Marketing to create millions of traffic to your site

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many people think that marketing impossible for web site to create millions of traffic, if you use love as a marketing point may, at present there should be a successful family as a marketing point to the site to create millions of traffic cases. The following small share marketing to create millions of some of the basic ideas for the site traffic.

, a marketing to create millions of traffic is not a dream for

TV drama "the temptation to go home" is adapted from the classic drama "the temptation of his wife", by the Korean beauty Choo Ja Hyun, Hongkong star Rain Lee, Ling Xiaosu starred in the mainland but fashionable urban emotional drama, describes the transformation process of a virtuous woman is weak growth independent strong urban women. The play by the Hunan TV premiere. Viewing the super popular, dominated the national ratings champion. The highest ratings has broken more than 5 audience share is as high as 26.7%, defeated 6 years ago, Korean drama "Dae Jang Geum", became the Hunan satellite TV in addition to "Princess" outside the record of the highest ratings, has become a TV series of provincial satellite TV ratings second in recent 10 years.

let’s take a look at the "home" how it seems we first temptation ratings, its result how, then explain the family could create millions of Web site traffic, the collection rate as shown in the figure.

, such as > two

f this, we found that a woman in a family, what things are paid, but in the end because her mother-in-law tortured, because her husband’s rebellion. In forest products such as the sea, through their own efforts to change themselves, put themselves into a new era of female character, behind Lin pinru after all sorts of things, when Lin pinru found at this time Allie was diagnosed with cancer and product such as very distressed Allie, full of apologies, Allie confessed that he is a product such as, together with Allie and with the hen to encourage the fight, Allie realized his mistake in the product such as probation, and his son Sean entrusted to her care, product such as also drew down, promised to will be deemed to have been out of grace, Allie decided to give up life go to the seaside Dutch act, the hen flew out to rescue Allie, but Allie decided to die, in life and death, they found themselves are really love each other, very regret for the past. Product such as Wenyan wedding, love, joy and happiness. But the hen and Allie was washed away by the sea, in heaven forever.


many network marketing or Shanghai dragon friends are in the "family" "love" and "friendship" between the best network marketing hype topic are questioned, many of today’s network marketing experts generally believe that family marketing brings the value of love is far less than the effect brought by the more valuable, so many network marketing experts generally that love is more network marketing hype style, often ignore the value of marketing brings. Let’s talk about how to create millions of website marketing flow actually road commentary.

Several problems should be paid attention in website optimization

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and QQ group mail propaganda

prepared the site within the contents of the article and the long tail word, anchor text, then to the forum and external community bring more stable link and go to their website, and the customer and consumer guide to your website, then go to the post in the forum and community, blog, micro-blog, the popularity and traffic bring up is an important responsibility of the chain, and the exchange of good Links in marketing or similar building materials building materials market and building materials group purchase website, is a chain of the most stable and reliable in some building materials and building materials group purchase website marketing, in order to be buy "black chain" or a large number of links waste site, is a kind of industry which not only makes The loss outweighs the gain., the search will take you to the station as dangerous, may also make the site no longer appear in the search engine. To try to do regular long building materials, building materials and building materials group purchase marketing information market websites don’t do such dangerous.

four, micro-blog

inside and outside the chain chain, long tail word and anchor text have played a big role, to a roadmap for search engines, chain, and in the chain can play in the search engine guidelines to your site the house role in improving the website ranking and keyword rankings are played substitute function. Building materials marketing website should especially pay attention to the application of the anchor text, because Guan Jian is not the word building materials in Shanghai love is too hot, so do a good job on the ranking will be faster.

in building materials marketing, QQ group and email marketing is also an important means of building materials to find the target customers, of course you cannot limit the use of spam and advertising bombing, it will not only make people dislike products, and will further extend to the enterprise, so the QQ group and mail advertise can use its custom >

, a basic word around:

three, the chain and Links

two, the long tail word and anchor text

especially building materials and building materials marketing group purchase websites on the website, and timely dissemination of information channels than micro-blog and blog, especially the new micro-blog technology with its bright and concise dissemination of feeling letting a person find everything fresh and new, to traditional building materials marketing and building materials market has brought tremendous impact, especially for for enterprises and products for micro-blog’s hot publicity and speculation, to achieve the maximum benefit with the minimum cost of marketing materials.


blog and publicity

in the enterprise website, the word around internal in the construction must be good, these basic knowledge on Optimization of Shanghai Longfeng a website especially the website marketing materials play a crucial role in making the website content at the same time, pay attention to the site around the word standard is the most fundamental way, content is king can not say that the standard specification. In a lot of building materials marketing websites often make the website advertising, but not on the website of information of building materials market.

Talk about how to avoid excessive optimization of novice webmaster site

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at the beginning of the development of many new Adsense website is full of interest, to each big BBS, blog is the chain website every day, and after a few days I feel very tired, so many webmaster and gave up the hair of the chain method, then the unsteadiness of the increase method the website of the chain on the site’s advantage? The author thinks that the website chain is like a person to eat, to eat slowly, do not want to go to eat a big fat, this approach is not feasible, keep the chain growth stability is an important factor of favorable website, hope that the station will remember this point.

novice webmaster into the Internet industry will be confused, and then set up their own websites in the confusion, the last is on the Internet to search a lot to improve the ranking method, the method of public Internet in essence is not wrong, but because people are not familiar with formal optimization techniques, do not understand the basic algorithm of search engine. Often a lot of site due to manipulation errors led to excessive site optimization, causing the site to drop right, the author analyzes the novice webmaster how to avoid excessive optimization behavior in the process of development in railway station.

keyword appears as much as possible is many novice Adsense targets, in order to increase the frequency of keywords, many novice webmaster to find ways to increase the keywords in the site, regardless of the site title, column page, content pages are full of webmaster keywords. This is the wrong number of keywords appear more better thinking, as the keyword of the website, the website keywords, we occupy the ratio of the entire site at about four percent is the best, but we can open many new sites to establish a look, many sites are more than the number of keywords throughout the site ten percent. For a long time will not only increase the site’s search engine friendly, but also on the website of the friendly degree of decline.

three, website external links unstable growth

, a veto keywords appear more better

four, website content updated daily unstable


two, Links rejected text and Title

in the regular life is the dream of many people, and in the process of creating a site for the stable development of the website is search engine hope, many webmaster in update >

in the process of many new Adsense exchange chain that is through the Links promotion website to improve, so they tend to bring their own title in the hyperlink text each other Links in many fiction website, their website is named after the name of the small said, and in the process of exchange Links in exchange in the name of the novel, this behavior is wrong, because the more Links do you exchange, the search engine will think you are deliberately in the process of optimization, the exchange Links must pay attention to the diversity of text and links, and pay more attention to the exchange within the page many words, which is more conducive to optimization.

The website chain distribution to save resources promote ZhengZhan weight

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In fact, each

is now a lot of people in the chain into a great misunderstanding, the misunderstanding is the home link, all the links are pointing to your web page. The previous home high weight can improve the site overall weight, the fact is not the case, home just a page ZhengZhan only, only in the process of spiders crawl is an extremely disadvantageous. If you can not spread to at least the link surface page of words has two benefits, first let each real value chain. Secondly, can also increase the spider crawling ability. There are a lot of "because there is no entrance not very good in the search engines to crawl, then the chain is a good method to solve this problem.

The era of

effect of the weight, the chain is one of the best ways to enhance the weight of a site, not all the links to the home page. This way is the first natural search engine, repeatedly tell us to do natural links, is to create high-quality content, allowing users to reprint, so that the chain will become uncontrollable, you do not know what the user will give you reprint link, if you all point to the home page, first of all there are obvious traces of optimization. The second part is a waste of resources we believe. Because some keywords ranking up just how many links, but we do not know how many links to specific needs, you can do well, if so many links have not, then step by step.

content for the chain for emperor king after a few years, although the search engine has been in progress, the influence factors of the chain decreases, but the present situation of the chain website ranking still plays a decisive role. Especially in the early site of ranking is to play a decisive role, of course, the importance of the chain has not told me again, I believe we all know, today I want to tell you is how to make good use of the chain, how the minimum resource value of most adults, such as a key words need only ten the chain will be able to enter the top three, but you have to do it one hundred outside the chain, the extra 90 is wasted, how to put the waste of resources and revitalize the value maximization is all we need to do.

The other is

if you simply point to the front page of the site, because some "deeper level, the search engine has not reach the page, in the article" don’t talk nonsense website of Shanghai Longfeng flow is not open around the factors of only three "introduced collection is one of the important influence on the flow. If you can chain for the website of uniform distribution, there will be some improvement on influencing factors included, of course website very much. Of course, this is a basic factor, a web page to be found in the search engine must have entrance.

page of the website is independent existence, even it can be said that a lot of people will say Sitelinks, external links, for the website in a page is the chain of the page. Regardless of the inside and outside the station, we can see that we want to improve the overall weight of the site is.

Later, the fate of the network in the end can survive, go through the grassroots marriage dating

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New Year holiday after the working day, I believe many people will be attracted to the subway that Stephen Chow "Shibanyu dubbing Queen" screams: a net! One hundred million XXXX users, most dating websites China Mobile users. I believe that many people will be very surprised, even the names are not heard of the site, how overnight became the first? The so-called grassroots dating in China there is no market? In fact, I think, grassroots dating is just a concept.

is not the main consumer group

According to

edge network CEO Dong ship, founded in 2007, destined network services to public grassroots groups, including workers, free services, agricultural workers, students, fees in about 100 yuan, mainly concentrated in the two or three line of the city and processing enterprises is concentrated in the Yangtze River, the Pearl River Delta the user area mainly 19-28 years old. At present, registered users have exceeded 130 million, monthly active users at 10 million level.

we compare a set of data, according to the speed transit Institute released the 2013 online dating market analysis report, the age distribution of download dating inside app, 30-35 years old accounted for 43%, 25-30 years old accounted for 32%, is dating the core users, accounting for 75% of the market share, and the main edge network users 19-28, in the 30-35 year old age which does not cover the core. 19-28 user demand for marriage is very low, the main demand is only for dating, marriage demand is not high, as Dong ship said in an interview, they are willing to pay the cost of about 100 yuan, if the price increase day after, is difficult to guarantee this group of users will leave.

traditional dating sites is the main stable income 30-35 year old middle-aged people who have strong ability to pay, can afford one of the exclusive services, value-added services, to pay desire for offline dating methods, physical ability, have the right to speak, the positioning of this difference, will obviously become the development the bottleneck.

success rate of marriage is low,

has the characteristics of this group of users, who are the two or three tier cities, the basic level of income, between 19-28 years old. This group of users is 85 even after 90, 30 years old this Chinese compared to the traditional threshold to marry and settle down, they still have a long distance, the desire to get married is very low, and publicity in the 90 personality, Western DINK culture into the case, the marriage for them, not a fixed point in time for these sites for their role is more friends, know more friends, make your life less boring, so they don’t put money on it is very high, more willing to take a similar QQ recharge way to meet their own investment, work >

Iron and blood network to do its own brand, playing fan Economy 12, Wan Jun fan annual per capita co

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if there is no millet success, it is estimated that the vast majority of Chinese people have not heard "fan economy" this term. Millet fire, the word is almost rotten street.

, the most famous military web site in China, is a real fan of "fan economy". "Tiexue" was founded in 2011 of its own brand products "Longya tactics". 2014 only sold 224 thousand and 800, more than 127 thousand people to buy "AAB" products, which contributed 47 million 300 thousand yuan of income for the company, the average consumer 372 yuan.

‘s "public transfer prospectus", submitted to the new board, according to the predator network, shows that its own brand products have a gross margin of 55.35%. If you want to download the latest description of the transfer of the network, click on the above "new three board reverie stock", concerned about the reply [predator]

How does

‘s "blood net" make a pair of pants from a purely military community? The story begins in 2008……


"Longya" of the national brand

it’s really hard to make a pair of pants,

2008, "iron and blood network" into the military electricity supplier industry, the electricity supplier business continued rapid growth. But because the company is not in direct contact with foreign military Chinese users demand for China users lack of understanding, not for changes in the market to make a quick response to the market for a rapid response to market changes and consumer demand for high-quality brand military needs. "CEO Jiang Lei" Tiexue simmering effort, want to do something "really valuable thing", "dragon" and so was born.

but in China, it’s not easy to be a good match for a military fan. "Good" is "the evaluation of China manufacturing Tiexue" CEO Jiang Lei. At the beginning, looking for suppliers and processing enterprises CEO Jiang Lei for inventing "AAB" brand, can find are from Europe and Japan and South Korea or Taiwan enterprises.

"I’ve also met the ideal employer in China, but the technical reserve is far from satisfactory."." Fabric, accessories, zippers, buttons, Jiang Lei asked the person in charge directly was sent to the procurement of raw materials, processing plants, without the middleman. The factory is to provide production line, to guide the process responsible for Aralia people. Finally, the finished product after Longya one hundred percent inspection.

the whole process cost far higher than the traditional clothing industry, Jiang Lei used the apple mobile phone for example, a mobile phone is not a company, why can make the world’s best mobile phone? "The traditional clothing of spontaneous change is very difficult, but we are born into this batch of Internet industry, can make such a request this is a new atmosphere." Because Seiko secret agents, affordable, size and more in line with the Asian figure, "Longya >

Analyze a few popular projects that you know and talk about

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Of course,

understand is very talented, and can have the achievement of today rely on talent is not enough, we must insist on, he insisted for eight years every day to write, if someone can persist for eight years to do one thing, I believe what is not bad.

so a lot of time, how to do their own business, with little relationship with the project, with little relationship between talent, and opportunities are not related, look at who can adhere to the longest, laugh in the end, the winner is king.

understand, occasionally in the log inside to say some project ideas, every time after finishing, log comments inside there are a few people there, vowed that he will go to do, benchmarking.

every time, see people full of confidence, enthusiasm that going to do what I have is not smile, do not fan the flames pour cold water, not to interfere.

smiles because when a person is boiling with blood, he has fantasies in his head; he does not interfere because he has no desire to interfere when he is burning his brain.

I say this is not to cynical, understand the idea of the project is mostly feasible, at least understand, to do that is 100 percent feasible, others need to see the situation.

well, today comes to reason analysis, understand the log, which is often mentioned in a few project ideas.

1, all chips travel

understand the view, from Beijing to Argentina to the south pole is a free trip, as long as the election of the 20 classic attractions in this line, each of the spots sold handheld advertising, 5000 a trip down, can receive 10W, whole journey may not have a surplus, but also code free travel. By the famous.

this is a very good idea, really can achieve success and win recognition to hire advertisers, but the premise is a hypothesis based on this: my whole down is the fire, each handheld advertising at least tens of thousands of people can see.

advertisers pay for advertising, and at the very least have to ensure that many people see it before they can convince others to put it in.

understands, but also says that ordinary people want to recruit advertisers is not easy, so given another solution: find popular endorsements from the media, to help publicity. This is indeed a good way, by others’ reputation for their service, but others are not you just can be used, to be willing to pay (paid first, and then from the advertiser to earn back), understand communication, which requires a certain pattern.

raise public travel, I have seen a lot of forum, but with little success, many people raise people say this is "sponsored dream", a dream should be someone with real money to support? Should not, to advertisers is the return of advertising effect, to ensure that exposure to value.

this train of thought, very suitable for a certain popularity from the media people to carry out, they will write, will soft Wen, will hype, can guarantee exposure, sure fire. >

Start running dry cleaners some tips

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business has become a choice for many people, but for most people, now start to open a dry cleaning store is a very popular industry, it is now ready to start a dry cleaners should grasp what business principles.

First: first to understand the local market

Technology: to have professional

also as owner, also need to learn more knowledge of the industry. Now more and more new fabrics, with varied styles emerge in an endless stream, and similar fabrics combining the different fabric blend, more different fabrics and different color combinations of changes, only by constantly learning, in order to open the laundry.

Management: dare to bear the responsibility of

What is the network to make money online entrepreneurs must see

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Internet era, many friends are very interested in online shop. What is the network to make money most? This issue is the most concern of everyone. Now online shop has become a craze, but you know how to operate the shop? What is the network to make money most? Come and have a look.

1. try to operate the characteristics of the goods (if you sell clothes, then you sell pants). How to operate online shop more money? Online shop selling depends on the needs of the market and resources, conditions and hobbies, including the specific circumstances, which is common in reality.

2. online sales should also be renovated " facade ". After the online store is built, the most important question is how to make more customers browse and buy. Online store is not an independent website, the entire e-commerce platform may be lined with thousands of stores. In a large number of online stores stand out, is not very easy thing, " first glance " impression often determines whether consumers visit their own store. " packaging " essential, including a good name and timely refresh and organize online store goods display. This requires the owners to give their own shop name, page production and the usual maintenance effort.

3.  shelf time must be appropriate. If you do not have credit and other advantages, the shelves of the time to avoid the peak, if your goods are very high popularity on the contrary, the shelf time must be appropriate. Try not to choose Saturday, Sunday shelves, because many of Taobao’s part-time sellers (such as students, white-collar workers) will be on these two days, when the competition will be greater! Shelf time on weekdays may be better, the details determine success or failure, these are dependent on the accumulation of experience. At any time to increase the new goods, some people look, do not feel bored, this is very important, but it should be noted that the basic stability in popularity, the source can basically meet the business needs of the time!

4. exchange links. After a long time in the store, you can secretly contact with others, exchange links. Through the exchange links, you can form a small network, to enhance the influence of each other, you can also be in a shortage of resources when the mutual economic adjustment, but also allows guests to have more choices. Learn to seize every opportunity to publicize his shop, as much as possible to speak in other forums, multiple articles, let others have the impression of you (signature must not forget); to open shop to tell you know all the friends, through the power of word-of-mouth publicity; to a certain period of time, there is some feeling, can write a story, put on the platform recommended home page popularity and will increase many.

What is the most profitable

Jiangxi Yingtan women’s dream of entrepreneurship and employment

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when the female entrepreneurship and rural entrepreneurship in the two areas of entrepreneurship together, it means endless development opportunities. China’s rural areas resource has not been fully developed, based on local advantages, to spare women labor resources as the main force, develop new profit point of development.

in order to allow the majority of women to better realize the dream, the Yingtan municipal government attaches great importance to and take effective measures to support the majority of women’s employment and entrepreneurship, women’s Federation, the Municipal People’s Insurance Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and other relevant departments also issued a series of measures to support and actively build a platform for women’s employment and entrepreneurship, and strive to create employment and entrepreneurship the brand, and promote women small loans for women, employment and entrepreneurship to create a better environment.