Shanghai Longfeng enterprises optimize attention outside the chain correlation

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choose their own methodsThere are many methods of

how to make the chain become more relevant, and in turn make the chain construction strategy right, today to talk about their own experiences.

Although the


of the construction of the chain, forum, blog, soft, Links, linkbait, comments etc.. If you often do with the chain forum, then the relevant forum to collect you in this industry, mark included rate and weight of the forum and so on. For example, some time ago to take over the hospital website of Shanghai Longfeng, collected 20 related industry forums, and from foreign chain cleaning is also not particularly stringent, so to ensure persistent links. Some high weight forum, such as Xunyiwenyao website and so on, the chain usually leave soon. The information you need to collect the corresponding. Many of my friends are accustomed to the construction of the chain blog and soft, according to their own good, to classify, there can be the source of the chain is very relevant.

3. to develop a plan

a lot of friends did not plan at the time of the construction of the chain, is probably the degree of competition under the keyword is relatively high, must adhere to the hair of the chain every day. As for how much, how to evaluate their performance.

method above is effective, but cost too much experience, if you only take over a hospital of Shanghai Longfeng website, need not so serious operation. The easiest way is to buy a list of others, outside the chain of resources, now some industries have been sorting out of relevant information. Secondly, by viewing the competitor’s website, is a very simple method. The source of the rival chain, you can find the operation, record.

just said their finishing a number of forum resources do hospital in Shanghai Longfeng, how these chain resources search. A very simple method is the direct love Shanghai, another one to query basic information. Then a very important, is to adhere to the test, release the chain a few days, the number of sources and statistics of the chain. Record information, and make a choice.

2. look for the chain resources, Institute of resources integration

enterprise website Shanghai dragon, actually also does not have what particularity, but do see a lot of enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng friends in the chain, regardless of industry factors, still according to some previous methods, the use of existing resources to do outside the chain, it is difficult to quickly improve the site weight and ranking. Friends always complain about why the chain of the several, or is the webmaster forum, or is to check the website, or ask and some of the garbage sites. Indeed, the chain of the site is very good. But consider the chain has two aspects, one is the extensive degree, the second is the chain of correlation. Let the search engines fast classification website categories, we need to turn the chain do more relevant. We can study the enterprise website competitors ranking good site outside the chain, they have the high weight of the chain.

Two tell you how to improve trust website

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for a web site, do the user experience is the best method, I advocate is the site editor, even if you do not specifically do outside the chain, will still be strong. >

search engine trust

A, the content of the law is actually very good grasp. Our main quantitative timing to do is update, there are a lot of people recommend 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. update, this may be relatively good, in fact, I think it does not matter, I generally 8-10 pm update site, so this time if someone is looking for me to ask questions a bit sorry. The contents of the law must pay attention to regular quality, a lot of people on this point neglected today, get some high quality original copy, tomorrow a few, a few background pseudo original articles, hope it can do content is very difficult, my suggestion is that we adhere to the quality to do every day the high point of the pseudo original.

1, focusing on the regularity of the

trust in the search engine, the most important point is that we do regularity, of course this rule also if the search engine within the allowable range, avoid sudden hair, and suddenly the lot. Law should be smooth and flat, let search engine can take this as you eat, it is best to eat slowly, to eat, if you overeat, or no time to eat, the stomach will become increasingly uncomfortable. So how do the regularity? I think mainly from two parts: the content and the chain to do.

B, of the chain is difficult to grasp. Can we do every day is to insist, I recommend a website every day 50-100 is appropriate, if you can do more every day that is better. The law also should pay attention to, such as text links to how many do we need to do every day, how much do anchor text links every day, it must be planned. There are many blog forum links do, do, certain rules should be clear.

2, focusing on the content and guide users trust

Website Trust, I think mainly includes search engine trust and trust of users in these two aspects, and we need to improve web site credibility requires a breakthrough in this two aspects. The search engine trust to multiple considerations, and the trust of users will only need to be induced to enter and then do the content on the website on the line. From the following specific how to do a really trusted website to talk about these two aspects.

In fact, The so-called

Hello, I am virtual son rain. Recently very vexed, mainly to do many things, too many things, feeling more, did not have much time to do something you love doing, write an article, this is my most upset. To tell the truth, now write really become one of the most used life of their own, and habits are one of the best ways, it may be a way of life the most cruel. Etc.anyway, today to share with you recently some views about the website trust, hope that we can love.

Anchor text site content in the chain for what

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(two) to guide the spider crawling, better grab and improve the amount collected.

believe that every Shanghai dragon Er people are often the focus on the competitor’s site, it is not difficult to find the site almost every content are interspersed into the anchor text link a lot, even with almost every Chinese vocabulary have anchor text links to the site, so many will feel very strange the secret, a piece of content with so many links, search engines can be included? Can give a good rankings? What are they doing to

(a) the guiding role, to enhance the user experience in order to better.

do stand in these years, found that many of the webmaster friends is that when I publish content in an article in an anchor text links, it can improve our site keywords ranking is good, when we often publish content, only the combination of keywords the website to write, keyword anchor text try to add to the site, if the article does not appear on our website keywords words, not to do within the chain, in fact, in many cases, more owners of these are often ignored in the anchor text of the chain, not just in order to improve our site rankings, for example we are connected to each other in the station, this can be very good to let the spider more to crawl into our website For capture, so we included naturally a little better, of course this is just one of the many benefits of the author and carefully to.

from many well-known sites (such as: Sina, Tencent, and etc.) we can see that every piece of content on their website they are editing hard to build, regardless of their original or reproduced or pseudo original or not, but at least from a lot of content in the past can see come out, they spent a lot of experience in it, because they are clever in users prone to doubt or places of interest, have made the link anchor text on this topic, to guide the user to read their articles of interest to better. As everyone knows, with the search engine algorithm upgrade, an important standard user experience today is the search engine to the site scores, then the most intuitive judgment of the user experience quality is undoubtedly a website PV, when the PV value is high when it is proved that this website by the user’s favorite, and for those of a contents of articles are always clean the site, did not make any explanation and link point sites in the important place, search engine spider crawling will undoubtedly that the content is copied from other websites, even the original content you can be so.

big update from the beginning of 2012, we can find the love of Shanghai standards included in the article and increase, so the website would be collected to the webmaster attention. Especially some new sites, included often are very good.


Diligent stationmaster does not rely on sh419 to make money likeHave a Microsoft MSN development pla

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in March 23rd, I can’t find the station in sh419, also said to be K, then I will until the original K, okay, problems will be solved, to find solutions, not what effect that puzzling one night, sh419 found himself being fooled, you K you, I promote my, tell me what your relationship, from there to the people a few good members, is to go to send advertising, then began a promotion, a few hours a day post, two days later, I was looking to sell advertising, clinch a deal, just yesterday again, I have friends to buy, I said I stand by sh419 K, the friend said, you stand in, members are true, a code is not like the other stations that engage in some false membership, so I chose to put ads you here.

    时尚起义最新活动"日本商品闪亮登场 全站商品配送全免 更多惊喜任你选"隆重上线了

      ;                                                               & nbsp;                                         "

I have no culture, expression ability is poor, said so much that sh419 don’t look too heavy, I am a rookie, said not good place please enlighten, not advertising, the station address is we can see, sh419 K, advertising still on the


MSN this year is the harvest year, a variety of products and services with shlf1314 and tit for tat, the recently released Wave 10 is a red, then Wave 11 future development will do?

I was a rookie, it should not be considered accurate Adsense it, because I will DZ station, BO-BLOG blog, I just do these two things, others have not tried, but I profit, although the number is not much.

08 years, contact the site, try to do a forum at the beginning of sh419 search free forum, the results for 5D6D, just something simple, I spent 1 months finally understood, 09 years, know what is included, know what is in the optimization. Slowly slowly learning contact optimization, called SEO, and the first independent forum I was born, I began to promote, until one day, found that sh419 included more than 160, every day from sh419 to a lot of people every day to reduce the advertising, publicity.

Three types of shareholders, and trading old letter batch specification IPO companies listed not ope

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In February 22nd, Mass Phil

February 20th, Putian electronics, Karen building materials are released from the Commission’s IPO declaration feedback.

therefore, regulators worry that these three types of shareholders are part of the trust structure, and there are many behind them

and contract based private equity fund, asset management plan and trust plan in the industrial and commercial registration is not regarded as a civil subject cannot be registered as shareholders, the lack of legal personality, belongs to the principal investment through the name of the trustee.

"three types of shareholders" has been IPO audit deregulation, sprint IPO listing of the new three board, listed company eagerly concerned about this problem.

, that’s the real way to make money! I’m enrolled. It’s simple. I can tell you that anyone who can surf the Internet can be shlf1314 Cash kit. I’m surprised people spend so much time surfing the Internet and not making money. Why not? Three months!

in front of the continuous translation of a lot of information, originally intended to post in the CB plate, but found that this station superaffiliatemindset content is not much, mostly video. Interpretation is much more troublesome than translation. After translation, I have to write it. Instead, I might as well do my own English video. Just shlf1314, and found this article. The original is how I made $318.16 in a single day working at home, interested in their own to study. This article only translates one.

, Al Qaeda hub received feedback from IPO application materials. Among them, regulators continue to emphasize: "between the new shareholders and the issuer of the actual controller, Dong Jiangao, the issue of the intermediary institutions and their staff to sign the existence of kinship, relationship, trust holdings, holdings trust or other benefit arrangements."

although the two companies are not new three Board companies, but the Commission on its "trust shareholding" concern has not yet relaxed.

comparison of three new board listed company and listed company directly apply for IPO, in addition to the "three shareholders", the listed company will be required by regulators, the listing period of the corporate governance and financial processing, trading, equity transfer, public disclosure of information and other issues.

February 20th, in the listed company, Putian Electronics 430568.OC, Karen building materials 831517.OC IPO audit feedback, the "entrusted shareholding, trust Holdings" situation, is the first focus of regulatory audits.

the Guangpu electronic feedback in the first part of the "normative" the first problem, which requires its response because the issuer has listed in the stock transfer system and transaction, please indicate whether the issuer exist or have existed more than 200 shareholders of the case, whether there exist any existing shareholders, shareholding trust holding or acting relationship etc.".

mentioned, February 22nd Kaida hub, Mass Phil and other regulators are also asked "trust Holdings" situation.


my name is Teresa, I live in Hebei, my husband and my two great kids. I lost my job last year, lost my job, and worked at home for a long time before I found it. The job didn’t make me money at all. On the contrary, I was cheated out of more than 2000 dollars. In March, I finally found the best way to work at home. I earned 1541 dollars, the first week! My husband and I were surprised. After three weeks, I can earn 2441.36 more per week. My husband just doesn’t believe it, but it’s true. I can’t make this money desperately. My husband was jealous because I made more money than he did, but now he can make a lot of money.

the same question also appeared in feedback from Karen building materials.

The feedback

as we all know, IPO enterprises need to pay attention to the "three types of shareholders", that is, asset management plan, contract fund and trust plan. According to the "IPO and listing management measures" provisions of article thirteenth and "IPO and listing on the gem management approach" article fifteenth, the issuer must meet the "clear ownership, controlling shareholders and controlling shareholder, actual controller of shareholders holding shares of the issuer does not exist significant ownership disputes".

I hate my last job. My office is tight and my relationship is very complicated. And I worry that tomorrow will be my last day. My husband is a teacher and the children are not with their grandmother or in a nursery or nursery. I read a lot about Wangzhuan book, but these books are earned by the amount of money in that little said specific measures. Wangzhuan I search in the search engine, to make money at home, these words, but can not find what useful information is liar. I signed up and did what they asked for, but I couldn’t make any money. But then I found myself a good way, a winner.

here are some of the basic things I’ve done. Every time I posted a website link, about $5 to $10, shlf1314 gave me the money. No one needs to buy anything from me or shlf1314 to get money. I get checks every week. I sit in front of my notebook every day. Here is my shlf1314 account. The photo is attached. Although I like working at home, I often go out to play, coffee shop, park and so on. It’s hard to say, working at home is work, but to tell you the truth, I work 8-10 hours a day. Although I don’t have a job, it’s also work. I’m going to make time with my children and my husband. It’s a very happy thing.

"three kinds of shareholders" solutions

Talking about the success of a host of garbage rubbish

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Chongqing Pangu Industrial Development Co. Ltd. this company www.paang****.com/ host estimated that many webmaster have used the space above them once I put a blog site, can say is too much garbage, but one problem is that the company’s Web site should have a ten ranking, which shows as a a host company, in China host market business should still be good, so why is this


we look at the company carefully, there are obvious personal website taste, what phone contact information are not the standard that kind of feeling is not to tell people not to tell others that, indeed, the website is a problem it is very difficult to find their first time.

I noticed in 2005 to the company, the cPanel panel their selling point is used in domestic, this is indeed very little, they say they are the first, perhaps this is true, we all know that the foreign host is mostly under the platform of OS cPanel direadmin panel Plesk panel. But in the country to do less, now I only found the flat-share server offers DirectAdmin. So this is really a big selling point, and although their servers are very garbage, unstable, and often disconnected, they depend on this to survive very well, and they don’t do any advertising.

I am not special. This article to this company, but to ask a question, why the domestic mainstream host to host foreign learning, the current management system MYSQL and the PHP has become the mainstream, most of the webmaster to all Linux server platform space, because the platform MYSQL PHP is the best way to support, but the LINUX platform operation and more complex, so webmaster needs a class DirectAdmin control panel. To tell you the truth, I always wanted to have a good hosting provider with a cPanel panel. Unfortunately, no, I was hurt by a small, irregular company. feeds

Summary of eight months’ experience of new station

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himself is an electronic lover, in fact, has long wanted to be an electronic technology station, has not been practical action. Because the Spring Festival to be on duty, think of nothing to do, the station was opened. Up to now, just 8 months, while taking advantage of the National Day holiday, do a summary.


program selects

spent a few days on the Internet under several popular programs to try on this machine, with a round down, and finally chose to move easily, and just in time to open source, host selection is much easier.

host domain name

because the first time to do the station, to buy a virtual host without any experience, to search the site, which service is good, good speed and cheap, but basically impossible. No IDC there is no negative reports, from Beijing to M-net, individuals do have to inquire into the server, or did not dare to start again. Finally, think about their needs: stability is the first, the speed of the point does not matter, the number of concurrent little less (the new station is no traffic, if necessary, then change the space on the line). The final choice of the standard series 500M Oriental Century ASP space, is is the second regular host virtual hosting provider, the price can also, he had a primary agent, and a little discount, nothing on the Taobao hanging on to sell, sell a few space (money is not earned, just to put take out, prepayments are a little bit in the agency price to sell a). Domain name is also registered under their agents, but thought a lot, and finally selected the, just I am an electronic enthusiast, I still feel very consistent with their own theme, but also fairly concise.

web content

because it is a hobby station, I still know something about it, and I also have some information about books. At the beginning, according to the textbook plus content, are their own KEY, plus search related content. Later on the content according to their own interests, in the Internet when you see the relevant, the website can be used, first collection down, plus. Until now, more than 1900 of the articles, not their own KEY, but also modified, every day there are more than a few, less time, less on the point.

search included

perhaps because the original article (more than 100) own KEY, and later also have artificial modification, originality is better, search included can also, ranking is also good. Now 1900 of the articles, Baidu included 1000, Google included 1500. Station Name: electronic enthusiasts, Baidu ranked 2, home update 2-3 days, Google ranked 5. I will not SEO, and did not do anything special, keyword is the keyword of the article, the content has not been specially selected, see relevant, interested articles add up.

search traffic

, this is the least clear place. After the heavy volume by Baidu, there are several key points

How much does it cost to invest in a supermarket

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supermarket makes our life more convenient, now whether in the city or in the countryside can see the shadow of the supermarket. Do you want to open a supermarket? So, how much does it cost to invest in a supermarket? Is it really impressive? Below, let’s go together on the quest.

, a cost estimate shop investment cheap supermarket:

1, decoration and miscellaneous expenses: 4000 yuan

2, the first purchase: 15000 yuan

3, join fee: 5000 yuan (if not join, this cost can be saved)


1, rent: 1500 yuan / month

2, employee wages: 2000 yuan / month

3, taxes and fees: 200 yuan / month

4, electricity: 300 yuan / month

three, estimated investment of cheap supermarket profit: (to keep turnover of 1000 yuan / day)

Net profit

four, if will take the following measures to get more income:

1) select more prosperous store location;

2) choose a larger area of the store;

3) into the new low-cost goods to attract customers;

4) contact with headquarters, engage in promotional activities.


related recommendations

Bring a life – cake cake shop for your fruit Valley

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Have you ever seen a cake shop like

? For consumers to create a lively cake. What is a cake? And what kind of vitality?

different people, the same problem –

why do you make cakes

this is a kind of frustration, when we find that we can not find the real life of the cake, we have to do it ourselves;

we only have the cake of life, not only for taste, but also to share the joy of life;

Valley fruit cake has life;

Valley fruit 100% we only make a living cake

how long is the life of a cake?

from 3000 BC cheese cake from Athens began to spread, it is difficult to imagine that the precipitation of the year to today, still sweet to maintain the 776.

how short is the life of a cake?

according to the colony number of test data, the international popular proposal is cake preservation time not more than 48 hours;

in the valley fruit, we can not even allow the cake so old, from the production to the delivery, each cake only 6 hours of life;

6 hours or 3000 years, the purpose is more happy;

Valley fruit cake with temperature;

‘s harsh pursuit of temperature comes from respect for life;

from the beginning of life to the cake to the customer, we keep demanding cake temperature below 5 degrees, only because they are the most delicious at 5 degrees, a special probe thermometer number is on the cake and respect for life;

if the thermometer is above 5 degrees, you have the right to refuse to pay for the old cake;

Valley fruit cake has secrets;

Unlike many other brands that have survived the century, the secret of survival is in the bank’s vault;

is not like any restaurant or baking business, there are some secrets can not be understood by customers;

Valley >

Yoga beauty industry has no potential for development

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behavior to reveal women’s unique temperament, this is the magical effect of yoga, the pursuit of physical beauty more and more people, so more and more people are practicing yoga, especially in women. The development potential of

object from the consumer point of view the beauty industry development potential, at the age of 25 –45 year old middle-aged women, is the mainstream of the female consumer groups, the main target customers is yoga training. They generally have a good spending power and consumer attitudes, some of which are middle-aged women have been successful, family stability, has a strong ability to fund. They have a strong pursuit of health, beauty, fashion, taste and perfection. But there are relatively few items in the marketplace that serve these women and meet their needs. The gym can meet their fitness goals, but too strenuous exercise often let their beauty salons generally only terribly fatigued; the facial care service, basically the same, it is difficult to meet the needs of the full range of women. As far as yoga is concerned, the natural and elegant environment, soft music, and soothing movements can make these women more effective in shaping the body, improving health and reducing stress and adjusting the body and mind.