Zhang Shengrong rely on the web search engine where the survival way

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If you encounter a

if N does not know the site was K factors, like Zhang Shengrong network marketing blog, is not to change the domestic space and IP address, directly to the site to K, two weeks have not come. Google N years ago on the back, have to say Google technology than Shanghai strong love.

by the owners ask net @ Zhang Shengrong original, reproduced please keep the original address of 贵族宝贝zhangshengrong贵族宝贝/post-259.html chain.

out there?

if the search engine using

, the eldest brother Wang Tong wrote an article "love Shanghai untouchable" found some key words do not belong to the law, if it is illegal to shield can also over the past. Some people say that "Wang Tong’s" love Shanghai critical network "" excessive speculation suspects "swagger, think whether it is true or false, with the mind to imagine that.

For example, In this paper,

summed up the 5 points depend on the survival of search engine website, Zhang Shengrong really do not know how far is the way we webmaster. Tonight may write articles very thorny, Shanghai to see how to love no matter what they think?. Still stick to their point of view.

A few days ago in A5 to ?

do not know if you have not thought about this problem when the search engine can not rely on the "grassroots webmaster, where is the way out? Zhang Shengrong wondered if he left the independent blog search engine, and then the user can find Zhang Shengrong? A few days ago to see a report, there are 80% users are dependent on search the engine is also looking for something, webmaster. Do not use a search engine? I think, here is the analysis of how forced webmaster search engine;

if you encounter malicious competitors against

for your site in the search engine ranking is very good, but the product is also very explosive, so there will be jealous, try to put the first place down. The search engine can’t help you, if your site has met, will be a very big blow, you will rely on search engines to

technology monopoly is a very common thing, for example, talk about a few months ago, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love and Interactive Encyclopedia is an example of two pieces of the fight at outrance. The point is that love Shanghai say nearly open platform micro-blog application platform, also love Shanghai kicked into the Tencent micro-blog, micro-blog, Sohu, NetEase micro-blog went to Sina, micro-blog did not put the poor. Another point, as long as it is placed in front of all love Shanghai products, imagine the webmaster

search engine manual intervention

technology monopoly

said, "love Shanghai artificial intervention", if you still do not know what is love Shanghai manual intervention search will know. Some master encountered artificial intervention is no resistance, you did not get his way. Their meaning is very simple, they buy keyword promotion. Station fire, really want to do a ticket with him.

if the normal keyword to shield

The contact site optimization for more than a year to understand website jump out rate

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two, how to reduce the rate of jump out of the site

1 is the site of the open speed, the normal site open speed is less than 10 seconds, if open speed is too long, the customer will exit directly off the page. So we choose the server space, to choose a good server space, not to choose the cheapest often not open space, security, often hacked space.

2 is the site of the page layout, not too messy, customers can in a very short time in your website to find the information he wanted products. It is simple and clear, not for good-looking website design. There are "color can not be too much, generally not more than 5 kinds of good.

6 is the website >

3 site navigation, try to use text links, do not use image links, FLASH links.

website bounce rate this website optimization concept believe that many webmaster all know, with the most popular word, an Internet users through search engines or other channels to enter the site to stay. If a user enters your website opened only one or two pages, click on our website is no longer any page, the exit site, so it shows a high bounce rate for the website, website ranking optimization will also affect the great. On the contrary, if one person on your site for a long time, browse many pages, indicating the site jump out rate is very low, the optimization of the website ranking will have some help. I want to say is, website bounce rate is how to produce, and how to reduce the rate of jump out of this website:

from last year to now, the contact site optimization this industry has been more than a year. As far as I know, now we are when the site optimization, often is the pursuit of the site keywords ranking position, often ignore the important factors, but also directly affects the ability of marketing factors on the site: the bounce rate is the site of the


first, website bounce rate is how to produce? Generally feel that their problem is mainly personal website, the user first on the website of the feeling can directly generate the website jump out rate. Is the so-called user reflect, why users reflect will affect the site ranking, in fact, is not difficult to see from here. It is also possible to enter the URL into the error, error caused by the website, the customer is not looking for you this website, possible spelling errors.

4, website description text, do the site within the chain, add the key links in the text on the page, so you can let users in the process of reading Click to other pages. This can refer to love Shanghai Encyclopedia products.

5, a list of recommended articles, the establishment of an article on the bottom or sides add plate, when users read the article, you can read other articles in this sector, so as to reduce the site’s jump out rate.


How to design a good Shanghai Longfeng keyword analysis statistics

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is this form about your peers, any website can find their competitors, at least, now the Internet industry website there is almost no blank. So, as long as you work hard to find one, you can find the peer competitors.

data of Shanghai people are familiar with and understand the dragon, we can through the webmaster tools can be found in these data. For example, IP, PV, UV, snapshot, included, the chain, domain name age, bounce rate, residence time, site entrance, keywords etc.. These data are worth of statistics and analysis.

also runs a website of the Shanghai dragon supervisor must clearly know that their website which channel, how many were released and collected so much. These are the data to speak of. >


from the view of chain out included quantity, included the number, which shows a website search engine to you. If you are included in the amount of irregular data, then you should pay attention to, in addition, so the chain performance data such as if your site is down right may not be what big problem.

so that it can help you to analyze and grasp the key. Data can explain everything.

in Shanghai dragon, the most important is not the skills, but the data analysis, the data can tell you a lot of things. Now on the market a lot of Shanghai dragon, in that, how to analyze the key words, if you write the title, these are actually through regulating and training, change gradually.

2, peer site competition analysis.

each Shanghai dragon, if not a truly meet the needs of the website design and industry of Shanghai Longfeng keyword analysis statistics, can say sorry, this is the Shanghai dragon of dereliction of duty, or is unable to bear the burden. So a website all the data, we have to focus on what data is

website is not refers to the total amount collected, collected and you used to edit the contents of the assessment staff, of course, this part, small owners could be ignored, I said this is for small Internet Co or a certain scale of Internet Co, not only on their professional skills, more important to combine included check.

then you need to analyze the peer site what? In addition to some basic data above, you need to analyze an important part of the peer website. That is the keyword ranking, that is to say you want to know what your peers have what words ranked in the top.

1, part of the site.

from IP, PV, UV this set of data is sticky data can be drawn to a website, combined with the bounce rate and residence time will know this website users on your site have much attachment.


3, website statistics.

?The basic data of

There are a number of website snapshot is love Shanghai or website

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?The original

three: click the website snapshot snapshot, the time is 2011-7-21

: a snapshot site directly in the love of Shanghai site, the time is 2011-7-13

article by SMS platform www.28dx贵族宝贝/, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!

website snapshot two: direct hits today included, the time is 2011-7-27


love Shanghai algorithm change, believe that many webmaster friends have experienced before, almost every week on Thursday or Friday, there is a small update, a monthly meeting once or twice larger changes in recent algorithm update; it is hard to digest, many websites should be long love Shanghai K off, rather baffling even K, can not find any reason, more elusive, some sites have been k after signs of recovery, and then quickly returned to the state of being K, really remain perplexed despite much thought.

three is a snapshot of the love Shanghai love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, or the means to love Shanghai right down trend? But from the optimization methods of their own, can not do love Shanghai. Sorry, the website updates are original and pseudo original binding, although many articles are from others excerpt from the website, but at least have done, not to mention the outside chain, is added manually, and so the breadth of the chain, what blog, forum, soft, quiz are used; this is the site condition, why Shanghai’s own true love


‘s own website is not love Shanghai K off, but also finally feel the love interest of Shanghai! Today use Adsense tools inquires the site found 28 SMS network appeared 3 different snapshots, so in exchange connection, no one is willing to exchange.




A successful blog takes time to accumulate and appropriate publicity

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is talking about people again. It’s a bad thing to talk about other people, but I prefer the people I talk to to see what they lack in my words. Statement, I am not necessarily right, I hope we can discuss it together.

doesn’t necessarily insist on updating

every day

probably has more than ordinary bloggers have such a misunderstanding: in order to allow friends to pay attention to my blog every day, so every day will update. In fact, this logic is completely wrong, don’t think Baidu is updated every day for you, you will come to your blog every day. First you have to consider why you every day to your blog, what do they want? First, they focus on the event, you can update; two, they want the technology, you can summarize the published; three, pure is your friend.

, a few days ago, didn’t want to see the column "little Lou" in his blog. Don’t know, a look surprised, the original small Lu can build 21 days PR will rise to 3, this is my blog now to buy links over the same period of four months or 0 blog PR people envy the very thing ah! Look at his blog IP IP:2010 in April 4th, more than 700 independent; in May 19, 2010, more than 1500 independent IP blog, you know Lu Songsong’s blog is about 2000IP! June 9, 2010, blog volume exceeded 4000; in June 21, 2010, the blog output exceeded 5000; in July 10, 2010, the blog volume exceeded 6000. The blog message has not been updated, you can see that the blog message meets the bottleneck. In May 3, 2010, a single day blog broke through 50 replies; in May 14, 2010, a single day blog broke through 100 replies, and if it continues, there are about 100 replies to the article’s comments. But from the front page, there are at least 8 messages, the most of which are 41. Why is it so deserted a? Ten home page articles, two articles are used to write the life article, two pieces of code, a theme, two articles to learn to drive, three function (sorry, I don’t know what is this function). I think the ten article seven article is in dealing with the cross, not have to deal with the two part of the article describes CSS and the life, after all, play independent blog friends or interested in CSS. Why does it lead to this? Maybe Xiao Lu is really busy and has no time to take care of the blog. But I also feel that the excessive pursuit of quantity, and forgetting the quality, is the real reason for losing readers


appropriate publicity, more important than technology,

wine is also afraid of deep alley. I think 80% bloggers would like to share his blog, and the best way to identify is to buy his blog ads.. In the circle I’m mixing, there are tens of thousands of bloggers advertising the most. Yes, he has about 7 ad positions, about 60 each, and one month

Secret Amazon recommend function currently mainly rely on manual recommendation

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customers may be like in the supermarket. This idea is: "only spend a few dollars, why not?" (with TechWeb


technology news (Tong Yun) July 31st Beijing time news, "fortune" magazine online edition today published article said that Amazon’s second quarter sales growth of 29%, increased to $12 billion 830 million from $9 billion 900 million last year, this growth to a great extent and the functional integration on Amazon recommended to buy almost all parts in the process. But the article also pointed out that although many observers believe that the recommendation of the horse is a "killer" function, but analysts pointed out that Amazon still has a lot of room for improvement.

below is the full text of this article:

when Amazon recommends a product on its website, it’s obviously not a coincidence.

fundamentally, this retail giant recommendation system based on a few simple elements: users in the past brought what users in what things in their virtual shopping cart, users have praised the marking or items, and other clients have been browsing and buy what items. Amazon calls this homegrown mathematical calculation "item-to-item collaborative filtering", using this algorithm to customize browsing experiences for repeat customers. A device enthusiast may find that Amazon’s Web site is full of device recommendations, while a mother who has just become a mother may find that these pages provide baby products.

Judging from the success Amazon has achieved, the

recommendation system works. In the second quarter, Amazon’s sales grew 29% to $12 billion 830 million, up from $9 billion 900 million in the same period last year. Much of this growth is related to Amazon’s integration of recommended features into almost every part of the purchase process, from product discovery to payment. After landing on Amazon, you will find multiple product recommendations, and when you open a specific product page, you will see areas where items are often purchased or other items that customers will buy. For the time being, Amazon remains silent about the effectiveness of this recommendation. "Our task is to make our customers happy and allow them to spot excellent products," a spokesman for Amazon told fortune. We believe that this happens every single day, and that is our greatest success."


Amazon also sends e-mail to its users a small amount of recommendations. However, although Web Recommendation programs tend to be more automated, so far Amazon has largely relied on manual methods

Successful stationery store to pay attention to what

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Chinese attach great importance to education, so that all kinds of stationery market continues to increase, the profit of the industry is also very rich, however, considerable differences of Maori stationery 70% also has 10% hypermarkets, due to the current existence. Therefore, in the form of a simple stationery store, there is little chance of survival.

open stationery stores need to have some success:

1, location: near the school or large office buildings.

2, relationship: This is important, especially in group sex very strong consumer, such as students, if a good relationship with the school stationery shop, many engage in group purchase like, even if is the office, to the company’s responsible person to improve relations.

3, supply channels: no worries, before the courage to go.

4, marketing: simple stationery store sales are relatively dependent on the ground is strong, can be appropriate to open the community online store, for the class of customers, you can carry out sales or other ways. Specific measures to be determined.

, if a small stationery shop in the city Likaiduo home interlocking type, not only into the corporate culture, but also reduces the cost of benefits.

small scale stationery store general investment is relatively small, such as a 30 square meters of stationery stores, including renovation, including the estimated investment of 25 thousand yuan can be. Because stationery will not deteriorate, the investment is small, so the risk is not great. Generally speaking, this kind of store profit is very high, can reach more than 100%, as long as the monthly turnover reached 4000 yuan, will not lose money.

if you intend to invest in a stationery store, then the investment is relatively large. The main investment in the wholesale store is a large amount of money and liquidity. A medium-sized stationery wholesale store about to invest about 500 thousand, office supplies wholesale store retail profit is not high, about between 10% to 20%.

office supplies distribution shop between retail and wholesale, the most important thing is to find a stable customer. About 100 thousand yuan can open a shop based on the distribution of income is also between wholesale and retail.

location for office supplies store, it is very important. If it is to open a retail store, then the best choice in the customer base is relatively concentrated, such as schools nearby, so as to ensure adequate source. But pay attention to the situation in the vicinity of peers, if a regional retail stores are too dense, then it will be difficult to survive. If it is a wholesale or distribution or sales of equipment, mainly based on the text, then do not need a lot of downtown, and even in the more remote places are not selected

Small jewelry store clerk skills training

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small jewelry store, you need to communicate with consumers face to face, if the clerk to provide quality services to consumers, consumers will naturally be impressed. If you want to get a better development, you need to train qualified staff. From what aspects of training? This is a lot of franchisees are more concerned about the point.

1. product knowledge


sales positions have in common, however the sale of jewelry and clothing, but these cars are very different, the clerk should learn the relevant knowledge of goods before they start, have a certain understanding of the goods, shall be ready.

2. display skills

jewelry store display is an important factor to attract consumers, if the store will not be displayed, the consumer can not be re opened after the exhibition requirements, consumers will have a bad impression on the store.

3. commodity packaging

if the consumer fancy goods store was the only day kind of, the clerk should send the goods to wrap, so it should be the packaging of goods shop.

small jewelry store, the clerk need to master what skills? This is the business needs to pay attention to the problem. The above suggestions hope to be helpful to you, hurry up to learn it. There are other aspects of the need to pay more attention to the business, so that the store clerk to master more skills, increase profits for the store.

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The three kind of double electricity supplier eleven

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netizens ridicule, the Chinese people to plan a year of things, both in the eleven to buy the same day. Since November 11th is no longer known as "singles day" began, double eleven has become a legend of the electricity business. It put a gluttonous feast, to lure buyers into the price, when it took off the mask of glamour, people have been caught in its whirlpool.

three forms: the more the more resistance to meet the

How to improve the success rate of food and beverage industry

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in everyone’s entrepreneurial experience, more and more people see our food and beverage market, for the moment the catering market maintained the best business confidence, but in the catering business on the road should also pay attention to the marketing strategy.

in the entire hotel management from time to time to consider, in my opinion, to do marketing, first to develop the best marketing orientation, choose a better target market, actively use and development of a variety of marketing strategies, in order to achieve the ultimate purpose of quality marketing. Organization marketing: Marketing in the organization, to do the following:

designated sales area and scope. Sales Department Manager with the area and scope of sales personnel designated sales, adopt the way, actively guide the sales staff to expand sales, distribution area and range according to a sales potential, the geographical position and the category of customers to be distributed. Food and beverage industry to join you to make money to grasp the key to the marketing of holiday food franchise stores. Specified sales target. The marketing manager sets the sales target according to the sales target and policy. Sales indicators are divided into quantitative indicators and quality indicators.

This paper from the