Reasonable planning of the chain weighted correlation is the primary factor

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In fact, Finally,

how can foreign chain construction better planning? The author thinks that it can be analyzed from the following three aspects, and these three aspects are the important factors through correlation.

in these large website submission or release of the chain is not simple, as long as the money looks or hired gunmen to achieve, but if you do not pay attention to the layout of the chain is difficult to improve the optimization effect, such as posting on A5, at the end of the text add link should be on the front page of the site links to do so the benefits relative to the web site on the A5 submission, has certain correlation. If you leave the chain is a Adult supplies sales page, this correlation will become extremely fragile, it is difficult to realize the weight of import. The same is true for the construction of the chain of other large portals, must focus on the correlation between the chain and the results page.

is to pay attention to weight import web page, this part is also the key, but for many small and medium-sized websites, the content page weight import not only can effectively enhance the content of the page in the search engine rankings, more critical is also can effectively enhance the diversion effect of these pages, because when people enter the content of the page, click on the link will inevitably extend these pages, which directly into the site.

with love Shanghai algorithm innovation, more and more owners started the chain on the construction site there is no better way, unless it is to spend money, but I think that if not able to do tricks of the construction of the chain, let the chain better the website into more weight, even spend a lot of money may not necessarily be a certain effect, because the love Shanghai algorithm for the construction of the chain are becoming more demanding, and demanding is the core of the relevance of the website, if the lack of this correlation means that invalid chain construction, and even will bring negative effects to the site.

then is the reasonable layout of the long tail keywords chain, according to the 28 principles of modern web sites often have eight Chengdu profit from the long tail keywords, that is to say the long tail keywords has become the core of website profit, therefore in the construction of the chain on the strengthening of the long tail key word anchor text outside the chain is to improve the long tail keywords and weights the key of this ranking method for long tail keywords is important to the construction of the corresponding column page, then the source of the chain should choose to do the long tail keywords column page. Of course, the carrier content of the chain must have some relationship with the column page, otherwise the effect will not be obvious.

first is the construction of the chain in the site, the construction site outside the chain is very important for the webmaster friends, because of the weight of big website transfer effect is very strong, but also can bring more reproduced content, resulting in weight transfer can achieve one hundred enemy action, such as submission in the A5, is a good way. In addition to the major portals such as Sina, NetEase and other related channels contribute money or contribute.

Site navigation optimization problems

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if the navigation is a picture of you must add the alt attribute, to the search engine grab

typically, a web site navigation includes the main navigation, the left navigation, also part of the "current position" is also the site navigation.

tell what is the current user accessing columns;

in the bottom of the website with keywords optimization, and the corresponding to the main navigation page

Optimization of


told me that it is the user’s current location.



site navigation



add the appropriate keywords in the content, and add different links to this site


navigation aspects



tells the main content and the function of the user of the website;

What is the purpose of


tools / materials

site optimization need to pay attention to what the problem, today we mainly talk about how to optimize the site navigation, and what is the purpose of optimization.


site navigation is a manifestation of a good user experience, brand website construction can not be ignored in the details. A successful website is composed by details.

Site optimization also details also the details

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content: users can stay at the site, mainly to see the content, so in the lottery website program content of the site construction, I will own the original or false original some wonderful content. This allows the user to attract users to increase the time to stay in my website.

know optimization search optimization mainly includes three aspects: Engine content, keywords and links. Website optimization experience that the webmaster is very rich. In the lottery website program site optimization for so many years in Xiaofeng software company, some of the many details still can’t control well.


, 3 links: good web links play a role of bridge

but with the details of things we often ignore, the article is original, but the content and the website does not match. I would like to do the lottery related websites, mainly in the lottery website program such content, if the content of some medical beauty, suddenly and is independent of the lottery on the site, even if your article is original, can not achieve the optimization effect.


webmaster to stand in the user’s point of view to consider the issue, what is the purpose of the website construction? What information from your website, only their own articles to the user’s satisfaction, can keep users from some things you can talk about your own opinion, the content of these articles is if combined with the nature of the site in the quality and quantity should also pay attention to the combination of background.

Keywords: can depository

webmaster know the role of keywords in the article in the great, but many people ignore this problem and treat any fool, careless words, such a practice is not wise. If I do this program 贵族宝贝yikuyun贵族宝贝/ lottery website keywords, then my keyword optimization from the title to the content should be taken into account. A good website optimization, keyword keyword optimization is essential so essential, also to do his ranking above it can be seen from the love of Shanghai’s important keywords, his ranking is achieved by keywords ranking.

2, the

you have to pay attention to detail, the details determine success or failure. In fact, Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the same, do not pay attention to the details of his will appear a lot of unnecessary trouble, the efficiency of optimization, directly lead you to the success of the site.

in today’s era, web communication is a kind of trend, is essential. In the above website owners can be reflected inside the relevant recommendation. How search engines crawl information which are to be known, he could not capture all the data. This shortcoming was the website links between solution. It also can get many benefits, so that we can study progress, why not do

so, this topic is website optimization webmaster friends need to keep learning, improve, according to their website content.

On site external link building diversified subdivision techniques

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for example, we are doing a wedding dress, and then put an article reproduced to a steel forum above, this is actually a search engine in the deception, imagine the user will put an article reproduced to a relevant forum above? No reason. So the correlation between external links source and this is very important! It must be a good grasp of

four, diversified sources of external links

first love Shanghai now at each update to a higher quality of the content selection, the natural growth, love Shanghai, we also hope that the site outside the chain is the spread of natural growth and natural to the user, of course, this desire is very good, but the reality is cruel! We do not how to optimize do links, do content waiting for my own users to spread the link, we only report the death, so we wake up from dream, to imitate the behavior of users to do their own links, also can achieve the purpose of communication links natural growth.


anchor text has always been a sensitive topic, because some people say that the anchor text link has expired, also said that the role of the anchor text is still great. We need to ensure that the Public opinions are divergent., principle, reasonable arrangement of natural anchor text, anchor text is not the premise should be the user’s reading. If we want to change an angle, the outer chain is user communication, users will give us the anchor text? Obviously not

two, external link anchor text arrangement

when we do external links, don’t have any links to the home page, this is a very bad habit, because many webmaster friends will make this mistake, we can think of it, I published an article, then at the end of the Department of the home page links, some visitors open our results the website also look for this article, do not make an unnecessary move? So we must stay in nature and the principle of the article link address, this love of spiders in Shanghai along the link you crawl back to your site to know the high relevance of your web site, the weight of the link transmission is very high! At the same time, in the home page has external links, the comprehensive weight of your site will be upgraded soon!

The Ministry of construction of Chinese and foreign link !We all

, a variety of external links.

even with the anchor text, also based on the basis of not affecting reading experience and to add an article, also don’t add anchor text, a personal recommendation is sufficient, the link anchor text content must have relevance, not the wrong person and the opposite effect is not good

! Association of

website optimization is a very important link, external links about diversity, extensive natural growth, so it has become a bottleneck in many Shanghai dragon Er, how to do various widely? How natural growth? Today we have to explain this topic segmentation.

three, and the external links


Site navigation station promotion and navigation station site Raiders

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is the first to declare, I write this article is to give the new look, including myself, as a newcomer, I just do what I can to experience to share experiences, and the vast majority of personal webmaster learning together.

one, with ease mentality website

as we all know, everything needs to have a good state of mind, and website is no exception, so the first thing I want to talk about is to make a website with a relaxed attitude. Personal opinion, personal webmaster do the purpose can be divided into two categories, one is with interest website, is a website to make money, to note here is to do not represent the interest can not make money, but the interest is the first, and in order to make money to do, doesn’t mean no interest is purely to make money. In fact, the two can be a good ending, but I think no matter how, the mentality must be put right. Do make money is very important, I am afraid there is no source of income is difficult to maintain any website, this is a very real problem, not secretive; but more importantly, in addition to making money, as a personal webmaster, what can we get from the business, the site of happiness? Or a sense of achievement? Some people to make money and to use unscrupulous divisive tactics. The site into the dumpster, a website, which is not very desirable. As far as I am concerned, I do website, just want to be happy, become part of my entertainment, others are spending money for entertainment, I do site entertainment. For example, Fuzhou site navigation I do, I often think of their own heart the station can bring some convenience to local users, so Why not?? with this mentality, this website I will persist in doing it.

two, about site navigation station positioning

hao123 myth has been unable to replicate, and now the site navigation station has sprung up, then there is no room for site navigation stations and prospects for development, the answer is certainly yes. There is no backward technology in the world, only backward thinking. The way out for site navigation is specialization, localization, and industry. Webmaster friends can put web site content to be small fine, for example, can do the navigation station only included the sports website, can also be done in a certain area of the site navigation station, also can do the service to the webmaster professional web site navigation and so on, so do the site of the professional and the levy on, will attract interest the visitors. Of course, can also be appropriate to retain some of the commonly used navigation station. For example, Fuzhou site navigation I do, in addition to the local collection of Web sites, but also retains the use of more foreign customers.

three, about site navigation station procedures

site navigation site for professionals who can design their own program, if you don’t understand web programming, also never mind, you can find a free open source online from the program, but it should be noted that: must choose to generate static HTML page program, a static page can increase the chance of the search engines and let others be your site name >

Improve the website activity, the user experience reply visible

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believe it is our webmaster or ordinary users will find this problem, search for content and information they want in Baidu, when users search time to such content, click to enter your website and found the content only partially visible, and the user really content requires the user to reply is visible for many! The user can register your website, but reply to this post, for the content they want. But there are many webmaster for website activity point of view, thus setting up the website, but many owners ignore one thing, in order to stop the waste and garbage into the post forum user registration and a set of sites, users must register over a long time to reply. This is my Yibin city network shortly before it was set, later a and many friends to chat, I asked my friend to go to my website to increase about the popularity, my friend said not registered post, want to see the content to see, then I realized this setting may will use a lot of churn, so far only the set fire to.


this setting allows the user of the required content greatly reduces the patient itself, originally the user wants to search on Baidu, want to quickly get their information, but did not expect to be so big around a bend, raowan does not say, also cannot get their information, but also for a period of time, according to the we search for information on the website of the habit of speaking, more than ninety percent of users will choose to leave, so as to reduce the site’s activity and the trust of users, search the same user next or enter your station, this station will first think of the content too much trouble! How will the next step to users as can be imagined. You leave the site?



below is a demo of the user’s



In fact,

here you may know the solution, the waiting time is the best solution to remove the user registration, allowing users to register a website for the first time will be able to reply to see their want to understand the content, users want online is on its own governmentcared content with impatient attitude. At the same time and place some users concerned or similar content around the user needed information, allowing users to understand the content of the user when you are interested in too much, not a complete understanding, it is possible that the user will put this page to your favorites! Well next time to understand, so as to improve the website repeat. This article by the Yibin city network webmaster original and A5! Reprint please retain copyright!


It’s 730 this evening. Good meters don’t stop! The A5 domain name auction and your Be There Or Be Sq

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tonight at 7:30, 4, 5, CN digital digital package at the 5 A5 WeChat group while the domain name auction, good rice constantly, and you Be There Or Be Square!


domain name investment field,.Com and.Cn domain name is still the mainstream position, other non mainstream domain but also is developing like a raging fire, what kind of domain name investment better, is always a wise eyes of the beholder, mainstream domain name or other domain name, always has its own advantages and has a short board. Domain name investment, when still market-oriented, combined with their own circumstances, rational investment oh.

has identified the following list:


My friend

Be There Or Be Square night!

another long collection of auction domain names.

thread format:  

— — — — —

domain name / domain name meaning:


reserve price (no write 0):

micro signal:

mobile phone number:

— — — — —

A5 auction rule:

workday starts at 7:30 every night and starts shooting at several A5 auctions.

auction rule:

1, all domain name 0 yuan starting, have set the reserve price, the auction price is equal to or more than the reserve price, that is, the transaction. Not to reserve price, that is, unsold, the seller should pay 100 yuan red packets, we sent to the group.

2, the transaction domain name through the A5 intermediary transaction, intermediary fee 3%, no extra charge.

3, after the clinch a deal, please contact the A5 auction Secretary for the domain name transfer transaction, completed within 24 hours.

4, both parties breach of contract, pay 5% liquidated damages, 3% pay the other party, 2% group welfare. A person who fails to perform the breach of the contract.

5, during the auction prohibited AD business card red envelopes, during the auction, and prohibit auction irrelevant words. Offenders warned once, 2 times T out. There are malicious speculation, bidding, disturb the order of the auction, pull blacklist.

fare increase rule

1000-4999 each increase 100

5000-9999 each increase 200

10000-49999 each increase 500

50000-99999 per fare increase >

Sorry, please don’t make fun of stones

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today, our brains are lazy to wait for information from the web to get information: to absorb seemingly sterile information from a rapidly moving particle stream. The thought is in accordance with the network distribution information to form a new paradigm in Google to make unprecedented rapid access to information at the same time, also made lots of repetition, copy and paste content in the plain, people no longer used to information processing and creation. Individual "shallow reading + iterative interaction with others" is an effective network survival strategy to cope with information overload.

this open reading is a group interactive reading, and the text to be read is also an open text, an evolutionary text, but at present it is too open and the evolution is far from our goal. If things go on like this, the loss of people thinking of desire, in the duplication of information at the same time, human cloning will also carry forward to the hitherto unknown point, in theory, people are in the click rate of convergence, under the guidance of people in a region not consciously forcing yourself to copy the same personal information, people no longer need to also no longer have personality.

scholars, with academic websites, have found that readers are always busy browsing over and over again, and rarely visit the articles that have been visited. For people, the Internet is becoming a universal medium, a pipe through which information flows through my eyes, ears, and into my mind. We don’t think of what Emmanuel Zhaxian, but a link to what! In fact, there are signs that the new "read" mode is revealed, the user browsing hastily title, contents and abstracts, to quickly get the harvest. But we can not meet and become a type "information decoder", in order to form a kind of deep reading comprehension ability, the rich spirit of Lenovo, the kind of creativity, is the basis of progress, to achieve simple copy, browse and insufficient support to people’s desire to transform the living environment. But reality can almost be seen as a way to avoid reading in the traditional sense of the internet.

people are accustomed to the work plan, assessment indicators, used time management, used to cope with the task and social responsibility, and give up the traditional self realization, if according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, people with society, science and technology, economic progress, the demand from physiological, safety, social, esteem and self realization in order to realize the development of progressive evolution, but people in the Internet, it is the realistic path of degradation, self realization from far away, and to the pursuit of physical satisfaction. Give up from the experience and thinking of the depth of involvement of pleasure and succumb to from the mass of shallow reading in the pan entertainment, people in the use of tools at the same time the loss of most people, the pride of thinking, if the "efficiency" and "direct" at all on the new reading style spread, people creative and will lose the golden generation fall into the dark ages blindly


media theorist Marshall · Mcluhan pointed out in the media in 1960s

To share with you the three educational institutions operating skills

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education in the country, to meet the people’s needs of the public, but also the development of a business for profit, is encouraged by the state of venture capital project. Can take advantage of the development of education institutions to join to create a successful investment in you, its popularity has been very high Oh, education institutions to join the development trend of the times to find the most practical and mature mode of operation, the only way to get better development, have more education to join the organization mode of operation is every entrepreneur’s dream, want to know the business education to join the organization skills, please see the details below.

operator in the shop when the shop to master the correct address in the market, can make the education brand franchisees in the market is attractive, the owner can not ignore the skills in the choice of shops is very luxurious.

related recommendations

How to change the magic cooking snacks

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ask now what industry consumer market competition pressure, which is the development of the industry and the most lasting, the answer is of course the catering industry, because of competition in order to survive in the competition, that a policy strategy must understand sustainable development, competition is undoubtedly the most powerful driving force to promote the development of the. Small business selection project to join the white magic change cooking snacks, not wrong.

small entrepreneurial project to join magic Bai cooked snacks, headquarters since the start of beginning, with the internationalization of the brand chain management mode of thinking, combined with the team for many years of investment, operating experience, to join and consumer groups, to provide new product lines, innovative dining mode. As well as fashion, standardization, the international atmosphere of the brand experience, brand experience for all brands to provide a new product experience.

white magic cooking snacks into

small entrepreneurial project to join what? Bai magic cooked snacks, special delicacy great wealth. Bai magic cooked snacks, fine materials, seasoning is very special, many others do not stock, with dozens of dipping formula, rich nutrition on the tongue collision of thousands of delicious, delicious and healthy, open taste feast. Entrepreneurial small project to join Bai magic cooked snacks, featured valuable natural wild first source of incense, the ancient method of preparing steps into natural herbs in both spicy and delicious, fresh, clear, thick, mellow, herbaceous plant science and health ratio, retains the taste of this soup, add some delicious and alcohol beauty, nourishing, rich taste, clean up the soup is Jiapin seasons.

white magic cooking snacks into

entrepreneurial small project to join Bai magic cooked snacks, investment headquarters regular analysis of market demand, and constantly develop new products, improve the core competitiveness of catering industry, stabilize the position! For the national unified distribution characteristics and taste the soup dipping, unity, to avoid the traditional food for chefs and produce the taste is not uniform resulting in the loss of customers this phenomenon.

although the endless stream of snacks, but now the community is not hot Huan Huan, for hot and spicy, Guan Dongzhu, take these characteristics snacks, favorite people are numerous. The huge demand for snack food market to promote the development of the food and beverage industry, but also to promote the change of the magic cooking snacks become a hot business opportunities. Small business projects to join the white magic magic cooking snacks, specialty food flavor foot, professional support is in place, so you can easily shop to earn more!