The enemy, baizhanbudai, net duct for you to resolve what is Shanghai Dragon

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Release and link arrangement of


2, website structure analysis

is the process of Shanghai dragon aspects of these six cycles, only we are more than six links to ensure that your site has a good performance in the search engine. Pay attention to network duct, we will provide you with more regular knowledge of website operators.

Shanghai dragon is more than let website home page have a good ranking in the search engine, more important is to let each page of the site to bring traffic.

net duct (www.91wzg贵族宝贝), web hosting industry only listed companies, small and medium enterprises focus China website generation operations, the net duct Xiaobian to explain Shanghai Longfeng job responsibilities:

4, the content of

3, website directory and page optimization

website traffic analysis, at the same time the user experience of the website optimization has significance. Traffic analysis tools, recommended the use of noble baby flow analysis.

structure of the website search engine crawlers preferences is helpful for Shanghai dragon. Architecture of website analysis includes: removing bad website architecture design and implementation of directory tree structure, site navigation and link optimization.

Guide the next Shanghai dragon strategy from Shanghai Longfeng results on the

Shanghai Longfeng effect in the search engine, through the site: your domain name, know the site collection and update. To achieve better dialogue with the search engine, with noble baby webmaster tools.

search engine love website content are updated regularly, so the reasonable arrangement of website content release schedule is one of the important techniques of Shanghai dragon. Layout of the entire site links organically together, let the search engine to understand the importance and key words of each page, the reference is the first point of key arrangement. Links campaign is launched at this time.



Shanghai dragon is not simply a few tips or a few suggestions, but a need enough patience and careful mental labor. In general, Shanghai, includes six parts:

5 with search engines,

6, website traffic analysis

analysis of 1 key words, (also called keywords positioning)

this is the most important part of Shanghai dragon, keywords analysis includes: analysis, competitor analysis, the amount of attention keyword analysis, keyword and website related keywords layout, keyword ranking prediction.

Optimal design of website website ranking at the Shanghai Dragon

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website is very important, because it represents the development orientation of this website and later, if we are not pre choose the wrong direction, even if we finally got a certain return, will be very small, or also need to spend more time and energy, so it is very important for the optimal design of website initial stage, one is we need to join the marketing ideas, promotion of our products and services, is to provide him a search over the keyword information for the user, allowing users to get the information they want to receive, and recommend the relevant information as they do. Such a website is the best website. We here in attracting network’s official website as an example for everyone to do a detailed introduction: how do website of Shanghai dragon ranking astepping-stone to success.


for any website, is the most important position in one direction, then the marketing website layout construction based on this direction, such as our company is aiming at attracting network website design and construction in Shanghai area, all of the design is to highlight a location such that the positioning a lot of requirements, and website design ability; two, website construction service scope. So we are more in the website home page is to show their ability and scope of services.

A, the basic web design ability. Website design and construction is the most basic requirement is to certain artists and program requirements, we Shanghai attracting network website although art is not so strong, but also on the middle level, there are a number of procedures, absolutely can meet the various needs of users, website design capacity in Shanghai, although not the best, but we can say is most heart. First, our website is a living example, we all can be used to demonstrate the ability to achieve, secondly, we also introduce a lot of his own case in the website home page, the client can observe our ability through case.

1, its marketing positioning,

Our previous work

The range of service

Hello, I am virtual son rain. The Shanghai dragon do the webmaster, we will certainly know a good website not only need our users in the visual impact, to allow users to get experience in spirit, which is why we often say that the user experience, but how the user experience is more conducive to our website to promote the Shanghai dragon? We need to do our design in website optimization work, because the site design optimization is the site of Shanghai dragon ranking astepping-stone to success.

B, website construction. We introduce our various services on the site, a variety of website construction packages with requirements of web design unique, high low-end website construction are included. Including the Shanghai dragon Optimization Website production, website construction, entrepreneurial customized web design, website design, customer brand marketing website production solutions and other design, the full range of website construction business ability, can basically meet the needs of all customers.


Why say soft Wen promotion is the most effective way of free optimization

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three: thanks to the

four: thanks to the original poor

, both the high streets and back lanes or TV stations, or network advertisement information is filled in everyone around. Advertising has been mentioned, I am afraid not many people are willing to accept to take the initiative. But the promotion is not the case, it is different from traditional advertising rigid promotion, to the user demand information at the same time by the way to push him, but not mandatory user acceptance. Therefore, the promotion of soft paper, why more acceptable? The traditional advertising cause rejection the user’s mental is one of the reasons.

Internet, the CMS system is convenient, let the site to simple popularization. But with the popularity of CMS is the emergence of the "collection" this a series of computer-aided design, make CMS more simple. The problem has cropped up, a large number of Internet information is crazy reproduced at the same time, will increase the search unnecessary "redundant" load, repeat the information takes up too many system resources. So the search engine in order to curb the "acquisition" wind, it must be punished for those highly repetitive information station, and delete data processing. At the same time in order to encourage the original, more weight is given to the original high. While the first characteristic soft is original, so soft Wen creation became one of many web site optimization method.

The fast pace of popularization of the personal computer, the Internet, the popularity of

two: thanks to user needs

is now a large number of websites blossom everywhere, Internet entrepreneurs or companies into the Internet, so powerful website promotion has become the necessary means to improve website rankings. With the deepening of competitiveness, website promotion makes up the difficulty, it is obvious to people. But now the rise of a new mode of network promotion push mode — "soft Wen promotion", and quickly jump red circle, and even appeared in a lot of soft paper for commercial profit source training group. This fully proves the point: soft Wen promotion is growing its strong vitality power station. And also spread the word in the circle: write soft Wen webmaster more successful, because the soft Wen promotion is the most effective way of free optimization. So why Wen promotion is the most effective way to optimize the free

the Internet every day will create many new resources? But the frequency of the Garfield is several times on these resources

The rapid development of

‘s life, let more people choose the Internet for all kinds of life information, job information. But if a user search information, but because of the "collection, copy" lead to a repeat of the information to show before, how such a search engine users will log on? This is benefited from the user, the search engine must also encourage original, exclude those high repetitive content. Now that the search engine to the user experience as the main line of development, in fact, more is to make search results more suitable for the user experience.

advertising ?

: thanks to the search engine

Once the history of the station, happiness and pain

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graduation for a long time, things are starting to look at the big semester, understanding the class have the same hobby classmates, so that two people slowly contact more, until he got together a station, hot Chinese is an integrated information archive website. This is the title of the site at that time, now about the entire site of the process.

did not know much about the network at that time, and knew how to do the station and make noise, so that the search included and chose the space and domain name. The general idea is, is officially done, get up at 6 every day, until the evening sleeping off my classmates and I are continuous sitting in front of the computer, let the students eat rice, do not go to school, which lasted for more than two weeks, the site is basically completed. This is further optimized and publicity, this time he was responsible for the optimization, I conducted propaganda program by artificial information, automatic acquisition of RSS later, rapid increase in the amount of information, my publicity was a relatively easy, then the connection is better for each engine submission, forum, BLOG, is not quite the hair, the effect is very good, traffic gave us great encouragement in just a month IP5000 PV 30000 such numbers, in order to make the flow more, I went to the fire with the flow chinabbs forum posting this should be a lot of people know, what did not start the effect, because of the lack of understanding of which the forum, a week later on this forum to understand the past, single page IP site appeared, single page flow IP 1W although not the true meaning of the flow But after all, and from there, bringing traffic, still very happy, but the next thing that we’re not happy, taking calls, because the moment the IP server can not afford too much, let us move, how can this be good, because we choose which host business is good, if according to him say, the virtual host other is useless, but they require space for 3 days, no way to change, for a home, IP had a little fluctuation, but no decline in the number of things in the space of a week after such repeated, so repeat 3 times, we plan to rent to host, then us 1W yuan, the get go, this time there is an alumnus of a brother, provides a host for us, join us, this is the first time alone The exclusive 100M 4U server, the mood at that time cannot describe, the speed of the next movie is 3-5 minutes, this is such a good space, do not worry, continue to promote, in order to let more people know, we also went to school nearby each Internet publicity, Internet cafes to the home page, of course, is we use the 2 level domain name do, his home, local bars all made home, traffic has been rising, but this time we troubled things, how to make money. By this time, it was the last semester of the sophomore year. When I was taking the exam, I got a call from Bai Du at that time. I didn’t know what happened to PK at the time. The result was that we will have a holiday soon

Website promotion heavy nuclear bomb collective soft text

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recently entered a group on the Internet and was lucky enough to meet some of the webmasters who sell clothes and shoes. So everyone will communicate with each other every day, how to promote. Everyone’s methods are many, there are QQ promotion, there are soft, and blog, and so on. But in the end we agreed that the soft promotion is a good way, a good soft Wen Sheng numerous top post, more than thousands of times more than QQ advertising, with numerous customers earnestly preaching. Why are we not a collective soft, write a good article to everyone. All have not better, and more power, everyone to familiarize themselves with the forum or website, the effect must be very good.

said, the day we webmaster activist (my site), station, station to a theme, "the 09 year review of several" junk "shoes website", seems to be negative theme, is actually their own shortcomings we write the webmaster website. After writing, then in A5 and other major websites and forums and blog release, I did not expect very soon on the A5 home page, address is, we can refer to. The same day, we have almost no rest of the team leader, has been in the hair, at night, Baidu and Google have been included dozens of pages, check out even our site has increased a lot. Did not expect the soft as a heavy bomb group, spread to a wide range, strong lethality, is unmatched! First webmaster cooperation in soft Wen have such a big effect, we are all eager for a fight, excited, hope to have second cooperation.

, but a good collective soft, to have good themes and ideas, must have content, and is worth seeing. And this collective soft text is not sure, too many people can not, in fact, 3, 5 best, and then have a good positioning and ideas, and these stations must have the best relevance. In this way can better and more clever web site interspersed, better play soft text propaganda in invisible effect. We also plan to go out every week some collective soft Wen, or one or two, or 35 groups, in short, looking forward to the next collective soft Wen, looking forward to the next "heavy nuclear bomb" explosion effect.

this article by the university student clothing wholesale network stationmaster provides, reprint please retain the source, thanks the cooperation!


The painful experience of site a month to prepare the establishment of a friend

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May 17, 2009, my novel station I back to college was born, was not what experience, collected a few novels began to each big search site for landing site soon, Baidu GG, YAHOO in the second day included my home, as I pleased with oneself, white, very pleased with oneself… Soon I found that Baidu, YAHOO does not include my other pages, GG fortunately, the site for nearly a month, GG included more than 200.

this makes me extremely depressed, in the webmaster group to seek expert advice, I had to give my site made a diagnosis:

1, the site template can not be replaced regularly, it is best to confirm the release later, and finally do not change. (at that time I didn’t know the replacement template would affect the search engine. I changed countless.


2, web keywords can not be changed casually. You can’t add keywords that have nothing to do with the content of the site. (I didn’t know it at the time. I don’t feel good about it today. I’ll change it right away.


is the site map, the map does not begin to do a website, I think this is very important, because the GG only included my website homepage, do a site map, a few days included in other pages. Although the station at home, Baidu is king, but also Something is better than nothing..

4, we all know that the novel stands are generally collected, so that Baidu does not like. So I saw in ADMIN5 the original and pseudo original importance, the original will not say, but pseudo original, we all know that the content of the novel station is quite scary, is a very big project. So far, I’ve just done manual modifications and haven’t changed much for half a day. Here, I would like to ask you in the field of great God, how to improve this efficiency?. (my QQ:535067398)

5, and there is promotion, I chose Baidu space, Sina blog, Tianya and so on, but it does not have much effect. See how much the other gods say in a day, how many IP did they get?. Soft Wen will not say, I’m doing, hey hey…

6, there is about the acquisition, the space is not large, so selective collection, I use a more stupid way, in the target site, a view isbn. How did you do that,


7, about optimization, I’m still learning in A5, and now do is to each book keywords to modify. The others will not.

site for nearly a month, I summed up the experience, in fact, site for me such a novice, it is really hard. Believe in yourself and keep it up. Some of these, one is hoping to bring some traffic to the site, and two is not ready to stand new station, the owners go wrong road.

at the moment, my station seems to have entered the sandbox of Baidu, so as to see the wisp before dawn

Don’t miss the opportunity to always have higher

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these days, A5 BBS "webmaster net second" I and domain name story "prize essay contest" is voting, a total of 1500 yuan RMB cash reward, very attractive. It’s a pity to see some of my friends ready for the big prize. I knew I was also writing an article, and I was sure I could still win the prize. At that time, I saw the essay contest and didn’t care. Now, my friends are full of confidence and want to harvest fruits. Besides envy, I am sorry, and I have no heart to move.

we often look for opportunities, but often ignore opportunities, and let the opportunity slip away again and again. Many webmaster do Wangzhuan, always thinking what projects to earn money, hoping to find a easy and quick way. See a lot of people do Wangzhuan successful, profitable, they can still find the starting line, not anxious, study the experience of others, imitate patterns, it is still difficult to succeed.

and the opportunity to miss will be sorry, but why was it ignored, boils down to a sentence, or ineffective?. QQ signature graph king is "hard work, execution and high efficiency", whether on their own or on the staff, he asked the sense of doing things, and the idea and action. Even the guys think so, do the children, also should not Study hard


1 sees action.

, for example, as mentioned above, the domain name essay contest, if I had seen the activity, also wrote an article, then now no regrets, not toward the awards, but not to regret. The most regrettable thing is that when you know it, you miss it. In some cases, reported seeing some Wangzhuan mode is very good, very substantial income. See the news of the moment, very tempted, and would like to try, but only stay in the mind, did not put it into action. When you see the other person’s attempt to succeed, you’ll regret it, but it’s too late. Have you ever had a similar experience? If you miss the sun, don’t miss the moon again, take the last experience and treasure the next chance.

2 don’t look down on simple ways.

I don’t know if you remember the text of the primary school. "Da Vinci painted eggs," which seemed like a very simple thing, and finally Jean Vinci was successful. If Da Vinci doesn’t care about the basic skills of "painted eggs", then we don’t know if there was such a painter. Success often comes from the easiest things to do. Don’t ignore the simple things. They always make you succeed. Stationmaster net reported "female postgraduates monthly net profit of twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan to sell pancakes" news, "selling pancakes" seem to be very simple and decent work, but let her monthly income of several million, fame and fortune. Very simple way to make money, but you have missed, because despise, disdain to try, unfortunately, wealth is also away from you.

3 speak less, do more, and want less.

the grand scheme in mind never comes true

Regional business opportunity promotion and profit model

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With the start of

joined the investment type site increased in numerous star, emerging as the Anhui area 2858 unlimited business limit network launched, currently the 28, 78 and 3158 are rarely in large portal site advertising, because media purchasing strategy is more and more mature, and easy to see 9355 recent investment the site in strong visibility, and advertising in the Tencent, Sina, Sohu and NetEase gold position, business network application is an "evergreen" on the Internet, business network deployment and dispersion is always don’t finish writing the article, not to mention the business network application. As a regional representative business website -2858 network unlimited business opportunities in the central region of the same site ranking rising rapidly, operating four months since the Alexa has reached one hundred and fifty thousand, due to our long-term achievement on the profit mode of area business network and user experience than our books.

in the 2858 network business opportunities early, we encountered a pattern of gully, was due to market overly optimistic and regional entrepreneurs to join the demand, we do not lead to ideal income in a period of time. After three months of site growth period, we are the central regions of the country are franchisees and investment products enterprises recognized gradually, visit IP has reached more than three thousand, more than more than 30000 PV.

below is the analysis of the 2858 unlimited business opportunities network promotion and profit model.

offline promotion:

because we Anhui in the central city is relatively underdeveloped areas, whether it is the size of the business and the Internet to find the franchisee’s capacity is less than the Beijing area, and the enterprise IT application consciousness is not too high, the level of knowledge structure of Internet entrepreneurship leads to complex, we met in the website promotion process the biggest bottleneck. In this market environment, regional business network in the growth period should be based on "line based, online promotion mode supplemented to the scale of the enterprise publicity, and campus area to rent large space to carry out promotional activities. Propaganda is SMS, leaflets, and outdoor advertising (such as micro banners etc.), these can reduce our propaganda cost, but also can promote accurately according to the scope of the audience, direct coverage of personal and business two clients to make marketing benefit maximization. In the skills of integration we advocate area propaganda, such as leaflets, you can describe your business network with local characteristics, so that customers at a glance and gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. Example: We used our local dialect to advertise the site on the leaflet, and within a month we found that the search engine picked up about 300 of the IP every day and continued to rise.

in the promotion of enterprise, we summed up "with the most simple charge to get the most objective membership fee income", in the model, when you and human supervisor or manager to talk about cooperation, should be "first – after explanation – price" step in the promotion, is first introduced to illustrate the role of business network with your "gab", the purpose and effect.

One of the forum construction and operation strategy use integral system

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as an important forum website, with its strong autonomy, interactivity and easy management features as an important form of the station, as we are familiar with the DZ and PHPWIND mainstream forum program has been widely used in the local portal forum, portal website forum, personal forum, how to run a good forum, fully mobilize the Forum’s popularity, the formation of active atmosphere of the forum, is an important indicator of the success of the forum. The author combines his nearly seven years of BBS operation experience, will share with you BBS operation in a series of problems and skills, hope to be able to like the operation of BBS webmaster friends help. Today, share and explore the construction of integral system operators in the forum and how to use the integral system.

1 highlights the value of integration

1. integral use should be linked with dry cargo. The first step is to use integral system, to establish the integral "value", the first forum to attract users place often is due to the characteristics of non-ferrous resources or useful communication, can let the forum member identity and actively use integral, the foremost thing is to let the integral and dry cargo hook, the so-called "dry cargo" is really able to bring users to practical use of things, including the use of the forum to share resources available for download, but also can be used to actively exchange objects.

2. controls the prevention of inflation". The forum management team, after defining integral use, also need to plan the integral reward and punishment measures, specifically is the integral value of refinement, for a variety of share and exchange how to quantify the reward for some not properly and how to quantify the punishment, should pay attention to control can be arbitrary bonus points or points by the management staff temper, come to affect the forum authority and image, and will cause the integral "inflation", integral too much will seriously affect the implementation of integral download or exchange prizes after the implementation of measures such as development that want to regain control of integral system the adverse impact on the existing members.

3. let management team and members score together. In addition to the conventional sense of the management team to score, the forum can actively use open the appropriate permissions to reach a certain level of membership score, and the members can participate in the score types are set in advance, to ensure the stability of the integral system. This approach can greatly enhance the enthusiasm of members to participate in management, so that members of the forum to experience autonomy and participation, and enhance the viscosity of the forum.

two, magical forum integral system

1. mobilize forum members to participate in network promotion,

have more "dry cargo" forum, the establishment of integral system to allow members to use virtual points to download is undoubtedly mobilize members to participate in the Forum building the most commonly used is the most effective way, using integral rules, where members can access or by invitation invitation registration link quickly get a lot of points, can greatly improve the membership.

Easy to open cosmetics store location skills to master

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we know that a reasonable location of cosmetics chain store business has a great impact, so we have to open the cosmetics chain store, we must look at the location of the store. How to find a location to open cosmetics stores? Let’s take a look.

A, grasp the potential customers and rules. All people are consumers, it is natural to store customers. The cosmetics stores must understand the population and the local population density, population growth, population age structure in the choice of location. In order to act as a substitute for a good consumer cosmetics, is not an easy thing, we must first understand the needs of the market.

two, to cosmetics franchise business, refers to the shops located point as the center outward extension of cosmetics franchise at a distance, this distance as radius, forming a circular ring of consumption. Cosmetics franchise business district is generally commercial district, residential areas, cultural and educational areas, office areas and mixed areas. The number of people, occupation, age, consumption habits, floating population, infrastructure, competitors, future development trends, rent and related costs.

three, with convenient transportation conditions, the geographical position is good to let more consumers to patronize the cosmetics stores. An important reason for the traffic convenience but also select the address to consider, convenient traffic, such as close to the station, wharf, and bus stops, because passers-by more traffic, have set up shop in value. The corners of an intersection, the highways, good location, high visibility and cosmetics franchise set up shop in the middle of the road but in some areas there is a very long central to the belt or railing, limit the pedestrians and vehicles crossing, it will affect the value of set up shop.