Liu Jinge from the parts of the body to understand the importance of website structure optimization

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, vascular

why I say he is the leader? Because we are at war time, there must be a lead of the people, if not the leader, then we will fight without direction, all we do is basically done. So, we in every key part of the site, all need to consider the use of appropriate keywords: title, content, link URL, pictures etc.. And these words as words, but people often search, must have a degree in our time to do keywords, search engines like others, he will have a tolerance. If we exceed his tolerance, so our website may have to be abandoned it, so not too much, the leader must be appropriate, and this order must be precise.

1, a


ECG is a web site, add a site map to >

, electrocardiogramSite map 3

as we have said, PayPal billion offer a simple and easy for your Shanghai dragon ten steps, as long as every step to practice hard and try our best to finish the work, Shanghai dragon will effort, we will also become the industry for the leaders, ranking will also enter the love of Shanghai home or love of Shanghai province three.

when I talk about this organ vascular time, you may already know his importance, then what is the site inside the vessel? I said: straight chain is within our site vessels. In our human body blood vessels leads to our various parts of the body, if it doesn’t come as a this place may be necrosis. As a website is the same, if not within the chain through the place basically are some dead links. So, we in the construction site of the time must pay attention to the internal links, as for how to build within the chain, in the next article I will give you a specific introduction.

, head of


network marketing this big industry, but in the process of doing cannot do without Shanghai dragon, perhaps Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon in our impression is too deep, you have to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon let everyone pay special attention to the key words, but as we may need to do some of the words in different areas also is not the same, the work is not quite the same, let me give you a brief as Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon how to do site optimization:

our ancestors once said: the enemy, know yourself. So we do people in this industry before first do not rush to do Shanghai dragon, the first is the first thing to do to you for this keyword query results, another is you of this keyword competition pressure is big, the strength of your own website how much you need to spend more the time to complete this great project, these are we to know, so I called the friend.

Check site quickly get 5 practical methods of the chain

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publish posts in high weight site, try to send the original, if no time, pseudo original also, post title must take you to optimize the key words, the one or two text added appropriately in content, text not too prominent, in order to avoid being removed, as long as the post quality, the number of general post no less, after the actual test, general post more posts, with sea more attention, the relative weight is higher, so a post description text value to the equivalent of dozens of other common sites. To enhance the description text keyword ranking have better do.

soft contribute can be said to be the best way to increase the promotion site outside the chain of high quality, it can use the submission site of high flow and content to achieve the reprint, increase the number of site outside the chain. Is a very good platform for website optimization, website promotion stationmaster net and outdated. The effect of the soft as we all know, here is not to say


two, smart variable member name promotion

search engine blog has been reduced, but the active blog, "

, video website promotion

domestic video website ranking in front of the weight is very high, and the chain is less, if you can do the chain on top of this, the natural effect is quite good. The title is set to your web site in the online video. You can quickly increase the weight of a large number of links. If the upload video content is of good quality, the link weights and website brand will have excellent promotion.

we usually registered in the net are used Chinese characters or Pinyin combination of numbers, now after the test, a registered member name written in your web site, so every time you send a stick, more a chain, especially in some of the good quality of the forum, the chain effect is more ideal. At present this way as the chain transfer weight significantly, but after love Shanghai will adjust the quality of the chain is not to say this. This name is generally limited to 15 bytes, is your URL length must be within 15 letters to register.

website construction of the chain channels, and other forums, catalogue, inquiry platform, source development, we must learn to do the chain construction of Tai Chi Road, with 42 daughters of the construction of the chain, the chain to find the method of automatic multiplication, according to the constructive, rather than one by one to manual release, so that even if all the year round not stopped, the number will not accumulate a lot, only to guide network users actively reproduced in his article, to the rapid increase of the chain website. Like many large web sites outside the chain, there are millions of million, is due to the high quality of the content of the network users reprint out.

There are a lot of ! uses active blogAlthough the weight of the

five, the chain construction again a commonplace talk of an old scholar,

three, in the high quality website original, business description text

four, submitted to the soft release of

Ali pushing what search the blow not heavy and light hit the Shanghai heart love

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, for example, a search for "NBA", it will list a series of websites, but directly show removal of the instant schedule, scores broadcast and news, or even change the search background.

if you think this sentence is somewhat abstract, imagine a search engine into the "Transformers". It is no longer you used to love, like Shanghai as pure search box and a row of text search results. But the search content is not the same, with completely different search results, even the search scene will change: the quality content of whole network integration and screening, quality content, news, video and other related services for the two time and the graphical, immersed style directly displayed to the user. "What search" is, in some high-frequency scenarios, this experience can even create similar to professional APP effect.

Abstract: yesterday, the Alibaba held its mobile search brand "what search" brand conference, announced at the meeting, launched a new mobile search interactive products – "blue mode". What search according to general manager Ceng Honglei introduction, Blu ray mode with three large features: high color value, the interaction of APP; the whole polymerization, polymerization of high quality content; the scene of



service class, search out and massage, massage service, price, map, rather than a China 5000 year long massage culture interpretation.


source, unlike the close love Shanghai, what the data source is open, it currently has more than 30 different segments of the company such as car home, flush cooperation. With partners to get content, according to the search results to the user to provide the content distribution, then data processing user search after return to work.

yesterday, the Alibaba held its mobile search brand "what search" brand conference, announced at the meeting, launched a new mobile search interactive products – "blue mode". What search according to general manager Ceng Honglei introduction, Blu ray mode with three large features: high color value, the interaction of APP; the whole polymerization, polymerization of high quality content; the scene, moving scene matching precision.

For example


of course, which will no doubt produce other ambiguity: if I did not find this how to do? "What search" there is a characteristic that can search through the existing search habits of content to realize intelligent anticipation. In the conference, for example, because the search is different, "energy-saving" will appear on the film’s two novels and more different results.

ad4all new CPS products – DELL computer vostro adRazer IPO will raise $600 million, the opportunity

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in Razer products introduced into China, in terms of revenue and reputation is indeed fruitful. This is mainly due to Razer in product design to pay more attention to popular elements to join, more in line with young people’s aesthetic and taste. This also allows Razer in China’s local brands have been formed on the basis of scale, broke out of their own road.

advertisers Name: DELL computer

advertising fee settlement:


League address:

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities reduced 500-1000 yuan,


according to technology blog TechCrunch reported that the well-known game equipment manufacturer Razer Razer has submitted IPO applications to the HKEx, hoping to raise more than $600 million through IPO funds, access to growth opportunities. TechCrunch aspects of the IPO document submitted by Razer did not pry into the amount of Razer’s IPO financing, the company’s valuation and IPO specific time and other details.

according to public information, Razer is one of the world’s top gaming equipment brand, founded by Chen Minliang in 1998 in the United states. The brand was first established by a lot of young people, with the continuous development of gaming, Razer will look to the future direction of development of gaming industry. At the same time, Razer in addition to the mouse, keyboard and other conventional gaming equipment, but in 2015 began to force the game notebook.

Ec280 models 140 yuan / orders;
Vostro models 360 yuan / orders.

because of the bright and eye-catching breathing lamp of Razer equipment, it is called "lamp factory" by many users". With the US market shrinking and the booming Chinese market, Razer has to take this huge market in china. It is reported that Razer’s revenue from the Chinese market accounted for 13%. This is enough to see that Razer’s choice of IPO in Hong Kong is to take a big step into the Chinese market.

TechWeb reported July 3rd article / Bodhi

·: Advertising:

DELL computer limited offer, advertisers Dell computer main push products, notebooks and desktops, suitable for the mass of high-quality web sites. Advertisers Dell computer approved by the union members, according to the number of valid orders generated per month billing.

, but that doesn’t prevent investors from having a big interest in Razer. In 2011, IDG and Accel invested $50 million in Razer through their China joint fund. In October 2014, Razer announced that the company won the Intel capital Intel Capital new round of financing, valued at more than 1 billion U.S. dollars. The report did not specify the amount of Intel’s investment, and whether other companies participate in the current round of investment. In August, Razer announced that it would work with Tencent to use Razer’s Nabu smart bracelet. Before March, Razer announced a new high-end game notebook.

note: Dell products strictly prohibit the use of any pop-up advertising forms, once found irregularities, during the launch of all data will be denied, and will cancel the member Dell product qualification.

can be released by Razer Nabu smart bracelet and >

in Razer’s eyes, China is only an important source of Razer’s revenue increase, that’s all. From the carnival held by Razer, more are held in North America and Europe, but China rarely appears. At the same time, Razer products are all kinds of users Tucao, short service life and high price to become users of the disease where tomorrow.

My movie station doesn’t have high traffic, but I want to communicate with friends at A5 station

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, this is the second time I’ve written about a movie station. I can’t do it. I can only do movie stations. .

even the movie station was established not long, from Baidu officially included in was plucking a total of only one month, in fact, this movie station can be said to be the first site I do, but the station before I learned a lot of knowledge of SEO, so the effect is good, Baidu included 3 days less than 20 articles, but this article brought me 1000 IP, but one month Baidu included most is not more than 30 articles, and the intermediate space should hang up, when one of the words a day brought me 5000 IP, but two days later it was down the right, the following is the statistics up to the day of my IP, nearly 6000.

movie station IP is very fast, a keyword is likely to let you flow up to 10 times, but now the movie website is really not very good, is repeated everywhere junk content, it is said that Baidu now pay special attention to the movie class website, if the movie website content you by collected here, you have been away from K far away.

But I

movie website is K, but contrary to expectation, because I never collected, all the contents are carefully modified, otherwise the page will not have good rankings, imagine a new title page, if the content of the article and other sites, the front row how could in other stations in the search in the station? And I even have a little SEO are far from cheating, are in the normal range of website optimization, then what causes my site is K? A few days ago I really think impassability, depressed ah, two days ago I did not know until this reason.

happened to use Baidu Search, QVOD movie, found that the results are not the same as before, I had not only a K, several previously familiar sites were gone, the K should be a great action of Baidu, many movie download sites are not spared, some of the very front rank the site also pulled a few pages, after careful analysis, I think the cause of the large movie station was K for only one reason: the chain! Why? Because the movie station can provide real download too small, the vast majority (especially the QVOD class) are some of the download link provides these links, is out of the question, some sites in order to increase the chain, at the same time provide a real movie download address to your web site URL included, so a lot of movies Stand in the post acquisition download will bring his address, so perplexing external connection is very dangerous! So far as I know, a lot of movies on the download links are pointing to a famous movie website (what do not say the name), and the site is now a Baidu K the page is not left, unfortunately, even the movie station also has a large number of links pointing to it, so it will be Baidu cleaned up.


Preferential activities one after another home market has not been idle

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and previous years are different, in August of this year, home improvement building materials industry has changed in previous years, the home market has been no idle". In August this year, home improvement building materials market as well as home improvement companies are exceptionally lively, while the home building materials market competition launched a wave of promotions, special offers, buy, experience will be…… A wide range of promotional activities to attract consumers.

highlights: single event less, "jointly" activities of more than

8 7 days, the reporter visited the Mercure logistics park, Hualing building materials market, Home Furnishing stores rentouzandong, all kinds of "low price marketing", "crazy half off" eye-catching advertising.

many building materials business said that in mid August, many businesses will jointly hold a building group purchase, is expected to be 20 with several brands, the group purchase will planning activities with flash sale and zero auction, the king orders, orders for the purchase, the value of many surprise link. In addition, but also for the owners of red envelopes and deposits, such as doubling the value of the link, consumers can buy through this group will buy inexpensive decoration products.

According to the

Jiezhuang companies: preferential activities one after another

highlights: the shop is a gift delivery

million red envelopes

8 month Jiezhuang market, the biggest feature is the increase in home improvement company activities. Coupled with a number of home improvement companies are celebrating anniversary, have launched a number of promotions.

as one product decoration, just ushered in the six anniversary celebration, July 29th and August 23rd, one product decoration will increase the preferential launched multiple Hao Li, to the owners to benefit. On the day, as long as there is a mini humidifier VIP invitation, holding VIP ticket owners can participate in the lucky draw activities guests (worth 10 thousand yuan), in addition, VIP tickets arrived with 666 yuan for projects; the top 20 Chengyijin customer site to grab privilege engineering, can enjoy the double Chengyijin project a privilege is recommended;

Ten thousand yuan in rural entrepreneurship can do

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the country people, in the base of the rural population China large country, rural entrepreneurs market is rash and too much in haste. National support policies are good, in rural entrepreneurship to enjoy many of the help. So what can you do to make money in the countryside?

1, the first condition is that the product is novel, the market space is very big.

2, products generally do not choose the necessities of life.

necessities of life, in great demand, but its sales channels are perfect, the competition is also great, its profit space is limited.

3, the product is generally not available in supermarkets, fresh goods sought.

4, the actual cost of the product is low commodity.

according to the study of different countries, there is a big difference between the intermediary fees, the lowest is highest for the United States, Southeast Asian countries. Intermediary service fees generally does not include the cost of formalities, to study in Australia, for example, these costs generally include: Visa Fees: 315 Australian dollars (about 1500 yuan), examination fee: 1200 yuan; notarization fee: 500-600 yuan; passport fee: 200 yuan. According to the most conservative estimates, a student through the intermediary to go abroad, before going abroad, the cost is generally not less than 15000 yuan, a little hot country, spend more than $20000.


people when shopping, often can see a variety of shoe stores, such as shoe stores, travel shoe stores, sports shoes stores, even shoes store, but noticed, but rare slippers store.

now more recommended

Shanghai educational institutions to improve the efficiency of learning should not blindly reported

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in the influence of expectations at female cheng feng under the education idea, China parents for children to have a good grades racking their brains, spend high price to send their children to good schools, and high prices do tutoring, it is tried method to help children improve performance, but the effect is still not ideal. To this end, Shanghai college entrance examination education and training institutions pointing parents can not blindly sign up remedial classes, which will increase the child’s learning pressure, the effect is often counterproductive.

parents have asked their opinions when signing up to the child classes, not forced children to class learning, students’ learning achievement in the school have been very tired, if not the empty extra time to cram or do not force better, combining exertion is the key to improve the learning efficiency. Improve the efficiency of learning needs most is awake and alert, so proper rest, entertainment is not good, it is necessary, is the foundation to improve the efficiency of learning, parents should remind the child to rest.

on the other hand, parents should remind their children to pay attention to the efficiency of learning. Because learning efficiency to a large extent will affect academic performance. Many students have the concept of learning efficiency but do not know how to improve their learning efficiency?

first, be confident. A lot of scientific research has proved that the potential is great, but most people do not have the potential to develop this potential, which is a very important aspect of self-confidence. Whenever and wherever you do anything with this confidence, you have a belief that you will win and that you will soon get rid of the shadow of failure. On the contrary, if a person loses self-confidence, he will accomplish nothing, and it is easy to fall into the eternal inferiority.

another important means to improve the efficiency of learning is to learn to play. The process of learning, it should be a process of thinking with the brain, whether it is with the eyes, mouth reading, or hand copying, are used as a means of assisting the brain, the real key lies in the brain to think. Take a very simple example, for example words in mind, if you casually browsing oraimlessly copy, perhaps many times to remember, but not easy to remember, and if you can give full play to their imagination, Lenovo approach to memory, often can remember very fast, but not easy to forget. Now a lot of books on the introduction of English words fast memory method, are also stressed the role of the brain association. Visible, if you can do 7 to focus on the potential of the brain, you can greatly enhance the effectiveness of learning.

Another important factor that affects the efficiency of

is the human emotion. I think everyone had had such experience, if one day, their spirits and emotion, as in learning something will feel very relaxed, learn quickly, in fact, this is our learning efficiency. Therefore, recommend

The new provisions of the Ningbo Xiangshan staff style in violation of the provisions will be accoun

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in our daily lives, although there are a lot of details, but many staff do not comply with, but also have a certain impact on social atmosphere. Are not allowed to be sent, National People’s Congress allowed illegal to make arrangements for weddings, send and receive gifts, no non pro personnel are not allowed to buck passing, occupation of public green space, not without reason of arrears of property charges…… Recently, Xiangshan County, Ningbo city issued a "standard" style of personnel of Xiangshan County authorities, listed personnel should abide by the "4" and "16 prohibitions", a violation of the provisions will be accountable.

it is understood that, in order to optimize the cadres image, Xiangshan County, Ningbo city recently formulated the "staff of the Xiangshan County bureaucracy behavior", for the county departments and township (street) staff to draw the line, direction and specification. The specification focuses on regulations, documents have not been explicitly prohibited, but in reality is more common, the larger the masses, and the identity of the staff does not match with the agency, damage the image of the details".

and its main contents include: one is to comply with work discipline, strengthen the consciousness of rules, are not allowed to work without leave go out or entrust others to attendance, absence or meeting at the venue, walk around the phone; the two is to correct their attitude, strengthen the sense of play, no organization refused to implement the decision, negative work, are not allowed to explain away refuses to perform, shouwenzeren system, deliberately set up obstacles, etc.; the three is to uphold the integrity, strengthen self-discipline, not Jiagongjisi, accepting illegal gifts, accept banquets, allowed illegal investment and management or service object relationship lending funds; the four is to establish a good image, strengthen the demonstration not allowed to wear in public awareness, exposure, words and deeds of anomie, is allowed to spread negative information, to discredit the image of the party and the government, not Quasi violation of public order and good morals.

reporter noted: the provisions of the public image of the organ staff also made detailed provisions. In addition to personnel should pay attention to dress, demeanor, not in the no smoking signs of smoking in public places, not allowed to throw rubbish in the window, free parking, zebra crossing, not give way to pedestrians are not allowed to violate public order and good morals, occupation of public space and green space, no arrears of property charges.

Ningbo, Xiangshan, the introduction of new regulations on the style of staff, for the specification of the style of staff is of great significance. If there is a violation of the provisions of the staff, will be punished? It is understood that the Ningbo city Xiangshan county Party committee is also supporting the development of measures in violation of the "norm", the implementation of alert, admonishing or honest conversation in violation of the provisions of the cancellation of the person, when the annual Pingyoupingxian qualifications, deduct the unit annual evaluation score authority democratic style.

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The whole network to teach you how to open the shop to make money Home Furnishing

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The background of the continuous expansion of

Home Furnishing industry in real estate is always a popular choice for entrepreneurs to join, especially in recent years the government has introduced policies to support entrepreneurship, brand Home Furnishing joined industry great development potential. Many investors gradually began to focus on brand home projects. In the brand home stores, how to operate in order to harvest wealth. This is to join the brand home to join the industry investors are considering the problem, many investors still do not know how to operate. In response to this problem, the following I will come to you a comprehensive introduction to the operation of the brand home stores.

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