The enterprise website optimization technology

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website optimization design of meaning in the following three aspects: 1. website design optimization of users of the specific performance of a wide customer demand-oriented, designed to facilitate site navigation, web page download speed as soon as possible. The web page layout is reasonable and suitable for preservation, printing, forwarding. The website information rich and effective, help users to trust. 2. site design on the optimization of network environment forms for search engine. Search engine optimization. Easy to accumulate resources for the network marketing website. For example: link exchange, exchange advertising. 3 site design on operation and maintenance optimization meaning fully embodies the website network marketing functions, making all kinds of network marketing method can achieve the best effect. The website is convenient for daily updates, maintenance and revision upgrades, it is easy to get and management of registered users resources.

Optimization of

enterprise website optimization steps: 1 website internal link optimization: optimization of directory file, each column of a reasonable folder; Website Optimization Website file name, file name, with the best English, and can contain English keywords. 2. web page optimization: most enterprises’ t page although good-looking, but not practical. There are many factors unfavorable to the marketing needs to be optimized, optimized mainly from three aspects. Home page optimization Shaoyong Bu pictures, use text; image optimization picture text annotation, text annotation keywords to "never let go; lose weight – page download speed and other benefits to improve. 3. optimization of search engine ranking: "label optimization mainly includes title tags, Keywords tag, description tag.

website optimization is divided into two parts, one is the station optimization, two station optimization. The station optimization is through the Shanghai dragon optimization technology make the site in the search engine friendliness and good experience of the user design a good effect. The purpose of doing so is very simple, is to let our website in search engine ranking and get a good customer conversion rate. The station optimization is owned enterprises to promote the brand through the Shanghai dragon means to help the website, this process may involve the way love Shanghai auction, Google advertising, promotion and other natural.

website optimization is the procedure of the website, content, section and layout. To make the site more easily indexed by search engines, improve the user experience (uE) and the conversion rate and create value. Special site optimization, search engine optimization, also is the website design for search engine retrieval, satisfy the search engine ranking index. In order to obtain the ranking in the search engine retrieval. Enhance the effectiveness of search engine marketing. Generalized site optimization factors taken into consideration not only the search engine, but also fully meet the needs of users, clear site navigation, perfect online help, on the basis of the website function and information to achieve the best results. It is based on enterprise web site, and Internet service providers (such as search engines), various factors to establish a good relationship partners, customers, suppliers, vendors and other network marketing environment.

Find the entrance website promotion the most practical effective method

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the reason is very simple, "who" has at least the Millennium Road in Shanghai Longfeng area, have a practice of fine. They have experienced numerous with each other in the strong wind and big waves, the skill of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. In Shanghai dragon industry also wearing a "rookie" hat you, not good yihuhuhuapiao. So we have to cherish a humble heart, find ways to learn.

if you want to say, I see a "guy" what way is used, and are very good, how is this going?


like Shanghai marketing, Taobao marketing, forum marketing, marketing, marketing chain, the marketing, marketing quiz, select a key to attack, the other party can feel your strength, can you have feedback. Don’t try to swallow all the marketing of the law, as it costs energy, little effect of

"spring is not thriving, many All flowers bloom together. Spring Garden" Shanghai dragon hungry for knowledge "are all bathed in the spring breeze, walking in the" Spring Garden "linger, from morning swim to the sun, until it was dark when suddenly realize, in the garden tour for a day, see countless Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, recall the day of harvest, the feeling is not much impressed. So the second day got up early, but also to play, the evening before, third days is…… After ten days and a half months later, the legs go numb, waist pain go, eat not sweet, is also no use of blue sky six Bristol! So head up doubts: "this month, I saw" website promotion 1000 exclusive secret "," website promotion "globe best," "the promotion skills all the Milky Way Department of the most lethal, with all these tricks, how website this month to no improvement? These tricks do not work, or they used the wrong way?


with the development of Internet and popularity of Shanghai Dragon technology, all have their own set of Shanghai dragon Daisen "skills" (not the trick, the highest trump card are reserved for sin for self defence, not easily show), all of a sudden, you move me move, the Shanghai dragon optimization articles skipping in the webmaster forum.

we can choose according to their own advantage an entrance. If you choose to love Shanghai marketing, then you can make a detailed promotion objectives and steps, carefully study the director of love Shanghai by channel, concentrate on love, know, Shanghai Post Bar library, Wikipedia and other post marketing; "

is not in fact, most of methods are good, the problem is mainly in our own execution of the above, we also learn that this school also, but not to complex, can chew. Shanghai Longfeng entrance thousands, I only take one, learning Shanghai dragon, find a suitable starting point, in order to accomplish something. You get in this one entrance in two big puleses ", understand the Shanghai dragon spirit and love Shanghai, Google and other big fairies temper, to enter the other entrance to learn Shanghai dragon master, this was completely

These six aspects are not good, easy to scare visitors away

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The purpose of

‘s website is to attract visitors and retain visitors. A website that wants to win visitors has a certain advantage in appearance, content, loading speed, and so on. The following six factors, is to scare off visitors, the culprit is very detrimental to the user experience of the site, you need to pay more attention to the webmaster.

1, site appearance

sites can have a wide variety of styles, but there is no unreasonable appearance. The irrational appearance here refers mainly to improper color collocation and confusion of plate layout. Together, these two elements are the first impressions of a website, which can often affect the mood of a person visiting a web site. Everyone likes a clean, beautiful and themed website. On the contrary, a strange color collocation plate information 00 odd sites will be hated.

2, access speed

web browsing is not like reading, reading, usually to study hard or edify sentiment, while browsing the web is to obtain the most needed information at the fastest speed. When visitors are most eager to receive information, if you can not open the web page, it will seriously hit visitors browsing desire. Research shows that the average waiting time of web browsers is 3 seconds, and pages that load more than this time are usually turned off directly by visitors.

3, text typesetting,

whether people read or browse the web, people like pictures and text typesetting, and the most objectionable is the large paragraph of text. See page text originally light stimulation is big, easy to make eye fatigue, if there is a straightforward, no sense of the level of the page layout of text, visitors up to more difficult. Therefore, when writing a text, it is necessary to simplify the language, break down the large paragraph into smaller paragraphs, and then match the illustrations to achieve a pleasing effect.

4, site structure

The website structure

a complex and cumbersome to let visitors get lost you. Check your site is too deep, the lack of link level navigation direction and unable to return and so on, all these problems will make visitors when browsing the website like a maze, do not know where you don’t know where to go, this time only to close the page end. Above all, these criticisms are not good for visitors to understand and understand your website well.

5, ad type

today’s visitors’ attitude to advertising has grown from the initial disdain to disgust. Regular static ads can be accepted, and visitors can ignore them. However, full screen pop-up ads, tough screen tracking ads, and stubborn ads that can’t be blocked are intolerable. For the visitors and so on rogue advertising, although the untouchables, but hiding from. The way to avoid these ads is to turn off the page.

6, information quality

information quality >

Eight steps to successful online trading

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] here are eight effective steps to attract visitors to your website and get them to buy. Roy web as a professional web marketing guide site, a lot of people asked me how to establish and carry out online business. I told them: you can follow a series of effective steps to ensure your success. How do I know? I’ve seen thousands of people follow the same precise process of establishing and conducting online transactions.

first step: find the requirement and satisfy it.

most marketers do the wrong thing first looking for the product and then looking for the market. But unless people are actively looking for your online product, your product will never sell out. The trick is to find common problems that people are trying to solve, and then you can work it out.

thankfully, the Internet has made market research easy. Here are some simple steps that will help you study the market: visit online forums, see what people are asking, and what they are trying to solve. Find out the key words that many people try to find but not many websites compete with. Check out your potential competitors by visiting their websites and notice what they’ve done to meet the demand. When you do this, use what you have learned to develop a product for the existing market – and do better than your competitors.

second step: write excellent sales e-books.

on the website, you have to make your sales ebook for you to sell. There is an effective way to write sales e-books that let your visitors begin to log in as soon as they log in:

uses a persuasive title to stimulate visitor interest.

shows that your product can solve the problem.

tells them why you believe you can solve the problem.

writes a letter of recommendation from a customer who has used the product.

talk about products and how they are useful to users.

gives an offer or a guarantee.

creates a sense of urgency.

request to buy.

throughout the sales of e-books, the focus is on your unique products or services, how to solve people’s problems, or how their lives become better. For example, you are a customer, ask yourself what you can get from your product,

third step: design and build your website.

once you’ve identified the market and products and finalized the sales process, you’ll be ready to build your website next.

remember to be simple. Your website is your online store, so close to customers. You don’t have less than 10 seconds to catch your customers’ attention before your customers go away. Some important tips: remember to use simple sans – s> on a white background

Inspirational entrepreneurial story brings you full positive energy

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In this paper,

dedicated to those in the business of looking for the direction of the people, hope to bring you more positive energy: a staff full of complaints suddenly had the courage to step down, and began to realize their ambitions in the industry; an experienced genius has found a way to better serve the market, also to resign open a new company. For these people, entrepreneurship is a natural step.

before accidentally left the company, the 41 year old founder Nichol Oden Eleven  Spa (Nicole  Oden) in the prestigious Smith  Barney; financial company vice president, 12 years for a long time, she was disappointed and dissatisfied for spa services.
2003 />

"is so quick to make the decision." She said, I have a rough idea, then thought, ‘I want to build this place, everyone will come, I want to go back to work, but also to build a great SPA service institutions’."

4 years later, Spa launched a series of skin care services in 2008, started on the right track in, sales reached $6 million. In January 2009, she also opened a new store in Las Vegas, the first year sales are expected to reach $12 million.

Hot pot stores which has several promotions

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Hot pot market prospects, many people love to taste the taste of it drives the progress of Hot pot, Hot pot market, for investors, see the huge market demand Hot pot now invest Hot pot stores, then open a Hot pot shop how to really achieve the sales promotion effect? Xiaobian today to answer for you.

price promotions


promotional giftsGive

service promotion

Open coffee drinks store should pay attention to what small problems

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now, more and more young people are very fond of drinking coffee drinks fashion atmosphere, every time we have to pass a good taste. So, now has become the daily coffee drinks, coffee drinks each big city stores followed, invest in a coffee beverage stores have a good prospect, so if the shop you should pay special attention to what? Today we will introduce.

In fact, now people

coffee consumption demand more, one of the hidden opportunities, in fact, investors should proceed from reality, not Tandaqiuquan, but can not follow others "parroting" to invest, especially those without any assessment of the brand, to be careful, there is a local project already exists, its development space is small be careful to distinguish.

choose several brands do investigation, then the investigation of what content? Development strength and market reputation is the key of the company, the best to the local industry and commerce administration departments to understand the situation, as well as the brand maturity in the country, how many coffee beverage stores, how the operating conditions? One by one investigation clearly, in order to know the development prospects is this a good brand.

to open a coffee beverage stores, to investigate your choice of coffee brand, for a period of time before you observe in the shop around, to observe the image of the store, the traffic situation, grasp the real situation in order to determine the value of development, contract is the key point in the project, you can ask for some the coffee industry, economic contracts have professional experience to help you review the contract, let them and points out problems and deficiencies may exist in the contract.

stylish atmosphere drinks, of course, non coffee. Therefore, the choice of this industry, want to successfully open a shop, it is necessary to pay attention to some small shop problems. Open coffee drinks should be noted that what problems? In order to successfully open a shop, businesses need to be understood from the above aspects, do the preparatory work before the shop, and choose a more competitive brand, lay a solid foundation for future long-term development.

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Baoqiang Wang family car accident continued siblings killed the perpetrators fled his family

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the day before yesterday evening, Baoqiang Wang released micro-blog, said his family was killed in a car accident, the other perpetrators not only drunk driving and has escaped. Baoqiang Wang micro-blog in emotional abuse. The 14 day, Baoqiang Wang issued a long micro-blog detailed explanation of this event antecedents and consequences.

13 evening, actor Baoqiang Wang micro-blog said his voice through personal family died in a traffic accident, the perpetrators of drunk driving at escape, "the people killed also don’t know to escape, the death of family leave much pain." As of 14 PM, at about 3 am, the number of comments micro-blog has exceeded the number of one hundred thousand.

14 am, the Beijing News reporter learned from the Baoqiang Wang broker, a home of his relatives were killed, and now Baoqiang Wang has returned to deal with. According to Baoqiang Wang’s assistant, said the police have not yet given a clear answer, the specific circumstances also need to be able to ask people to clear".

14 PM, the South and the county traffic police brigade, a staff member confirmed to the Beijing News reporter, the incident occurred in December 1st, the driver had surrendered voluntarily after the escape, has been detained by local police administration.

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Franchise chain

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joined the chain, although the road is broad, but with the crowded people come in more and more, why do we have to choose to join the chain, joined the chain and what kind of method to run it?

to join the brand for entrepreneurs, do not spend years with great cost to build a brand, brand management can be borrowed from others, past and present brand promotion fee is borne by the chief, and join the brand in general has been recognized by the government of various institutions, and also by the market with the recognition of consumers. If you create a brand, even if it costs a lot of manpower and material resources, it may not be effective in just a few years. In addition, because of the fierce competition between brand alliance, brand franchise fee is very low, therefore, entrepreneurs choose to join the brand, is the most easy to start.

leader to learn a lot of experience

entrepreneurs to join a brand, can share the experience of many business leader. If the franchisee is willing to learn, only two years, the actual use of the effectiveness of knowledge, far more than spending money on business school. This, as long as a little effort to join the business, can do. After all, although the brand is the leader, but it is their own business. This free learning is not to spend money to buy.

by the trees made local trees

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College students kiss strangers

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city people have brought a new way of playing, college students kiss strangers, advocate the use of healthy behavior to get psychological satisfaction, but after reading a little small series shocked! What do you think, what do you think?


4 3, a college student kissing a stranger’s video on the social network of heat, warm the hearts of countless people. It is reported that college students to kiss a stranger to the activities initiated by a student at Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, the participants blindfolded and strangers kiss, build trust between people. In the activities of college students kiss strangers, there are boys kissed the girls, there are boys and boys, girls and girls kissing, participants said, hoping to always remember this beautiful moment.

The creators of the activities of the

he stressed, "this is just a kiss, just want to express the trust of strangers. Because there is no stranger to the life of the couple between the barrier of hate, no quarrel questioned the trouble, just a simple trust, there is a little look forward to, and strangers’ first kiss’."


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