How to make love to the sand Shanghai has just launched a new station included fast

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PS: in the sand here to suggest that you write the soft fine hair, but remember to bring a link to your site information, otherwise it is equal to the white writing. After writing the text, then put the soft text into the webmaster website, convenient other websites, as long as the website reproduced more, then you outside of the chain is also more

want to love on Shanghai website, Links is a good choice, but according to the general situation, generally not what stationmaster friend is hard to change to Links, so in order to speed up the collection and release speed website love Shanghai, we may wish to spend a little money to buy some PR0, but fell in love with the sea weight is good the same link, this link price is not high, but also can increase the good.

resource owners can let the old station with a new station, no resource owners can spend a little money to buy a Shanghai love weight Links

love Shanghai included new slow, fast like sand to now stationmaster net, took only an hour to love Shanghai included the home page, there are like some Adsense website, on-line time more than a month, or even love Shanghai are not included in my home, according to the situation the sand to site, summarizes some personal experience, here today to share with you how I love Shanghai included in the new

do attract love spiders in Shanghai visiting for tradition, to love Shanghai. More and more center to submit a site is poor, because you don’t know the love of spiders in Shanghai after submission website will come at what time, don’t know love Shanghai spider to will not be included, if you stand I think there is no need this step can be omitted, and continue to implement the second step and the third step, after all, there are many ways to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai, don’t have to go to Shanghai. The center of love submission page

!The first step of !

wanted to make love in Shanghai included in your site, then you should let love Shanghai know your website online, only such love will only be sent to Shanghai spiders come to see, so we need to advertise the web site after online, our website news spread out, even if you love Shanghai has now included the website, you can also put the website sharing out, good for the future of Shanghai Dragon Foundation


trouble reproduced retain (贵族宝贝 > giant

Shanghai dragon!

second: put the website sharing out, can attract the love of spiders in Shanghai, can also lay the foundation for future

!Source: !The third step: ! !

: the site address submitted to love Shanghai "website landing page, tell you love Shanghai website

in addition to sand in this prompt new webmaster, don’t buy too much Links, just buy 35 almost, if you buy too much will make you feel the love of spiders in Shanghai in Shanghai to cheat, love on your site to do some punishment is not good

Task management company Asana received $28 million B round of financingEntrepreneur’s fate to sell A

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science and technology website Pandodaily released information shows that Asana round financing value of nearly $300 million. Before moscowitz and Rosenstein has learned to Thiel joined the board of Asana Asana round of financing just makes the desire to achieve theil.

September 2010, Ma Yun is facing the biggest crisis since the founding of Alibaba, that is, and major shareholders YAHOO conflict intensified. Ma Yun’s 2005 paper for investment contracts 5 years after Ma Yun became "straw", Ma Yunji may be out of their contract. Resourceful Ma certainly do not agree, not to mention that on the upgrade of Ali’s market capitalization of $35 billion, almost two times the $18 billion YAHOO investor, brother brother identity reversal also let both sides reversed situation.

July 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, the task management company Asana announced today that it has been in the B round of financing from venture capital firms Founders Fund and existing shareholders of venture capital companies benchmark capital Benchmark, Anderson · Horowitz Andreessen Horowitz, the fund industry investor Mitchell · Kapoor Mitch Kapor to raise the additional $28 million in capital.

in October 2015, the author has published "situation from BAT copy you how to do – BAT not vote you how to do it", and after 2 years, the situation is more and more severe. It can be said with a background of Internet infrastructure and control of large cash reserves, the rise of Ali and Tencent has become the Internet Internet Co has become bipolar, AT friends and other people, and this situation will still be intensified.

was 5 months away from the helm, Wei Wei, who shelled YAHOO as a company facing bankruptcy. The following year in May, Ma made a tough decision, in the case of unknown YAHOO with the price of 330 million yuan will be transferred to the individual ownership of Alipay holding a domestic company. The music criticism is a Ponzi scheme once Li Qing angrily: "at this time MA Human self-interest, the whole industry dragged." Since then, YAHOO shares successfully resolved, Alibaba no longer subject to YAHOO clamp down, the development into the fast lane, 6 years later, ants gold valuation of $70 billion huge, Alibaba market capitalization of $380 billion.

the reason why so many early Facebook key people interested in Asana, not entirely because of Asana and Facebook had a common founder moscovitz. After all, there is a great difference between the two corporate customers, business models and products, but the two companies are similar to a core, which has a strong sense of mission, the goal of Asana is to make people work and communicate better together, and this is one reason why Asana attract so many early Facebook key figures.

Quora co-founder Adam ·, Angelo Adam D ‘Angelo and former CTO of Facebook are also members of the board of directors of Asana. In addition, before the Asana benchmark capital investors include Matt · Kohler Matt Cohler, while Kohler was one of the first Facebook in the recruitment of staff, and now as the director of Facebook Theil joined the Asana board of directors.

first change is sh419, January 12, 2010, Robin Li was immersed in the Iran army DNS hijacked 3 hours 7 million of the loss of pain in the heaven auspicious, just 4 hours later, shlf1314 announced its withdrawal from the Chinese market, allowing the market share of 35.6%, annual advertising revenue 2 billion 250 million yuan in the search market to sh419, from sh419 to enter the telescope can not rival lying eat state. Five years later, when sh419 was criticized excessive advertising, Yu Jun, the father of the stick, lamented in WeChat: "you miss me, I miss shlf1314."." sh419 now has a market capitalisation of nearly $70 billion.

It is reported that

time back to 7 years ago in 2010, this year was a watershed in China Internet, changes of BAT in the same year has directly resulted in the BAT three times, and the current pattern of Chinese Internet AT planes.

sold to Ali or Tencent? For an entrepreneur who wants to become bigger or bigger, this has become a topic that cannot be avoided.


from each investor in Asana, which is full of "Facebook DNA", Asana’s investors include Facebook co-founder Dustin · Moscovitz Dustin Moskovitz and former Facebook Engineer Justin · Rosenstein Justin Rosenstein.

1 and 2010 are the watershed between BAT and China’s Internet

on November 3, 2010 at 6 in the evening, when the plagiarism king "Tencent" also made a difficult decision to become public enemies. Tencent requires >

, venture capitalists, Facebook director Peter · Peter Thiel; Theil before they are an individual investor in Asana, but in the investment after Asana and deeper involvement Theil and gained a seat on the board of Asana.

Mo Mo Tang Yan I never care about the external look badWho should today’s online ads be aimed at

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      from the above analysis, we can see that the real sense of the network economy can be driven by a new group of networks – 80 years later. Their funds are not their own, and may not be very abundant, but this generation of people thinking is quite different from their predecessors, so now many people will discuss the phenomenon of 80.

Do you think what would subvert WeChat problem

this is Tang Yan was most often asked? He thought, I know that I didn’t do so directly, said: "before you should be in the sh419 search." Only later, you could see his ambition, he said, starting with a very large plate, and rebuilding a social empire.

      * how to get their support

      in the network media most profitable must be the network advertisement this piece, but the network advertisement must make money, must have to catch Internet users’ eyeball. Now, 80 years later, it’s the best audience for fast growing web advertising. Online advertising can target them, and draw them over to become their biggest support group. To do this, professional web advertisers must patiently study their psychological characteristics and online behavior, so that they can make the most effective online advertising


mobile Internet and the demand of people have created unfamiliar streets. At the same time, outside controversy and weakness never disappeared on the company. Tang Yan was always clear, "I never regardless of the voice of the outside world".

      * network new group

      network groups have existed since the Internet was formed; the group is mainly young people. As time goes by, such a network group is gradually replaced by the post-80s generation. Those who have worms began on the age, the original family business network owners began to degenerate, although they are more network experience for the network also has a special feeling, but on the other hand they are no longer the network has the spending power of the population. Their spending is very cautious, and it’s pretty difficult to make money for them. For a lot of reasons, I don’t want to explain much.

this year is unfamiliar street founded fifth years, unfamiliar street live business began to shine, the first three quarters of total revenue of more than 300 million U. S. dollars. Take this opportunity, we are in a haze index explosion table in the evening, and Tang rock chat. In this conversation, as in the past we asked Tang Yan on the road of entrepreneurship thinking and rehabilitation, but at the same time we are directly thrown up some sharp questions.

Tang on the rock of an interview is probably at the end of 2014, when the unfamiliar street Nasdaq, his son became the youngest bell "". That is the third years that unfamiliar street is founded, time pushes back 10 months again, unfamiliar street announces the number of the user breaks 100 million. Prior to this, the mobile social heavyweight players, or Big Mac, only WeChat.

There is no need to talk about the difference between the listing of One of the most important requirements of

      * web advertising’s best audience

fortunately, claiming to be "after his own business did not change how" Tang Yan, who still maintained a simple and direct characteristics, he is very sincere to give their own answer. Also based on this, we are "original" content will be arranged as follows, almost a word did not move. Following, Enjoy:

The outbreak of

Tang Yan: to be listed, it is listed with no listing of the difference. If you want to re segmentation, that is, there is no content with content to do the difference.

, in fact, refers to the degree of completion of the business, such as the formulation of business indicators, the completion of the formulation. For each listed company, business expectations and management should be more rigorous. This is actually a lot of people in the company’s management capabilities, have raised a small demand.

and the non-listed company. This difference is quite large. The management of listed companies will be more standardized. From myself to the top management, I need to follow the rules of the listed company to manage the company and ask for a little more.

as for the content and do not make the difference between the content, originally basically unfamiliar street is in "from product level raise >"

1, unfamiliar street has gone through more than 5 years, your development is divided into several stages? What are the characteristics of each stage and each state? Before you say "CEO you three things: money, to find people, find the direction, the



      they are the concept of the Internet is often not their parents or a previous generation network group as real money through the network or just look at the news of the general entertainment is their parents, they use the Internet Internet concept is purely for self entertainment, their consumption is amazing, this we can Brean Murray Carret& Co a China Internet Dynamic Growth report to understand. 05 years, China’s domestic online game revenue of $4.7 billion, online games registered 26 million. Brean, Murray, Carret&, and Co expect the figure to grow at a rate of 4 times over the next 5 years. The majority of these registered population for young people, that is, 80 generations, can be seen how much it can produce network consumption.

A small website without rain two big vital influence the future

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, in five provinces of Southwest China is facing the worst drought in more than 6000 people affected, drinking water, irrigation difficulties, loss of up to 20 billion. Although the party and the government fought against the disaster, people from all parts of the country offered a helping hand. But the human world is merciless, although the drought has been alleviated, but the five provinces in the northwest will still face a huge drought test. And those small and medium-sized websites in the Internet is also facing a big drought, compared to the southwest five provinces "drought" last longer, the survival of small and medium-sized site Internet environment because of the long drought without fertile soil also began to rain, dry, not suitable for the growth of website "". The two gate website is very important to the development of has been strangled.

interests of the chain is cut off, the small website faces no source of income of Mingmen

stationmaster net has news to say: "bubble net is involved" Huang is checked, 48 websites of same life collective reflect how to make money. The press and Publication Administration issued a notice of 27 pornographic mobile phone games and Flash games spread on the 48 involved sites were investigated, including, Symbian mobile phone network, mobile phone smart home website for providing pornographic game products in the mobile phone forum, forum and K-Java program download service and press and publication department investigation. The investigation site, including a lot of well-known mobile phone resources download, mobile news, mobile community website. Such sites are easy to attract a large number of mobile phone users, download and install the existence of chargeback traps pornographic games, so as to achieve chargeback from mobile phone users. Like bubble net, mobile phone home, Symbian smartphone network, these have a certain size and reputation of mobile phone sites can not escape being investigated, small and medium-sized mobile phone site is no exception.

network involving yellow has been the biggest cancer that harms the healthy environment of the network". The reason why the site is involved in yellow is still driving interest. SP value-added services, some pornographic games, mobile phones, Trojan viruses, and so on, are mobile phone sites rolling in money, can not help but have websites desperate. From the mobile phone website of the interests of the chain can also see the small website of the interests of the chain is mainly from advertising, advertisers are advertising revenue, jurisprudence, the main source of interest is illegal hacking Trojan website. From the beginning of November 2009, the government has increased the network jurisprudence remediation work, in-depth remediation in Internet and mobile phone media pornographic and vulgar information special action, investigate some discipline website, and introduced a series of domain name, website for the new regulations, to strengthen the small and medium-sized people website information censorship. While strengthening the examination and effectively combating the involvement of websites, it is also difficult to avoid affecting the revenue sources of small and medium-sized websites. The advertising alliance, a series of governance activities of all kinds of mobile phone value-added services to carry out for some small website survival interests of the chain is cut off, plus Google exit Chinese market, the China advertising business how much affected to a certain extent, to let Google alliance based income source of small and medium-sized websites even said of an aged person to worry about their future.

cut off the interests of the chain, so that small and medium networks

Sell Meng + products + data, Internet nut three squirrels how to do

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Abstract: just 3 years, three squirrels from the establishment of the 5 people team, 1 million registered capital, development to now has 1700 employees, in 2014 the annual sales revenue of 1 billion 100 million yuan. Anyone who wants to dig in the Internet, the food industry, is asking how the three squirrels did it.


many people may not know, three squirrels Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "three squirrels"), the Internet nut brand, located in Anhui City, Wuhu province Yijiang district.

Internet shoppers is most familiar with, so as to shout "master" customer service are funny, waiting to receive orders, and orders nuts outside of a small surprise.

just 3 years, three squirrels from the establishment of the 5 people team, 1 million registered capital, development to now has 1700 employees, in 2014 the annual sales revenue of 1 billion 100 million yuan.

all who want to be in the Internet, the food industry, the Nuggets are asking how the three squirrels did it.

"either first or perish."." A line of slogans was engraved on the walls of the lobby of the first floor of the three Squirrel Inc.

founder Zhang Liaoyuan, who had 10 years of marketing experience in the traditional food industry, said in the electricity business, "squirrel Daddy – Zhang San crazy."". Zhang Liaoyuan was the first person in the three squirrels to call the owner of the customer.

February 2012, five team founded three squirrel brand in Anhui Wuhu DUBAO district.

early days, Zhang Liaoyuan himself when two months of service: "I was the first to call the master customer service, the first time is very disgusting, we ignore him, I want him to be happy about."

this is not tall, lean body "squirrel Diddy, wearing a red Pinstripe shirt, wearing half glasses, said:" I will give you the customer service mission is not to sell things in the chat, chat users cool can, no transactions for the purpose, which is one of the secret."

"every CEO should be the product manager, product manager is the first to understand the user, understand consumer packaging, brand name and product quality to meet the new generation groups feel the emotional sustenance."

Zhang Liaoyuan said that shopping is actually a very happy thing, customer service in the process of communication with customers, will be imagined as squirrels, dialogue is very happy.

and selling sprout come down with the three squirrels are related to the packaging and design of all factors.

selling Meng and brand is the first step, providing quality products for consumers is the key to victory. In addition to selecting suppliers, optimizing warehousing and logistics, three squirrels tried to make more accurate data analysis through technical means, thus becoming more close to consumers.


How long can the movie network last

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bxnlommq recently did the movie station to his deep feeling, if such a site does not search engine included, not to profit, for many webmaster may be ridiculous, so I’ll try a movie website virgin period how long can persist.

due to "Marx" free program, more and more rampant movie website on the Internet, most webmasters are very clear: the purpose of the search engines – Advertising – – profit – connected sale / vanish / garbage station. Almost no station will escape this cycle, this is also a lot of webmaster began to blind pursuit of Baidu included reasons.

but before Baidu not included? Every webmaster is how to do? Before the search engine included movie website links and ads are relatively small, most people love to watch movies online love the station, will often visit. Slowly, the station began to pick up a bit, advertising too much, slow, the small station also bid farewell to his maiden period. A mature film station (profit has become a webmaster tools) is a climacteric woman let users uncertain "speed is slow, the mouse gently move the omnipresent advertising, so as the station is mature, there will be fewer users.

movie network virgin period how long can persist? This is a difficult question to answer, have a profound internal force of the stationmaster weeks may complete all of the optimization, the longest time is not more than a month, if longer, then this small station user is already very lucky. For most of the webmaster (including me), the main purpose of doing such a small station, of course, is for profit, after all, we have to live. In the virgin period of our own website, in the past, it was not simply a movie station, but a means of profit.

for webmasters, the site of the virgin period is the most important, this time will continue to have users to join, search engines will slowly included. When the site after the maturity of the search engines don’t yo may change too much, some will even increase, but the user? Perhaps because the search engine’s sake, the people will be more and more, but the real use of how many people? A movie station virgin period in the past, it marks the extent of questioning the user will be more and more deep.

but the loss of the virgin period is not a bad thing for the stationmaster, but it is proof of his own profit after all. And every day the IP will continue to increase with its own promotion, which does not mean that the user is increasing, it may be new users are increasing, and those old users are day by day to go their own way. But the small station gradually began to saturation, there is nothing to attract the public eye, and its fate will begin to change. Some will be sold, some will change, and others may change to another template. The small station gradually moved toward his sunset.

though >

These ideas are very popular abroad

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many friends have entrepreneurial ideas, but can not find a good project. We may wish to refer to the popular ideas abroad, may find some inspiration. So, what are the most popular foreign entrepreneurial ideas? Xiao Bian now to introduce you to a number of foreign fire is very entrepreneurial ideas.

doll care divided into several levels: simple cleaning $25, ceramic parts broke the reconstructed to thousands of dollars. High fees, has its reason, because Marie and her staff of 6 is really superb workmanship.

scarf to help you reduce fever

"pet tailored to the coffin, the only one we." Jeanne · Hoge said with a little pride.

gum professional cleaning

engaged in cleanup of the chewing gum company, all recommended

What attention should be placed before the stall

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Compared to the

and shop business, a street vendor has too many advantages, do not need to choose a professional shop, business is more flexible, want to change the business address can change, because of this, many people are beginning to put stall business. However, want to start their own business from the beginning of the stall, in fact, there are a lot of knowledge, more attention to the early. So, need to pay attention to those matters before the stall?

a, choose the right place to stall:

first depends on where you are, near the school? In the industrial zone? In the bustling commercial street, we should pay attention to observe what is the people, what they are interested in.

two, choose the right stall project:

choose some of the new gadgets, or what we need, the market will be better! The new exotic products, clothing, footwear, accessories, toys, etc. These are good oh! The following is recommended for everyone to put a few projects stall, friends can choose according to their own.

1, put a stall selling fashion women’s

to the wholesale market Pidian fashionable goods, take a shelf, go to the pedestrian street night market to sell. This is the most common, profit doubled, it depends on how you choose clothes, there will be sold.

2, put stall selling small adorn article

small ornaments adorn the cost is generally not high, you can see to get cheap goods, jewelry must be fashionable, it is best to have a beautiful packaging. So you can sell a little higher, a little more profit. But don’t push too much.

3, put a stall selling leather shoes

sell shoes made of quality assurance, the price is not expensive, there are buyers, super good business.

4, put the stall selling mobile phone accessories

sell mobile phone accessories, mobile phone film, mobile phone is now a necessity for some people. Not much investment, considerable profits, and now engaged in this industry, there are a lot of people, so we must concentrate on doing, and there is no different place, whether it is a product, or sales methods.

5, put stall selling books magazine

book magazine, ten yuan a, the price of about $five, a lot of the supermarket door, you have to find a good place to sell very well, you can sell for a long time, just started a little high.

It’s a good investment for pets to pull the red rope

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pet is a good friend of mankind, as a kind of animal, they also have a "marriage" rights, owners sometimes to pet the problem of headache, why don’t you take this opportunity to investors to enter the market to fulfill their dreams of wealth?

"pure red mini VIP GG, be clever and sensible, is now a year old, it is time for a girlfriend, hope to have the appropriate speed to MM VIP purebred marriage oh." More than one year old to be careful to see the marriage, it was originally a pet marriage". Lan Shengdong was born in 1984, is the "matchmaker".

in the two class city, based on Web, establish similar Dog Club concept playground, especially the weekend to attract game player dog. In this way, but also to create more opportunities for pet owners to create a relationship between the city’s pet owners.

as people dotes on the deepening of the pet industry has a huge market, and the market will further expand, the introduction of today’s "pet matchmaking" is a very good investment!


How to promote college students entrepreneurship

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look at foreigners are how to use policy to encourage students to entrepreneurship, perhaps from them we can find many bright spots in our country should be able to properly, take a look at a few big policy is how.

– France

set up belongs to the Youth Challenge Department of national education and Research Department of France, is one of the first French youth, young and creative youth project incubator. As a government function, the organization aims to develop and promote the 15 year old -28 year old young people’s awareness of innovation, and give the youth entrepreneurship program specific assessment, guidance and financial assistance.

The main approach

1967, Stanford University and New York University for the first time opened a contemporary MBA education system. In 1968, the first set of entrepreneurship in the undergraduate college of business. In 1973, Northeastern University opened the first undergraduate entrepreneurship in the United states. Into 1980s, the United States entrepreneurship education by leaps and bounds. In 1982, the number of higher education institutions with entrepreneurship education courses increased to 315, in 1986 for the 590, in 1999 reached 1060, by the beginning of 2005, there are more than 1 thousand and 600 institutions of higher learning to open the course of entrepreneurship. The current system of entrepreneurship education in the United States is very complete, covering the financing, creation, management, etc.. Through entrepreneurship education, a large number of college students embark on the road of entrepreneurship.

The United States also encourage

1983, launched by the British Prince fund youth entrepreneurship program, the purpose is to mobilize the business community and social forces, 18-30 year old young people to provide business consulting and technical, financial and network support. In 1999, the British Prince Prince Welsh fund and the international business leaders forum, jointly organized the international youth entrepreneurship program, provide the development of bond type start-up funding for college students, the total amount of funds for $28 million. For each venture project, the plan provides a maximum loan amount of 5000 pounds. To meet the conditions of special difficulties groups, can provide 1500 pounds (for individuals) and 3000 pounds (for the collective) entrepreneurial grants.