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  • Internet entrepreneurs on these 24 business models

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    Abstract: entrepreneurship is still worried about the business model. Here is the most comprehensive business model of the Internet entrepreneurs induction.


    so-called Internet thinking, and the traditional industry is the most different, it should be the business model. Traditional industry is just thinking about product innovation, and the Internet industry seems to have to think about business model innovation. For example, Google, in 1999, we also worry about the lack of commercial Google. Facebook after the listing is still no solid business model. But now, Google and Facebook are not worried about their income. So it is not directly from users who make money does not matter, only the number of users accumulated to a certain extent, nature is the way to make money "emerges". So, as long as your product can attract enough users, you can see the business model.

    Internet industry has experienced over the years after the attempts of the various forces, has basically explored the so-called Internet thinking business model routines. Accumulate enough users in the product, these ready-made business model can be used for. Preliminary summary, there may be 24 modes of business model. Of course, more intelligent enterprise, continue to develop new business models.

    a physical commodity business model


    if your product is a kind of items, users can directly hold and use your goods, is the common sense of goods or goods, then your business model is very simple, basically is four routines:

    1 own production, their own sales: their direct production, direct sales to the user

    2 outsourcing production, their own sales: the outsourcing of production, they are responsible for direct sales to the user

    3 production, not sales: responsible for their own production, distributors to sell

    4 sales, not production: their own as distributors, or to provide sales of goods trading market

    Amazon, Jingdong and other e-commerce sites, is the front of the fourth business models.

    if your product is not something, users can not directly hold and use, then how do you make money?.

    two, ad


    since Google began to put ads next to search results, advertising has become the default choice of the Internet industry realizable way. In fact, advertising has been the main business model of print media, and now the Internet industry has been completely robbed of the limelight in the advertising field.

    5 display advertising: display advertising

    Jia Yueting maybe success is on the way to success

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    Jia Yueting likes to sing "wild son". This is the first song to sing a lot of entrepreneurs, including him, the voice of the people – not afraid of difficulties, running in the wind, the wind let them swing.

    of course, people who do not look too good to them there is another explanation: the boss of the Internet are like this song, because there is a word in the lyrics is – blow ah yeah". This is also the most controversial music for outsiders: behind the shelling apple and the friends of music as radical mode and risk behind it.

    and the latest comment on its "Crazy" is: "beyond tesla."

    one day in April, depending on the ecological sports center stage, when traveling slowly 50 meters as super car "LeSEE" automatic homing presentation. At that moment, Jia Yueting suddenly silent, tears wet eyes.

    seems to have entered the age of 40, Jia Yueting still kept to the outside world: whether the doubts in the automotive field noisy clamor new intruder a few brushes? As "cattle" can be realized? From LETV to music as film, TV, and mobile phone to the super car, depicting an ecological environment the "platform + content + terminal + application four button behind, Jia Yueting really want to a game of chess?


    communications started

    Jia Yueting’s birthplace, Shanxi, is a place where people can easily associate. The music is just emerging when Jia Yueting was outside called "coal bosses", "two rich generation" label.

    Jia Yueting has repeatedly denied that, because of his personal background of anecdotal speculation, led to the company being misunderstood, or even being questioned. In fact, he was born in an ordinary school teacher family, and engaged in the Internet industry, is to round their dreams.

    public information, in September 1995, Jia Yueting graduated from the University of Shanxi in Yuanqu Province Local Tax Bureau any network administrator, less than a year after his resignation. Subsequently, Jia Yueting served as general manager of Shanxi County, Yuanqu excellent industrial company, during this period, Jia Yueting also tried to do a computer training school.

    until 2001, a chance to let Jia Yueting understand the "base station equipment", began a key turning his early business.

    on a table, he has a certain understanding of the telecommunications industry, the China Telecom industry base battery market A new force suddenly rises. blank. Jia Yueting sees the business prospects, this year, he registered his siebr Communication Technology Co., Ltd. in Shanxi.

    but his friends in the business, the industry threshold is too high, too risky, advised him to give up. However, after the fact, Jia Yueting bet on the market, took less than 1 years to get a majority of local operators share. Later in 2003, he founded the Beijing infoark Technology Co. Ltd., is the new.

    Cai Cong two basic questions can determine whether the O2O business model is reliable

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    drops first and quickly merge, then merged with Uber, a lot of people think this is helpless O2O burn subsidies and malicious competition to grab traffic business model is not sustainable, the results. When the end of subsidies, capital exit, and then usher in a commercial return and return to common sense.

    Why is

    more money more and more financing, financing higher valuation story not sustainable? How to determine the specific project O2O business model is reliable? O2O project is a business and investment value of


    share investment management partner, enjoy the vote cast CEO Cai Cong on the above issues have a deep thinking. He is familiar with the "bit" as a case, analyze the logic of O2O entrepreneurship and investment.

    O2O crazy subsidy period, the public is too happy

    2015 may be the happiest year for me, a variety of O2O products,

    among the Internet giant, there are many start-ups. I admit that I was one of the "people", but also can be called smart and rational consumers.


    section of the O2O crazy cash subsidy period, I will in order to get a free lunch reward, download a APP, then after uninstall every time; pay at the convenience store, I will ask the cashier, where a payment discount: WeChat, Alipay or QQ wallet.

    of course, I do not know how many times, with the price of the bus ride drops, Uber luxury car. Manicure, housekeeping and maintenance…… I not only enjoy the "era of dividend", also told me the relatives and friends together to enjoy.

    this is really good, do not have to run to the store, but also door-to-door service, better service can actually cheaper! There are only two possibilities: either the traditional model is "profiteering", there is enough space for profit to provide additional services; or that the original is the traditional pattern of normal profit the lose to the service.

    the market economy tells us that as long as the industry is fully competitive, profit margins will be more reasonable, it is difficult to have huge profits, so be sure to do business is upside down.

    pig can not grow wool is the basic common sense, but they forget

    this is a very magical bonus era of mobile Internet, very Chinese characteristics, I understand it as a demographic dividend, only in the largest population can occur.

    even more amazing is that these entrepreneurs seem to be washed like a brain, always thought that the wool must be out of the pig, it seems that this logic does not need to have the Internet thinking, Internet gene".

    more amazing is that there are a lot of VC buy it. O2O companies with a giant VC and heavily subsidize consumers money, brush brush sales of water, and then with the rapid growth of business volume to tell the story of capital, financing, continue to burn the game. < >

    The difference between the Internet entrepreneurs in the North the North great social, Southern smal

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    according to relevant information, in 2014 the domestic Internet sector financing a total of 1878 pen, the total amount of more than 100 billion yuan, up sharply in 2013. Under the birth of the mobile Internet, the upgrading of a number of industries, the transformation of the birth of an unprecedented number of entrepreneurial opportunities. At the same time, the official proposed creating a customer, public entrepreneurship and other concepts, entrepreneurship was referred to the national level.

    there is no doubt that a predictable and more violent pioneering climax sweeping on both sides of the Changjiang River. Whether in the south of Guangdong, Shanghai, or in the north of Beijing, there will be more people into the tide of entrepreneurship. According to IT statistics report: the total number of orange start-up company in Beijing Guangdong and Shanghai is almost equal to the sum of the amount of investment is between and, but the data indicate that the South startups are gradually catch up with Beijing, the proportion of the decline.

    is also a business, an interesting but can not be ignored phenomenon: due to cultural, geographical, economic and other factors, the Internet practitioners have a huge difference and difference. Below we from the entrepreneurial atmosphere, public opinion, business models and other aspects of the specific analysis of these differences.

    entrepreneurial atmosphere: North great social networking, the Southern small circle

    According to incomplete statistics, as of 2014, the country has more than more than and 30 cities with more than 100 entrepreneurial services related to the cafe (teahouse) opened, including entrepreneurs, business meetings, project negotiations, such as

    . Among them, Beijing venture cafe, including garage coffee, 3W coffee, coffee will help, Chihiro coffee, coffee, coffee, Binggo beta Founder s Coffee; Shanghai IC coffee, coffee, ATA micro coffee etc.. Shenzhen, 3W, beta starting point, innovation valley; compared to Beijing, south of the coffee business atmosphere is even regarded as bleak, fewer, even on the verge of collapse.

    entrepreneurial Cafe development gap is so large, and the atmosphere of entrepreneurship in the north and South have a great relationship: North entrepreneurs like to get together, the southern entrepreneurs are more emphasis on small circles. WeChat weekend open circle of friends, mostly in Beijing entrepreneurs to participate in various meetings: Entrepreneurial Coffee Salon, forums, thousands of people lie, all tall, not stop completely; Shenzhen entrepreneurs topic more overtime, climbing, family, friends and so on life breath in enriching the content.

    Windstore is working in Shenzhen, Beijing entrepreneurs, his last project in Beijing, and later returned to Shenzhen to continue to develop. His deepest feeling is that the entrepreneurial atmosphere in Beijing is too hot. And do not say a few words Zhongguancun Venture Street or 3W coffee as the hot area, even if any one of the pioneering cafe, there are a bunch of people talking about the ideal be in full swing or delusion, despite the possibility of next month’s rent is not forthcoming, but does not prevent these people for the future full of hope.

    him >

    Why entrepreneurial cities Losangeles and Shenzhen are strikingly similar

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    Abstract: Losangeles, as the second most popular city in Silicon Valley, has a striking similarity with Shenzhen, the capital city, which is second only to Beijing, which is the most popular city in the world

    in the current entrepreneurial tide, the hottest land should be the United States and China, a veteran of the developed countries, the world leader in science and technology and innovation, one is the rapid development of emerging countries. The center for science and technology entrepreneurship in the United States is Silicon Valley, China’s entrepreneurial center is Beijing.

    , however, it is clear that in these two countries, entrepreneurial hot cities are not limited to this, the United States of Losangeles, New York, Boston, China’s Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc.. Among them, Losangeles, as the second most popular city in Silicon Valley, has a striking similarity with Shenzhen, the capital city, which is second only to Beijing.

    immigrant culture and Geography:

    in people’s minds, the United States is a nation of immigrants, and Losangeles is a typical representative of this immigrant culture. Immigrants play an important role in the development of the west coast of the United states. In 1965, the new immigration act. It would be a priority to change the immigration quota to the useful ability of the United States and the family members of the United States who have obtained the status of the United states. Since then, a large number of high-quality immigrants to become one of the u.s.. Losangeles’s population is second in 1990.

    a large number of immigrants provide enough labor force for Losangeles, improve the production efficiency; facilitate the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and the port city, to promote the growth of international trade and rapid development; the most important is that the migrants have brought the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, the core and soul of culture into a city.

    was born in North California in Silicon Valley startups such as bright stars: Google, apple, Facebook, Twitter· · · · · · another new Silicon Valley in southern California has burst of red No. 405 on the west side of the road from Santa Monica (Santa Monica) Vinis (Venice), to the South Marina del Rey (Marina del Rey), in the original Hollywood stars, sports stars and big investment with the Western District of Losangeles city (Westside) to form a "Silicon Beach" (Silicon Beach), is now the only emerging technology companies occupy the unicorn. Snapchat, whisper and other emerging companies in this growth and development, in the field of global technology entrepreneurship accounted for a place, such as giant Microsoft, Google and other giants have established the appropriate departments.

    echoing this young entrepreneurial city of Shenzhen, just set up in the city, the entire city of only 314 thousand and 100 people, to 2014, the resident population of the city up to 10 million 778 thousand and 900 people. Moving on

    Didi Du Jincheng 600 thousand venture capital drops how to go today

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    [Abstract] the initial venture capital is only 600 thousand, to accelerate the development of the past 3 months, with the cheapest price to find technical staff, bought a software, invested a total of 200 thousand.



    technology news (Xiang Xin) March 26th news, in today’s 2015 China Shanghai automotive e-commerce development forum, a taxi drops vice president Du Jincheng said in his speech, before the car market, in the market, after the market has a lot of opportunities, including P2P car, smart cars, trading electricity supplier and so on, a variety of roles find the starting point and future opportunities in this market.

    Du Jincheng speech also reviews the history of the birth and development of the taxi drops he said, strong core competitiveness, is actually cannot do without the organic combination of dreams and technology, so as to form a new market.

    A review of the

    beginning days founded Didi, Du Jincheng said in the beginning only 600 thousand of venture capital, 3 months to speed up development, with the cheapest price for technicians, bought a piece of software, put 200 thousand. But at that time it was hard, and I couldn’t do it.

    2012 in Beijing on the day of the heavy snow, the driver can not find passengers on the roadside, passengers can not find the driver, forcing a lot of people continue to download drops of APP, is to get on the train in order to get on the bus. After that day, the number of orders reached 100 thousand, while the month to get A round of $3 million financing.

    is the following drops taxi vice president Du Jincheng speech (Tencent science and technology finishing):

    came to this meeting today, has been thinking, what kind of communication will be more suitable for the topic. Because we started the Internet, from the beginning of the birth of the first day, the essence and the kernel is to do the internet. The Internet, we and all of you have what the most similar place? Compared with just a few guests, we have a younger process, drops until now more than two years, we and all of you have a most similar dream, because dream when drops, we have been moving in your dreams ahead. And all of you here, I believe that there are dreams of enterprises. So today we’re here for the exchange.

    drops is carrying a dream of the enterprise, the development of human history is inseparable from the whole of the human dream continues to move forward. Dream and science and technology together, will form a new industry new opportunities. In Europe in the nineteenth Century, the Europeans wanted to say, if there is a candle that never dies. Edison invented the electric light, driving the development of the entire power industry. By the twentieth Century, people were trying to say how good it would be to be as free as a bird. The development of aerodynamic technology has promoted the aviation industry we see today. If we can continue to run the horse how good, we talk about the theme of today, the car, was born.

    a variety of roles to seek opportunities in the automotive market in

    There are idle money, it is better to invest in the underwear industry perhaps there will be a next

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    Abstract: first of all, underwear (at least underwear) is not easy to try, so there is nothing to buy online and offline two. Second, do not stop to replace the underwear, size does not change much, look for a brand or style, is prone to periodic purchase.


    entrepreneurial era, write App, wristbands, not at all. Some people say that after the lively, or to calm down just need to solve.

    what is just? You can not eat the Internet thinking to sell crabs, but can not wear underwear. Of course, if there is a little underwear in the scientific and technological content, it is more fun.

    investment circle first smell this trend. According to CrunchBase data, in recent years, the United States has more than 100 lingerie companies and angel investors to reach a deal, which completed the past two years, a total of 22 financing. At present, the investment is still concentrated in the early stage, including Andreessen Horowitz and First Round, the investment company in the field of water, and investment business also covers smart underwear, online test equipment as subdivision function.


    MeUndies is one of them. The California Culver City underwear company started three years ago, is committed to building the world’s most comfortable underwear. Currently, they have raised millions of dollars and are in contact with more potential investments. According to CEO Brian Lalezarian, American underwear sales are growing by fifteen billion a year, which is a huge market.

    in the past, people buy underwear in the department store, choose an affordable style in a pile of vague brand. And now, what to wear underwear is more of a "life attitude" (look at the underwear industry brainwashing done), not only related to comfort, but also related to taste.

    in addition, taking into account the characteristics of the Internet age, brand direct contact with consumers began to become easy. The underwear has gradually ran out of long johns bundle, become a hot topic to share and discuss. Victoria Secret Angel photos filled with social networks, Justin Bieber endorsement CK underwear also fried on the popular entry. Walked into the store, you can clear the sales staff said, "I want a piece of this year a new" midnight temptation "series of Miranda, is · the fat in the Instagram kind of oh."

    in the view of investors, there are other advantages of the underwear market intelligence. First, underwear (at least underwear) is not easy to try, so there is nothing to buy online and offline two. Second, do not stop to replace the underwear, size does not change much (it is an unspeakable sad news for women), look for a brand or style, >