said he when DISCUZ truly open and free, he changed his business model, from the previous member fees on profit pattern, into the station group sales package advertising model, that is to say, if the BENZ to do the advertisement, he will talk to BENZ, because he has all 70% Chinese forum users can share all the auto forum will play BENZ advertising. That’s the idea that gave me a new inspiration for CJ, the station group model.

once firmly refused to go public,

returned to Hongkong in 1997, China served as a state-owned enterprise

second, more products, each product with a separate 2 level domain name to complete, each product to do a separate LP page, there are many products I focus on sales, I am directly using WP to do BLOG comments.

first of all, I’d like to thank Mr. CEO of DISCUZ, Mr. Dai Zhikang, for his inspiration for a story. If you don’t know what CJ is, please use sh419 search Commission Junction.


in recent years, private logistics enterprises actively seek listing, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. According to statistics, in 2016, the top ten of the courier company has 5 successful landing capital markets, in addition to through express in the United States stock IPO outside, Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, have been through backdoor listing landing A shares.

after the completion of the transaction, if not to consider supporting the financing factors, Ming Tak Holdings will hold 64.58% shares of Dingtai new material; considering the supporting factors of financing, Ming Tak Holdings will hold 55.04% shares of Dingtai new material, became the controlling shareholder. Wang Wei holds 99.9% stake in Ming Tak Holdings, will become the actual controller of listed companies.

today’s Wang Wei also began to understand that the war between SF and competitors has risen to the capital level. Wang Wei who once expressed his firm determination not to appear on the market, finally chose to yield to the capital".

announcement revealed that Wang Wei was born in 1970, the Department of SF holdings founder and actual controller, currently chairman and general manager of SF holdings.


Wang Wei or summit express richest man

a good, a certain PR value of the domain name. A brand new shlf1314 ADWORDS account. N LP film version. Then, in CJ, I searched for dozens of good products for the first time. Then I got some information about the products and read them carefully, and most of them were the products I used. Then I handed my assistant to write some English comments. What time do you pay attention to here:

previously, Ding Thai new material announced on the evening of January 18th, the company intends to securities referred to by Ding Ding new material changed to SF holdings, the securities code unchanged. The company’s major asset restructuring has been completed, SF Holdings has become a wholly owned subsidiary.

repeat the above action, I have at least 100 more than two domain name station group, to maintain my sales network. Start SEO, because all original content, SEO quite good to do, I helped with some mass BLOG tool, increased countless reverse connection. Finally, ADWORDS is the main auxiliary, I usually save the cost, if a product without competition, or a product optimization well used, but here suggest that when you stand group when a certain number of your ADW price will drop very low. "

by some domestic CEO black hat method, with two domain name to pile up, let me think of an improvement method, but not used for SEO search engine, but to do my product.

according to the prospectus, to February 21st closing price of 41.99 yuan / share calculation, without consideration of matching financing factors, Wang Wei listed company holding a market value of about 113 billion 400 million yuan. More than previously tact, to regain the title of private express industry.

I still chose the following materials:

Ding Tai new material earlier announced that the equivalent part intended to all assets and liabilities with SF SF holding 100% equity holding shareholders holding the replacement transactions intended to set out the assets of the initial price of 800 million yuan, the assets to be placed in the initial price of 43 billion 300 million yuan, the difference in part by the company by way of issue of shares from SF holdings all shareholders to buy.

first, be sure to have original product reviews. Here, I told him directly about what each product focuses on and what my assistant has done. Here I would like to explain, the cheaper products, the more prominent, cheaper, the more expensive products, the more prominent good. For example, when doing CJ THINKPAD products, we are mainly a thing, many people think, we find the Lenovo employee coupon code X300 can buy a cheap hundreds of dollars, because of this, very good sales.

Ma Yun has mentioned more than once, China’s electricity supplier still accounts for only 10% of the country’s overall retail market, the future will still have massive development space. For the express delivery industry, this is obviously a better yet hypothetical.

following the tact, in the pass, Shen Tong backdoor listing after another — SF EXPRESS traced the courier chiefs in February 23rd will be officially listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange bell. So far, Shen Tong, tact, rhyme, SF four courier companies landing A shares, the market value will be more than 300 billion yuan.

From idiot to obsession, a webmaster’s growing memory

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from 2001 to 2002 is known as the era of Internet money collection. At that time, I was still a junior high school student who did not know what was called the Internet. I was born in the countryside and didn’t have access to the computer at all. Not to mention the "Wangzhuan" of the new term.

from 2003 to 2004 is known as the Internet era of money. 2003 is the rapid development of network marketing China year than in previous years has shown some new features, such as search engine marketing has been widely used, the network membership marketing fast development, the network marketing service market formed, but at the same time, fraud in network marketing is more prominent, effects of spam on Internet Marketing is more serious. Websites like professional, portal and business models are beginning to divide the Internet, the fat, flowing cheese. During this period, we realized that the Internet is still a small industry, and the competition is almost zero.

from 2005 to 2006 is also known as the era of Internet money. Every gate station, industry station and regional station mushroomed in the internet. At the same time, the crowd that began to work with the industry in the Internet started up with startling data. And this time. I’m still the most insignificant bit of the Internet, getting into touch with computers. Go to QQ and play games.

in 2007, the Internet entered a period of money making. Like the traditional industry, you want to find a niche on the internet. It is necessary to seriously operate, very motivated to learn, and strive to improve themselves. 07 years in June. I entered the nine network company, known as the site editor. Get into touch with what’s called the internet". There are too many curious, too many longings.

really began to understand that the site was built in October. The son of the boss on the understanding of the full moon banquet from Jiangxi back to the big station network. From his beginning, slowly like the title of personal webmaster. When did the first unsuspectingly customers own station. Because at that time, this keyword competition is very small, easy to use. At that time, only human flesh promotion, increase the chain of this station to do a little. But after a lecture in the training of novice webmaster "admonish me to give up the hadron brother station, to choose a formal site to start learning. Therefore, the young woman net ended with such ending, also ended my personal site’s virgin station at the same time.

2008 Internet industry, passion and competition, and. Personal site has been packed with every field of the Internet, from Baidu revocation related keywords, personal webmaster survival is facing great challenges. But the spirit of the stationmaster is: "do not abandon, do not give up, use the belief to fight!" choose the Internet, you can not easily say that I can not. July 1st. My new station: sentimental, on-line. All along, I have a deep belief that the website is the content of the content, is valuable content, to provide users with valuable content is sad way out. Perhaps now my idea is very much in the eyes of many old stationmaster

Southern black sesame paste 30 years of wind and rain

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believe that southern black sesame paste advertisements are many 80 childhood memories, familiar taste, really big brand, still has a high popularity, "the black Godfather" Wei Qingwen is a great tribute to nature.

he withstood criticism and even create criticism, with Chinese to "black boss" in the Internet is not even heroic utterance, developed in the southern black sesame still occupied a number of topics of headlines, formation of non general growth. In the media conference, he summed up the southern black sesame to the development of a total of six word Bible today, today, these words are still useful for many companies.

focus: focus on creating a single product strength

black sesame paste is the beginning of southern black sesame is famous for the world, it is a testimony of the "product". Turning to the development process of the enterprise, Wei Qingwen admitted that the middle has gone through a lot of detours, but the final experience is to get to do subtraction, do not need to do anything but to do a product to do the best.

black sesame paste is produced in 1989, when the south from the national food hired 7 experts and professors as technical adviser, began to develop the research of black sesame paste, after half a year before the successful development of black sesame paste. In 1996, the company passed the FDA certification and ISO900Z quality system certification, access to the international market access, product distribution in the United States, Japan and other 13 countries and regions. This R & D investment is now very conscious of the advance, but also cast a black sesame paste difficult to exceed the strength of the product.


How to use the best oil

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with oil now widely popular, more and more consumers are more and more various effects brought by love oil, especially for the skin, by many women’s pursuit, but there are many essential oils, how to find the most suitable, how to use essential oils to work best, the following Xiaobian come to understand:

1, the right choice for their essential oils

essential oil is a very personalized product, it is not readily picked up can be used, the same essential oil formula does not apply to all people with common symptoms. Therefore, to ensure the use of essential oils, before use must choose their own essential oils. If you are not very understanding of essential oils, it is best to consult professionals.

2, choose the best way to use

There are many methods to use

essential oils, such as oil massage, oil bath or foot bath, aromatherapy essential oils, essential oils, essential oils, hot or cold compress inhalation of essential oils, essential oils and spray fumigation method. Solve the problem of skin can choose massage method; to solve the mental stress can choose incense or essential oil bath; respiratory problems with inhalation effect is good; if you want to prevent mosquito bites, the self-made oil spray.

3, proper dilution of essential oil

pure essential oils direct contact with the skin is often too high because of the damage to the skin, so in the massage, you must first dilute the essential oils. The most commonly used to dilute the essential oil is the base oil, can also be diluted with other media. The harmonic ratio, in general, the amount of essential oil in about 0.5% to 3%, the face sensitive department for children under 12 years of age or massage, about 0.5% to 1%; severe muscle pain, you can use 3% of the amount.

4, the use of skin on the skin test

for regular essential oils, allergic phenomenon is not common. However, due to individual differences, there will still be some people allergic to certain essential oils, so in order to ensure the safe use of essential oils, the first time in the use of some essential oils, it is best to do a skin test. Can be deployed 1% of essential oil, smear on the wrist or ear, no allergic phenomenon for 24 hours.

5, do not continue to use the same oil or formula

some people always complain that their use of oil in the first few weeks of the effect is obvious, but after a period of time, there is no effect. Indeed, the same essential oils or essential oils are not suitable for long-term use. In order to ensure the use of an essential oil formula should be replaced after 2-3 weeks.

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