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  • The enemy, baizhanbudai, net duct for you to resolve what is Shanghai Dragon

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    Release and link arrangement of


    2, website structure analysis

    is the process of Shanghai dragon aspects of these six cycles, only we are more than six links to ensure that your site has a good performance in the search engine. Pay attention to network duct, we will provide you with more regular knowledge of website operators.

    Shanghai dragon is more than let website home page have a good ranking in the search engine, more important is to let each page of the site to bring traffic.

    net duct (www.91wzg贵族宝贝), web hosting industry only listed companies, small and medium enterprises focus China website generation operations, the net duct Xiaobian to explain Shanghai Longfeng job responsibilities:

    4, the content of

    3, website directory and page optimization

    website traffic analysis, at the same time the user experience of the website optimization has significance. Traffic analysis tools, recommended the use of noble baby flow analysis.

    structure of the website search engine crawlers preferences is helpful for Shanghai dragon. Architecture of website analysis includes: removing bad website architecture design and implementation of directory tree structure, site navigation and link optimization.

    Guide the next Shanghai dragon strategy from Shanghai Longfeng results on the

    Shanghai Longfeng effect in the search engine, through the site: your domain name, know the site collection and update. To achieve better dialogue with the search engine, with noble baby webmaster tools.

    search engine love website content are updated regularly, so the reasonable arrangement of website content release schedule is one of the important techniques of Shanghai dragon. Layout of the entire site links organically together, let the search engine to understand the importance and key words of each page, the reference is the first point of key arrangement. Links campaign is launched at this time.



    Shanghai dragon is not simply a few tips or a few suggestions, but a need enough patience and careful mental labor. In general, Shanghai, includes six parts:

    5 with search engines,

    6, website traffic analysis

    analysis of 1 key words, (also called keywords positioning)

    this is the most important part of Shanghai dragon, keywords analysis includes: analysis, competitor analysis, the amount of attention keyword analysis, keyword and website related keywords layout, keyword ranking prediction.

    Analysis how to improve the web page ranking list

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    love Shanghai search product manager, will see in the home position is an article titled what is the product manager of the article, this article is issued in 2011, ranking has been very good.

    then I summed up the second little formula:


    number + site high weight = single page ranking

    here please open the row.

    is committed to become the Shanghai dragon white hat I, of course, is to find the white hats for improving single page ranking techniques, then the head will appear, the chain, anchor text, title, content relevance, long tail keywords etc.. The anchor text is to pay attention to the station of the hyperlink anchor text in the article, the station and the correlation between keywords, single page links to the page you want to do the optimization, on the other hand, the increase of the chain, the chain of correlation is the title, content, and anchor text.

    Keywords Public opinions are divergent.

    2, in the perspective of the distribution, the right shows the density of keywords in the article, a lot of focus on one of the 3 points of the article.

    containing title + first + weight + key words to describe the amount of credit ranking =

    3, the first paragraph of product manager keyword five, one hundred word description station 5.

    is the 100 word description, search out within four words, plus the keyword Title Five, if it is not to let you awful chrysanthemum tight, then please open this article, you search for Ctrl+F product manager, let your eyes appear a light, please look at the picture:


    1, look at the upper right corner, the article keywords content 73, shaking a small raccoon, hundreds of words "product manager" keyword content are so high.

    DevStore as a loyal fans I often search devstore, often see this article, ranking good, a high degree of concern. Show description devstore three.

    , I want to write down some of the experience, experience as reference, share to the site of the Shanghai dragon ER and personal webmaster. Of course, as Shanghai Longfeng layman, the more I want to communicate how to improve the ranking problem for a single page, web end products, "as the flow entrance and export brand has a very good effect, for small and medium-sized site on a single page ranking problem summary, welcome here.

    After a few days of my

    as an external document, you want what effect, if it is simply the amount of drainage, the court said it could stack keywords, some white hat began to spray me, said an article of the keyword density is best controlled within 3%-5% and beyond is not good, the original website content is really need this, but this a few days I found a few keywords, ranking good article, I found a formula as follows:

    Reasonable planning of the chain weighted correlation is the primary factor

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    In fact, Finally,

    how can foreign chain construction better planning? The author thinks that it can be analyzed from the following three aspects, and these three aspects are the important factors through correlation.

    in these large website submission or release of the chain is not simple, as long as the money looks or hired gunmen to achieve, but if you do not pay attention to the layout of the chain is difficult to improve the optimization effect, such as posting on A5, at the end of the text add link should be on the front page of the site links to do so the benefits relative to the web site on the A5 submission, has certain correlation. If you leave the chain is a Adult supplies sales page, this correlation will become extremely fragile, it is difficult to realize the weight of import. The same is true for the construction of the chain of other large portals, must focus on the correlation between the chain and the results page.

    is to pay attention to weight import web page, this part is also the key, but for many small and medium-sized websites, the content page weight import not only can effectively enhance the content of the page in the search engine rankings, more critical is also can effectively enhance the diversion effect of these pages, because when people enter the content of the page, click on the link will inevitably extend these pages, which directly into the site.

    with love Shanghai algorithm innovation, more and more owners started the chain on the construction site there is no better way, unless it is to spend money, but I think that if not able to do tricks of the construction of the chain, let the chain better the website into more weight, even spend a lot of money may not necessarily be a certain effect, because the love Shanghai algorithm for the construction of the chain are becoming more demanding, and demanding is the core of the relevance of the website, if the lack of this correlation means that invalid chain construction, and even will bring negative effects to the site.

    then is the reasonable layout of the long tail keywords chain, according to the 28 principles of modern web sites often have eight Chengdu profit from the long tail keywords, that is to say the long tail keywords has become the core of website profit, therefore in the construction of the chain on the strengthening of the long tail key word anchor text outside the chain is to improve the long tail keywords and weights the key of this ranking method for long tail keywords is important to the construction of the corresponding column page, then the source of the chain should choose to do the long tail keywords column page. Of course, the carrier content of the chain must have some relationship with the column page, otherwise the effect will not be obvious.

    first is the construction of the chain in the site, the construction site outside the chain is very important for the webmaster friends, because of the weight of big website transfer effect is very strong, but also can bring more reproduced content, resulting in weight transfer can achieve one hundred enemy action, such as submission in the A5, is a good way. In addition to the major portals such as Sina, NetEase and other related channels contribute money or contribute.

    Shanghai dragon before doing optimization, preferred to consider what the problem

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    we don’t so much around the bend, direct access to the theme of good. First of all, now do Shanghai Longfeng optimization there are two types of people, the first is to do its own website, the second is to help others site optimization, in fact this is nonsense, there are third types of? So the question becomes, if it is your own website, we should consider the structure of a network station.

    customers will certainly want to, XX (region) decoration company which is good, XX XX decoration, decoration effect diagram etc. this kind of problem, this is also the customer wants to see something, then our website will appear in these things, some decoration needs more than simply said, if there is a need to to further discuss, we look up the brain structure of it, I don’t have the PS drawn, but I just want to say, the overall structure of the website is really important.

    personal summary, summed up all the problems, and solve, never do the two amendment. However, if you can, do not need to change to the. Before the optimization, should clearly understand your site location, understanding of user needs, the customized website, website content customization, this is.

    said it is not fine enough? Fine? You think that 301 do? 404 pages do? You check the dead links, submitted? Robots.txt set up a website? Safe? Pictures optimized? ALT write? Links enough? The site map is? These are the

    but, if the title is not conducive to the optimization of course to be changed, but you have to write down all the problems, together with the change. For example: the title page, column page title, keywords, description, etc. all good inside chain optimization, then continue to update the value of the article, not much, a few days can. Drainage is also essential, the website should have some clicks and traffic, the more people will click, love Shanghai more quickly update. As a hotel, where many people, natural business is good, few people, nature is not good business, the business is like the same ranking.

    is a first class two, received a customer’s site, or I will not change the overall structure of the site, anyway, there are a lot of reasons cannot change the whole image of the website. So, please note that if you just got a website, the title can not change, don’t try to change, in some places not pleasing to the eye, then try not to change, you may change, it had to wait a long time to slowly recover ranking.

    ?Optimization of

    mentioned here, not the internal structure, not the code, I also do not understand the code, it omitted some HTML, PHP, will be able to read, but to write or forget it. What structure, the whole structure. For example: a decoration site, if you want to do a good job ranking, we must first love through Shanghai index, check, and then through empathy, think about it, if the customer is, what the word search it with love in Shanghai, it needs to find what.

    Can you give me a love of Shanghai do black hat Shanghai Longfeng excuse

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    content began to update the chain, to each Links exchange platform released connection information, I can only change the connection every day for about 3, since falling in love with sea in the connection of cheating crackdown is even more careful, friendship connection can say is a query to look at each other’s site has no is down right or be K every day. After the link began to do BBS signature, must first take the time to look for some good connection platform every day, because many are very strict management platform are not to take the chain, so the chain is particularly careful to ensure the survival of their own account, or a day of work is equal to you busy the. Each chain I always record the address and then the next day to see if still, deleted the replacement chain, make sure the connection to my site are all on the platform must have a certain number of connections. So ctrl+c, ctrl+>

    every morning to open the computer is open the webmaster tools, look at my beloved website there is no what a big movement, since 6.28 began to love Shanghai often adjust is not at ease, always on tenterhooks every day.

    check the included and keywords ranking is open to do those top ranking websites, began to update one by one, first of all I’ve used the noble baby to find articles, after all nobility baby article really found out to be high quality, and find the love of Shanghai to search the title to see many duplicate content love Shanghai, included too many directly discarded. Filter out the appropriate article after their modifications, typesetting lined oiwn aspect again website. Because we are in contact to the industry is so widely to write their own articles too unrealistic, some key customers to abandon you also write well, not professional. To update an article or two days once a day, so many web sites on their own have the patience is really a big challenge.

    if there is a new list to do, I do site optimization, such as the selection of the title description. Then the optimization code, I mainly do is enterprise station, I think the code optimization and bottom navigation is very important, not a connection is through their own thoughtful, then put the useless plus nofollow, can say the pity chain as gold.

    A5 first time to contribute, I still a rookie, aware of his writing, but the record is true of my personal situation, I hope A5 management personnel.

    home is introduced as a bitter Shanghai Longfeng a day of work arrange.

    there are so many words since got crazy, the whole spirit more! "Really love Shanghai recently adjust really let my entire people nervous, but every day the spirit is very abundant and love Shanghai struggle. From the beginning of 6.28 love Shanghai can be said to be a big adjustment of each month. Don’t know how many websites ruined.


    The first thing

    Shanghai also has a strange love dozing

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    This article by Taobao

    what happened in March 10th, I have a love of Shanghai auction account, to more than 5000 yuan per month, Shanghai’s support for love enough awesome. I love Shanghai in the background look, see the redeem four words, I think, have been used to love Shanghai auction platform more than a year, there should be a lot of points. So I see into the integral system, really have more than 2000 points, then I can look for the exchange of gifts, fancy a microwave oven, the company may be used. So I hurried to exchange, then there is love I will inform the Shanghai customer service delivery as soon as possible.

    but I waited for two or three days, have not received the goods. When I was depressed, am I wrong delivery address? I look into the back, I found no record of this integral exchange. But the integral is deducted. God, how such a thing happened. I hastened to contact customer service, customer service reply I said this microwave oven is not available, it will be some time to delivery, I said that was ok. So, wait a month, the goods are not issued. No way, then call the love Shanghai customer service, they told me that the microwave oven is not available, please choose another brand, then I will tell them, as long as the microwave oven on the line, and quickly delivery. That is good, but has yet to receive the goods. How can you love Shanghai? Is a big company, customer management problems of

    is a point of views and suggestions I love Shanghai to exchange system integration, Shanghai hope that love can make an improvement as soon as possible. There are good places to write, please forgive me.

    Write a " in front of

    ; grassroots Webmaster: Grassroots Webmaster: 360 I have sinned against you? Hope 360 can make improvements, today to write this article is not against love Shanghai, love Shanghai as we all know, in Chinese is cattle. Almost 80% of users every day will use love Shanghai, and not only used once, one day some dozens of times, some thousands of times. Even the international search engine giant Google cannot fully seize its market. Such a strong love of Shanghai, whether all aspects should be done very good, I think so. Who knows, when things happened to me when I found love Shanghai is dozing. Here is not to blame love Shanghai, love Shanghai just to give a little suggestion, hope to expand at the same time, do not ignore the details, the details will affect the overall image of you.


    today, the goods is not received. Love Shanghai customer service told me again, to apply for a time, and then they ask the warehouse delivery over there. Good depressed ah, two months ah, redeem gift has not received the goods. Love the sea really sleepy. Through this thing, we learned a lot, put the customer first, strengthen internal management, so that each system can actually use. The integral system is not a slogan, we must truly play its role, otherwise everything is floating clouds.

    (> supermarket to lose weight

    Shanghai dragon Er only the wings become hard to go on

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    optimization personnel 2-3 months after the Shanghai dragon Er quit.

    through a phenomenon:


    quit? Why is 2-3 months? The reason is very simple, the website ranking optimization cycle is about 2 to 3 months, you do not give up the ranking optimization in the process, you quit is normal, but if you go through a formal white hat Shanghai dragon to bring up that. Sorry, you have to quit. The front said, now more and more people understand the Shanghai dragon, there are also many bosses even participated in the training, this is the problem, enterprise boss smart, he know a ranking cycle of Shanghai dragon, also know by white hat techniques is long-term stable characteristics, a short time will not be what problem, but your boss must know Shanghai Longfeng maintenance, accidents do not occur, the website should not have what problem, in order to save the cost to you to quit.

    Many companies in the recruitment of Shanghai dragon

    will be more extended form of

    how to make wings hard

    The phenomenon of

    with the rise of the rapid development of Internet and e-commerce industry, more and more people begin to contact and understand the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon to optimize the number of personnel gradually rise, Shanghai Longfeng optimization company, diagnosis industry, Shanghai dragon training and other services also include many enterprises now rash and too much in haste, the boss also deliberately change in understanding of the Internet, Shanghai dragon some will have some operation. This is the wood Shanghai dragon will say next, in the development of the Internet industry in the development of Shanghai, Phoenix, Shanghai dragon know more and more people, Shanghai dragon industry competition will be more and more, so only simple optimization of Shanghai dragon Er Road will be more difficult, but for too high, only the wings become hard to go on.



    network ?The Below we look at

    this now reflects the main problem? Not the boss smart, but you did not use value, you can do it all by the boss or other people, you have what use? This time you must have your own value, you do not have. Things have their own core technology, what is the core technology of enterprises? Is that many people do not even other optimization personnel will not, this is your advantage, this is the value you can not be replaced, only the wings harden Shanghai dragon Er to continue, enterprises have a space for one person you, so now Shanghai dragon, only a single simple Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not enough, we need more skills and other technologies in Shanghai dragon. Only in this way can we continue to walk the road, fly.

    Shanghai dragon is only for a SEM marketing in the form of network marketing, although flow is very wide coverage >

    Shanghai Longfeng need to place the position and return is proportional to the ability of forever

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    effect and positive work attitude, the mentality of the absolute can help us to learn more and get more. As a simple example, many new Adsense encounter problems, the first thought is to find a senior, this is a good way of learning, but is too dependent on the predecessors is wrong. Novice webmaster if positive thinking will find any problems encountered can be found in the search engine, if you are not sure the answer is correct or not, you can also find such predecessors confirmed that learning is the fastest.

    of course does not rule out some owners are not confident, for their own understanding of the Shanghai dragon skills can not fully play its value, to improve returns. So many examples, I have several side, remember one of my friends in my encouragement, has received the treatment of promotion in the company, of course the most important thing is the mentality of his pendulum is very, very serious, very good to complete website optimization task does not say, also for the company to do the extra a lot of work.

    Hello, I am virtual son rain. The Shanghai dragon, is the most real sentiment through our technology to all, but more in-depth understanding of the wonderful Shanghai dragon, more for Shanghai Longfeng environment now worry, because many of the Shanghai dragon staff by some so-called experts or professional training institutions for the brain washing, the Shanghai dragon the work is too easy, for the Shanghai dragon heavy industry technical content is too simple, no serious positive attitude to meet the challenges of Shanghai dragon, there is a problem for many novice Shanghai Longfeng expectations very high, also hope to help Shanghai Longfeng on shortcut high income, but does not know always return and the capacity is proportional to, and ability is mostly hard and hard results. Today the virtual son rain on this issue to talk about their own views.

    2, Shanghai Longfeng income must know how much to pay

    1, Shanghai Longfeng workers need to place the position and attitude of

    pay and return is always a mainstream talk about problems, in many webmaster forums or related websites, we will see how many webmaster for around Shanghai Longfeng wage expectations, obviously the big city income will be higher, and some statistics for Shanghai Longfeng workers wages are high, this gives a lot of Shanghai Dragon Technology insecure friend an illusion, also gave a lot of novice too much fantasy. In fact, many beginners Shanghai Longfeng work closely is part of a very simple, is not the real Shanghai dragon, such as the Commissioner of the chain.

    for Shanghai Longfeng workers, mostly not our technology and experience to hinder our progress, but our mentality problem. I contacted many webmaster, they do in Shanghai Longfeng his own position is very high, super confident, think they have a good grasp of the Shanghai dragon skills, but in the event of Shanghai dragon problem a little more difficult to solve, and then choose to give up, or not to active learning ask the solution.

    Several problems should be paid attention in website optimization

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    and QQ group mail propaganda

    prepared the site within the contents of the article and the long tail word, anchor text, then to the forum and external community bring more stable link and go to their website, and the customer and consumer guide to your website, then go to the post in the forum and community, blog, micro-blog, the popularity and traffic bring up is an important responsibility of the chain, and the exchange of good Links in marketing or similar building materials building materials market and building materials group purchase website, is a chain of the most stable and reliable in some building materials and building materials group purchase website marketing, in order to be buy "black chain" or a large number of links waste site, is a kind of industry which not only makes The loss outweighs the gain., the search will take you to the station as dangerous, may also make the site no longer appear in the search engine. To try to do regular long building materials, building materials and building materials group purchase marketing information market websites don’t do such dangerous.

    four, micro-blog

    inside and outside the chain chain, long tail word and anchor text have played a big role, to a roadmap for search engines, chain, and in the chain can play in the search engine guidelines to your site the house role in improving the website ranking and keyword rankings are played substitute function. Building materials marketing website should especially pay attention to the application of the anchor text, because Guan Jian is not the word building materials in Shanghai love is too hot, so do a good job on the ranking will be faster.

    in building materials marketing, QQ group and email marketing is also an important means of building materials to find the target customers, of course you cannot limit the use of spam and advertising bombing, it will not only make people dislike products, and will further extend to the enterprise, so the QQ group and mail advertise can use its custom >

    , a basic word around:

    three, the chain and Links

    two, the long tail word and anchor text

    especially building materials and building materials marketing group purchase websites on the website, and timely dissemination of information channels than micro-blog and blog, especially the new micro-blog technology with its bright and concise dissemination of feeling letting a person find everything fresh and new, to traditional building materials marketing and building materials market has brought tremendous impact, especially for for enterprises and products for micro-blog’s hot publicity and speculation, to achieve the maximum benefit with the minimum cost of marketing materials.


    blog and publicity

    in the enterprise website, the word around internal in the construction must be good, these basic knowledge on Optimization of Shanghai Longfeng a website especially the website marketing materials play a crucial role in making the website content at the same time, pay attention to the site around the word standard is the most fundamental way, content is king can not say that the standard specification. In a lot of building materials marketing websites often make the website advertising, but not on the website of information of building materials market.

    Review the rescue measures in 2011 was punished after the love of Shanghai

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    after being punished, only 5 hours of sleep, I almost every day most of the time, I was a nightmare in a trance. I was lying in bed no matter how hard I forced myself to sleep, but no matter what I make tactics to force themselves are of no avail. I finally can’t sleep this time, I think of my university teacher said to me, can’t sleep, got up reading, it is lying down, a waste of time, so I decided to caogui for future generations "done in one vigorous effort and then decline, three, and a sentence.". Regardless of the consequence, I a foot to kick the quilt, quickly wear good clothes, walked to the front of my computer, open my computer. I poured myself a cup of hot boiling water, warm up. The computer starts successfully, I forced myself to concentrate, for more than four months I started the website optimization, has not stopped for a day, no matter how tired I am, I still did not give up the dream.

    and tell you about my specific

    2012 a few days coming back in 2011 this year has too many too many things. Good and bad all accept. Because the original knowledge of illegal tender, love Shanghai rule, in order not to let history repeat itself. I love Shanghai engraved punish every day and night, and even every minute. Through this painful lesson, I became very good, but my heart is still not the slightest impetuous decline, because the ranking dropped three months, I pay the price that I hardly wished to live. So I never give up, I know in my heart, as long as I continue to learn, discard the wrong method, must God helps those who help themselves. Because God will always love to pay people, as long as you correctly, not illegal law, success is always with you, you want to get rid of him, it is not possible. To this end, silently suffering more than three months, and a large area after the new update algorithm to adjust the love of Shanghai, I am very happy, we finally returned to the home page ranking first. But I am not proud, I will redouble our efforts, for it back, and I embrace it, I cherish him back is not easy, I swear, never let him off, even if the fall will be in the top five home page, in my world is not impossible, everything is possible.

    : the first rich the chain is still the focus.

    is how to do? The following specific to

    is the failure, I know the loopholes. I put the chain resources originally finishing, are classified. I through the webmaster tools to find related data, because the chain I do every day I have a habit, that is the day of the chain, are classified according to date, specific to what place, those included, those being deleted, all this I know. So I put the chain this year issued by domain, from the first page, a look, see through the analysis of 1.5 hours, found that many have been removed, 09 years of the chain a are not, I find out the reasons, almost all of the people network, 58 the city classified information network. This >