These habits will cause entrepreneurs to fail earlier3 years of network company entrepreneurship har

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everyone may have his own dream of starting a business, but there are so many entrepreneurs. Success again >

‘s failure to start a business is to look at income too much. Generally just starting entrepreneurs, will be too much income. Money is important, but the customer is the source of your money, if your product has a large number of users of resources, then the money will come easier! Therefore, companies want to accelerate the pace of profit so we should: customer first, profit second

One of the most important reasons for

1. professional skills stage

3. company phase

at the beginning of 2011 Wang Baochen officially entered the society, along with 2 friends venture to engage in an Internet company small, mainly to do the initial establishment and promotion, when I was not a partner, because of their own efforts, to migrant workers identity, state of mind of entrepreneurs involved, then point to the turnover in the second year, the partners retained me, then officially joined the company ranks of business, and my partner has a total of 3 people. This series of articles is mainly about my 3 years of network company entrepreneurship bit harvest and insights, because there are more topics, the follow-up will write second, or even third, little nonsense, began to enter the topic:

entrepreneurs play a crucial role in the company, if you are out of touch with society, keep up with market changes, then you only in a constantly changing market is slowly being eliminated! In addition to your decision to guide the development of the company, at the appropriate time to Dangdang third listen to the opinions of others!

three, improper use of

two, short of target,

professional skills, technical knowledge is professional skills, do a field instructor, practicing good eloquence and understanding of the industry, to do business, professional skills, good understanding and communication skills of products, users for their professional skills. Skills here are not skills, work skills for a particular area of the field.


after you master the professional skills, you need to have a certain management and communication and other aspects of the experience, Wang Baochen knew that many colleagues in Zhengzhou is the boss of the company, from some big companies first to do business, and later went out of business. To the clerk, then business manager, business manager stage will exercise the core skills of some human resource management deployment and customer communication and internal communication, is have a lot of things need to master the studio stage.

succeeds in living up to three stages of company survival:

! !

five, out of touch with society,

the failure of entrepreneurship is the only way for an entrepreneur, but if you don’t change your bad habits, the word "failure" will always follow you.

if your product positioning could only be used in small groups within, then you are even better, he could not go far! the cake was less, even if all you eat, also can not change what! if you want to be a company like BAT. First you have to have a long-term goal! Whether it is creative, or the product itself! If you have enough resources, you can also turn to foreign! If you’re crazy, think about the earth, not

many people want to start a business, especially when you are 20 or even 17.8 years old, with a cavity of blood, newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. Looking at other people’s business, determined, go to start a business. Entrepreneurship may be simple, and perhaps tough. I read an article in the national treasure before an agency related investigation report, said that the coastal area of a city, the year 2011 at the beginning of the year and registered companies, including 1 companies, when the end of the end of 5%, not to live without closing the door, close to 5%. 1 thousand%10=1000%5=500. In fact, later, the minister summed up a core law:


one, money is always more important than customers,

, a fledgling start-up company, has led its development to the early core employees. If the quality of this core team is not high, then the product will not go well. In addition the management characters, not all locked in their own familiar people! Acquaintances often lazy! Intern of entrepreneurial passion generally will be higher, if the conditions of mining personnel several friends can train themselves

four, the tempo is too slow,

development of a product can not be too slow you say you are the bean? Can you really get so much money to slow you down?, there is no perfect products in the world, our products must be as early as possible in line for the lack of user experience and feedback we modify a product! Block edge stone, only in the constant flow impact will become rounded and smooth! Don’t be afraid to hear criticism, if a product does not have any criticism, then there is only one answer: you don’t have any

, for most successful people, comes in the order of the 1, 2, and 3 stages. And the other part, the family, the rich two generations, >


when our expertise was mastered, studio skills were also available. Then basically ready to open the company, and many companies only take the formal company docking, and even some customers, first look at your qualifications, such as: 1 million of the registered capital started ah. Year of establishment, etc.. So if the studio is expanding, or you have good business or service, you have to set up a company that wants to grow higher.

2. studio phase

business hard

The medical health site of the Shanghai love optimization way

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We first look at the


of Shanghai medical love words search ranking (pictured above). Now search disease words we can see the first page of the index results are basic health care platform is well-known, the sea from falling in love with weight can also be understood. In the middle of the page of the hospital recommended the frame, the information is also adding love Shanghai open platform authority site good doctor data. Dozens of diseases I tested keyword search results, there is not a personal medical sites, 99% of the search results page is the current first-line health care sites occupied.

while we do the chain optimization with a hotly contested spot – love Shanghai encyclopedia, related medical diseases >


a lot of "for only a short while ago, Difficult miscellaneous diseases of medical site" to occupy a favorable position to love Shanghai related search page before a few pages, a medical station friend told me, he a daily IP 500 site but gave him a lot of money income. As for the later things, we all know, love Shanghai in June purges, medical site is the hardest hit, a large number of medical exhibition was canceled included rankings. Now the love Shanghai search disease words, personal site can get good rankings of almost no new medical site is also very difficult to get good rankings, so in the face of such a predicament, the love of Shanghai medical website optimization exactly where

always in the second page before a few will have a lot of personal site, but now you can see through the search, second pages of search results is still a medical site control, like this, the inside pages of a site to occupy the top five of the three seats examples abound, leaving the other freshmen the chance of the site is very little. Medical and health websites for this will be on-line, is a very serious situation, to achieve a breakthrough, we must pay several times and investment efforts than ever before.

is significantly different from other keyword search results is that medical and health websites in the search results in the description of the site behind the added record information category of the site. Although love Shanghai is not clear that the site for the record will affect how the search ranking, but it is clear that a public institution and the nature of the enterprise’s record, in the acquisition of users trust relative personal record website and no record of the site is not a small advantage. By showing the record information, love Shanghai should also want the information to remind users to select content more credible record information browsing. As we all know, an important factor is the love Shanghai keyword ranking for users click the search results, are more clicks, more likely to be ranked in advance or consolidation. Which fall into a virtuous cycle, has the advantage of health care ranking is more difficult to shake.

Love Shanghai and Shanghai Longfeng share ranking

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love Shanghai statistics, Shanghai to share love, love Shanghai graphic also came, so webmaster speculation constantly. Love is not to share Shanghai and Shanghai dragon ranking car to do, this is the greatest concern to everyone. In fact, this is only the owners own worry, according to my analysis, love Shanghai share is a sharing tool only, installed on the site to share love Shanghai is certainly good, can let users share the good communication whenever and wherever possible but does not install the Shanghai share, love, does not mean that the ranking is not good.

love Shanghai share and love of Shanghai, love Shanghai graphic is a nature, is a kind of network products produced in order to improve the user experience, to love the Shanghai statistics as an example, the love of Shanghai is the largest Chinese search engine, occupy the largest search market, so have its own statistical system is quite necessary, but most know love Shanghai is certainly love Shanghai, then Shanghai, love will become the best tool for statistical analysis of the webmaster. We love Shanghai installation statistics, analysis and optimization of the site is good. There is love in Shanghai graphic, this is also a tool to enhance the user experience, is to tell the user, with a picture of the article, let the user need look directly into the browser.

remember love Shanghai share has just launched, I installed love Shanghai statistics, in the first time in more than 10 days, appeared in Shanghai love search results this icon, though it was shared three times. Then many webmaster to ask me, this is what kind of icon, why their website does not have this icon. Just, my blog is very good, in the love of Shanghai home on the first position, so the owners looking for me, that is not because of love and love in Shanghai installed statistics of Shanghai share, ranking will be so good. In fact, even if my blog does not install love Shanghai statistics, do not install the love of Shanghai share, ranking as well, the website ranking is determined by the quality of the content and quality of the chain, is not a simple love to share about Shanghai.

this is a mentality problem, if you think that after the installation of the Shanghai love share ranking will be improved, so, or don’t install as well, if you install love Shanghai shared objective is to enhance the user experience, then, might as well try to install.

article by energy-saving 贵族宝贝mishi8贵族宝贝/ feeds, please keep the link

, thank you!

Information authenticity is the load-bearing wall to decide whether the classified information websi

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2005 Web2.0 quietly arrived, netizens from a single consumer information overnight jumped to the provider of information, creators. Become a network of individuals who consume information and provide and create information, greatly enriching the network content and improving the interactivity of the internet. Emphasis on interactive Web2.0 era, users more to pay, to give and share, forming a circle, resulting in blog, universal entertainment. In a more open and equal basis to strengthen user interaction, sharing and innovation, thus, in 2006, classified information website turned out, a time has mushroomed in the Internet now.

classified information network provides the classification of information service for the general public, to meet the daily life of ordinary people’s information needs, vast amounts of personal information and business information, provides a convenient and practical way for users to solve all kinds of problems in daily life and work. Businesses and individuals publish information free of charge when his biggest feature, which also attracted a large number of classified information advertising shift from offline to online, the data show that the classification of information website for nearly two years, the total annual advertising market growth rate of over 100%. 09 years, China Classification Information Website market will reach 30 billion yuan, some large classified information website has announced profit. With the development of economy and popularity of the Internet, Internet users seek local classified information related to live online businesses demand and dissemination of information on the Internet will demand more and more, the formation of interactive growth trend. Seize the new round of brisk market demand, become a small and medium-sized classified information website quickly seize the market, improve the competitiveness of the key.

classified information web site simple mode creates high value. At present, most of the classified information websites in China adopt the mode of user registration and free publication of information. This model gives users more convenience. But there is also the problem that information authenticity is difficult to guarantee. However, the authenticity of information is precisely the ability of classifying information websites to survive. In ensuring the information rich, comprehensive and timely updates, the authenticity and effectiveness of information determines whether the site can retain users for long. There is no user base, you can not talk about the profit model, only stable user base, in order to develop a mature business model, and ensure a stable profit model. Loss of information, authenticity and effectiveness, the classification of information sites can not survive. Craigslist famous American classification information website is known worldwide, a very important point is the founder of Newmark’s growth in Craigslist website for a long period of time has been to personal reputation as collateral to act as information intermediary". Thus, the establishment, penetration and inheritance of the credit system in Craigslist is an important factor for its success.

In March 9th

, a well-known domestic classifieds site near the occasion of 315 to start the 315 anti fraud false information, search for information quality investigation, bonuses to the illegal fraud information reported, while collecting network deception. Explain the authenticity and effectiveness of information in classification >

Little brother from the blog included summary, let Baidu included in a week program

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Baidu included, believe it to be an easy job to do things, but for the novice webmaster may still relatively confused, sometimes one or two months are not included. Today, little brother took his blog to do a case study, analysis and summary, how to let Baidu included in a week.

black brother website blog from the blog to make money today just 5 days time, today just to catch up with Baidu update, has also been included, although only included the home page, which shows that the investigation of Xinzhan Baidu, later as long as the continued increase in the chain and the original content, the inside pages will slowly be included. Google included relatively easy, open 12 hours have been included.

so in these 5 days black Gebo do what work?

first: little brother uses his own resources, but also uses a few friends of the site, a total of five or six pR4 to PR6 high quality one-way links.

second: from the second day to each big blog search engine submission blog address.

third: wrote a soft Wen, the text with blog links, in four or five well-known webmaster class site contribution, and also by several sites reprinted.

fourth: feel the chain is not enough, so the release of their own original articles to popular relatively good webmaster forums, each article with the lower part of the blog link, but also increased the number of the chain blog.

fifth: Although the blog’s 10 articles are basically original, but there are four or five articles already released before, the real blog in the original article in about two or three.


above is black brother in these five days the work done by this case can prove, want to let Baidu fast included focus on the work of two, continue to increase the chain and regularly publish original articles, the following summary of new sites let Baidu included solutions within a week.

: first prepare a week before Baidu update, Baidu update in general every Wednesday, then on Tuesday will prepare for preparing several original articles, contact friends site, etc. a new on-line continuous increase of one-way links.

second: new sites on the line, you can submit to major search engines

third: in Baidu not included in the period, more than Baidu spider crawling frequently site, contribute soft text.

fourth: many new Adsense may not have the resources, nor friends site, so can not find the website one-way links, can be solved in two ways, single link funds friends can buy two to three PR3, if not money, it can be used many artificial methods to other forum published original articles, and with the new link in the text.

fifth: own new sites in Baidu not included before, also want to maintain a few unique original article, because you published in other sites, it becomes other people’s original, this original also best to stick to a.

Renqiu property network medium-term operating profit of one million

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such as the question, in fact, this is just one of my ideals, but I believe that as long as the idea of people, through their own efforts to increase opportunities, the realization of the wish is just around the corner.

ideal great, back to reality, but also step by step, and actually my website just two years of actual operation, the first year profit of 50 thousand, and this year there are two months to one hundred thousand years, should be preliminary, there is no big problem. That reminds me of my title, a million dollar profit. Many people say I’m crazy, but I just show them what I’m crazy about, and I think that’s what the Internet can do for a common people.

many people often ask me how to operate in the real estate network, this article is not analyzed, in my previous two articles have expressed, not wordy, if people want to see themselves in the A5 search for "real estate network operation experience" to "has been in the chaos of a webmaster a way out is before I write, write since mid, then we come back to the point. That is the direction of the target, in a few days ago I saw a news content is probably Soufangwang and chain of family property, divorce, I think we will have a lot of questions here, but many of our statements, this is the direction of the industry, but also some people say, it is our leader Chinese, a local real estate website tell you what to do, I want to have a great relationship, because we are a part of the real estate network, the US will have the market, in which we have to consider the relationship between the intermediary network and the line, and is still divided: I now see cooperation forever is a foundation. Since we are operating networks, then do not go down the line, and then operate under the line, do not go to the line, with their own strengths, shortcomings and other cooperation, complementary, in order to achieve win-win situation.

A network of real estate money there is

I have been studying, often in the middle of a person will have such thoughts, we go in which direction, then I do not know, can I use a silly way, learning first-tier cities practice, I give myself a a week’s holiday, ran several first show to participate in their activities, and candidates, only to see the market, look at the people on how to make money, doing what, like housing, focus, locke…… Wait, turn around and have some harvest. The direction of the profit has changed for me, that is: advertising and group buying. This is the priority among priorities of the two, how much is this website by two in support of this website operation, we don’t play the wind, just how real operation to earn money, so we only learn the truth. Do not hide from the net friend said, I myself in the past year to buy less than ten times, really faster than advertising money, I do not know whether the price I ordered, or other issues?. My opinion now is that both are hard to catch them, if anyone a result, I want to order should be placed in front of group purchase, why, of course, with the current real estate market, real estate market this year is the most skin of the year, first-tier cities north of Guangzhou has been degraded, the three line of the city of Renqiu and we can be spared, so the real estate.

Rice cake

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no one in the world can easily succeed in business, do everything is so. It is also possible to experience all kinds of hardships in the entrepreneurial process, and you have done all the efforts in the past. Food and beverage business to join the selected project is the key to this can make you less fall less loss.

Q bucket rice is a well-known chain brand, since its establishment in 2012, has been in the characteristics of fast food sales and chain of continuous struggle, the success of the fast-food industry leader. Relying on the favor of many consumers, now ah q bucket of rice brand awareness is growing, the number of stores is also increasing year by year, gaining more and more recognition of investors. In the face of Ah Q bucket rice brand so strong market share and visibility, you want to start the business is still hesitant what time is money, quickly join us!

Q barrel rice joining conditions:

1, the franchisee must be independent of the civil liability of natural persons or legal persons, good reputation, has a good character and integrity.

2, joined the business to really love the food and beverage industry, have a certain degree of determination and confidence into the food and beverage industry.

3, franchisees have a certain sense of identity on the brand identity of Ah Q barrels of rice, the headquarters of the business philosophy, business model and products, willing to accept the training and management of the headquarters, while maintaining a Q barrels of rice the credibility and reputation of the brand.

4, join the business must have a certain economic strength and operational capacity, the local consumption characteristics, eating habits have a certain understanding, but also bear the courage and awareness of the risk of failure.

Q barrel rice join advantages:

1, brand advantage

Q bucket rice is the brand line, after years of development, has accumulated a high visibility and reputation, brand name has been popular to the vast majority of consumers. As long as the brand name, then the possibility of consumers will be higher.

2, product advantages

headquarters will give partners a stable supply, and ensure the timely update after, leading the fashion trend.

3, technical advantages

brand is committed to the standardization of the operation of the research and development, the maximum degree of streamlining the operating process, so that the franchisee can easily experience zero experience, fast grasp, to minimize the cost and time, increase profits.

4, Pei

Qionglai entrepreneurial enterprises to achieve a window service

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in order to help innovative talents to better entrepreneurship, Qionglai has brought a window entrepreneurial services, specific entrepreneurial services is how to follow the small series together to see it!


People in Qionglai city business for

New talent service window

"through the establishment of the two window, we can provide one-stop business services for enterprises, a number of administrative approval procedures involved in the process of entrepreneurship can be handled in a window. At the same time, through the new talent service window of the life cycle of approval service, but also eliminates the trouble of the life and the menace from the rear to the entrepreneurial venture." Qionglai municipal government service center, said the person in charge.

one window service   business services do not run away

in addition to innovation and entrepreneurship relates to approval services into the window at home and abroad, Qionglai city administrative service center through a window to pieces, the internal circulation to achieve the entrepreneurial services one window service.

at the same time, to enter into the service of administrative service center, take the way of circulation, the staff will recommend the application materials

Yunnan trust real estate investment accounted for only 3.6%

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with the real estate market in recent years, some of the risks faced by the financing of real estate is also reduced, and thus the relevant trust companies are also based on the risk of prudent demand, contracting the real estate business.

trust’s annual report has entered a period of intense disclosure. According to the reporter recently disclosed 19 trust companies in 2015 annual report to sort out, although not comprehensive data, but also covers the industry of small and medium sized trust.

overall, in 2015, the trust assets of the trust distribution shows that the proportion of investment in the field of real estate trust assets declined. 19 have been disclosed in the annual report of the trust, in addition to the real estate trust and the trust of the real estate investment accounted for more than 30%, the vast majority of Companies in less than 10%. Among them, the Yunnan trust funds to invest in the real estate sector accounted for only 3.6% of the total trust assets of the company.

lattice financial researcher fan Di told reporters that a trust company for risk prudential requirements, active contraction of the real estate business, on the other hand, the Real Estate Company itself is also a lack of financing needs, especially in the use of increasingly high cost, the market situation just need more and more small, the Real Estate Company also slowed down the speed of the new project.

Yunnan trust real estate investment accounted for only 3.6%

in the distribution of trust assets in the table, according to the distribution of assets, trust funds are mainly invested in industry, basic industries, financial institutions, securities investment, real estate, the other six areas.

reporter combing the current disclosure of the 19 annual report of the trust, in 2015, the company invested in real estate funds accounted for the proportion of the total assets of the company is generally low. However, there are some preferences for the real estate business trust.

, Daye trust to invest in real estate assets of about 25 billion 700 million yuan, accounting for trust assets accounted for 34%; the construction investment trust to invest in real estate assets of about 35 billion 210 million yuan, accounting for trust assets accounted for 35.33%. The two companies account for 19 of the company’s leading.

, however, in the past, the highest proportion of real estate trust business is Hang industrial and commercial trust, its business to real estate funds, in 2014 the proportion of the company’s investment in real estate accounted for the proportion of the trust assets of up to 83.31%.

addition, Anxin trust, Kunlun trust, Minsheng trust, Ping An Trust and Lujiazui trust to invest in real estate assets of more than 10%, accounted for 11.04% of total assets, respectively 14.36%, 14.51%, 15.67% and 14.33%, it can be seen that the highest proportion is only 15.67%. The recommended

Sunscreen cream ten brands list

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in order to maintain the appearance, in order to be beautiful, and now the girls can be said to pay a lot of effort, a variety of sunscreen isolation brands continue to appear. However, if the choice of improper brand, or the brand itself is not known, it is difficult for people to worry about the quality of the brand. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce sunscreen cream ten brands list, which gives you a better choice.

sunscreen ten brands list NO.1, Clinique Clinique, founded in 1968 in the United States, one of the largest cosmetics and perfume company, the world’s top cosmetics brand, Estee Lauder (Shanghai) Trading Co., ltd..

sunscreen ten brands list NO.2, Laneige Laneige: in 1994, South Korean cosmetics brand fashionable young women obsessed, from one of Korea’s largest cosmetics group amore Pacific group.

sunscreen ten brands list, L’OREAL NO.3 Paris: in 1907 France, one of the world’s largest cosmetics company, world famous brand, the world cosmetics industry leader, L’OREAL (China) Co. ltd..

sunscreen ten brands list, ZA NO.4 Za: Shiseido (Tokyo 1872) and zuoduozi (New York 1932) co founded, the world famous cosmetics brands, Shiseido (China) Investment Co., ltd..

sunscreen ten brands list NO.5, PURE&MILD PURE: Shiseido’s Chinese designed for women design professional skin care brand, a well-known Japanese cosmetics production enterprises, Shiseido (Chinese) investment company limited.

sunscreen ten brands list NO.6, Mamonde Mamonde: South Korea’s largest cosmetics company amore Pacific Group’s main brand, multinational corporations, industry famous brand, amore Pacific group.

sunscreen ten brands list, OLAY NO.7 OLAY: in 1950, the world’s largest and most famous skin care brands, one of the largest China, skincare brand world brand, Procter & Gamble (China) Co. ltd..

sunscreen ten brands list NO.8, Biotherm Biotherm: in 1950 France, Europe’s three largest fashion skincare brand, one of the world’s largest cosmetics company, world famous brands, L’OREAL (Chinese) Co. ltd..

sunscreen cream ten brands list NO.9, POND’S POND’S: founded in 1846 the United States