Taobao is using the method of money off periodDomestic music websites have been transformed, why hav

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sixth step, enter the merchant’s shop, copy the text and description, in the account B store release, pay attention to the price than the store price 1-2 yuan cheaper.

seventh, pay attention to the release time, at 8-10 in the morning, 18 points in the evening between -20 release, why?? the end of the exam ah!


meters, music is more likely to develop music and social functions.

More than

the ninth step, open the shop account Wangwang, about 3-4 days later, someone will buy consulting your goods, tanlong, the other party to be photographed, with Taobao A to the corresponding customer account store photographed, note that the shipping address to write you in the store, the people to buy things with you the address of the.

propaganda under their own small station, right brain memory method: jiyifa/ stimulate potential, improve memory,

fourth step, use Taobao B to open a shop.

, according to "China Business News" reported that watercress, FM, music, shrimp and meters are being transformed:

FM completely using the radio mode, the main push "hot cool music + recommended content, PC users will be shifted to the mobile terminal.

shows that this project requires a higher executive power, suitable for no technical, no money novice, but the need for higher executive power, like the can do, do not like, do not curse, thank you for cooperation!


second, two registered Taobao account, a special tube to buy things, we call it A, a shop selling things, we call it B, please pay attention to the distinction between good, Alipay this cartoon, specifically to buy



editor’s note: the domestic digital music has been a wonderful industry, everyone knows that the industry is big, the future is bright, but only in which to know the sweet and sour. Then several major domestic digital music service website: watercress FM, music, and live at present have small shrimp meters? In the current domestic users is difficult to accept the paid download case, digital music service tried the

families are trying to download the charges, such as watercress monthly package or package of two service charges model, but the results are not satisfactory. In the view of CEO meters music Shi Jianping, a music community business model 3: one is the future direction of direct charge, such as within the community Master can charge for subscriptions to popular songs. Two is value-added services, such as monthly subscription, unlimited downloads of high-quality songs, ringtones and audio books. Three is advertising mode.

shrimp was acquired by Ali, the rapid realization of genuine, open music channel, from music to musicians development platform function.

project started when the income is very low, also a few dollars a day, with the increase in the number of goods sent to you, 300 goods, daily income will exceed 30 yuan, to the daily increase of goods, with the passage of time, the income will be higher. I recommend a few technical friends do, and now the income of more than 80/ days.


music with WeChat and other powerful member system advantages, through each terminal platform, radio content for the two reorganization.

eighth step, insist on releasing 30-50 commodities every day.

tired!The first step of

fifth step, landing Taobao customers, according to your favorite column, select the total amount of return of more than 2 yuan of products.

as we all know, a few days ago, Sina blog closed the Taobao link, resulting in many Sina blog promotion, Taobao customers TX heavy losses. How do we continue to do the very time Taobao customers, and use the Taobao customer brings us Everfount income, can use the master stations, the use of SEO technology to promote, so like us, no technology, no contacts and no money TX how to do? The following share a simple method, simple is often the most difficult, why?

‘s "entertainment + social +UGC" model is becoming the direction of multi meter testing. Among them, from the entertainment point of view, meters is the first batch of music with "I am a singer", "China’s most powerful voice", "good voice in China" and other programs, music released by the music service providers. "Quickly spread to the phone, let the audience hear as early as possible, because the audience watching TV, many pick up the phone to search the song element."." Shi Jianping told reporters.


from the service model, Shi Jianping found that the current users are not satisfied with simply listening to songs, more willing to some way to share their favorite music or set up their own radio. What’s more, in music and social networking, users are developing their own content quickly. Social music greatly enhance user stickiness, let users online music playlist the average length is two times longer than the previous version.



for the inherent problem of profit model, the four option to solve this problem:

, preparing for the two ID card, go to the bank to open two cards, the best one is Alipay cartoon, talk about why.

third step, registered Taobao guest, pay attention to use the cartoon without that account A to apply.

Today Google updates the PR value CN website is to reduce the weight of domain name

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my station strictly speaking is on-line by the end of 06, then use another name, and later to the end of 08 registered the domain name, and has been in use for 08 years, when the ICP filing system is not perfect, I believe that there are a large number of owners is the use of false information to do the record, there are many quick record to spend 10 yuan, but in the 09 years after October, with the website for the further improvement of the system for inaccurate information sites are faced with the cancellation of the record, and according to my understanding in the access business hosting server, the IDC system will also record scene photos from Beijing Shandong, Xinjiang, spread to the whole country, the specific time is not yet known, but this trend is difficult to avoid, and hope that we can be ready early, because from filing publicity to the removal of the general will Have a month, in this month, if it is not ready to access business information (the so-called shell site), then you can immediately find your access provider applications for new access providers, or time, if you are the main website information is not accurate, then the situation is very difficult. This, like a time bomb will be detonated at any time, and the website name does not match, contact error and so on, are the reasons for revocation of the registration number.

today is a normal Monday, since June 9th because of access to the information in the error is the Ministry revoked for the record, I have been busy for re filing, after all is the old station for more than 3 years old, there are a large number of users in the use of my free Links service, you can love Shanghai sky exchange chain " ", believe that many small and medium-sized website owners should be aware of, just add new features and techniques discussed problems, use the inadvertently update search ranking function update website data, the results to the PR value decreased from 5 to 4, and then I find several PR5 station was searched, found several have dropped to 4, and the CN suffix for the domain name of the majority, thus we can conclude that, the PR value update in January 2011, chose the China party 90th Anniversary On the eve of the day once again updated, we can immediately check their website PR what did not change.

              I am because bought a new server hosting the new access providers, inadvertently forget transfer into the business, so the revocation of the current record is June 17th by filing an application for new electronic access business filing system submitted 20 working days, the equivalent of about 1 months to reply, in this period, my site must be closed, if you >

I rarely write, mainly is the lack of time, because of the recent record has been revoked but have some time, so take this opportunity today to talk about the website for the thing for everyone, also with their own lesson reminder for you.

The penguin love Shanghai as an example to analyze the search results Ico Logo

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Tencent (WWW.QQ, COM)

, a first look at the official is how to explain this problem;

3, standard internal regulations by love Shanghai. We often say that is the default.

4, not only improve the user search fees, a measure of experience. This is very important, increase the user experience, to meet the needs of users is the most basic conditions of search engines are free of charge, on behalf of the search results ICO icon website is being popular and trust.

, QQ (x5.qq贵族宝贝)


Cross Fire (cf.qq贵族宝贝

logo belongs to three products: no application channels, not by money, cannot see it coming.

At present,

2 icons in the ICO website is love Shanghai internal automatic mining, the actual range is very small, the scope of mining will extend slowly behind. Is the love of Shanghai has its own set of rules, without any external interference. But other sites still have a chance to be selected and displayed.


Dungeon Fighter Online

1, yet no channel for. That is to say whether your website is well-known, and the audience is the way how much traffic there is no way for ICO icon display.

1) "must have ICO logo, is to open the picture website tab in the front, although this is bullshit but there are examples, such as the love of the people’s Republic of Shanghai into.

home page

primary school we learned to analyze a thing to do comparative experiments, contrast experiments must have other conditions as compared to the conditions are not the same, so we applied to the analysis of the website is the same reason, the analysis of the site should be architecture, content should be from the same style website, so it is best to a large swath of two domain names, of course two must have with logo, here to penguin as an example. Site:qq贵族宝贝, here you take WWW, otherwise we can not see a lot of logo, listed below with logo web site name and address

QQ speed (speed.qq贵族宝贝)

see a lot of people ask the love Shanghai title search results in front of the logo is how to. In fact, the logo at the end of last year began to appear, but less so to see not many people, there are now many large logo, this situation can be said as long as the front logo sites are not bad, the Ming Rui to do some analysis.

analysis of personal views; Summary: this

QQ (qzone.qq贵族宝贝)

Duplicate content can also enhance the website weight

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duplicate content: duplicate content usually refers to the domain or between multiple domains, match with other content or similar content. This is Google’s explanation. Duplicate content was always search engine of men, many owners are aware of this point, in order to solve the problem and to update the website search engine is the most fresh original content, pseudo original technology have great development and use. As a result, the readability of a lot of false after the original is very poor, and some completely cannot read the.

2011 "ten things change the search engine Market:" a more strict duplicate content filtering out the search engine to repeat content attitude. But the duplicate content reproduced and copied to the really so bad? "Said really as duplicate content influence on site optimization and optimization strategy" in an article that influence weight and website ranking? In most cases, duplicate content does have an effect on the website, but the impact is not small, otherwise they will not there are so many networks such as web content optimization of how to avoid repeating the contents of this article.

everything is relative. Not every station reprint will be successful, otherwise it will not appear in so much to avoid the repetition of website content. The weight of the website, the website and reproduced the content correlation and other factors determine whether to make an article has been reprinted several times of the weight of the high for their own services, this needs the webmaster yourself. The heaven original, welcome to reprint.

I mentioned that in most cases, duplicate content is related to the website. Is there a few cases? This is to say content popularity this word, the word I fabricated, the concept of similar link popularity (from "link popularity and link analysis" can clearly understand the concept of link popularity), and can be simply interpreted as: the number of high weight website reproduced a article is. If an article is many high weight articles reprinted, this explains what is the problem? This article is very popular, is a high quality articles. A high quality articles on all aspects of the site are of great help, to enhance the user experience of reading, reduce bounce rate, increase user stickiness. If the site reproduced this article and was collected, can increase the friendly search engine on the web. Duplicate content can also enhance the weight of a successful case, as I saw in A5, but can not find the original link, keyword optimization case about the author an obscure industry, because do not understand technology, can’t create the website updated only reproduced keywords products official website news, finally still a success. The most typical case is that there are so many high weight website, only reprint A5 article can live.

Analysis of the current format of weight loss websites

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now do slimming products, a lot of people, a conservative estimate of ten thousand people and more than 1000 teams to participate in the operation, and not many webmaster as can be imagined would like to, for Adsense reference, according to different types, as follows:


1, slimming products website. This kind of web interface is very clear, the main page is a weight loss product guide area (currently more common is Herbalife, Kang Meike, Sibutramine slimming products), product pictures, slimming effect pictures visible before the eyes who want to lose weight, the crowd was very tempting, accounting for all the weight loss website 45%. Profit model: selling weight loss products profits. Promotion methods: mainly advertising, search engine optimization as a supplement.

2, big health Web site, portal weight loss channel. There are 2 levels of directory, there are sub domain names. Because of the obvious advantages of resources, both the traffic and the search engine rankings are obviously better than the weight loss websites built by individual owners, accounting for 5% of all weight loss websites. Main profit model: weight loss website, cooperation fee and advertising fee. Promotion: very little initiative, publicity, promotion, generally rely on portal brings a lot of traffic, attract businesses to advertise.

3, personal weight loss information website. Most of the reproduced or pseudo original articles, introduces the method of weight loss (exercise, acupuncture, massage, diet, weight loss (liposuction), obesity, weight loss harm knowledge, misunderstanding) properly optimized, get traffic from search engines, accounting for 50% of all weight loss website. Profit model: advertising alliance click advertising fees, part of the weight loss products profit agent. Promotion methods: mainly search engine optimization, supplemented by a small amount of advertising.

first weight loss website advantages: good profits, shortcomings: high input, starting difficult. The second site is obviously not suitable for most personal Adsense, and that is more to build second kinds and third kinds of weight loss web site, third kinds of weight loss website advantages: less investment, simple maintenance, shortcomings: profit difficulties..

above is my weight loss industry of some basic analysis, there is no place, please forgive me,

!In this paper,

net weight feeds by Ai Feier, respect for copyright, welcome to reprint, please keep the links


Jewelry industry investment prospects

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over the years, jewelry has become a lot of entrepreneurs in the hearts of a good business projects, while its market demand is also increasing. So, you want to open a jewelry store, you have to understand the jewelry industry investment prospects?

so, join the jewelry brands is necessary for the downstream distribution channels practitioners including how to shop location, how to store decoration, how to display, how to promote, how to handle customer relations, how to carry out recruitment, how to store promotion and other necessary and systematic training to to brands and dealers to join the win-win goal.

in the analysis of the current situation of the jewelry industry, the development of investors to be in the jewelry industry, it will become more easily, because in the understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of the jewelry industry, in order to know an antidote against the disease in the franchise jewelry business.

in the range of the market, to join the jewelry, you must choose a good brand to join. In this way, can in the days after the operation, to get more business advantage, let entrepreneurs are more successful, more easily gain profit.

related recommendations

Remember, OK to join hamburger

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what are the characteristics of northern snacks delicious? The first thing you think about is what, anyway, my mind is the first flash of the north as a hamburger, hamburger why delicacy North characteristics can have such a unique position in the minds of consumers? Xiaobian is now a hamburger some changes in the course of history, to meet consumer demand results. Hamburger is a variety of tastes, many brands, in a dazzling brand, to choose what brand is good? Remember, hamburger is a good choice for you.

, remember good hamburger joined

market prospects. According to reports, in 2016 the average level of development of China’s catering industry, far more than economic development, is a thriving industry, hamburger has a broad market, the Yuan Ji hamburger with the experience accumulated over the years, has a good reputation in the market, occupy a certain market share, believe that the prospects for development in the future will be better.

product reputation good. Remember, hamburger from its inception in 1982, has always insisted on the quality of their own, after years of persistence, win the market reputation. At the same time, in the business is also committed to continuous innovation, and now has developed a variety of different products, better adapt to market development.

join simple. Remember, as long as a hamburger to dozens of square meters of shop can join the cost management, as long as a few million yuan, is a good project for investment, the franchisee can use brand name was quickly occupied the snack market, quickly realize the dream of wealth.

after the introduction of small series, I believe that we have a very clear understanding of the brand, and this is a very good brand, you want to venture, this is a good choice for your business!

Teach you the 4 small Entrepreneurship

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college students venture investment funds is the most difficult, how to use small capital investment funds accumulated rapidly? Here to give you 4 strokes, but did not want to invest in venture capital of college students Study hard!

A itself is a fashion designer, from the clothing company after the resignation of their own investment in business, in a clothing market with other people to take the photo shop, wholesale and retail business. With their own design capabilities and industry experience, miss A own design, and then look for clothing processing, and then get back in the clothing store sales. Her style is novel and unique, and sales are steadily rising.

B to a business trip, found that local pine nuts are of good quality and the price is very cheap after investigation, he found his city pine only a few sales, and the price is expensive, therefore, she rushed to the city before the Spring Festival to order a batch of pine nuts, then the largest in the local people’s food wholesale and retail market rent a piece of ground. During the Spring Festival, his pine nuts were sold out to make an unexpected 300 thousand.

"franchise stores incoming spring night, thousands of pear trees". As if overnight, the shopping mall on the street and other small shops such as cold drinks shop on a lot of investment. These jewelry stores and cold drinks shops generally have a better brand background, and join the fee will not be too high, but the choice of brand to join the chain must be identified, and the opportunity to intervene in the earlier, >

Three factors on Entrepreneurship

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Three elements:

venture funds, experience, contacts, often a lot of successful entrepreneurs can start empty-handed because they found these resources, preparing these resources reasonably, how to find?

contactsThe word "


money is simply money, any one just to start a business, will be up against the problem of money directly. The problem will always be with entrepreneurs. Small businesses need to have a small career money, big business needs to have a big cause of money, such as Li Chaoren, will borrow money in the stock market, to borrow money from the bank to invest in future communications. As long as the cause, you will always need the power of money.