What to take from you is excessive optimization

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website optimization is absolutely key areas of excessive optimization to avoid, website optimization home page layout up to no more than four words, and key distribution to uniform distribution website keywords follow from left to right lower order distribution, so compared with the spider crawling, also from the user’s visual browsing perspective is suitable. It is easy for the search engines and determine the key content of the website. For more important columns as mentioned in the web page, and other page with web site keywords paper describes the home page, is to have the best news list, let search engine to see more content.

)From the perspective of



From the perspective of

home page optimization

from the perspective of


website in too many keywords, keywords on the site does not need a lot, but the content is best around the site optimization of an article in the best is 4 to 5 words, a period of a keyword search engine, so it is easy to judge the what is the. Do the optimization is that the keyword, if the content of the website that will soon be found the next search engine will be K. So in order to the stability of site ranking is the best step by step, can not act with undue haste. This is from a certain angle to tell us more, do the optimization point of view is the key Oh, whether it is at which stage of site optimization, keep calm and faith.

said Shanghai dragon is a toil live in a long time, every day to maintain it, go to the forum outside the chain in the process of execution is quite boring, the webmaster and Shanghai dragon er must have the experience, it can be said that do much perseverance to optimize only experienced people know to. But our painful point is that many extension workers often can not grasp the suitable degree in the optimization of the above, caused by the excessive optimization site. Accurately handle this, easy and easy, not easy to say that it is not easy, the key is an experience to consider what is the appropriate way to optimize, not too optimization. The A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) to talk about how to optimize in order to ensure that no more than the scope of the search engine allows the following A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ zhenduan/ Shanghai,

distributionDon’t an article

chain is very important for Shanghai dragon, the chain is very attractive, but the owners can not be greedy, the chain is the most important to grasp a stable and stable quality, durability is key, but also to a certain extent and stage, the site does not need so intensive site to do the chain. There is a limit to the number of the chain of a website.

If the site is fast ranking, fast conversion

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is the Xuzhou network company, we can serve as a reference, I hope to help enterprises can quickly improve website ranking, achieve the transformation effect.

Recently a lot of friends in the

2, the content of good quality, continuously updated articles, enhance the frequency.

1, the chain increased, increasing the chain, attract spider crawling.

on the site itself to improve the quality, in order to enhance the website ranking. Xuzhou network company after many years of accumulated experience of some skills, can quickly increase the website included, to speed up the rankings, these skills are only a supporting role, really fast and stable ranking is needed for the acquisition of Shanghai Longfeng thinking business website, get reliable ranking.

5, the chain increased, add the station anchor text keywords.

can improve the auxiliary method of website ranking:

enterprise to ask, how to make in a short period of rapid ranking, how can quickly bring into effect. In order to better solve the problem, to make the site fast ranking, the market operation method has a lot of, a black hat technology, fast scheduling technology. But these techniques can not meet the transformation, really good website ranking, the most basic is the site itself, improve the user experience is the fundamental. Don’t want to quickly improve website ranking by other methods.

3, Shanghai Longfeng do basic work, set up the title, keywords, description, keywords layout well.

4, when necessary, set the relevant article recommended more.

Can you give me a love of Shanghai do black hat Shanghai Longfeng excuse

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content began to update the chain, to each Links exchange platform released connection information, I can only change the connection every day for about 3, since falling in love with sea in the connection of cheating crackdown is even more careful, friendship connection can say is a query to look at each other’s site has no is down right or be K every day. After the link began to do BBS signature, must first take the time to look for some good connection platform every day, because many are very strict management platform are not to take the chain, so the chain is particularly careful to ensure the survival of their own account, or a day of work is equal to you busy the. Each chain I always record the address and then the next day to see if still, deleted the replacement chain, make sure the connection to my site are all on the platform must have a certain number of connections. So ctrl+c, ctrl+>

every morning to open the computer is open the webmaster tools, look at my beloved website there is no what a big movement, since 6.28 began to love Shanghai often adjust is not at ease, always on tenterhooks every day.

check the included and keywords ranking is open to do those top ranking websites, began to update one by one, first of all I’ve used the noble baby to find articles, after all nobility baby article really found out to be high quality, and find the love of Shanghai to search the title to see many duplicate content love Shanghai, included too many directly discarded. Filter out the appropriate article after their modifications, typesetting lined oiwn aspect again website. Because we are in contact to the industry is so widely to write their own articles too unrealistic, some key customers to abandon you also write well, not professional. To update an article or two days once a day, so many web sites on their own have the patience is really a big challenge.

if there is a new list to do, I do site optimization, such as the selection of the title description. Then the optimization code, I mainly do is enterprise station, I think the code optimization and bottom navigation is very important, not a connection is through their own thoughtful, then put the useless plus nofollow, can say the pity chain as gold.

A5 first time to contribute, I still a rookie, aware of his writing, but the record is true of my personal situation, I hope A5 management personnel.

home is introduced as a bitter Shanghai Longfeng a day of work arrange.

there are so many words since got crazy, the whole spirit more! "Really love Shanghai recently adjust really let my entire people nervous, but every day the spirit is very abundant and love Shanghai struggle. From the beginning of 6.28 love Shanghai can be said to be a big adjustment of each month. Don’t know how many websites ruined.


The first thing

The website after replacing the IP pulled the hair or down the right reason analysis

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we all know, the website will cause the search engine to replace the IP drop right and included the decline is like, but this is what caused by

29 night, suddenly remembered the old VPS data has not been removed, to see the site even after there are a large number of access in the security domain are dog? I explain to the new VPS a few days, how can I still visit? The first is others reflect the domain name to explain to my VPS, so in the search engine to search my site name. That is not, how was it?

1, DNS search engine update cycle is very long, I did not update the new domain of interpretation.

?The main reason for this phenomenon is caused by the

open web log, I was dumbfounded, access to records all search spiders. How, domain name are explained in the past several days, how there are so many

the next few days, every day I pay attention to the website keyword ranking and included the amount of change, the website rankings and included quantity is very normal, although the amount collected did not increase, but also did not drop. The evening of May 28, 2012 (Thursday night, my website is updated on Friday or Saturday morning), first faced love Shanghai day, that night for a few minutes after VPS, I site, more than five points until 29 in the morning, the website included not only did not fall, up a little bit, so I can rest assured the. A good sleep.

2, DNS is the search engine to crawl IP instead of domain name. But the IP is decided by the domain name, that is to say the IP update is based on the DNS, eventually attributed to DNS did not update.

DNS search engine update cycle. Last May, I changed a VPS that a VPS change too big blow to me, the website is fully down right. Included only 1/3. The site every day 1W IP down to more than 1 thousand. I was around for help but no good way. From now on, I fear to replace the server. The concept of replacement server website weight and included are affected deeply in my mind. In May 25, 2012, my site is VPS and the maturity of half a month, because the former is by proxy to buy, now for a long time, can not find the agent, there is no way to renew, only for a new VPS, all perfect over the new VPS completely normal access after the domain name to explain to the new VPS, then just there is no hurry out, stopped an old VPS Apache and delete the data and went out.


to open a new VPS Web log, found it no spider crawling records, love Shanghai one day only a few records, and all are just grab the home page, and are the same ip. The bulk of Ping tools and find some friends site, domain names are completely pointing to the new IP, so this is like only two kinds of interpretation.

spiders crawl?

Experience sharing note the optimization of the railway station

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as a new station I believe we all understand that the early new foundation is very weak, so the optimization is particularly important. New optimization should avoid some mistakes, avoid excessive optimization. The attention of the optimization of the railway station.

the optimization of the railway station of the chain:

love Shanghai is a search engine, what he is doing is to bring the right people to the right page. Love Shanghai needs fresh blood to add vitality, then the new station is the best supplement. Just love Shanghai machine can not identify the page quality, so the new station will give good ranking. After a period of time according to the conditions of this page if customers want page. Such as updating efforts, web page quality, comprehensive evaluation of user experience. Then give a comprehensive ranking. This is what we called "the new sites effect".

update the content of the original is best, of course, should not be too rigid, the original is good but also should pay attention to the quality of the article, if you write the article even as the primary composition as well as direct reprint articles. You can use the pseudo original, but to the pseudo thoroughly, from the title to the content to be modified. If it is too difficult to put together the recommended form update web content.


is now the chain.

? Note

why love love Shanghai station

love Shanghai for the new station are given special attention, early will have a good ranking. But after a period of time ranking will suddenly drop, so many owners are very confused. Why is it

Efforts to update the

page – Layout Optimization of the railway station:


railway station is very important, early to update frequently, also must have the order, don’t today updated 5 update 3 articles tomorrow to the day after tomorrow only one content. This is very bad for the search engine. The specified or updated daily 2-3 article. Don’t interrupt, check 1 to three months. In order to lay a good foundation. The anchor text up to 1 to 2, the correlation is not big article can not do anchor text.

in Shanghai dragon in the pages of a web site layout is very important, the navigation part of common tree structure selection, it is not only beautiful and is more favorable for optimization. Keywords for navigation of no value given nofollow blocked, such as web page, news center, the successful case etc..

site will less flash as little as possible, flash Shanghai is not love spider climb. So don’t pay attention to the appearance of a web site and ignore the Shanghai dragon optimization. Flash put more will not necessarily increase the user experience, flash display requires a lot of speed, on the Internet bad situation is very difficult to open the flash. So instead of just the opposite.


website optimization of the railway station – update:

How to raise venture capital

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in determining a good investment projects, we must be prepared to do a good job of entrepreneurship. How to raise venture capital? Enough money to let you invest in the process of more confidence. So, with the small series together to see how to raise funds!

discount loan, a borrower in urgent need of funds, the due bill to the bank for discount and financing loans.

How to make their own food and beverage brand bigger and stronger

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in many of the venture investment project, what areas to join the most popular restaurant, want to do not dare to say that the second industry first, catering industry investment is so popular is its inherent inevitability of truth. An investment can be big or small, can operate independently, also be associated, join; two investment cycle is short, quick, do on the road, just a few years time, will be able to complete the entire development process from a single store to do the chain, the rapid appreciation of the fund; three is the threshold is not high, jintuiziru. Therefore, do catering has become the first choice for many entrepreneurs first venture.

, however, any business is a science, it is said that the observatory, catering industry, imagination is not so simple. After a large number of "layman" flock to the catering industry, it may soon be able to seize the consumer through the unique dishes and ideas, but then it is difficult to continue to expand the impact of large-scale development of the truth. Not only that, the catering industry water is too deep.

business is difficult, setting more difficult, and to cause bigger and stronger is more difficult. Entrepreneurs can rely on the unique product advantages in the market under the blaze a new trail, but also often stand firm a few years, is to emulate, competition, fake upsets or stepped in scorched by the flames, false investment, blind expansion of the sludge, and also difficult to escape.

food and beverage industry how deep water? Some people say: good hard-working person, do 3 years considered entry; want to walk away when the treasurer, not have closed in March. A restaurant, from site selection to opening, from service to procurement, from ordering to receiving, involves too much knowledge and details. Any details of the flaws, you will be on the scale of the development of the truth buried a mine. The more mines, the greater the risk.

through the food and beverage industry dozens of companies tracking and investigation, business law interpretation entrepreneurs catering enterprises internal mining, food and beverage industry bigger and stronger to the marketing skills and management means, the readers with personal sentiment in this industry management difficulty, detect any possible problems and effective solutions, so as to make the operator across the growth risk, looking for bigger way. Although this article takes the food and beverage industry management case as the key link, but many of these methods can be used in other industries. As long as the operator to join their creative, flexible use, the development of a large.

products can be copied, can copy, but the idea can not be copied, creativity is the spark of thought, and burst due to the accumulation of experience; creativity is to create a market of the sword, with the sword will open up a new territory, to create a new world.

taste Innovation: dare for the world "fresh".

food and beverage industry

The United States and the United States and the exclusive MVP into the history of the first person

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latest Canadian all star game came to an end, Westbrook performed well, so Wei Wei won for the first time MVP, which is the second player in the history of MVP. The all star game is also the last time Kobe will be present at the tournament.

2016 Toronto all star game wonderful performance, Western Star team 196:173 victory over the east. Weiss Brook scored 31 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 steals, winning the all star game in MVP for the last second years. Paul · George scored 41 points for the East, he put in a total of 9 points to create a new record for the all star game in the history of the world cup in the United states. Kobe scored 10 points in the all star game, all star game total score of 290 points.

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Guangdong is now the most tragic reminder of the owners have not yet received a house for two years

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city white-collar workers are hard to work for a house, the recent news, Guangdong is now the most sad reminder owners, the date of the building have been two years have not received the floor, the children are Zhang to three years old!

Tsinghua Bay real estate is located in the Old City Plaza Riverside Road, building two, there are nearly 30 storey flats Linjiang standing developers for the Qingyuan City Manulife investment company limited. The sale of 2012 properties, in accordance with the plan in 2013 on the floor in October. As of early 2013, 141 units have been sold. So far more than two years from the date of the handover, 141 owners have not received the floor.

will do 3 years, because developers capital chain rupture, Tsinghua Bay 141 owners to the down payment, monthly mortgage payments, but they have not received the floor, some owners also need to rent. Make money to buy a house is not easy, encountered such a sad reminder owners how to do it?

Tsinghua Bay real estate is located in the Old City Plaza Riverside Road, building two, there are nearly 30 storey flats Linjiang standing developers for the Qingyuan City Manulife investment company limited. The sale of 2012 properties, in accordance with the plan in 2013 on the floor in October. As of early 2013, 141 units have been sold. So far more than two years from the date of the handover, 141 owners have not received the floor.

2016 marketing Chongqing hot pot how to join

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we all know, the improved quality of life, people have a strong interest in the diet, keep pace with the times, for Chongqing to join a Hot pot, shop business is hot hot shop is not difficult, all is not easy. Food and beverage brand marketing, but also the most important food and beverage business.


1, do a good job, is marketing:

2, so that pricing attractive.

either public consumption or personal consumption, whether working class or rich, are in fact there is a certain sensitivity to the price. This sensitivity is the "value for money", because any customer may have a steelyard. The principle of catering pricing is to seek profit space in customer satisfaction.

3, how to attract repeat customers?

could head back off into repeat visitors, reflects a restaurant catering service. Head back to the customer into a repeat customer, first of all, to form a focus on food and beverage store back to the atmosphere, do a good job in the basic work of customer files. Secondly, we should take concrete measures in the service process design.

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