The change of the webmaster and lost 2012 love Shanghai

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2012 is destined to be an extraordinary year, not stop a year. This year, love Shanghai to replace the website ranking algorithm. Webmasters may pay for years to lose overnight. I can say that even the webmaster don’t count, an entry is more than half of Shanghai Longfeng, nothing doing optimization to earn extra money. In the first half of this year since I saw the love of Shanghai some changes are encountered when doing optimization.

1, love Shanghai reduce the signature of the chain effect of the Forum: not effect, but the feeling of weight is not so high before, often before the May 200-300 BBS signature of the chain, you can make some words to love Shanghai home. By May it seems not that, you have to do the chain is more possible for 400-800 to be effective.


1, part of the lack of original content website: website drop right see everything is normal, the same snapshot update, included. Is the ranking runs to 100 outside.

since 2012 I see love change in Shanghai:

this is a dark month, in this month, do not know how many sites have been K. I also have the privilege of love for Shanghai took me half a month just on the line to K station. This is the K station to just on-line ticket and no original content website mostly, since then, Shanghai began to love the more stringent requirements.

The 2 part, The

part of the site began to love Shanghai, this time by the K website. Most of the ASP website, the ASP website is mostly to code in the more distant, or function call mode. The website structure confusion, outdated website template.


The following is



keyword ranking difficult: for example, I do bone metastasis of lung cancer, very good to do a word. Before may spend a week to get up. In May I spent 1 months to get up after a few days off.

According to

in the first half of this year.

2, August 31st 6.22 in the event of a new part of recovery. In the 6.22 incident part is innocent damage sites are restored.

brother first half to the Shanghai dragon, summed up the love of Shanghai in the first half of this year to practice, I do not know whether it is comprehensive, may also have a lot of younger brother did not encounter problems, but in the first half of this year although love Shanghai change so many algorithms, but still give us Shanghai dragon brings a benefit, is the snapshot complaints. When doing keyword competition pressure small for our Shanghai dragon, save a lot of unnecessary trouble. And snapshot complaints is very fast; the same day can make a web site title change over, after a week will have a rank. (may also have this function before, but I still don’t know)

App success or failure how do you get 20 million usersHow do you earn dollars from Clickbank

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almost all of the remaining software.

angry birds,

actually I understand his mentality, I also spent a lot of money to buy a lesson. Success depends on the system. Not all of your efforts. Sometimes, your hard work is what you should do, you try again, the market does not appreciate, not more, these things, there are a lot of bloody lessons. More than you and I are rich, they eat more bitter, and what?? still failed. Please think it over. What exactly do we need,

the friend says, said is this a few years to have a lot of money, spend all day in the forum, people learn to pull off the assembly line, write the questionnaire, hang flow. It cost a lot of money. Also wrote a lot of posts, spent half a year, and finally had to give up. So he gave up and stopped believing in others. Unexpectedly, she saw my blog two days ago, just to know his idea has a problem, has been in the mentality of the workers in doing, and then for others to play another job. He was happy, he said he would come a lot.


because of the winner’s fairy tale success stories, "App entrepreneurs" appear in large numbers. But the truth is, most App lost 76% of consumers in the first 3 months. This means that even if your app is on the top daily app list, revenue from advertising and value-added services will soon dry up over the last 3 months.

the first lesson they learned was that the excessive push for developers only allowed them to make persistent software problems. Todd DiPaola said: "CheckPoints used to add a few additional features to software when it was released, but because of development time >



Hello, welcome to the Internet US dollar pass.

I’m glad to share your knowledge and experience in making us dollars. Because I see so many friends, so eager to make dollars, I am very happy, everyone came to my Internet dollar pass in the guest. I also spent a lot of money in this area, learned a lot of knowledge, touched a lot of setbacks, and coupled with my language problems, so I will be very difficult, I know the hardships inside. However, fortunately, my teacher Ewen Chia system guidance, only to earn U. S. dollars, and now I have resigned at home, dedicated to the internet.


I can’t believe it. I just opened the mailbox. I saw about 17 friends sending me information, saying hello to me and saying how much money I wanted to earn. Thank you for your concern, and welcome your arrival, I am very pleased. Because it takes time to reply, I’ll tell you on the Internet dollar pass. Thank you all. By the way, share my thoughts.

how to develop applications that attract loyal users and bring in enough revenue for the company’s operations. To find the answer, we came to inMarket, a Losangeles based company. The company has developed a shopping software called CheckPoint, which allows users to sign up for and receive discounts on more than 100 stores in the United states. Basically, it has made traditional paper coupons electronically, linking online and offline business.

all kinds of graffiti games.

fart simulator,

Todd DiPaola is president of inMarket, and his brother, Mark, serves as CEO of the company. The two brothers sold their created is located in El Segundo City, California marketing company in 2002, and received about $150 million at the end of 2010, and use the money to invest in the creation of CheckPoint company. Now, they are stepping up development of CheckPoint’s follow-up software, List Bliss. This time, there is a team of 20 people behind them, and they have been before "for a whole month beat" got enough lessons.

actually, my teacher Dr. Lin billionaire Singaporean as early as 2004, said to me: "Zhang Yang, success depends on the system, rather than a dream and passion, in this world there is a dream and passion, so what?? the idea of making money everywhere, but there are so many poor people, there are so many people left ideal. If you want to succeed, you must choose the right system, and do the right thing with the people. You Chinese people can copy very well. But not only by copying, but also innovation, beyond." At that time, did not understand, always feel young, enthusiastic and hard-working, will certainly be rich. In addition, our group of 30 people from Singapore to Shenzhen to go to the teacher Chen Anzhi’s "super NAC psychology", class three days, the mood is very exciting, think oneself is great, see people talk about success. What’s more, when the CEOs saw that I was the most active in the team, I wanted to grow

we see is how to develop it? We tracked down a small business of the entire development process, from design to find and solve the defects of products to marketing and record the precious experience. Each entrepreneur should have these knowledge before moving into the mobile industry.

introduction App entrepreneurs appear in large numbers. But in fact, most App lost 76% of consumers in the first 3 months. This means that even if your app is on the top daily app list, revenue from advertising and value-added services will soon dry up over the last 3 months.


Prospect of Western IDC developmentWhy failed entrepreneurial roadshow Please set 6 reasons!

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National Internet initial core layout is Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Guangzhou, along with the development of national Internet currently has 8 nodes that, anyway, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou’s rapid economic development, the economic development of the Internet is also very good, the development of parts resource has restricted the situation the IDC industry, this time how to do? In the eyes of everyone together are aimed at the Xi’an this node WD center here, the speed and bandwidth is no problem, Tom, such companies early on this land, the Tencent in this casual shot is about 30000000, but there is a point defect is that the price is a little bit higher compared to individuals…

5, relational resource-based entrepreneurship

what I want to say is that the development of our four Internet connections can not be separated from the efforts of every staff member. We have chosen the hope and chosen tomorrow!

said that many complaints at all to no avail, we can do is to bear, and then make efforts, born in 80 we, millionaires have few, why some can be very successful, but why do some meal tired?????

now we four Internet connections, whether in domain name registration, virtual hosting and other IBS services, or server hosting, leasing and other IDC services have great development, this is everyone’s achievements, everyone’s glory

What does

, for example, entrepreneurs said: according to 1 million users calculation, each person contributed 100 yuan per week for the platform, then I am a 1 hundred million stock, traffic. Well, the platform in the 1 hundred million to extract 10% as a fund, then we can control the fund is 10 million.

4, ambitious, but the first step can not be landing,

360 OK, OK. What’s your choice?

3, the destination user is not clear,

2, do not understand research,

a real estate finance real estate platform to raise public, want to destroy the middle ring!

entrepreneurs are so logical to analyze their own logic, but, do you know why everyone is going to contribute 100 yuan for your platform?

this business model for small and medium enterprises, the purchase platform in the picture above, is to explore, like panorama, canopy, your photo is cheaper than others, better, better user experience, they may have the opportunity. However, if you expect the future, want users to respect the copyright of the photographer, and therefore buy the pictures above, this model is problematic.

1, model obsolete,

, an entrepreneur who wanted to do a Internet plus image of entrepreneurial projects, the project is built on the pain point photography works copyright.

a DIY clothing design project, the model is older, do a lot of people. Initial cut into the product is underwear, but also talked about the follow-up will launch a variety of personalized customized clothing products. When it comes to the competitive advantage, the possibility of things are described as a necessary thing, as a core advantage. Still do not understand? For example, such as designers, design ability will be their team of designers, and even become a partner, this is the core strengths, they mentioned the project, it is necessary to

I do IDC, is a kind of value-added service, we can do, we do, not just because Xi’an has the highest level of the 4 major telecom Chinese node of the WD center room, it is because I believe in this industry, I believe our friends, colleagues.

Abstract: each project has him some of the highlights, but unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurial projects in the roadshow, made by predecessors are the most common mistakes, here are 6 reasons why business roadshow failed, welcome to ~

do this line, I want to know, Chinese means Internet data center, English Internet  date  center.

was born in 80 I chose to do the Internet, select the IDC value-added services, in the increasingly fierce competition today, our pressure is not small, we understand the point to say, this is a generation of countries cast aside, the original primary school college is not money, when we read the university the graduate is not money, when we graduate students in compulsory education, more winners, there is no way in the capital city of our pupils’ reading not only grants and fees, and the hope of the nation, the flowers of the motherland!

mean by "IDC"?

. ?

in the increasingly fierce competition today, whether you are a business elite, or a powerful government official, or other… It’s all about your initial career plan.

ha ha, is not a little show off, sorry ah, know that you can skip, do not look, do not know about it.

entrepreneurs is wrong, the starting point is the Red Sea, but the focus is on the market roadshow in what proportion of people with their own projects, there will be the amount of income, so the market does not have any relationship with yourself.

some entrepreneurs, before doing the project, only a few dozen people. Demand research does not necessarily require a large number of samples, but if there is not enough samples, there must be enough research dimensions. He’s so small sample, it is used to do statistical comparison analysis, how much proportion of people do what?. From the problems found in the qualitative and the requirements of the conclusion of the card, and then a large number of users to quantitative certification, otherwise, such research will be likely to affect the user greatly wrong direction needs.

What is the most important thing to do

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A5 in such a large station which talk about the establishment of the knowledge, will give people a feeling of display slight skill before an expert. I am not talking about something new, nor is it teaching someone, just write the biggest emotion I have done over the years. Whether it’s "top" or "stepping", I hope you say something about what I wrote. Thank you,

what is the most important thing to do as a station,


some people may think I this is simply asking a nonsense, do station finally want is not flow? Flow, everything can say. Although I do not have my own special means of profit, but as long as there is traffic, advertising revenue can make me live very well.

traffic is the result, the result of your effort, and does not constitute a major part of your effort. It’s like saying, "what’s the most important thing in learning?" you told me that I was admitted to a good university. No, the most important thing about learning is to find a good way to learn. With good study methods, coupled with your efforts, success is a natural thing. Success comes naturally.

now you know what’s the most important thing to do, right, positioning, content, and your effort.

positioning –

actually, I find that many people can’t understand the concept of location well, just like they can’t understand the concept of core competence very well. Many webmaster feel that their website is characterized by their own positioning, in fact, is not the case. The positioning, the core is to tell you different from others; core competence is not only the most powerful thing you so simple, you should be the most powerful and others not fierce, and others can not imitate things, it can constitute the core competitiveness of your. Remember a few years ago the rise of video sites do? A common piece of cake bigger and bigger, people began to improve access to the threshold of the industry, this is one of the best ways to build the core competitiveness, but not suitable for our personal webmaster, because I have not so much financial support.

, how should we individual stationmaster give his website fixed position, build his core competition ability,


I don’t know much about other people’s websites and audiences, so take my little China Graduate Forum to explain the problem, because I am confident that the market for graduates is still enough to understand.

identify the groups your web site faces, make sure you know your audience well enough, and make sure that the market is big enough to make sure you can make it.

China Graduate Forum for graduate groups, mainly graduating seniors and job newcomers within two years. Because I am also a graduate this year, so I can get a good understanding of the needs of graduates. Graduates will be 6 million 110 thousand in 2009, and graduates will be more numerous in 2010. No matter how time changes, how the world changes, there will be graduates every year. This shows that graduates are a big market. China talent net, etc.

Suining, a number of financial institutions to provide loans to entrepreneurs

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funds often become a stumbling block on the road of entrepreneurship. In order to solve the problem of creating funds for the passengers, Suining branch of the banking regulatory bureau to guide a number of financial institutions to carry out entrepreneurial funding support activities, carrying a purse to find entrepreneurs.

"in less than 24 hours, it is the second speed." December 11th at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, a sum of $70 thousand from the Suining city commercial bank loans to Zhang Xin Zhang’s account, so that the chairman of the board of the year of 21 excited.

in Suining rural areas, "pocketbook" is also looking for those entrepreneurs in agriculture.

"traditional farming slow, but I firmly believe that the ideal will be realized in this landscape." On December 3rd, the day the rain stop, standing in the Suining township of Xining muddy ridge, a 52 year old entrepreneur Liao Yong and explain our natural farming concept, only to retain Suining branch banking and postal savings banks, rural credit cooperatives, and the finance office for him to carry the "money bag".

How to balance

What are the advantages of Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork Liu Luoguo

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from these features delicious breakfast, nature is the most popular fried breakfasts, if you want to have breakfast with cling to the consumer’s taste buds, small series that is non fried breakfast. Then the market so much fried project what is better? Editorial recommendation Liu Luoguo fried to your package. Liu Luoguo crab scallops Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork, not only to meet the needs of the market and satisfy themselves.

source power food and beverage group has many years of experience in food and beverage, in Ji’nan, Nanjing, Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, branch, large companies are more trustworthy.

Liu Luoguo Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork how, what are the advantages?

3 – 5 1 – 2 people shop, business, money worries

the only secret recipe, others can not imitate, make a fortune

delicious hard block, zhinongweihou, delicious

stores, products, packaging, and in the media to do a lot of publicity, improve brand awareness

headquarters will help you site, shop; lifelong free to teach new technology

free for you to do publicity in the media, to enhance the visibility of the product

taste good: let customers want to eat a two, the more you want to eat, eat more addictive

: fast meal meal from yeast to just 20 to 30 minutes, don’t worry about getting up early and the hard problems

nutrition full: contains a variety of medicinal formula, Chinese medicine for nano crushing, can not be imitated, really do medicated diet, nutrition and health

varieties: series, taste good, to meet a variety of different tastes of customers, business is not difficult to fire

how to make money, the market is most in need of the money, Liu Luoguo can do Pan-Fried Baozi Stuffed with Pork scallop crab. " Liu Luoguo " secret recipe, containing a variety of natural herbs and spices and seasonings, others can not imitate, to ensure that dealers do a business, let you make a fortune!

Hengda Group and Xu Jiayin Road business legend

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Chinese football has been many fans can not say the pain, but Hengda football won the championship in 13 years of football finals, opened up a new road in Chinese football, let the Chinese people to China football and hope. Mentioned Hengda Group can not be separated from Xu Jiayin, a look at his magic venture road.

2013 on 09 November 2013 season Asian Football Club Champions League winner last champion, Guangzhou Heng brigade in history to win the Champions League AFC Champions League, to create the best record since the occupation of Chinese football. At this moment, many fans remember China Hengda Xu Jiayin, also has become the topic of discussion at leisure. Xu Jiayin is the founder of Hengda Group, he started from scratch Hengda, Hengda now become a listed company, the market value reached 42 billion 200 million yuan, also turned into the new richest man in mainland China!

Hengda Group to see the legend of the legend of the entrepreneurial story


Xu Jiayin childhood

I was born in a "vow to change the sun and moon," the revolution in 1958, followed by the Great Depression panic. At that time the family was poor, grandma will make vinegar, free will to sell in the market, with some household, while my father was in a lot of willow, grow up, cut it off and take the market to sell, sell a few cents, a car can sell a few dollars.

when I was a child I like painting, but also like to play with "electrical appliances". From the character, when I was young I belong to the naughty type, with nothing smaller than their children to practice stand, stand at attention at ease and delight.

eighteen year old Xu Jiayin

just graduated from high school, I tried to make money with my cousin. At that time, the sale of rural areas is more common way of working, such as lime, coal, rice, rice straw and other goods from one place to another place to earn the difference.

1977, interrupted the college entrance examination for many years to restore. I heard the news, the first time reported the name. But because the time is hasty, not admitted. In second years, I spent about five months preparing to go back to high school. Living in a broken house, covered with a quilt full of patches. One of the most profound memories of the scene is: to bring their own school steamed bread and sweet potato cake, after three days to become moldy long hair. But still reluctant to throw away, wash mildew after continue to eat.

1978 years, I finally wish to be admitted to the Wuhan iron and Steel Institute, ranked first in the top three Zhoukou. When I received the admission notice, I received a gift from my father, a plum watch. When I was in primary school, one night, I told my father that if I had passed the exam

A name is not the most important

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many people know, if to store a resounding name, perhaps can attract more customers, so that the business of the shop is more prosperous. However, in this small series that flashy names for the development of the shop is very important, but it is not the most important.

"this name is too talented!" Find a barbecue shop in the vicinity of Changchun Dongsheng Street and fair Road intersection, barbecue shop name called "drink lost a shoe".

is not difficult to see, this shop is located in a bungalow in the store, the scale is not large, but barbecue shop name is very interesting, some members of the public evaluation, "whoever in this drink much for a pair of shoes, so as not to throw shoes walking home frozen feet."

for this strange barbecue shop name, most people said that now the store competition pressure, so the love has an attractive name, but now people are very picky, barbecue shop name rang again, as do the delicious meal.

in the current fierce competition in the market, so that the name of the shop more loudly, which has become the common practice of countless investors. However, after a little attracted people, if the product can not satisfy the consumer, the store’s business can not get better development. So, the name is more important than loud is the product.

Friday West Restaurant

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Friday restaurant mainly fast-food products R & D and production of derivatives research and development since the establishment of Friday’s break the traditional concept of focusing on the consumer experience, is the domestic and foreign markets to overturn the traditional products, Friday’s R & D, production and marketing in one restaurant, Friday to join, join the Friday restaurant in various provinces and cities in Taiwan, the company will be a solid backing service our franchisees. So how to join it?

west restaurant on Friday to join

join conditions:

1, with entrepreneurial passion

2, the culture of recognized enterprise

3, with a certain amount of funds

4, have certain management ability

join support:

one, decoration advocacy support

Friday to restaurant franchisees selected shops, the company will provide a unified decoration scheme, and complimentary unified shop signs, shop and the publicity charts etc..

two, district protection support

Friday restaurant for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the franchisee, company to implement business protection principles, the franchisee has exclusive brand management and agency headquarters in cities and counties within the scope of authorization, limited development, allow you to dominate the local market with huge losses to the rights and interests of the franchisee must not blindly spread development.

three, training technical support

Friday restaurant complete business solutions, business knowledge or other what basis anyway given by zero comprehensive support, free of charge to join technical staff, chefs, the franchisee to accept headquarters strict professional training, the training plan according to the specific circumstances, learning time is not restricted, until he learns.

four, technical support support

on Friday western restaurant company headquarters has a large number of senior technical staff, a full range of technical guidance and equipment installation and commissioning, equipment warranty services. The company’s R & D team continues to expand and technology continues to improve and update for the franchisee to provide strong support and protection. With strong scientific and technological development, in terms of product equipment technology, and always maintain a strong advantage in the peer.

five, shop training support


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成果显示礼貌了x360a。游戏将发布Xbox 360,PlayStation 3和PC






释放窗口暗示之间准备在黎明的共同创始人和首席技术官Andrea Pessino和圣莫尼卡索尼的董事对推特规定技术Tim Moss:

@ tdmoss是啊,我也是!


– Andrea Pessino(@ AndreaPessino)2013年11月30日