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  • Taobao guest website traffic Commission with new tactics

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    now Taobao guest website is more and more, with the upstart like Youku, thunder and other well-known sites, ancient Amoy network site also has roots. I am a grassroots webmaster, mainly to do Taobao guest, engaged in a few months, the Commission did not earn much, the site traffic is mainly rely on Baidu and other search engines to come. But I still have some of my opinions and ideas on Taobao’s commission.

    Taobao guest website, first need to ensure that the site traffic, the traffic on the site where? Some novice will choose to spend money to buy, but this traffic to have effect? Just a trick of self deception, or try not to good. The flow of new sites or have to rely on propaganda and other formal ways to get, as the forum more posts, Admin5 and other sites are soft text is a good choice. Because I was a part-time, do not have a good literary talent, the forum posts is not the bottom is removed, so it does not continue to do so. I now is mainly through the Admin5 website feeble Wen to promote my site.

    through the propaganda site with the flow (ancient Amoy network is also only 200IP/ days of traffic), how to change the flow of Taobao passenger commission which I also based on the characteristics of my own website analysis summed up. First of all, my site is mainly released a number of fashion magazines and other articles compatible with Taobao guest promotion program, that is, there is an article management background and a Taobao customer promotion background. Secondly, the article management system is to borrow other people, and Taobao guest promotion program is to do their own. Finally, how can the article management system in the article to add to Taobao to promote the commodity becomes a problem.

    if you manually add to Taobao to promote the product, not only tedious work, but also to promote the product over the period of time will fail, can not be a permanent promotion of effective results. According to the wisdom of the page to promote the concept of Taobao products will emerge. Through the study found that this function can be achieved, the use of js+asp with the use of. The use of JS program to get the web page keywords and the parameters passed to the ASP Taobao commodity generation program, and then the results returned to the JS, so that the completion of a call. And make calls with the Google plug-ins and other advertising code completely similar, only required in the web site to add plugin code can be used normally, so the static and dynamic encoding support all the web pages etc..


    use this plugin can make a very good Taobao promotion of goods with the content are combined in the page, and to ensure a permanent and effective promotion, simplified Taobao promotion, the most important thing is to effectively improve website traffic into the Taobao passenger commission ratio, light off Taobao earn commissions. The ability of a friend can also look at their own, welcome to visit the www.egouo.net message board exchange!

    Online shopping mall system Raiders online business

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    online mall, employment potential

    The rise of the era of

    E quietly – Online Gold rush". In the face of the reality of the employment pressure and fresh success, more and more people online shopping mall "heart, giving people work to their work as" a concept that some people are on the employment mark began planning their own business plans. Among these people, there are a lot of people start their own businesses on the Internet from a small shop to start. Just a few years, "online business" this unique model has been from scrappy to at large when. These people although not large sums of money, but sitting at home in front of the computer to use the Internet as a pleasurable occupation when the boss, "fashion business". The practicality and convenience of online shopping has become increasingly prominent, from the development point of view, based on the number of Internet users continue to expand, with the continuous development of e-commerce, online business prospects will be more broad.

    online shopping mall system Raiders

    to build a sales website of their own business. This model needs to choose a perfect and powerful online shopping mall system. In the first time to establish an online mall, it is best to carry out a variety of research, the choice is not only suitable for their own characteristics and personal interests of the operators, but also has a high amount of online shopping mall platform, such as EShop or ShopEX. At the same time, in the case of resource licensing, may wish to open an online store in several sites.

    online mall system management recommendations

    1 as much as possible to operate a unique commodity. What to sell online depends on the needs of the market and resources, conditions and hobbies, including the specific circumstances.

    2 decorate your shop facade. After the completion of the online mall, the most important issue is how to allow more customers to browse and buy. In a large number of online shopping stand out, is not an easy thing, first impression often determines whether consumers will patronize stores. "Packaging" is essential, including a good name and on their own online mall system maintenance and online mall template update on the effort.

    3 to add new goods, merchandise updates will make it easier for buyers attention.

    4 to seize every opportunity to publicize his shop, to be good at digging the rich network free and interesting, as long as the use of using well, your store will be able to survive, as long as you do not have to spend money carefully, crown sellers are also so slowly hone was born… Remember now, but wine is also afraid of deep alley "times


    5 whether it is to buy things, or sell things, integrity is particularly important.

    6 to open the mall on the Internet, we must have enough time to answer the questions of your buyers in a timely manner.

    7 is finally in the forum, or the network group around, learn the experience of others.


    Six basic knowledge Wangzhuan Wangzhuan novice to read

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    There are a lot of people to join the ranks to Wangzhuan

    every year, there are a lot of people from the higher the industry, this is a common feature of various industries, each industry are not all profitable, are basically 20 points is to make money, the 80 point is not to make money, this is called the 28 principles for Wangzhuan, 28! This principle becomes more obvious, so how can we let Wangzhuan novice how to become successful in this industry earns 20% of the


    : a full understanding of the function of search engine, a lot of people in Wangzhuan like what no goal, on the basis of one-sided viewpoint, do not know how to make Wangzhuan, hear others do flicker on like a swarm of bees to the last, have to face the embarrassment of failure, so we all to several problems and these problems we are able to use search engines to find the answer, such as a Wangzhuan project is not a risk, a project of the higher operating method and so on we will be able to search engine to answer, so you can make yourself self-taught


    two: when nothing more to some Wangzhuan websites and forums to see inside it often has a lot of successful experience, of course, there are many losers complain, we can obtained from these predecessors in Wangzhuan, let yourself go a little higher in some detours on the road, but also to be able to understand a lot of creative Wangzhuan on these sites, sometimes you think Wangzhuan is to earn creativity, is to earn the opportunity, once you may hold, since entering the millionaire’s role, but these opportunities are often left to those who are prepared! So we need to make the Internet gathered, a lot of observation, a lot of learning, slowly you will find your own ways from it, and even be able to bring you the Wangzhuan ideas, so you can slowly Get rid of the word


    three: listen more interactive, we stroll Wangzhuan site is to increase knowledge Wangzhuan to yourself, and add some Wangzhuan group is to exercise their communicative ability, but also need to know your contacts, people will bring you a project, through your efforts that can give you a lot the online market, and this is perhaps in Wangzhuan friends chat when you a casual idea can be realized! So that more exchanges, more learning is the necessary way to master the Wangzhuan


    four: exercise of executive power, a lot of people do Wangzhuan part-time work during the day, night time to earn extra money at this time must be dedicated, can not only have little time of two minds, if you want to make money, one side of the game while there is currently no such a good job, there are a lot of people talking about QQ, while to do Wangzhuan, but your efficiency Wangzhuan will be greatly reduced, for example, I have deep experience, and others in the chat Q and write articles, usually one hour post even write for two hours, the efficiency is reduced by half, visible in the Wangzhuan must concentrate on ambition, intentnesses


    five: always >

    Promote websites to make money items

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    recently a relatively simple network project, namely through the promotion of website promotion to make money, that is to say we help them to promote the website, for example, to send some post forum to promote the link, and then someone will see you click on the link to access the site, so we can achieve the purpose of promotion, then this website according to some principles for us to pay commissions, temporarily every IP can get 30 Fen, compared with the price much higher click Wangzhuan project.

    the project has the advantages of simple operation, and no limit of time and space, as long as you have the conditions of access to the Internet, the daily working hours can you arrange, work task is to send some forum posts, and then bring the promotion links, it is very simple, you can also go to the post or through the QQ propaganda line, as long as people visit come through your promotion link click all accounting in your name, according to each IP for 30 Fen week to the settlement, the system will automatically account statistics of your income, and then unified payment to your bank account on the network, excellent reputation, pay on time, it is worth the long-term do good project.

    why these sites will pay money to us? What are the benefits of it? Let’s talk about this problem, we have to help him to promote the site, then there will be a lot of traffic to visit his website, so their website Wangzhuan project can let more people know, there will be more people in addition, then they can get more revenue from these projects, this is good, they only need to come up with some early money to pay us, but in the long run, they are making money, paid to us is but a small part of the investment.

    on the Internet, there are many ways to make money, different projects have different money, are not the same, so you need to be flexible to master and use the experience and skills of making money online, like the above said money project is website promotion depends on your hard work can make money, hard work, do not work shall not. The truth we all know, there is some webmaster can link promotion on your web site, if the site traffic, it is also a good income, at least a month down there are thousands of money.

    network to make money in the project are good and bad, good can really make money, the bad news is deceptive, and can not be received, these are for you to find a good reputation analysis project than to do without purpose, hope to make friends in the Wangzhuan road farther and better


    this article out: http://www.668wzw.com/ reprint please do not delete

    EFriendsNet crackdown cheating, found not to pay

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      cheating announcement: as long as the registration website does not open, did not find the registration site advertising, a page on more than 2 ads or malicious code, modify the advertising force or induce malicious click brush advertising, according to cheat, not to pay the Commission confiscated! Please cooperate with the site in accordance with the provisions of the implementation of

    Union address: http://money.yeeyoo.com/

    more information as in the League: http://top.admin5.com/u.shtml
    to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
    if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 mail:9999086@gmail.com

    That’s how I earn 70 thousand yuan a month

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    1, I have been pondering the site for three or four years, the real money is from the beginning of this year. The following is my site from the beginning to now in some cases.

    2, and now my master IP average of around 150 thousand, the site last month, income of $70 thousand, this month has now been more than last month, advertising costs only more than 6 thousand, mainly by the membership fee.

    I now staffing: I +2 MM customer service +2 editor +1 part-time PHP developers. Office location: in my rented room 1, room 2. Started in March this year to do the main station, the first month invested 8000 to buy a website, the time to buy the site to earn only $more than 1 thousand. I have thought about how to develop this website, of course, there is no 100% confidence. Through continuous analysis of data, organize site columns and find promotion channels spent 1 months, second months, I began the development of membership fees, then the free membership of more than 20 thousand, active up to 2000, the development of membership fees more than and 400, membership fee income 40 thousand, advertising fees earned more than 3 thousand, I summed up the end of the month secretly glad that I do.


    third months, I got 2 MM customer +2 editors and 1 part-time PHP developers, for greater development, I no longer personally to do specific work, to the new service and how the content of revenue, with more members who earn more.

    how does my site do 150 thousand IP?

    A, buy traffic, spent the first 2 thousand months to buy some pop, I’m not Luantan, I am looking for a targeted site, and claim the final page pops up, and must be returned to play. After my previous experiment, the final page of the rebound conversion rate will be the highest.

    now put 10 thousand to buy traffic per month.

    to write some of the relevant charges will be concerned about the soft Wen, sent to my site will go to the target customers forum, blog, and paste it. The highest conversion rate. I asked the editor to write only 1 articles a day, and the writing must be the essence.

    C, Baidu, Google to some. I let the editorial staff constantly according to my request to optimize my site optimization is very simple, is to search the word yesterday or before I did the first row, specifically to write an article for the word, but I do not have a hot word, long tail word (the search volume is not high but very targeted). So I did a few months, you guess how long these long tail words flow every day brings more than 20 thousand. 20 thousand IP for some SEO ace is nothing, but I have a high value to make money. These words are my constant accumulation of statistical system.

    6, my website revenue of $70 thousand from what?

    640 member fees last month, each member is 100 yuan, and the monthly advertising 6000 month hang. 640*100+6000=7>

    My website is how to rank the first Baidu

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    my red blood station site www.idea-life.cn time more than half a year, from 1 IP at the beginning of the day (I) to 60 IP every day now, had been K, stop the parsing problem and so on, now just 200 yuan of income, cost recovery, oh, to write this article, is pure talk about feelings:

    1 personal webmaster is not easy, if you rely on this money to live, long starved to death, because we are vulnerable groups, so only in this community to rely on their own efforts to eat mixed meal.

    2 remember at the beginning of 2010, the mainstream mode is single do Amoy page +seo, so I have to join the ranks, maybe his ability is not good, so can only earn so little, want to come now, in fact, any industry is one of the few people to make money, is what we want to do that for a small number of people, how to as part of the less people? One is to rely on their own research, the two is to find a master to teach. But the key is still in their own.

    3 to make money of others is not open, open out the basic things are out of date, but in any industry are the essence of the law, no matter what language is popular now, but the fundamental thing is a compilation of these basic things such as opcode.

    4 talk about how I was looking for false original article: Baidu /gg search related keywords, to dozens of pages to find the article behind the use of pseudo original tools adapted, released, still included.

    5 chain approach: first set up dozens of blogs, every day to send the article, adhere to the 1 period of time, feel no effect, they give up, then again the release of my site link exchange information platform, the effect is all right; finally by posting on the altar and the signature of the chain, I do have the Forum Forum, A5 and laggards, the effect can also be.


    6 update algorithm, after this update, the 3 key words I have ranking, hehe, maybe next time is gone, it is not allowed to say, who let the vulnerable groups is


    want to exchange red blood web site links, please add my qq761291501, thank you

    Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forecast industry will decide on what path to follow

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    Wangzhuan industry now is special, but also in recent years Wangzhuan industry was more popular, but in the process of development is to let things drift, so this industry becomes higher now many are liars, dragons and fishes jumbled together, some people even more severe than the exploitation of Part-time Posts such as sending an enslaved worker, only 10 Fen, what 50 Fen party wait, are we to engage in Wangzhuan industry people serious exploitation, which led to the entire Wangzhuan industry appeared unstable situation! Now there are many Wangzhuan method, generally including website operation, electronic commerce, this is normal, the future development of Wangzhuan, good to see these two kinds of Wangzhuan way is not got further development, in addition to the two way as well as what do Wangzhuan station, advertising click or registration, or Post promotion and so on the way to make money, here we come to the development trend in the network depends on the opportunistic way to make money online, of course, this also belongs to the low level of Wangzhuan


    this way is mostly to large online community to attract traffic such as website description, or to the video website to send advertising, or by sending the way to the forum and a mass mailing to your own website to do publicity, the short time to let yourself get inside this way and do Wangzhuan income. The traditional operation of Wangzhuan is not the same, the relatively low level of Wangzhuan mode has a characteristic that is not able to operate through a large amount of manpower, because of the high traffic site will not let their community filled with spam, if there are a lot of people are so to advertisers, so these large the website will put your number to the letter, but also to you to delete posts.

    is also master the post money master will not easily reveal their moneymaking skills, because this method is like a window paper, a break away once they know they can get started quickly, will share the ready-made cake with you, we can also think about, if you master this method, you can easily tell other people


    if we say a person is selfless, that is a lie, unless some saints! Most people are selfish, although you tell others how to make money on their own and no losses, but they do not tell other people instinctively or he has a way of making money, unless you are his relatives, or through the purchase. So now we see on the network of the so-called free Wangzhuan tutorial, such as a day to earn one hundred yuan, even thousands of yuan project, think this is not pie in the sky? Actually fall out of the sky trap, many of which are theoretically feasible, such as pull off the assembly line to make money, when the actual operation is often to others do


    so Wangzhuan is in the hands of a few people, unless you know some master or spend money to buy such a way to make money, or someone else is under no obligation to tell you the method of higher, it’s like hackers found a loophole, usually their own play tired of this.

    CHANET Amazon latest promotions

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    weeks of Amazon completely shocked the high-end brand market, Apple Corp amazing move – Apple iPod shuffle 3 generation of 399 yuan!

    related connection: iPod shuffle

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    CHANet EC


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    Jiuding please actively advertising CPA!

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              CPA advertising alliance recently volume effect is improved, the increase in the amount of data were downloaded into uusee, identity through SMS query, Globe7 network telephone registration into, please seize the opportunity of a lot of data delivery, next day return, return at the end of week data Monday.

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